Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Heretic's Prayer

A Heretic's Prayer
By: Luis Batchoy

I shall fall on my knees, only before you;
No god no deity nor divinity on any altar.
Only you, and the power in your kiss,
Shall spell my here and hereinafter.

I will heed no avatars, no messiahs nor prophet.
If your touch be sinful desire, condemn me, then.
I offer no contrition, no remorse nor penance.
I seek no heaven, valhalla nor nirvana.

I care less for the virtue of virgins, mystics, saints or bodhisattvas.
I seek communion and enlightenment only with your body
I only seek to crucify you in my crotch;
Redemption, salvation, beatification in you, my agony, my ecstasy.

I invoke you, hold me, consume me, body and soul;
Find favor in each others darkness and light.
We need no sanctifying or saving grace.
Only the baptism from the fonts of sacs and glands.

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