Friday, October 31, 2008

Radio Interview

Yours truly is giving a radio interview over DYSI Super Radyo Iloilo 87.3 at 2:00 PM today. The topic will be cartology/cartomancy, particularly Tarology/Taromancy, or divination using the Tarot Deck. This is a Halloween specials of the said station. I will of course be using my Wiccan name but if you do happen to be listening, be asured that I am one of those voices you'd be hearing... tune in!

I wonder who referred me. I guess one of my co-workers there before who knows my special skills. Oh well... Mic check one two three... testestestes! Hehehehe...Luminaeus and Blessed Be!

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Entry number 8

Eight one sentence stories posted and I see no end to the madness yet. This is my 8th entry to the Moleskine Contest sponsored by in Mia's blog. Shempre pa! Mawawala ba naman ang Batchoy bilang bida sa istorya? Cultural Assertion itoh! Bear with me peeps.

There may be no midsummer's madness nor snow here in Iloilo and he sorely misses his notebooks in his escritoire back there in the big apple, but one sip from his bowl of batchoy makes everything an inconceivable fancy as his soul acknowledges the shore where it rightly belongs.

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7th and counting

My seventh entry for the Moleskine Contest sponsored by Avalon.Ph in Mia's blog. I can't stop the overflow of images... Sheeesh!

The empty notebook stares back at her from her escritoire as she ponders how many more days of snow, blossoms, leaves or scorching midsummers must she endure to finally pay Charon's passage fee so that she may finally be reunited with her one true love in the great beyond.

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Numbah 6

My Moleskine Contest entry number six. This is sponsored by

Through sleet and snow, raging storms, crisp midsummers, hail and thunder, to the earth's ends, he walks, and as escritoires and countless notebooks may have recorded an audience, or a tryst or two with the pilgrim named Cain, or Cartaphilus, none has ever seen me; the shadow that walks with him.

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Entry number 5

This moleskine one sentence story contest by Mia sponsored by is driving me wild. Here's entry #5.

As Inconceivable as snow falling on a midsummer blaze or writers loathing notebooks and escritoires, is the the sight I behold as you walk down the aisle towards me.

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4th Entry

The contest got me all juiced up and I overflow. Here is my 4th entry, and counting...

Like Neruda, tonight, I write lines to end all the midsummer fantasies, snow filled hazy days, and every inconceivable longing for a love that can not be, with a final line on the notebook kept in the escritoire that is my heart, I hold the blade to my wrist and slash deep.
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Dressistance is Futile

Tonight will be the Celebration of the Great Feast and Sabat of Samhain for the Wiccan Practitioners, and to be one with the Cosmic Celebration, the Paranormal Society of Iloilo (PSI) and the Ordo Intra Circulares (Order of the Inner Circle) will hold its annual Gypsie Nyte. Believers and supporters are to congregate at a specified venue (contact me for details) and to toast the diversity of spirituality.

This year, the theme is "The Bacchanal, a congregation in Olympus," where attendees are to come as their favorite god or goddess, whether it be their chosen god or goddess of dedication, or just a whim. There is no religious distinction as to which god or goddess to choose to dress as. As the Rectus Exterius and Magus Adeptus of the PSI and a revered elder of the Ordo, I of course will be there to personaly welcome you to the folds, where one is free to practice whatever calling or craft one has personally identified himself with. For the past few years, I have been writing down "Catholic Wiccan Baha'i" as my religion in official documents asking for the same.

There would be chants, spell casting, divination such as rune readings, oracle cards, I-ching, aura readings, palmistry, psychomancy and psychometry, taromancy and cartology, dream interpretation, crystal scrying, and other forms of divination techniques. There will also be lectures and a possible forums consultations, as well as mentorship program sign-up and general membership sign up for both the PSI and the OIC during the event. Of course, there would be feasting and merriment, for sure!. Now, the question is, which divine being am I coming as? There are no definitive description or visual representation of the divinity I choose to come as since this one is said to change appearance, substance and form on a whim, but I will try my best to come up with a close representation. Here are some visual representations... this, this, this, this, and this...

Why did I want to dress up as this particular divinity? Well obviously, in the past Gypsie Nytes, I have always been the run-away winner of all them costume awards, and this year should not be any different. After all, they are all conspiring to 'retire' me to the hall of fame in the pantheon by upstaging me this year. Well, this crazy guy still has a few more tricks in his sleeve! Hehehehe!

Speaking of dressing up for the Halloween madness, I have also been invited to a couple more parties where I dare not dress up as the one above. One of them is at Pirates Bar at Smallville, way later in the evening. And another one is at Club Flow, where there would be costume parties too. I can resist dressing up and passing up the chance to be wild and crazy, but it kinda racks the pocket, so I think I'm recycling The Phantom, and modifying it a bit to come up with new characters. For Pirates Bar I intend to come as him. A different mask, a little foil lance and a different hat and still using the same black shirt, pants and cape will do the trick. As for the Club Flow party, I can come as either him or him. Oh well... Obviously, I like dressing up and by golly, this is my season! Sheeeshh I miss theater!

If you are wondering why Samhain is such an important celebration for me, I would be posting a full post about Samhain later, if and when I can take time for a full discussion. For now, let me just say that the two most important Sabats for me are Samhain on October 31 and Imbolc on February 2. Surprisingly, while these have contrasting themes, as Samhain is the Feast of the Final Harvest, while Imbolc is the Feast is the Feast of Birth or First Breath, these two Sabats have Fire as their Element of Festivities; the spark of birth and the fire of death.

Well, I'm off to prepare my self for the celebration, by a cleansing ritual, and of course, getting a good rest for the night's merriment. Merry part kindred, and Blessed Be!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

3rd entry for the day

This contest is really making all the juices flow. This is my 3rd entry, for the day at least.
There might be more coming. God! This is addicting!

Forgive me Father for I have been entertaining impure thoughts of holding you under a blazing midsummer's sun, kissing you in the slow falling snow, and in the confessionals of my escritoire, I have exhausted in my notebooks, all the ways a venial sin may be committed by two men, and though I am remorseless and forgiveness may be inconceivable, please give me my penance and absolution, because hearing your voice would be salvation in itself for me.

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Entry #2

See older post "Click Happy" for the recent mania that hit me.

Here is my second entry:

Why do people find it inconceivable that I know my dog-eared notebook has an affair with my escritoire, budding over one midsummer's day and finally blooming one fine snow-kissed evening, that causes me to keep returning to the desk so it could faithfully keep their tryst?

This is so much fun! Come on! Join in!

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Click happy

There is a thing called "trigger-happy." In my case, I am "click-happy." My computer technician friend even told me that this is the reason why my desktop and laptop get exposed to a host of malawares and viruses because I like clicking away on the net. My blog hopping takes me places far and wide, and tonight, I stumbled upon this contest. Well, the contest is fun, and the prize is very very very nice. So expect to see a barrage of posts in my blog as entries to this fun fun fun contest. Karir mode itey!. For starters, this is my first entry.

I find it inconceivable to write a story with snow and midsummer to land me that notebook in my escritoire; I write best in Hiligaynon.
I wanna win, because I wanna give the prize as a Christmas gift to a very special person.

To know what contest I am talking about, go click that link. Come on! Give in to that 'clicker' in you!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I still haven't gotten a copy of good photos of me as the Phantom Of the Opera. The guys who took the pictures haven't posted/emailed them yet. As for now, I hope these will do. Sa bahay na ako nag picture kasi nga, medyo madilim eh walang flash ang motorazr.. senxa na... better pics when I can...

Shining Shimmering Splendid ang inner shirt

Ayaw ma capture ang peacock feather sa hat eh

Match pala sa stair posts and cane topper ko. Nyehehehe

In fairness mahirap kumuha ng litrato sa salamin ha!

Happy Halloween... Boooo!!!

On A High

I'm on a high. Today is another one of my 48 hours cycle days when I don't get any sleep for a whole 48 hours. I don't know why, but my circadian rhythms is really crazy. I finally broke the tamadgic spell. I don't know what came over me that got to do something which I should have done for such a long long time


I don't know what came over me. My room is a mess... I mean, an installation art in progress. I would usually not be able to clean up for months on end. Finally, today, I got the twang for cleaning it up, and clean up I did. I fixed the books in the shelf, the clothes strewn all over the floor, the shoeseseseses, everything. Now the room looks clean, crisp, and tidied up, and I can now see the floor. Hehehehe.

Midway through my cleaning frenzy, Panyero Nestor dropped by with a copy of a reviewer in Criminal Law. Pakinchef! It slipped my mind that tomorrow is the scheduled pre-final exams in this subject nga pala! Whew! That didn't break my clean up frenzy though, and he got to help me with lifting the bed and the what not's for me to get a good sweep up underneath.

Now I'm exhausted and the new, clean and crisp bed cover is just so inviting. I wanna slip in early so I could wake up around 4am and start cramming... errrr... studying. Cleaning up is such a Herculean job especially if you are someone like me who puts off cleaning, clearing, and tidying up for months on end. I do not want the house helpers to clean up after me because I want to do it myself so I would know where I put such and such items, and when I look for them I would know where to find them. Plus, there are things in my room that the house help would consider trash and throw away, but could turn out to be very important, like a plain looking scrap of paper that is actually very important. Sheeeshh... Lucky house helper... one less mess to clean up after.

In the process, things I have long been looking for turned up. I discovered, just lying around 3 spare keys for my room, two spare keys for the car, four chargers for my phone, 3 extra batteries for my phone, 2 spare glasses, my favorite shades, the long lost right shoe of my favorite chucks, flash disks, USB link cables, the novel I went crazy looking for, 3 scarves I favored, my favorite neck tie, installer CD's, and my cherished and very well missed Light Saber, identifying me as a High Sith Lord! To say that it was a jungle in here before the clean up is an understatement!

I'm on a high! I cleaned up my room in a frenzy, and now it looks so... cleaned up. I don't want a very clinical looking and spic and span room. I still want just the right amount of mess here and there. I am pooped and dead tired to study, but it feels so rewarding!

Now that my room is cleaned up, I wanna take a good night's rest in my warm cuddly cozy bed... I'm just wondering how perfect it would be to have someone to mess up the whole thing with again... Well maybe not tonight... Soon... perhaps... care to whip up a storm with me in my room? It's so much fun, I swear!

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In the name of Lourve

What is done out of love always takes place
beyond good and evil.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Natutuwa ako kay Nietzsche. Meron akong widget dyan sa baba ng blog na to na nagbibgay ng bagong quote galing sa kanya araw araw. Today, yang nasa taas ang nakalagay at natuwa ako. Hindi kasi sya naniniwala sa diyos. Actually, sabi nga nya eh "God is dead, long live god!" Tapos sabi nya, the death of god is the beginning of the super human. Pagkakaintindi ko kasi nun, ang tao kasi, kung ano anong mga bagay ang pinapa 'sa-dyos'. Yung mga taglay na kahinaan, pinapa sa-diyos. Kung ano mang lakas ang meron naman, di dapat nalagpas sa lakas, katalinuhan at kagalingan ng isang makapangyarihang diyos na namumukod tangi at nangingibabaw sa lahat lahat na ng aspeto. Syempre! Diyos yun noh! Haller!

Kaya kapag nagtatagumpay ang tao, dahil sa diyos. Laging kaakibat ang diyos. Kung wala ang diyos, mukhang hindi kakayanin yung nakaya nya dapat. Kung maging mahina man, at matalo, me rason na naman ang diyos kung bakit ganun. Ibig sabihin, laging factor ang diyos. Kaya, para kay lolo Nietz ( nyets daw oh, parang nyeta no?) Hehehe... pag pinatay daw ang diyos, mas lalabas ang tutoong kakayanan ng tao. Dahil walang diyos na sisisihin at irarason sa mga kapalpakan at kahinaan ng tao. Ang kalakasan at tagumpay ng tao ay kanya at dahil sa kanyang pagpupursige at pagbubuhos ng kung ano meron sya bilang tao. Ibig sabihin, walang ibang gagawa ng kanyang tagumpay o pagkatalo kundi tao mismo, at ang kanyang kakayahan na kontrolin ang kanyang sariling buhay at sariling 'destiny' o kahihinatnan sa buhay. Ang tagumpay ng tao ay dahil sa kanyang sarili lamang at wala nang iba pang ka chenelynan na superior being, divine intervention o master plan. May punto nga naman si lolo Nietz.

Aktwali, hindi naman talagang diskurso tungkol sa kung meron ngang diyos o wala. Dahil nga naniniwala akong me diyos, yun na yon. Kahit di ako kasintalino ni lolo Nietz. Bobo na ako kung bobo pag nagkaganun. Bahala na. Merong diyos. Yun na yun para sa akin.

Kumbakit ako natutuwa sa sinabi ni lolo Nietz na naka quote dyan sa taas ay ganito.

Kahit para sa isang tao na di naniniwala o gustong patayin ang diyos, ay naniniwala pa rin sa


Ang isang pag-ibig na lampas sa depinisyon ng tama or mali; good or evil. Basta! Love. Nag eexist sya para sa isang taong kinukwestyon ang pag eexist ng diyos na para bang mas malaki pa ang Love na ito sa konsepto ng diyos.

Nakakatuwa naman. At ang ginagawa daw dahil sa pag ibig na to, ay nangyayari sa isang lugar o pagkakataong lagpas pa o labas na sa kabutihan at kasamaan. Tama si lolo Nietz! Naniniwala ako. Tama lang nga na maniwala sa pag ibig at ang mga bagay na ginagawa sa ngalan ng pag ibig ay lagpas sa konsepto ng kabutihan o kasamaan.

Mabuhay ang Pag ibig at ang mga taong gumagawa ng mga bagay sa ngalan ng pag ibig! Taralets... umibig tayo! Tutoo ang pag ibig! Maniwala tayo!
Ako naniniwala...
Tanginampakinchef naman kasi, ba't naman kasi antagal tagal naman kasi dumating nyang hinayufarks na FAG-ibig na yan eh... Si God kasi eh! Joke!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Wala kaming 'Legal' sembreak this year. Paano naman kasi, meron pang nalalamang pre-fi , pre-final ang hinayupak na professor namin sa Criminal Law Review. Bukas, meron ding make-up class ang prof naman namin sa Labor Law Review. Atleast make up lang. Samantalang si Judge sa Crim Law Rev, magbibigay pa ng Pre-Finals sa October 29, at Shempre, Finals sa Nov.10, which is, spill over na sa 2nd Sem. Naiinis ako pero anong magagawa ko.

Sa 2nd sem naman, mag oofer daw ng non-credit units for Tax Review, kasi wala namang Tax Review sa Curriculum. Maganda sana, kasi, I feel I need all the Review and help I could get in preparation for the Bar Exams. Ang problema, dahil nga non-credit, Sundays ang classes. Watdapakinchef? Sundays? Eh yun na lang araw ng pahinga ko eh! Pati ba naman yun? Argghhh!

Halos lahat ng mga kapatid ko na kasama ko dito sa bahay nasa bakasyon mode. Yung youngest sister ko, sumama na sa boyfriend nya dun sa bahay ng lalaki sa probinsya sa Lambunao. Sembreak eklat ang drama ni Miss Nurse to be. Yung kapatid kong lalaki, dinala ang anak at asawa nya dito sa bahay at nandun naninirahan sa kwarto nya ngayon. Sembreak lovin' ang moda nila. Yung mga panyero't panyera ko di ko na mahagilap. Kanya kanyang 'quick get-away' at nagtitext back na lang ng "see you in school monday!" The past three days, nagbabahaycation lang ako. Wala akong ginawa kundi humilata sa malaking kama ko all day. Pag ginutom, lalabas, titignan kung ano ang makakain sa baba. Pag hindi ko feel, lalabas, magdadrive sa pinakamalapit na grocery store, at bibili ng Coke, chips at kung anek anek. Babalik sa kwarto, magboblog, mag ho-hop at lumafang lafang ng biniling chips. Pag naubos na, kukuha ng isa sa mga nakatambak na novels, magbabasa at minsan, manunood ng porn, magbabate, matutulog, magigising, repeat step #1.

Gusto ko sanang mag mini get away. Last time, nag Bacolod ako, pero isiningit ko lang yun kahit me exams pa ako, kaya napagod at na stress ako lalo. Pwedeng pumunta ng Capiz, kaso, pag nagpupunta ako dun, nagbabahaycation lang din naman ako sa bahay nila Braxi. Ganun pa rin naman ang moda. Pwede din akong pumunta sa Antique, kila Mother John, kaso andito si Mother John sa Iloilo at naloloka kasi one week na sya lagpas sa deadline nya sa sinusulat nyang eklavu para sa Homeless People's Federation, na hindi ko sya mayayang magkape man lang, o mag 'Thursdates' sa paborito naming restaurant by the road side sa Coastal Araut, sa Dumangas. Pero mostly, easy lang ako. Chillax!

Lumalabas din naman ako. Maliligo ako at around 7:00 PM para mag duty sa iniwanang obligasyon ng tatay ko sa akin. Pagkatapos nun, tatambay lang ako sa kapehan, magkakape, syempre, and in a while, mag da-drive pauwi. Kagabi nga nag Halloween party ako di ba? Ewan ko ba kung pagod ako o tinatamaan lang ako ng tamadgic days.

Mamayang konti, lalabas na naman ako. After this post, maliligo at magbibihis ako. Birthday ni Mareng Ian. Magpapa intimate party sya for selected friends, na kasama ako dun obchorz! Dun sa MO2 Annex gaganapin. Isang private room videoke party and moda, kaya ahermm ahermmm, masusubukan ang Platinum Voice ko mamaya. Hafi hafi birthday Ian. Sana this year, magkalakas loob ka nang magka jowa para mabago naman yang NBSB status mo!

Pinaplano ko na din for the past three days, na gumising ng maaga (spell ASA!) para dalhin ang sasakyan ko sa talyer, iiwanan yun dun at ipapa check, mag commute papuntang salon kung saan kinukulit na akong bumisita ni Manay Jocyl kasi manager nga sya dun, oh di kaya, sa Salon ni Mader Jhett, para magpa manicure/pedicure. Itchurang mag uuling na daw ang mga kuko ko say nilang dalawa. Tapos nun, magpapamasahe sa isang SPA. Yung bugbog saradong masahe talaga para lumambot at gumaan naman ang naninigas na mga kalamnan sa likod.

Oh di kaya... pumayag na sa kinukulit na blind date sa akin ni Mikey. Haynaku...
On second thoughts, masarap maligo ngayon, bumalik sa kama ko at
Ngggoooooorrrrkkkkkzzzzzz... Sarap sana mahiga sa bed slothing away tapos me ganito, no? Saya kaya nun. Anyhoot, mamya after the videoke party, I'm sure itutuloy ko na naman ang pagbabahaycation...Unless destiny gets in the way and the galaxy conspires. Hmmm, asan na ba yung "I'm gonna get lucky tonight" shirt ko? Ay never mind... yung "I'm gonna F*ck someone tonight pants ko na lang..." Hehehehe.

Masarap naman magbahaycation in fairness...
Sana may kasama akong nag babahaycation. Sama ka?

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I just got back from the party, and well... it was a yawn fest, probably because...

1. Except for our group no one was in costume. Well, there were the organizer in black get ups with flowing 'vampire' throw over, plus the cheap lighted devil's horn accessory on waiters and some other sosyalera's. Yawn... nag effort pa man din ako mag dress up as The Phantom of the Opera.

2. The music was hooohuuuummmm...

3. Mahirap mag party in costume.

4. I got drained with reading some clients tarot spreads... Well I earned bucks at least.

5. The costume award seemed to have been given as an after thought... Oh well, kasi nga naman kami lang ang naka costume dun.

At least, I got a few bucks, and I got to test drive my new Tarot Deck... Tell you more in a longer post and I promise to upload pictures when I can... I know I gotta get a new digicam for Christmas. Maybe someone out there can be my Santa Claus and drop it on my stockings. I have been very very naughty this year, but really, I'm nice... Promise!

And oh yes, yawn... I won the award for the best costume... Hohuummmm... no contest really... and the prize? More yawwwwwnnnssss... A compilation CD ripped and burned from somewhere and a bottle of...

Well Bummer because I do not drink. I'm a teetotaler, not because I like it, but because I have such a very very low alcohol tolerance and I am allergic. Even strong fumes from rubbing alcohol gets me drunk. It would have been better if they gave cash... Oh well.

I drove home, and here I am blogging before I hit the sack. One last thing... My bed looks so big and desolate... Oh the hazards of being single and alone... Sheesh! I'm thinking about sleeping in the couch for a change... However... I can't...

I sleep naked... Nytie nytie peeps... Hohhuuuummmm...

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A little Verbal Insanity and then some

I'm sticking to my emo diet, and wouldn't wanna tell you that another friend got dumped today... Oooopppsss... Anyhoover, here is something I got from my email. The author is unknown. It made me chuckle... Enjoy!

Asylum for the Verbally Insane

We'll begin with a box, and the plural is boxes, But the plural of ox becomes oxen, not oxes. One fowl is a goose, but two are called geese,Yet the plural of moose should never be meese. You may find a lone mouse or a nest full of mice, Yet the plural of house is houses, not hice.

If the plural of man is always called men, Why shouldn't the plural of pan be called pen? If I speak of my foot and show you my feet, And I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet? If one is a tooth and a whole set are teeth, Why shouldn't the plural of booth be called beeth?

Then, one may be that, and three would be those, Yet hat in the plural would never be hose, And the plural of cat is cats, not cose. We speak of a brother and also of brethren, But though we say mother, we never say methren. Then the masculine pronouns are he, his and him, But imagine the feminine: she, shis and shim!

Let's face it - English is a crazy language. There is no egg in eggplant nor ham in hamburger; neither apple nor pine in pineapple.English muffins weren't invented in England. We take English for granted, but if we explore its paradoxes, we find that quicksand can work slowly, boxing rings are square, and a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.

And why is it that writers write but fingers don't fing, grocers don't groce and hammers don't ham?

If teachers taught, why didn't preachers praught? If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat? Sometimes I think all the folks who grew up speaking English should be committed to an asylum for the verbally insane.

In what other language do people recite at a play and play at arecital? We ship by truck but send cargo by ship. We have noses that run and feet that smell. We park in a driveway and drive in a parkway.And how can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, while a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?

You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language in which your house can burn up as it burns down, in which you fill in a form by filling it out, and in which an alarm goes off by going on.
And, in closing, if Father is Pop, how come Mother's not Mop?


Tomorrow, I'm gonna party with some friends. We will party at Club Pure at the Small Ville Compound, Iloilo's top gimmick destination. I'm not a hard core party animal, but I guess I need to shake some tail feathers loose and groove it in lieu of a proper Semestral Break! Yes sirree and Mesdames, I still have an exam left, and that just sucks. Then again, it won't be a regular gimmick night, because tomorrow will be Club Pure's Halloween thinggie, and it will be a masquerade party.

Plus, it won't be pure party because our group was invited by the organizers to offer Tarot Readings for that night. It would be a perfect opportunity to not only dress up, but also to give my new Tarot deck a road test, and of course, earn a few bucks on the sides.

And if you are wondering what or whom I will be coming as... I will go as him!

Pictures soon...

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Cheapangga Aketch

Let's take a break from the heart breaks and be gay (pun intended) for a while. Since I started translating some of Mother John Iremil E. Teodoro's poems, I wrote a few of my own in Baklese. Here's an attempt with my own translation. Have a break, have a kitty cat! Oh, and yes, I am very very cheap! Hehehehe Enjoy!

Cheapangga Aketch
Ni Luis Batchoy

Cheapangga aketch
Dalidala lang gid
Aketch mainlavavoo

Judels na need
Givenchy ka sa jukon
Mashumi nga mga flowerettes.
Igivsulayman lang sa shukon
Jumo mga Neil Armstrong
Kada Aga Muhlach kag Gabby Eigenman
Agud ma thaw ang frozen delight
Nga one for sorrow shukon.
Kag ijumbal lang sa shukon
Aketch gid ya ang pinakashumi.

Judels na need
Shukalcibloc shukaw
Maharliketch nga mga
Gift giving ceremonies
Basta sa jukon mo lang gid
Givenchy jumo mga kisses chocolate
Agud magwispyok
Ang best in yawyawers kinagubot
Sa jukels chestnut roasting.
Kag ijumbal lang sa shukon
Nga sa jumo tagipusu
Aketch gid ya ang pinakamaharlika.

Judels na need
Bring me to life mo ketch
Sa mga world tourism events.
Cappuccino lang bala
Shokels hand in my pocket
Judels lang mag escape to Azkaban
Halin sa jukels side effect.
Kag ijumbal lang sa shukon
Nga ang lycopene mo matogetherness,
Aketch lang gid, wizing na jovan musk pa.

Judels na need
Pa live together happily ever after mo gid ketch
Sa sDakota Fanning nga Mansion Garden
Pa enter the dragon lang bala aketch
Agud jukon mangin home sweet home
Ang jumo tagipusu
Kag ijumbal lang sa shukon
Nga asta ka ma drop-dead gorgeous
Sa jukon mo man tagipusu mo
Choosame Street Mag Polymagma.

Cheapangga lang gid aketch
Dalida lang gid
Aketch ma inlavavoo
OPM mo lang gid sa jukon
Nga aketch lang gid
Ang jumo lavavuhon
Viva Forevah!

Cheap Ako
Ni Luis Batchoy

Yak naman, he’s so cheap!
- “Beh Buti Nga”
Song Lyrics

Cheap ako
Mabilis lang talaga
Ako ma inlab.
Hindi na kailangang
Bigyan mo pa ako
Ng mga magagandang bulaklak.
Ibigay lang sa akin
Ang iyong mga bisig
Bawat umaga at gabi
Upang matunaw ang nagyeyelong
Kalungkutan ko
At sabihin sa akin
Na sa iyong paningin
Ako lang ang pinaka nakakabighani.

Di na kailangang
Ibili mo pa ko
Ng mga mamahaling
Mga regalo
Basta't sa akin mo lamang
Ibibigay ang 'yong mga halik
Upang manahimik
Ang naghuhumiyaw na kalituhan
Sa aking dibdib
At sabihin mo lang sa akin
Na sa puso mo
Ako talaga ang pinakamamahal.

Di na kailangang
Isama mo ako
Maglibot sa buong mundo.
Basta't hawakan mo lang
Ang aking mga kamay
Huwag ka lang lumayo
Sa aking tabi
At sabihin mo lang sa akin
Na ang gusto mong makasama
Ay ako lamang, wala nang iba.

Di na kailangang
Na patirahin mo ako
Sa malaking mansyon
Papasukin mo lang ako
Upang mapamahayan ko
'Yang puso mo.
At sabihin mo lang sa akin
Na hanggang sa kamatayan mo
Ang puso ko rin
Ang pipiliin mong uwian.

Cheap lang ako
Mabilis lang talaga
Akong mainlab
Ipangako mo lang talaga sa akin
Na ako lang talaga
Ang mamahalin mo
Magpakailan man.

I Am Cheap
By Luis Batchoy

Yak naman, he’s so cheap!
- “Beh Buti Nga”
Song Lyrics

I am cheap
It is easy for me
To fall in love

There is no need
For you to give me
Beautiful flowers
Just give to me
Your arms
Every day and night
To thaw this frozen
Loneliness of mine
And tell me
That in your eyes
I am the most alluring.

There is no need
For you to buy me
Very expensive
As long as, it's only to me
That you'd give your kisses
To silence
The screaming chaos
Here within my heart
And just tell me
That in your heart
I'm the one you really treasure most.

There is no need
For you to bring me
On tours around the world.
Just hold
These hands of mine
Do not stray far
From my side
And just tell me
That the one you want to be with
Is no one else, but me.

There is no need
For you to make me live
In a huge mansion
Just let me in
So I may live
There in your heart
And just tell me
That until the day you die
It is in my heart too
That you'd choose to come home.

I am really very cheap
It is very easy for me
To fall in love
Just promise me
That I'd be the only one
That you'd love.
Forever and ever.

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