Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On A High

I'm on a high. Today is another one of my 48 hours cycle days when I don't get any sleep for a whole 48 hours. I don't know why, but my circadian rhythms is really crazy. I finally broke the tamadgic spell. I don't know what came over me that got to do something which I should have done for such a long long time


I don't know what came over me. My room is a mess... I mean, an installation art in progress. I would usually not be able to clean up for months on end. Finally, today, I got the twang for cleaning it up, and clean up I did. I fixed the books in the shelf, the clothes strewn all over the floor, the shoeseseseses, everything. Now the room looks clean, crisp, and tidied up, and I can now see the floor. Hehehehe.

Midway through my cleaning frenzy, Panyero Nestor dropped by with a copy of a reviewer in Criminal Law. Pakinchef! It slipped my mind that tomorrow is the scheduled pre-final exams in this subject nga pala! Whew! That didn't break my clean up frenzy though, and he got to help me with lifting the bed and the what not's for me to get a good sweep up underneath.

Now I'm exhausted and the new, clean and crisp bed cover is just so inviting. I wanna slip in early so I could wake up around 4am and start cramming... errrr... studying. Cleaning up is such a Herculean job especially if you are someone like me who puts off cleaning, clearing, and tidying up for months on end. I do not want the house helpers to clean up after me because I want to do it myself so I would know where I put such and such items, and when I look for them I would know where to find them. Plus, there are things in my room that the house help would consider trash and throw away, but could turn out to be very important, like a plain looking scrap of paper that is actually very important. Sheeeshh... Lucky house helper... one less mess to clean up after.

In the process, things I have long been looking for turned up. I discovered, just lying around 3 spare keys for my room, two spare keys for the car, four chargers for my phone, 3 extra batteries for my phone, 2 spare glasses, my favorite shades, the long lost right shoe of my favorite chucks, flash disks, USB link cables, the novel I went crazy looking for, 3 scarves I favored, my favorite neck tie, installer CD's, and my cherished and very well missed Light Saber, identifying me as a High Sith Lord! To say that it was a jungle in here before the clean up is an understatement!

I'm on a high! I cleaned up my room in a frenzy, and now it looks so... cleaned up. I don't want a very clinical looking and spic and span room. I still want just the right amount of mess here and there. I am pooped and dead tired to study, but it feels so rewarding!

Now that my room is cleaned up, I wanna take a good night's rest in my warm cuddly cozy bed... I'm just wondering how perfect it would be to have someone to mess up the whole thing with again... Well maybe not tonight... Soon... perhaps... care to whip up a storm with me in my room? It's so much fun, I swear!

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