Sunday, March 22, 2009


PRESCRIPT: Na tag na pala si Mr Scheez so Im tagging Zen instead

I got tagged and here are the rules:

A. Write something about 15 different people
B. You can not say who they are
C. If someone asks you which one is about them you can NOT tell
D. Tag 15 people who you think would do this, too You don't have to tag the people you wrote about.

And because I have a healthy regard for 'loopholes' in the rules, I am making one right now. In rule C, I would like to point out that if you ask me correctly, I will either just say yes or No.
Example: Uy Luis, ako ba yung number 12? I did not necessarily tell you which one is about you, did I? I just told you that you werewrong or right about the one you thought was you, right? Oh and you can only ask me once. Heehehehe... Now let' see

1. God! I love you, as in sobra! Kailangan pa bang imemorize yan? I love you to the point that saying it diminishes the meaning and the gravity of that love. Not even Pablo Neruda's lines can approximate the love I have for you, and the funny thing is, you know that I do! Hehehehe! Bitch! I miss you so much that you are one motivator that propells me to finish this effin' school term and get it over and done with! I love you with the thought that if we're just together, laging merong umagang kay ganda! I am tempted to say that I wouldn't really care if we'd be kings or beggars so as long as we're together, but that's too much of an insult to what we can do. OBCHORZ! We WILL NOT be beggars! We just can't! We are fabulousness personified ya know! Sing it with me! God will mikawi, werther's sems chu bi nowi! Heheheheh AH LURV YAH!

2. Your friendship excites me. It is pure electricity! The voltage just gets higher and higher and I lourve it! I see you and me in our old age bitching together over coffee or whatever substitute if our health programs forbid it! I totally totally freakin' swear I will not trade your friendship for a PRADA, or even a PATEK... uhmmm, for a NOBEL? Uhmmmm.... hehehehhe beyotch! I'm sure you'd trade me in for a Prada, but hey, I know you to be a deal breaker so you'd still have me after you get the Prada, then we'd go trampling on the streets together with our Prada's together! Fuck them sponsors! Hehehehehe... If I say what song I think represents you best, It'd be a dead give away.

3. Ay nako! Bakit kasi ngayon lang tayo naging magkaibigan! Nagyong purita ka na at di na masyadong kayamanan? Hehehehe. I adore you dahlen! Ahlabiah and ahmishah so much. I can not explain the chemistry but I feel that in our past lives we were super friends na. Muchacha kita dati. Joke! Basta, I am so glad na nagkakilala at nagkita tayo, and if you ask me kung ikaw to, sasabihin ko sa yo NO. Hehehehehe.

4. I have a big high school crush on you! Ask my friends. No matter how bubbly I am, when I am in the presence of someone whom I like so much, I become so demure it's almost a fake. I love your brains. I feel you are a great person. I imagine how it would feel to have your arms around me. How would it be like to listen to your stories and your wild and vivid imaginings. I imagine myself scouring the streets of Quiapo while I hold your hand as we comb the alleys for 'stories.' How I'd lead you to the quaint streets of the old port area of Iloilo as we do the same.

5. I wonder how you do it? How you could be so brash and careless... no make that reckless... How you do not have any regard for what others may feel and how you could throw the word love around like a free carnival ride. How you mix up love, passion and sex and nicely put them all together in the blender, push the button, and juice up every bit you can. I just wish that some day soon, all these things that you do will catch up on you, and the rest would be, as they say it, history.

6. You wanna see what happens in a bag of Luis? What goes on before they touch your lips? They make a rainbow! A batchoy rainbow! Come on! Open me up! Need I show you the tear here label? Sheesh! You are sure to find the color you like I'm sure! As the song goes... Baby look at me, and tell me what you see, you aint seen the best of me yet, give me time I'll make you forget the rest. I got it all in me, and you can set it free. I can catch the moon in my hand, don't you know who I am? Chos!

7. Let me borrow the lines uttered by Fairuza Balk in the movie The Craft because it says perfectly what I would like to say to you, and I quote: "Jealous? Me? Jealous of you? YOU DON'T EVEN EXIST TO ME!" With that, I say 'nuff said!

8. You will always have me. Always... There is no way in this world or this lifetime that you will ever lose me. I will always always be there for you, and this is not even a promise. It is a FACT! Did I say lifetime? Because the only way you will ever ever loose me is if I die before you do. Only then will you lose me, for real. Otherwise, you will always have me.

9. Akala mo lang matapang ako. Akala mo lang malakas ako. Pero sa tutoo lang, takot din ako. Mahina rin ako. Takot din ako magtiwala. Takot din ako masaktan. Takot din ako mag isa. Takot din ako sa maaring kahihinatnan ko balang araw, Takot din akong magising sa bawat umaga at malamang nakatulog na naman akong mag isa, at nagising na naman akong unan ang katabi. Nagtatapang tapangan lang ako. Kung magpapadaig ako sa mga takot ko, hindi ko alam kung makakayanan ko ang isipin kung gaano ka lungkot ang pwedeng kahinatnan ko. Habang may natitira akong lakas at paniniwala, pipilitin kong maging matatag at hindi padaig sa mga takot ko. Tignan mo lang ako sa aking mga mata at makikita mo kung gaano din kalaki ang mga takot na ikinukubli ko sa likod ng aking mga ngiti. Ayoko lang talaga ilabas dahil miski ako, hindi kakayanin kung makaalpas ang mga takot na yon.

10. You are a good person. I may not be a competent judge of this, but basing on what I know of and saw so far, I'd make a bet on it. I am not saying you are all good, because if you were, I'd make a run for it. Hindi naman araw araw sabado. Kaya lang minsan, kailangan din natin malaman na sabado na pala. Ewan ko lang kung nag mi-make sense tong sinasabi ko sa yo pero sana oo. Kinagagalak kitang makilala at maging kaibigan. Mabuhay at pagpoalain ka nawa!

11. I do not want to hurt you. What you are asking of me is an imposibility. It gets tempting when you tell me that you are aware of what I really feel about you, and that you are willing to make a wager and damn the odds. I just don't work that way. I am lonely, yes I am, but that does not give me reason enough to be reckless with your heart. I am not that kind of person. I will not even say sorry, because there is nothing that I should be sorry about. I can not even offer you friendship because I know you'd pine for more.

12. I know it's not easy to wake up. I know how nice it is to dream away, but see, waking hours are more wonderful than those in your dreams. I can not promise you that there would be no pain. After all, in this life, there are no guarantees. The only thing I can guarantee you is that what will not kill you will make you stronger. I should know. My pain threshold aint that high or anything but see, I'm still standing. Now open your eyes... Come on now!

13. Salamat sa patuloy na paniniwala sa akin at sa mga bagay na kahit ako mismo ay hindi naniniwalang kaya kong gawin. Salamat sa walang humpay na suporta at pagmamahal, kahit minsan, hindi ko na mahal ang sarili ko. Salamat sa mga panahong nanjan ka, at sa mga panahong wala ka. Sa mga panahong anjan ka para alam kong may ka agapay ako, at sa mga panahong wala ka. para sabihin sa aking kaya ko naman pala talaga. Salamat!

14. Naiinis ako sa mga nangyayari sa yo. Naiinis ako na hindi makita ng mga tao kung gaano ka kabuti. Hindi nila nakikita ang napakaganda mong pagkatao. Naiinis ako na ayaw mo na rin maniwala na magaling ka at mabuti kang tao. Minsan gusto na lang kitang batukan at ingudngod sa sahig, kaltukan ng bonggang bongga, ipukpok ang ulo mo sa pader at bugbugin ng bonggang bongga ulit. Haler! They do not deserve you.

15. Para sa yo to... kaya makinig kang mabuti! San ka na ba kasi? Wer na u? Hir na me! Hehehehe... super ten thousand years naman eh. Sawang sawa na ako at pagod pagod na ako kakahintay sa yo. Pwede ba, magpakita ka na! Tanginampakincheff ka naman kasi eh! I swear, kung matagal ka pa, wala ka nang aabutan. Kahit tira tira, wala na talaga. Ipamumudmod ko na to sa mga naghihikahos at nag aabang ng kahit kakarampot na biyaya! Hekhekhek... I don't care how nyou get here, just get here if you can!

Now the fun part... By the power of the Bowl of Batchoy, I hereby tag the following repapipz
1. YJ naman ate! Alam mo yan
2. Kiel of My Life as a Write Up
3. MkSurf8
4. Aris of Ako si Aris
5. Mugen
6. Mico Lauron
7. Reyna Elena para naman medyo light
8. Fuschiaboy
9. Blagadag
10. Kalansay Collector
11. Lukayo
12. Bloiggster
13. Butch/Nam of 48 years
14. Dong Ho of Eskapo
15. Zen Bitch


Herbs D. said...

lakas ko talaga kay fafa batchoy! whoooo! burger! burger! so sinetch ba ako dito? hehehe.kaloka. parang wala :P

mel beckham said...

Mwahahaha! I wonder who they are?

Hmft! Wala ko sa tag. Chap

Luis Batchoy said...

mel: somebody tagged you nakasi sayang naman kung dodoble

Yj said...

alam na alam ko na kung nasan ako jan... kaso nabasa ko number 14 hahahaha nagduda ako sa guess ko....

hmmmmmmmmmmp..... makagawa na nga hehehehe

The Zen Bitch said...

sad naman ako, di mo na ako ti-nag... dahil ba matagal ako sumagot? huhuhu!

wanderingcommuter said...

this is funny and above all, thank you for not tagging me. it saves me from the pressure of posting something. hehehe

Anonymous said...

kaw talaga... emotionally-challenged. awww. joke.

Luis Batchoy said...

yj: shempre naman! Gawa na dali... hehehehe

zen: hindi rin... na tag na kita dati di ba, maiba naman para fair at wag mashadong mahalata na may pagnanasa ako sa yo

ewik: same reason... somebody else tagged you na to do this kasi hehehehe kala mo ha! Inedit ko nga ang mga tags kasi dinobol check ko... kasama kayo ni zen at mel sa original tag list but somebody else tagged you na... celebrities kaya kayo!

Mico Lauron said...

chak! wahahah! salamat sa tag.. :)

The Zen Bitch said...

epektib ang aking pagmamaktol! a lifetime's worth of praktis kasi... hehehe! don't wori, di naman halata na me pagnanasa ka sa akin... di ko halata, promise!

Aris said...

kasali kaya ako ditey? makagawa na nga hehe! :)

Dawn said...

Ako.... Naloka ako!!!

Basta alam ko kung sino si number one!!!

Itago natin sya sa pangalang "Charmita"..

Koraks ba???

I think ako ang number 2??

Tse!! kakapasok ko plang sa shift, tuliro nko sa guessing game na to.. Pero gustong-gusto ko ang "You dont exist to me!!" churva hahahahahahahahaha

hmmmmmm i wonder who myt that be???

Dawn said...

btw.. interesting si number 5 ha...

Luis Batchoy said...

mico: thanks for doing it.. hehehe

zen: at nasaan na?

aris: naman! Go na! gawa na

dawn: yes indeed. hehehe si number 5? bakit?