Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Champagne and Latte

Le Couple

March 28, 2009. My older brother and his wifey have been married by civil rites for thirteen years already. They have been living in the United States for the last 8 years. They have been blessed by two cute kids, Jumbok and Jade. For their thirteenth year anniversary, they decided to have a church wedding when they came back here in the Pinas.

It was a fantasy wedding, where the princess, finally met his prince. Their friends, the pioneer batch of SK Chairpersons, of which they were themselves, and where they met, helped them make that fantasy wedding come true.

Le Mudrah et Fudrah!

Both families are very happy for them. After coming this far, and after all these years, they finally walk down the aisle, and celebrate their enduring love, with God and the Catholic Church as witnesses to their union.

Little Bro Makoy, Lil Sis Shane, Sarah, Niece Jean Jovi, Big Sis Mommy Dianne, and Daddy Willy with their daughter Excelsa, and Nephews Kyle and Baby Eric flanking her.

Everyone was all dolled up and prettified. Everyone glammed up for the momentous event that celebrated love and the culmination of the search for that one true love.

Pretty Brides Maids Little Sisters Shane and Sarah, with the Best Man Jumbok

Grooms Men, Karl, Lil Bro Makoy the Bride's brother Zayb and Nephew JBert

The Bride's Parents Tita MArissa and Tito Ben, with the makulit pamangkins Excelsa and Kyle as Bible Bearers and Baby Eric as Ring Bearer

Liturgy Readers Big Sis Mommy Di and Sexy Niece Jean Jovi

Debonair Videographer, Daddy Willy

Veil Sponsors, Selina and Moi... back view muna!

The Grand Backdrop for the Fantasy Reception. The Lizares Mansion in Angelicum School Iloilo all aglow for the night. Scary Picture much if you look closely.

And now... Gorgeous Veil Sponsor and Brother of the Groom. Batchoy Boi in Champagne and Pink...


Getting ready to walk the aisle with partner Selina

Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big as Veil Sponsors

Moi with Karl and Lil Bro Makoy. Im a burst of sunshine.

Blues Brothers!

With sultry niece Jean Jovi

It was fun/fab to wear straight locks for a while. Salamat sa plancha.

Check out them sneakers, as per suggested by fashion consultant atcheng YJ

Amidst the hulabaloo and wedding kournikovakels, my Dad got time to talk to me during candid moments in the reception.

Dad: Nak, ang gwapo mo ah, mas gwapo ka sa kuya mo.

Me: tenx tay, syempre pa, mana sayo. Saka sige na nga muna, mas gwapo sya today lang. Kasal nya eh. Ibigay na natin muna. Hehehehe

Dad: Kaya pag nagpakasal ka dapat mas maganda ang papangasawahin ha?

Me: Tay, magpapakasal lang ako under one circumstance. Pag nakita ko na yung aking one true love. Eh pag inlab ka naman eh, sya na yung pinakamaganda para sa yo di ba? Meanwhile, tama nang pogi ako enough for myself.

Dad: Masyado ka kasing mapili eh. Yan, nagiisa ka pa rin until now.

Me: Tara tay, kain na tayo.

Hahay buhay na makulay!

O yan, pano yan mahal? Kailangan mo daw maging mas maganda. Eh pano kung pogi ka pala? Lagot! Bahala na si Lord! To the newly wed, best wishes. To me and whoever you are out there, I hope it's not just a wish, at best.

Father and son. The best photo I got.

P.S: I got the garter belt during the toss ceremony. This happened for the nth time kaya spell asa na ako ang susunod na ikakasal. Pero kung mangyari yun, wala nang engra engradeng kachuchuhan. Ito ang gusto kong mangyari. Ikaw at ako, naka Levis 501 lang at naka white shirt. Hihilahin lang antin ang pari, saglit na saglit lang, kuning ninong ang MMDA chairman, para mabilis kumuha ng permit. 10 minutes or less, sa gitna ng EDSA. You and me and all of the people. Mabilis na "I do," yun na yon! Payag ka?


Yj said...

lovely wedding...

hahaha lagot ka nga sa tatay mo...

damn that pic... kaninong pezlak ba yung parang nagform? parang kay madam auring hahahahaha

Dawn said...

i saw the creepy picture..
and crap!!! one had a distinct figure by the window and the other contained 7-8 faces...
I was freeaked!!! twas wierd talaga..

pero even the legion cant stop the parteiiii!!!!

p.s. baka gusto lang nila maki party, davah?!!! being a ghost kaya is no fun


Luis Batchoy said...

yj: scareful nga yuang pitchur na yan. Hehehehehe

dawn: wa ko learn... try ko learn pag ghust na ketch... hehehehe