Friday, October 31, 2008

Entry number 8

Eight one sentence stories posted and I see no end to the madness yet. This is my 8th entry to the Moleskine Contest sponsored by in Mia's blog. Shempre pa! Mawawala ba naman ang Batchoy bilang bida sa istorya? Cultural Assertion itoh! Bear with me peeps.

There may be no midsummer's madness nor snow here in Iloilo and he sorely misses his notebooks in his escritoire back there in the big apple, but one sip from his bowl of batchoy makes everything an inconceivable fancy as his soul acknowledges the shore where it rightly belongs.

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Avalon ph said...

Thanks for your entry! I'm impressed with the variety of your stories. Good luck and I hope you will join the succeeding contests, even if you win this one! :) / Jas

Luis Batchoy said...

thanks Jas. I surely will be joining. I want them moleskines...