Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Three Takes for Sorrow

I would weep, but my tears have been stolen;
I would shout, but my voice has been taken.
Thus, I write.
-Tragic Poet, flavor text
Magic The Gathering

Writing has always been my release. I feel for people I know whom, are now, suffering the death of a relationship. I share these three poems I wrote months back when I was suffering from my own failed relationship. Let my pen cry for, and with you.

In Lieu of A Heart Break Song

By Luis Batchoy

How do I mourn you properly?
Do I need to don night's garments
To conceal a deeper darkness
In my vain search for your shadow?

Do I faithfully keep vigil
Over the casket of longing?
Burn candles and recite requiems
While the stars drop dead one by one?

Shall I commit you to the earth
With no bother for epitaphs?
Or reduce to ashes instead
To fill an empty and cold urn?

I'll forever mourn you instead,
By the smiles I call forth rains with,
By every sigh masked as breathing
And the nifty phrase "moving on".


Writing as forgetting

By Luis Batchoy

"I'd Like to think of writing as a way of forgetting"
-Prof. John E. Barrios

This pen traces lines
Of forgetting,
Distills every tear shed
Shedding, yet to be shed,
And sublimates
Every pain felt
Feeling, yet to be felt,
In a poem that has
Rhyme and measure
Organic unity
And objectified correlatives
In a moment of
Emotional distance,
Poetic proximity
And ritual release
That speaks of
Throbbing, numbing, lingering
Static pain.
Every scribble brings
Vivid remembrances.
Hence, forget forgetting!
I write, I remember
Another poem, another attempt
At forgetting
Yet remembering


Champagne Intoxication

(After reading Peter Nery's How to Survive Waiting
For the Season of Strawberries)
By Luis Batchoy

I don't really drink.
But on nights when
I miss you dreadfully;
Which means
Every night henceforth,
I will drink bottles of champagne
To remind myself
How your tongue tasted
When we first kissed.
Strawberries go well
With champagne they say.
So when I begin
To become an alcoholic
I'll revert to
Sucking strawberries
To remind myself
How champagne tastes
Or to remind me
How you


One final thing: I detest the phrase "moving on." It's as if, there is necessary stagnation after a break-up that one needs to "move." Another thing is that, this phrase necessarily suggests movement. If so? Where to? What if we just want it to remain that way and yet, be okay? Do we really have to go somewhere as denoted by the phrase? As for me, I say it's the other person that needs to be weeded so I say "Kick you out" instead of "Move on." Oh well... Rhetorics!

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