Sunday, March 22, 2009

Count Your Blessings

As I do mine. I do not know if it's just because it's my birthday or what, but certainly, blessings have been pouring forth.

My sister got me this spankin' new phone and I lourve it!

I love my motorazor v3 but as things are heavily used, they bog down. I have been complaining about the limited internal memory of my old phone and its inability to be expanded. I do love my razor but due to old age and heavy usage, it has presented a host of problems, such as limited battery life thus limiting talk/standby time. My other phone, a Sony Ericsson P900 is also a bit erratic and unreliable. With my new Nokia E63, I can now sit pat and Wi-Fi my way at my fave kofishop. Now turn Green, I mean, Ruby Red with envy... So baklushness the color noh? And so Balckberry-ish the look!

After complaining much, my other sister also handed me down this digicam. Now I can snap!

Now this has been a long overdue item in my wish list. I am not exactly a techie guy and all I need is a good camera to capture all those moments as they happen. I really don't care if its just a hand me down or whatever. A cam is a cam is a cam. Now strike a pose!

And to shade my caramel brown eyes from the hot summah sun, my brother gave me this.

My Oakley Why 8.1's lenses are just abit darker than the one in the picture with a rainbowish/multi-coated bluish/black lenses. I lourve how perfect it is to shade my eyes from the hot summah sun, and how I can retire my cheap Pacififc Blue Aviator shades. Perfect all the more for that scheduled return to Bora next week. Yes, we will once again hit Bora soon, so surf up beeyotches!

Plus, My pearly whites have been taken care of and the remaining chompers have been fixed up. Right now, I can not even eat a decent meal because it hurts a f*ckin lot. Four more units are getting fixed porcelain caps for that sparkling stain free smile, caffeine and nicotine stains resistant. My brother in law said... "You deserve it" YES I DO! AND MORE! Chos!

Can a birthday boy be any happier?


If you come along now and shower me some hot summah lovin...

disgruntled much? Hehehehe

A boi can dream can't he?

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Gram Math said...

wow! that's a lot.
how's the battery life of the phone?

Yj said...

bonggang bongga..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....

labshu.... and sureness, you deserve only the best... and then MORE!!!

Aris said...

Haberday, dearest luis! mwah! *hugs* :)

MkSurf8 said...

happy birthday Luis! sadja guid birthday mo! damo gifts ;-)

MkSurf8 said...

happy birthday Luis! sadja guid birthday mo! damo gifts ;-)

Dawn said...

Bot ah!!!

I thot when u said toys, as in toy-lets!!!


didnt think twas literal gadgets and gizmos-a-plenty gd ya..

Tse!! Filing mermaid ka ha?!!

Cge, syokoy na lng gift ko cmu, as in syokoy from Paradise


Happy Birthday!!!
Lavyah.... mmmmmwah!!!

Reesie said...

Happy Birday este Birthday, Louis!!!! :D

Diosa said...

Haberdey Kumare!!! Mwahness

Luis Batchoy said...

gram: the phone is just great! I really lovet!

yj: njukabah sa 31 pa kaya

aris: isa ka pah, may countdown timer na nga eh

mksurf8: kahit alang gifts, masaya naman

Luis Batchoy said...

dawn: i dont have boy toys, remember? I dont play with food, etchos hehehehe

ressie: yan kasi, sa 31 pa nga eh

diosa: nakigaya ka lang im sure... hehehee