Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rumors Have It

I just heard news from the home front in the Batchoy Republic, and rumors have it...

Surprisingly irritating, but amusing.

They say that you should never peek or listen from the keyhole unless you wanna hear about yourself...

But I wanna!

The news from the gossip tree ran the gamut of very creative stories...

From the speculations that I upped and went eloping (WISH!), to the ridiculous statements that I am running away from something/someone (Why would I do that?), to the equally amusing story that I am miserably lonely, hungry and cold, begging on the streets of the Metro ( So very Austen I should say) or the most unimaginative I am dead (Read Gaiman, people!)!

Well, I am sorry to ruin your fantasies people, but I am in fact, alive, well and very much breathing, sorry. You may just have to cut the champagne from flowing, and slowly fold up the party, guys. The Batchoy Boi is hale and healthy, thank you very much!

Thing is, to see is to believe they say, so see for yourselves; and the proof of the pudding is in the eating, too, they say, so here, eat your hearts out suckers!

Alive and Well...
(Insert Evil Laugh Here)

In Full Color!

Does this look Miserable and cold to you?
The last time I checked, it looks rather Hot, I should say!

Well... The truth is out there....

Batchoy is Served!

Well, okay, fine... you can all have one little itty bitty sip of that champagne... Fine! It's true... I'm a bit lonely, but then again... Mwahahahaha!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009




I almost forgot one special thing! Oh and by the way, yes, I can not possibly make it a habit to just post one entry every month... oh no! That's a promise I made last time, and I am making good of that promise!

Oh yes! Almost!

I almost fell in love... but no, that's not what I wanna talk about, and that is not what prompted me to make this post, really...

I almost forgot to greet myself, and you Batchoyan Denizens!

The Batchoyan turns one year!!!

One year, 12 months, One big life changing move, 232 posts and counting. Feels like forever guys!

Happy Happy Anniversary to us guys!


And as some sort of a gift to you guys, let me offer you with a short fiction I have been turning over in my head while I was on the bus on my way home. I know I'm not good with love stories with happy endings, but this will have to do for a celebration. We can't have soggy and torn hearts for an anniversary story can we? Now, let me tell you, guys that, while this one is fiction, it is actually based on something factual.

Yes, I do have amassed a growing collection of 'one earing' from, well, exes, and it actually gets me a bit down at times, because it shows me some sort of an 'inventory' of how many failed relationships I have been through actually. It does depresses me at times, but, well, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do right? The story was actually based on the very glum thoughts I was having and the hopeful wish of finally finding 'THE ONE!' Well, before we get immersed into the 'not-so-pleasant' recollection of past failures, lets get on with the story, shall we?

By Luis Batchoy

I know! Technically, it should be always plural, right? It should always be earrings, as they are always a pair; just like pants, scissors, glasses, etcetera... but then again, I am still technically correct, because they are exactly those... earring... one single earring... one stud of a pair. Call it an exception to the exception. I have this growing collection of one earring accumulating in my little box. They were usually my piece of a set that I either buy or was given to me by a long ago 'significant' other. Well, I know it's cheesy but hey, there are those 'broken hearts' key chain that splits up and turns into a complete heart when matched with the other half, right? And I think they are cheesier. Plus, I would rather have these single earrings than have a collection of plain band rings you know! Why keep them when they remind me of such painful things you ask? Well, it is not my practice to return everything when a relationship ends, you see. I find that very immature. What you gave me is mine, and I what I gave you stays yours. That's it! Besides, I have better things to think about, than keeping an inventory of things we gave out to each other, really.

It depresses me at times to see the growing collection. This only means that I have already gone through this much failed relationships already! Plus, their being 'alone' and 'single' thus, incomplete, shouts one very obvious fact: they're like me. Unpaired... and well, practically missing something. I wouldn't say useless, though. I still wear most of them. After all, I am a guy, and I have only my left earlobe pierced. They are still usable. Not entirely useless, I should say. Single, yes, alone, yes, but completely serviceable and very very useful still. As a matter of fact, they can be used, not only as an earring, but pins, button fillers, brooch piece, or tie pins as well. I know I was committing a mistake; a violation of sound dating 'rules' when I wore that aquamarine stud earing as a pin for that date but, really, it looked good with my shirt.
Brendan agreed, really, and he said that it made my smiles brighter, and the sparkle matched the twinkle in my eyes!

Oh, and yes, that was not the only violation I made that night. I stupidly blurted out that the pin/earring was actually an anniversary gift from my ex. He was intently listening and I wasn't able to stop myself from blurting out the lurid details of how that particular earring was a second anniversary gift from him; that the aquamarine was actually my birthstone, and that they were really just synthetic Swarovzki crystals, same with the diamonds surrounding the mounted gem - 24 of them, for each month that we have been together. I also told him that Jonathan and I were together for almost four years, and that, when her Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and somehow, miraculously survived, she had promised God to 'offer' him as thanksgiving. So, he entered priesthood, and that was it for us.

I realized that for a first date, it was very very bad to talk about an ex, with such longing and a sigh capping off the story, but the way Brendan squeezed my hand made me feel that everything was alright now. That is exactly how I felt with Brendan from then on. I know there were a lot of other 'violations' I committed, but really, it did not matter anymore. No more rule-keeping for this one. In fact, he would even make it a habit to take me on a date to the places that had special meaning to me, by virtue of a past relationship. He would always take my hand when I feel unsure and sometimes washed off by nostalgia when approaching a specific place. He would tell me how we would erase all those painful memories and replace them with nice, shiny happy new ones. Oh, and yes, I broke that rule too! You know: the 'do not have sex on a first date' rule? Now when you ask me how a perfect date should go, Brendan is my answer - that one date where everything really goes wrong, but the person you are dating makes everything just right! Perhaps, it was that for the both of us: the rule is to break rules. Just like the recent rule we broke together. He started it with breaking the 'do not say I love you while having sex' rule, and me following suit with breaking the ' do not believe the I love you's you hear while having sex' rule by saying I love you too.

Now, I'm wearing the same exact shirt I wore the first time we met. It would already be our fourth year anniversary and he has reserved the penthouse for a dinner for two. Year after year, he keeps topping off the past anniversary dinner with something grander. Balloon-filled car, serenade with a violin piece that he painstakingly practiced for months on end, the sunset beach table for two... the works! I absent-mindedly fiddled with the aquamarine earring and finally used it to secure the cute silk tie he got me for my birthday this year. I checked myself in the mirror, and went out the door to meet him.

The evening was enchanting, and the stars were a magical ceiling for our outdoor table. It was perfect. Brendan was there, wearing exactly the same shirt he wore when I first met him. I laughed when I noticed how he bulged off in places. Four wonderful years! He eyed my pin, and gave me a sweet smile. I swear, I light up every time I see his face. I think, we try to outshine each other every time we do this. The meal was perfect. Everything was just romantic. At the end of the meal, I took out a box I meant to give to him as an anniversary gift. Okay! No more crappy earrings this time. I bought sterling silver rings this time. He was beside himself with joy when he saw my gift. He knows I never bought rings for any of my past relationships. Well, he knows a lot about my past relationships, really, including my earring collection. He then got on his knees, offered a box, and as I opened it, he said "Will you marry me?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

I opened the box and was amazed to find a single earring. The exact copy of the pin/earring I was wearing. I looked at him, while trying to hold back the deluge in my eyes. "Please, say yes, so you will never have to be alone anymore." I could not quell the happiness that welled inside me. "Yes, of course, I will marry you!" Never again! Never alone!


We just came from the hospital. Little baby Selene was peacefully sleeping in Brendan's arms. She was a perfect bundle of joy, and Brendan really had that soothing effect with her. Not adopting her was completely impossible when he called me 'dada' the moment I held her for the first time. She was completely at peace and no longer bother by the pain she went through a little while back. Well, she must be a young diva, as she craned her neck, as if almost showing the world her newly pierced ears and the fabulous pair of Aquamarine earrings she was wearing!


There you go, guys... I hope you'd forgive the 'rough draft' quality of the story, but hey, I already told you I am not good with 'happy-endings' in fiction. Again, happy Anniversary to us. Next time I am online, I promise to read back on all your blogposts. Meanwhile, for a real time celebration over coffee.. contact me.... hehehehe... 09189248460! Tah tah!

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