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My Baby's 1st

My Baby Kiane Charles

March 29, 2009. Birthday ng baby ko. 1 year old na sya!

Baby ko talaga si Kiane Charles kahit hindi ako ang biological dad nya. When Lil Sis Sarah got pregnant, I was the first person aside from her hubby of course, with whom she broke the happy, albeit sensitive news. To protect my sister, we plotted plans A, B, C, D, E and F.

Help! Stuck ako!

One among the top plans was to get her away from public (read: Fudrah's) view, have her deliver the baby, and go back home. Meanwhile, Charmita and I will call the baby ours, my surname and all. I drop out of school, work my ass off in Le Manille, and Charmita and me raising the baby together. Charmita agreed without a bat of an eyelash. This would be a fun 'continuance' of an earlier plan, when she got preggy with Naysha! However, plan A, the most prefered plan of all, was to break the news to the concerned authorities, take responsibility and face the music: own up.

Angel ni Papa Luis

I am very proud of my sister. Actually si Lil sis Sarah talaga ang original Baby ni Kuya Luis. Being the sibling directly after me, she got all my love and attention talaga while growing up. I admit I spoiled her much talaga, kaya she's Kuya's girl. Now she has a Baby of her own. Amidst the very stressful and scary situation she was plunged into, she never lost her head, nor her heart, above all. Never did she consider aborting the baby, which most of her peers and age bracket were wont to, and have done. I also admire her hubby. When Kiane's birth records were filed, he at first carried Lil Sis' surname since his parents were not married. Kiane's real daddy, rushed to the hospital records section, and demanded that the records be withdrawn. He did not just want to sign paternal acknowledgment, but demanded very gentlemanly and responsible that the baby carry his surname! All this at such a young age of 21. He is now working in Canada where their whole family migrated, and sends Lil Sis Sarah money when he can to support his kid.

Tulog na ang angel ni Papa Luis.

When my Lil sis texted me that she'd be giving birth, I was minding the Kafe that I was operating back then. I didn't know how I drove my battered car in less than 5 minutes to be there. I even told her later that she should have waited for my birthday before giving birth so baby Kiane and I would have the same birthday. Hehehehe.

Baby Kiane was delivered as a premature baby. He was under 6 months and so his condition was critical and he needed to be incubated. He constantly needed blood transfusions, platelets and all that jazz. We were of the same blood type, so I was more than willing, together with his real daddy to part with our blood. I think I donated more than thrice and they even had to immediately pick up my donation to ensure speedy transfer to the hospital. I can recall a time when I burst angry all over the Red Cross. Two weeks earlier, I donated blood for Kiane. He needed an emergency supply and I rushed over to donate. The nurse/tech refused to have me as donor because he said that a person can only donate blood once every three months at least. I was enraged. The blood was needed ASAP and we were running against time. I told her to take my fucking blood sample, have it analyzed for safety and fitness, and just goddammit draw my blood. I even threatened her that if something bad happens to my nephew, she will bear the brunt of it, and I will make sure that I will extract vengeance. She replied that it is a precaution against the dangers that I would be exposing myself due to over drawing of my own blood. I again irately responded that if I had to sign any waiver, I would do so, and it should be done as fast as we can. My Baby needs the fuck*in blood!

Pagkain sa hapag. Unang naubos ang Carbonara. Ayoko na magluto ulit no!

Last Sunday, my baby turned one year old. Lil Sis, who adores my cooking requested for me to cook my famous Carbonara, and cook I did. I was so exhausted by the wedding the day before, but I would do anything for my baby. So cook I did, and slave away over the hot fire!

Smells yummy na, saute pa lang yan!

Almost done! Sauce for Carbonara

Baby Kiane Blows Candle with Mommy Sarah

Grumpy ang baby kasi not feeling well.

Bisita si Nephew Baby MJ, anak ni Lil Bro Macoy

Magic show. Pinaka interesado si Baby Damulag Shane

Dawn's wonderful kid, Damon, with tired but gorgeous Tito Luis

Everyone had a fun day. I was tired from cooking but I had to host the party, be the games master, and hired a magician for Baby Kiane's gusts. Of course you guys know, this means, bawas ang budget ko for my own birthday bash. Hehehehe. One of my best gal pals Dawn was there and she brought baby Damon too. After my baby's party, Dawn and I did one pamorningan session. It was such a great day, and a funtabulous night. Kwento ko laters. Meanwhile, Happy Happy Birthday to my Baby Kiane Charles. Papa Luis loves you so much!

Champagne and Latte

Le Couple

March 28, 2009. My older brother and his wifey have been married by civil rites for thirteen years already. They have been living in the United States for the last 8 years. They have been blessed by two cute kids, Jumbok and Jade. For their thirteenth year anniversary, they decided to have a church wedding when they came back here in the Pinas.

It was a fantasy wedding, where the princess, finally met his prince. Their friends, the pioneer batch of SK Chairpersons, of which they were themselves, and where they met, helped them make that fantasy wedding come true.

Le Mudrah et Fudrah!

Both families are very happy for them. After coming this far, and after all these years, they finally walk down the aisle, and celebrate their enduring love, with God and the Catholic Church as witnesses to their union.

Little Bro Makoy, Lil Sis Shane, Sarah, Niece Jean Jovi, Big Sis Mommy Dianne, and Daddy Willy with their daughter Excelsa, and Nephews Kyle and Baby Eric flanking her.

Everyone was all dolled up and prettified. Everyone glammed up for the momentous event that celebrated love and the culmination of the search for that one true love.

Pretty Brides Maids Little Sisters Shane and Sarah, with the Best Man Jumbok

Grooms Men, Karl, Lil Bro Makoy the Bride's brother Zayb and Nephew JBert

The Bride's Parents Tita MArissa and Tito Ben, with the makulit pamangkins Excelsa and Kyle as Bible Bearers and Baby Eric as Ring Bearer

Liturgy Readers Big Sis Mommy Di and Sexy Niece Jean Jovi

Debonair Videographer, Daddy Willy

Veil Sponsors, Selina and Moi... back view muna!

The Grand Backdrop for the Fantasy Reception. The Lizares Mansion in Angelicum School Iloilo all aglow for the night. Scary Picture much if you look closely.

And now... Gorgeous Veil Sponsor and Brother of the Groom. Batchoy Boi in Champagne and Pink...


Getting ready to walk the aisle with partner Selina

Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big as Veil Sponsors

Moi with Karl and Lil Bro Makoy. Im a burst of sunshine.

Blues Brothers!

With sultry niece Jean Jovi

It was fun/fab to wear straight locks for a while. Salamat sa plancha.

Check out them sneakers, as per suggested by fashion consultant atcheng YJ

Amidst the hulabaloo and wedding kournikovakels, my Dad got time to talk to me during candid moments in the reception.

Dad: Nak, ang gwapo mo ah, mas gwapo ka sa kuya mo.

Me: tenx tay, syempre pa, mana sayo. Saka sige na nga muna, mas gwapo sya today lang. Kasal nya eh. Ibigay na natin muna. Hehehehe

Dad: Kaya pag nagpakasal ka dapat mas maganda ang papangasawahin ha?

Me: Tay, magpapakasal lang ako under one circumstance. Pag nakita ko na yung aking one true love. Eh pag inlab ka naman eh, sya na yung pinakamaganda para sa yo di ba? Meanwhile, tama nang pogi ako enough for myself.

Dad: Masyado ka kasing mapili eh. Yan, nagiisa ka pa rin until now.

Me: Tara tay, kain na tayo.

Hahay buhay na makulay!

O yan, pano yan mahal? Kailangan mo daw maging mas maganda. Eh pano kung pogi ka pala? Lagot! Bahala na si Lord! To the newly wed, best wishes. To me and whoever you are out there, I hope it's not just a wish, at best.

Father and son. The best photo I got.

P.S: I got the garter belt during the toss ceremony. This happened for the nth time kaya spell asa na ako ang susunod na ikakasal. Pero kung mangyari yun, wala nang engra engradeng kachuchuhan. Ito ang gusto kong mangyari. Ikaw at ako, naka Levis 501 lang at naka white shirt. Hihilahin lang antin ang pari, saglit na saglit lang, kuning ninong ang MMDA chairman, para mabilis kumuha ng permit. 10 minutes or less, sa gitna ng EDSA. You and me and all of the people. Mabilis na "I do," yun na yon! Payag ka?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friday Night and the Lights Are...

Biyernes... matapos yayahan ang mga jumangkins, umuwi muna ako sa bahay para mag freshen up. Everyone was kinda excited and buying/preparing everything for my big bro's wedding come saturday. Ako naman, nag pahinga lang ng konti. I was scheduled to judge a male search. Not just any male search, but a male search in a male bar. Sige na nga... diretchahan na... Search sa isang hubu-hubuan bar.

Tinetex ko na ang lahat ng nagpramis na sumama at manonood. Mga letche nilang lahat! Kanya kanyang rason. Ang iba, hindi na nagtext back.Whatever!

Sinabihan ko rin ang aking nagiisang blogging idol/inspiration/goddess! Ang walang katulad na si Miss Lyka Bergen. Natuwa naman ako sa positibo at maagap na sagot ni Lyka. Sinundo ko na sya at nagtaxi na kami papunta doon. Konservativa kasi ang lola mo at ayaw mapag-isa sa lugar na malaswa. CHOS!

Shet! Medyo kinikilig ako dahil masosolo ko ang dyosa for the night! Kami lang dalawa! Oh to the Em of the GEE! Charot! So there. Pumasok na nga kami at nanuod muna ng mga warm up performances. Nakalimutan ko na ang mga letcheng hindi tumupad sa pramis. Buti nga naman at nasolo ko ang aking iniidolo. Sari sari ang pinag usapan namin ni Lyka bago ako sumalang sa judges table. Shempre kinukulit ko sha idescribe yung blog crush ko. With matching paliwanag pa na crush ko sya kasi magsulat. Crush ko ang utak nya. Discriminating ang tastes ng dyosa kaya hindi mashadong pumasa ang crush ko sa panlasa ng mahal na sangre. Buti nga. Hehehe. Tawa kami ng tawa kasi ang pag kakadescribe talaga ni Lyka sa kanya ay si "Hey Dude, Whats up! I gotta go!," with matching malalim na boses, hehehehee.

Nagsimula na ang patimpalak. Patimpalak daw oh! Hehehehe. Tinawag na kami at naupo na sa mesa ng lupon ng inampalan. Tatlong kategorya ng kompetisyon ang meron sa gabing yun. Production number, Talent, at Creative Bikini. Labasan na ang mga umbao sa production number! bukol bukolan na! Mga young/new dancers sila. Sampu silang lahat. Dahil naiwan si Lyka sa table namin dun sa likod, text mates ang moda.

"So far, number 7, and number 5. Number 1 is cute kaso walang katawan." text ng lola.

"Agree on number 1." reply ko.

Gusto kasi ng lola, yung parang rippling maskels, moreno, mukhang madalaing lokohin at may pagka '-er'.

Kwayet lang ako. Ang bet ko talaga kasi si number 8, number 10, number 6 and number 1. Shempre, mga chabi chabihan... hehehehe. Bakit ba!

Number 1 looks like a chubbier/younger Emililo Garcia.Number 8 looks like a poor man's John Lloyd Cruz, number 6 looks like a young Carlo Aquino and number 10 looks like.. well.. number 10. Hehehehehe.

Pabalik balik ako sa table namin ni Lyka kasi ayokong pabayaan ang dyosa na nag iisa. Nagchichikahan kami in betweens at pag intermissions. Nakwento nya sa akin ang mga chuva nila sa Thailand. Sabi ni Lyka, walang wala daw ito kung ikukumpara sa mga napapanood dun. Torohan daw kung torohan! Shet! Sponsor nyo ko papuntang BangCock! Hehehehehe. Manunuod lang naman ako eh. Ching! Hehehehe

Talent Portion. Agree kami pareho ni Lyka na magaling kumanta si number 1. Kaso, naman, hindi ito artista search! Hubuhubuanan ito dito, kaya mag tuxedo ba at mag sing? Heller! Hubad! Etchos! Si Lyka, solid kay number 7. Not until nag talent ang bet nya. CHAPS! Violence! Nagpakita lang kung pano mag shabs, solvent, uminom, at nagbasag pa ng bote. CHAKS! Disturbing! Fly na ang appreciation ng lola Lyka for Number 7. Patawa ang talent ng secret bet ko na si Number 8. Hindi impressive pero katawa lang. Sharp shooter kunwari sha, pero ang kasama nya ang nag iinarteng natatamaan nya ang mga tinatarget nyang mga bote ng mineral water. Kyut kyut nya! Tawa pa ng tawa. He was having fun. Akala namin ni Lyka, irereddem ni number 7 ang sarili nya kasi tinawag sya ulit. Di daw nya natapos ang talent nya. Expect naman kami ni Lyka ng redemption, pero wit! Mas lalong lumala. Nag pabugbog kemver lang sya sa dalawng sangganu-sangganuhan na kasama nya. Chaps!

Jending! Ang bet sa talent was number 5 na nag harlem harleman, number 1 na nag sing, at si number 8 na nagpakyut. Bakit ba!

Next was the creative bikini. Nagtataka daw ako kais bakit 'bikini, eh naka brips lang naman sila. Kaya nga Bikini kasi di ba "bi"kini? Oh well, fafel! Merong naka capiz shell, may naka playing cards na brips, may feather featheran, merong CD, meron cord cord eklat. Shempre si #8 na bet ko, naka gold leaf I lyk! Hehehehe. Bias ba?

Dahil next day pa ang coronation night, wala munang inanounce nung nyt na yun. Kinabukasan sa grand coronation night na. sinabi sa akin ng friend ko na manager dun na kung pwede daw ako makabalik the next day. Judge pa din daw. Hmmm... at this rate, malaki ang chansa ni number 8. Chos!

Matapos manuood ng iba pang performances, nagyaya na si Lyka umalis. Sabagay ok lang din naman sa akin. Nakita ko na yata halos lahat ng dapat ko makita. Nagkataon lang siguo na ang dalawang magkasunod na nagmamanage dun eh puro ko mga friends ko, kaya libreng libre lang akong maglalabas masok dun. Nakita ko na yung nagpapatulo ng kandila eklat sa katawan at etits, naglulupasay at nag jajakerls sa stage, naliligo ng beer at nag babanlaw ng tubig at sabon, naglalagay ng ice bucket sa etits at nilalagyan ng dalawang bote ng beer ang bucket, pati na rin ang nagtatali sa etits ng ribbon at humihila ng tatlong mesa gamit ang etits. Hohuummmm.. seen that! Hehehehe

Habang nasa caru at pauwi na sana, na mention ni Lyka na medyo antok na sya at me binyagan pang pupuntahan. Magnininang ang lola. AKo naman nasabi ko rin ang tungkol sa kasal ng brother ko. Bigla nasabi ni Lyka.

"Alas tres y media pa lang eh. Sayang alas kwatro pa ang labas nya."

Yun na! dahil kunsintidor ako, sabi ko.

"Alam mo okey lang. Baka gusto mo daanan natin."

"Sige daanan natin nang makita mo."

Infairview! May itchu! Mabait at malambing ang kournikovakels ni Lyka. Pero witit sya register sa akin kasi....


Nilambing lambing si Lyka na hintayin na daw muna. Inom/yosi daw muna kami sa bar, at 30 mins lang naman off na nya. sinabi ko na kanina, kunsintidor ako. Kaya binuyo buyo ko na ang Lyka na hintayin na nga, kasi nag iinarte-choke ang lola na uuwi na daw agad talaga sya, sumilip lang. Shempre pa, kita ko naman na obyus na may gusto sila sa isa't isa kaya mega convince naman ako kayb Lyka na mag istay muna. Nag istay nga at habang inaantay si Bata (na naisulat na rin pala ni Lyka sa isang post nya, kasi nung nakaraang uwi pa nya nakilala si Bata), ay nag yosi muna kami, at shempre ako, sumayaw sayaw muna sa music sa bar.

Paynali, natapos ang trabaho ni Bata, at na evict ako sa passnger seat. Haynax. Habang nasa kotse at hinahatid pauwi si Bata, naglalambing sya kay Lyka. Nayynez ako... haba ng hair ng joza! Tangina naman eh. Mang inggit ba! Etchos!Sabi ko nga pwede naman na akong bumaba at mag taxi na lang eh, nang magkasarinlan sila. Wag na daw sabi ni Lyka. Ihahataid lang talag nya si Bata at yun lang talaga. Well... Habang nilalanggam ang eksena sa harap, ako naman ay niyakap na lang ang self!

Nung naihatid na si Bata, nagdesisyon akong wag na lang muna umuwi. Kailangan ko ng kape. Nagpahatid na lang ako kay Lyka sa kapehan kasi kailangan na talaga nyang mag pahinga at matulog. On the way, napag usapan namin si Bata. Well, dahil kunsintidor ako, mega say ako na pwede naman at possible naman ang lahat kung pag uusapan eh. Mabait naman yung bata, obyus na smitten sa lola mo, at masipag naman eh. Pwedeng pag usapan di ba? Binubuyo ko talaga ang Sangre. Bago pa humaba ang usapan ay narating na namin ang kapihan. Nagkape kape na ako at umuwi na ang Lyka. Whew!

At kumbakit walang pictures ang post na to, kasi, obyusli, bawal sa bar ang mag kodakan. Heheheh senxa na pow!

Friday, March 27, 2009

One Helluva Long Day PLUS

Dawn Breaks Over "Balaan Bukid" Guimaras... The SacredMountain

It was a loooong Thursday and I had fun!

Very very early in the morning, everyone started getting ready to go to the pristine islands of Guimaras for some sun, sand and sea. Naturally, I was one of them excited for brine. There is this sliver of sand in my heart that longs for the licks and laps of the sea every so often. As one commenter has suggested, I took tons of photos with my 'new' cam.

It's a family thing!

Wait Uncle Whatever, let me put on my shades first, said Eric cutie!

Moi, Lil sis Sarah, Cutie Kyle, and Brother in Law "Daddy" at the back with Mommy Diane partially hidden.

Moi with Lil Sis Shane and Ze Boyfriend utol Karl. Letche! Sa Pamilyang to, ako na lang ang single!

Yuck! Double Chin! Gorgeous Big Sis jinky, kyuti Eric, Mudrah and niece Jean Jovi

Sa bangka pa lang pikchuran na. It took us 10 minutes sea travel to reach Guimaras. Upon reaching Jordan, we had breakfast at a Family Friend's house. We were treated to a sumptuous seafoods meal, and of course, the sweetest mangos in the world shouldn't be amiss. The people from the US of A obviously wolfed down the fruits! Then we took a multicab to Alubihod.

The Le Famille decided to stay over night. I can't since I had a scheduled final coaching with the thesis group I was critiquing and advising. Kawawa naman sila, graduating pa naman. I took the pump boat ride back to Iloilo, sailing towards the sunset.

When the consultancy group meet was over, I rushed over to meet up with the Thursday group.

Mishuga, the Thursday Band!

Jamming with the band

The Thursday group. Tina, Moi, Bing and Jen

Just as the band winded up, I rushed over for dinner with another set of friends at a pals new bar. God! So hirap to be in demand. Nag set kasi ng dinner date with the group itong si Rex, and I said yes, so I had to rush over.

Just as the party was winding up, again, Rex asked if I wanted to go to MO2 Ice. I was thinking of refusing, but I saw the look in his eyes. May problema ata sya. I wearily said yes. We didn't talk because the loft/terrace area was booked exclusively for a graduation party that night, so he/we just danced our worries away. Paalis na ako nung nagsipagdatingan naman sila Perlas and some of the guys from the dinner date. Sheeshh. Pagod na pagod na ako. Pearl and I finalized the tattoo session. We're getting our tats on Sunday! Weee... Can't wait. I literally crawled home at around 4AM. And to think na maaga akong nagising that day, which I usually do not do. Whew! As soon as my back hit the bed I was knocked out.

Rex grinding his troubles away.

I woke up to the insistent kulitings of my nephews.

"Bear, bear... yuhooo mister bear... wake up msiter bear!"

God! The whole bunch of them were there

Eric, Kyle, Jumbok, Excelsa and Jade! I forgot to lock my doors!

They said I was mister bear because I hibernate inside my room/cave and would only come out once every forever. Hehehehe. So cute all of them!

They pestered me and literarlly dragged me to the shower. Buti na lang I did not sleep naked last night, as I usually do. They literally served me lunch. I was wondering what the catch was.

They needed an adult to accompany them to the mall. They wanna hit Toy Kingdom and some Arcade, and they're bribing me with sweetness. I tried to object, saying I did not have money, and they each emptied their pockets. Mga letcheng to! Mas madami pa pera kesa sa akin!

The leader of the pack, Jumbok, stepped forward and said.

"Come on uncle whatever, we will buy you coffee. You do not need to watch us. You can just take us there and come back for us after an hour or so... please?"

And there was a chorus of sweet little pleases that could knock heaven down... Well... what can I do?

So I go...

They all danced around and said... The bear has woken up and is taking us to the mall! Hail Uncle whatever!

Hehehehehe... sweet kids!

Now Spell YAYA!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Okay, fine, I plead guilty as charged! I am a speed devil and I have no patience for a long winding, complex, complicated and drawn out dating process. Maybe it's the Aries in me, or maybe I am just a dare devil. I am fast and thus, crash and burn! Some ever classic lines below just plain irks me. Before you judge me as someone 'ATAT', desperate or otherwise, let me say this in my defense... Ahmmm... What the f*ck! Judge me! I could care less... Hehehehe...

"Let's take it slow.."

Uhmm.. what's that? Hehehe... Believe you, me, if you get to that part where I'd want to be fast with you, it means you got my attention. Like you are a matador waving a red flag and boy, you make circles dance around my eyes with all that waving! Go for the Jugular! Hehehehe... Al Pacino, as Lt. Col. Slade from the movie "Scent of a Woman said "Some people live a lifetime in a minute." I agree, and yes, sometimes, we really do not have the luxury of time. Not a few months, not a few weeks, not even 'one night only': sometimes, we only have a minute. Carpe Diem! Life is a roller coaster. It can only get faster. Otherwise, I have other things to do, other people to meet, and other... wait, no, make that BETTER!

"Let's get to know each other better..."

Sound logic, but really, it takes a lifetime to really get to know someone... even beyond! As for me, I need only to know enough for me to decide to give it a shot with someone. Besides, the whole courtship thing is a sham... In this stage, people usually put their best foot forward. Sounds 'fake' to me. I'd rather we get it over and done with, and show each other the dirt muck and grime behind the rose colored panes... the ones we need to live by should we decide to get stuck and hitched. Besides, if you wanna get to know me better, you can ask. I don't lie about these things, you know.

"I need time to think..."

Well you should have done the thinking when we haven't even met. Hello! The dating scene is a battleground. We do not rush into it unprepared. Saying you need time to think is like going into the fray without your ammuntions. It's a jungle out there. Saying you need time to think is like saying you need to figure out which bullets go into which gun. Duh! Point, Click, Kill!

"Let's just enjoy the moment first.."

Do I hear commitment phobia? Sex Ala Carte with out the necessary attachments... I am not an Arcade game that if you want to enjoy more game time, all you need to do is drop more tokens. While I definitely know that the dating stage is fun and all, I do not want to be in a perpetual motion set up. One good line I heard from a once upon a time significant other comes to mind... "Why take time? It would lead to that anyway..." Welcome to the age of the information super highway, dear. Crawl out of your rock, and realize that there are cellular phones, instant messaging, internet, GPRS, and what have yous. I would love you writing me a snail mail, but puhlease, let us spare the poor Mister Postman from our snail mail pace courtship style, shall we?

"If we're meant to be, we'll find a way... or... Everything will just fall into place"

Yeah right! I do not believe in "meant to be's." Love is a conscious choice! It is a possitive effort. We choose whom we love. We decide to make the person right for us, no matter how wrong they seem. We will not find a way... We WILL make a way! The second line is even worse. With people clawing, crawling and elbowing their way out of the dating pool, this is such a braggadocious statement to make! Feeling special ka ning! Kinahanglan gid ya magka cosmic conspiracy para sa imo? Wake up sleeping beauty... The universe will not conspire for and in behalf of you while you sleep away and wait for your prince charming's kiss! That is so medieval! Even Cinderella had to go to the ball... Even Ariel had to flip her goddamn hair... errr... tail! Serendipity is just a bar in Manhattan!

"What's the rush?"

Errr... whats with the delay? Hehehehe

Actually, I'm just waiting for everyone to start waking up in a few hours. We're headed for the beach. Not Boracay though... Not just yet. It has to wait until after the wedding of my brother. For now, it's just the pristine Islands of the sweetest Mango in the world. Guimaras. Alubihod, here we come!

Actually, I'm just trying to beeyotch around, trying to entertain Dawn who feels like a corporate slave out there in Bacolod, until I can entertain her in the flesh, and yes, by going with her to watch some flesh! Hehehehe... If you feel slaved by what you have, then you must be the most ravishing of 'em slaves! Stop the bidding, I say! Hehehehe. Hang in there sweetheart!

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