Saturday, November 29, 2008

Talaga lang ha

Took an online personality quiz. Masyadong obyus ang mga tanong. This is my result.

What type of fantasy creature are you?

You are a blood siren
You are a blood siren
You are twisted and seductive. You thrive on the death of humans and you dont care if your actions cause pain. Your only love is the ocean. Lust is your strongest trait.
How do you compare?
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Talaga lang ha!

Naglalaro kasi ako neto eh.... click mo... laro tayo, dito!

My first Sony experience is with my Sony Microcassette Recorder

No. Scrap that! It's not my first Sony experience actually. I grew up with quality Sony products, from Television sets, to audio equipment, the Betamax, the hugely popular Walkman, the upgraded version DiscMan, Sony Playstation and later on, to Sony Ericsson Mobile phone. Aside from electronics, there's the Sony label for music and film that released unforgettable music and film classics spanning generations. Clearly, my Sony Micro cassette recorder could not have been my First Sony Experience at all, but then again, it has been the one that had the greatest impact in my life. Akin to that 'one true love', my micro cassette recorder has been my Sony experience that is "Like no other!"

I acquired it from a prize money I won in College for a journalistic piece I wrote for an On the Spot writing contest. Since then, my life has never been the same, and has never been better if not for it. I was an editor in our school publication and my microcassette came in handy when I go out and do interviews for feature stories or news pieces. Its sleek and slim design made for great portability and convenience. Its playback function, with excellent audio, is a reporter's/journalists boon. I can really get into an interview without bothering with scribbling or notes-taking. With a touch of a button, my interviews took me notches higher and really get the most out of interview time by concentrating on really getting the issues out without worrying about not being able to capture my subject's responses. It didn't stop there.

My course was Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Lectures were long drawn, very technical, and well, at times, a bore fest! Not to mention that in College, everything was going on as well. Toxic was the word. Time was of essence and multi-tasking was a valuable and life/time saving skill. Thanks to my micro cassette recorder, I was able to squeeze in writing my journalistic pieces or other curricular or extra curricular tasks during lecture hours. I simply push the record button and the lecture is in the bag. All I need is to play the tape back when I get home, and listen to the lectures again, while taking notes and reviewing my books with what was recorded on tape! Nifty, I say! My impressive lecture tapes were a hit during group study or review sessions for upcoming major examinations! It was perfect for the harried and multi-tasking student that I was.

It was not all work that my Sony Micro cassette was for and all about. A guy has got to have some fun too! With it's excellent recording ability, I was able to record my favorite tracks with my micro cassette recorder and play them back too. Now, now... I know its a form of piracy, but hey, a student has to stretch his wallet you know! Hekhekhekhek.

Now, now... what's College without the stirrings of the heart? It still makes me smile when I remember this one! I had a big crush way back then. Romantic/poet guy that I was, instead of writing a love letter, I recorded a poetry reading of a poem that I wrote, and sent the micro cassette tape with a bunch of flowers to the object of my affection. The gift was unsigned, of course. The next day, I was surprised to see my crush come to my office! I can not possibly escape the scenario! I was afraid that my crush came to confront me about the gifts! I tried to play it cool and coy. I learned later that my crush came to the office knowing that I own a micro cassette recorder and intrigued, wanted to borrow it for a while to listen to the micro cassette that came with the flowers, still not knowing it was from me! My crush played the tape and listened to it in front of me! It was sweet, embarrassing and mind blowing all at the same time! When the poetry reading playback was over, I was all sweaty and clammy; my plan seemed to have backfired! My crush then touched my hand, leaned over and gave my a kiss on the cheeks, and said "That was beautiful poetry. No one has ever asked me out like that before. You're such a romantic schmuck!" I nervously laughed and my crush added. "I'm free Friday Night." Wahooooweeeeee!

More high tech devices might have replaced my Sony Micro cassette recorder but it remains to be that one Sony experience that had great impacts in my life. I tried rummaging through mu stuff to look for it, because I know I still keep it somewhere, so I can take a picture and post it in this entry, but to no avail! All is not lost though! Look at what I found!

One little straggler!

And this!

OH! Happy Days!

I still brag that I own the "Original" Playstation portable, but that's another story for another day! Hmmm... I think I'm gonna play some after this post! Arkanoid, anyone?

Up until now, I still do journalism pieces, side by side my artistic literary pieces of poetry and fiction. My Sony Micro cassette recorder may have been replaced by more advanced gadgets. As I have said, my Sony Micro cassette recorder is akin to that "one true love." It may be over and done with, and there may be others that would come to replace it, but like a one true love, it would always bring you back to "that one," and with a Sony, that would be something "like no other! My Sony Micro Cassette Recorder definitely gave significance to my life, just like the Sony's World's First Slimmest Camera, with Optical Image Stabilizer: Cyber Shot T77!

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Ze' Violin

As promised... ang biyolinistang nagtublag sa malungkot nang kasingkasing ko.

I first saw and heard him during the National Heritage Month Celebration in Iloilo. I witnessed a spectacular closing performance at the Jaro Auditorium at the Jaro Plaza last May 23, 2008. The musical play "Tarangban" by Isidoro Cruz, and directed by Edward Divinagracia of the University of San Agustin's Little Theater was staged that night. I had to watch the latest incarnation of this play. Tarangban is based on the Panayanon Epic Hinilawod about the adventures of Buyong Humadapnon and his wife Nagmalitong Yawa, how she, rescued Humadapnon when he was entrapped by a thousand binukot in the caves of the enchanted island called Tarangban. The play is dear to me, as I have watched how it progressed from a simple one act free-staged thing, to a full blown dance drama complete with a wonderful backdrop and astounding music plus mind blowing choreography by pure Ilonggo talents.

The show started with a prayer/poem rendition of Mother John Iremil Teodoro's Kinaray-a poem "Makaatubang Lang ako sa Imo kung Hublas Ako." (I can only come before you when I am naked) from his wonderful book of love poems "Mga Binalaybay Kang Paghigugma" (Poems of Love). The actress gave an astounding and compelling reading of the prayer/poem, and what ripped my heart into shreds was the haunting cry of the violin accompanying the reading. It was sensory overload for me! Excellent poetry, mind-blowing performance reading/acting and heart wrenching violin playing! I died and went to heaven. I felt like bursting, and with the violin's cry, I cried along. I strained my neck to see who caused my audio heart break and the sensory overload quadrupled. It was him playing.

I of course asked around and looked for him after the show, but he was no where to be found. He left early. I asked Gino. He said he knows my violin player. I asked for his number but he joked that he wouldn't want to give the number to me. When I asked Gino why, he said, because he didn't want to endanger violin player; it was obvious that I was in love with the violin player! Gino was kidding of course, because he doesn't have the number. I wasn't. I think I was in love. Months passed and the incident was all but forgoten. Not until yesterday at SM City Iloilo. Check my old post on that, here.

At first, it didn't occur to me that he was that same violin player at Jaro Plaza. I blamed the violin for my fascination and for my being rooted to where I was standing, applauding each and every piece the trio played; but above all, applauding my divine violinist. Not until he looked at me, smiled, and played the song IKAW. I couldn't take the assault anymore. My knees buckled and my already liquefying insides turned to mush and I weakly crumpled to the floor, sitting cross-legged like a Margi, mesmerized by the beautiful violin and the smiling divine player, all the time, looking at me. I felt cold clammy sweat on my brows, and the memory came flooding back! My violin player! HIM! The same one! I made a vow that I won't let him slip away this time. Even if it takes forever for them to finish, I will wait! Right here! Right now!

They played on and on, and never for a moment did I get tired of listening to each one of them. Him, more than his companions. I would close my eyes and imagine him playing his violin for me, and only for me! I didn't care that I was slumped on the floor, in a mall lobby, listening to the violin competing with the beat of my heart and the silent scream of my soul.

The pictures I took were blurry because I was trembling all over. It does feel a lot like love. Later, I learned that he also plays the recorder.

As well as the King flute (Bamboo Flute)

All in the same brilliant musical proficiency! But not half as good and with lesser effect than what the violin has over me. With such display of musical talent, I surmised he was one from a conservatory or a regular music guy. I waited and waited and waited, and when I finally got the chance to talk to him, I couldn't remember anything I said or how I chatted with him. All I know is that I got home with two of his cards. His "music" card and his "day job" card! I was surprised! He was no regular music guy at all. He was a full-pledged Architect! I clearly remember, though, the Herculean effort to control myself from instinctively wiping the sweat from his brows! Putanginampakincheff! The conversation in my mind went like this.

Me: Hi! Amazing Violin playing! Do you play professionaly?
Him: Thank you, you are amazing too... yes I do!
Me: You do? Can I ask you to play at my wedding?
Him: Wow! Why not! I'd be honored! When would your wedding be?
Me: Ahmmm as soon as you answer my next question... Will you marry me?


I never got the strength to text him at all, not until tonight!

I went to one of my regular karaoke joint and I saw a friend VM whom I know works for SM City. I told him about my SM City experience. Maybe I was all bubbly over violinist guy because VM said "Love mo? Wala kang picture habang tumutugtog sya?" Of course I have! When I showed him, he said. "I think I know him, he's a year older than me; a batch ahead of ours in High School." Then I answered "Really,?" are you sure its him? I showed VM the cards and he said..."Yup! Him alright! Tsk tsk tsk, malakas yata ang tama mo sa kanya! Hmmmmm...." Then he smiled mischievously! "Why? Did I do anything wrong? Is it bad to like him? Is he married, or what? Crush lang naman eh!" VM said "Nah! I don't think it sounds like 'just a crush to me!" I countered "Well, maybe its just the violin!" VM said, "Maybe... see his hands?" I strained to see what VM was pointing out, but I couldn't see anything in the blurry pictures. "Well, I think he's gay!" VM then smiled, and that was the end of our conversation, since it was his turn to sing on stage and never got to talk again for the rest of the evening,

When I came home, I immediately uploaded the pictures to my laptop and zoomed all of them to his fingers. I kept thinking about what VM said about him being gay... well it takes one to know one so they say, and they went to the same high school, and just a year apart. What are the odds. I strained to see his hands in the blurry pictures and I do not want to be so quickly certain about seeing what is there to see; or is it, not seeing what is not there - NO WEDDING RING or ring marks if he took it off.

Sheeesh... I am smitten by a violinist who plunges me to the depths with haunting music, an architect who erects me (errr) and a flutist to toot my flute? Toink! His very name is pure poetry... His name is, in itself, my crazed and fervent plea... SAVE me from this loneliness!



What is this that you've done to me?
Is it really you, or is it just your violin?
Or both?
Tell me...
I beg of you...
And if you can...
Save me!

It's official!


Friday, November 28, 2008

At the Mall

I didn't know what came over me today. I left the house early and went to SM City Iloilo. I do not usually go to the malls as early as 3pm on a weekday, and alone at that, without any specific need, but today, I did. I do not know what came over me. Anyhoot, I strolled and I discovered that there was a 3 day sale there. I was amused to find some department store employees grove on the grocery fore area. It looks like they were having the time of their lives and having fun while shaking their booties. I liked looking at em'.

Strike a pose!

Shake that booty!

Shorty get low, low low low!

When the dance performance by the employees were done, I proceeded to the lower ground floor activity area in front of the food court. There was an on going trade exhibit of the Bamboo Trade Festival. I wanted to check out some Hablon scarves that I so wanted to have a couple of, for the longest time, but as I proceeded, I heard lilting notes of violins and the vampire in me got hypnotized. I was sidetracked as I started asking around where the music was coming from. If it was from a PA system, I would like to know if the CD being played is also for sale. I would want one. The song being played was "Close to You" from the legendary Carpenters. I saw Chris and his gf. Chris is the brother of my best gal Charmita. They informed me that the music came from the entrance area at the upper ground floor. I don't remember saying goodbye to Chris as my feet/ears/heart took me to where the music was coming from and saw this.

There was a live string trio playing. I got rooted to the spot as I normally do when I hear the violins. They were playing classic love songs and standard ballads. My soul wanted to escape through my eyes and the music filled more than just my ears.

I don't understand why violins can do this to me. I get all mushy, muddled up and I see color bursts in front of my eyes. Is this what they call being mesmerized?

I grabbed my phone, took pictures, and texted people who knew my weakness with the violin. I looked at the divine violinist, and yes, it was indeed love at first notes. Is this what they call fascination? Was it really him, or just the violins working its magic on my Vampiric Toreador blood? Anne Rice's Vampires, especially Lestat has a thing with violins and in Vampire the Masquerade, Toreadors are a clan of Vampires who are fascinated with music and the arts, and it is their weakness. They would stand stone still and get lost when confronted by a beautiful thing of art or music. Yes! I am indeed a vampire, and a Toreador at that!

Now I'm straying off topic...

Of course the divine violinist... My one true mortal desire! Him!


More about him in the next post.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ako lang ang Hindi

May Cosmic Conspiracy yata to leave me out...

Busy yata ang lahat at halos mamatay sa kanilang workloads...

Nababato lang ako kakahintay ng tawag ng HR para masimulan na ang training para sa ramp up job sa BPO na yun.

Nga pala, tanggap ako at naghihintay na lang ng tawag. There will be a one week English training, tapos, one week product training bago sumalang sa floor.

Di na ako dadaan ng Engish Training, diretso na ako Product Training. Therefore, after a week, floor wax na ako. Unofficial pa pero sa Customer Service Help Desk ang department ko. Di ako magbebenta ng 'product.' Nakakabato naman ang mag hintay...

Si Loven, Si Don, Si Aris, Si Dynamic Duo Bryan (sori di sya nag bo-blog)... busy lahat at kalowrkah Mercado ang mga skeds nila.

I'm sure pati si Santa Claus super bizi-ness!

Ako lang ang hindi...
kasi ako... boredomness... mega tambay sa kapehan at pa stir stir ng mainit na brewed.

Eksayted ang lahat sa Law Week Celebration. Lahat nakatutok sa sizzling hot rivalry ng 4th year section A (kami) versus Section B (sila) sa basketball dahil nga hati ang year namin dahil sa isang malaking misunderstanding, kung kaya't dalawang teams ang Seniors sa Basketball Men. Lahat OA sa simbolo ng koponan namin; ang basketball jersey... syempre nasa basketball team ako. Ang jersey number ko? 06... hulaan nyo bakit... Lahat halos, pati mga girls nag patahi ng matching jerseys nila in support sa team. Eksayted ang lahat.

Ako lang ang hindi...
kasi ako, as ambasador of peace and goodwill, walang hilig sa heated rivalry... madami akong friends sa kabilang section... kaya... World Peaceness

Nagkakagastos at naloloka ang lahat sa gastos. Official representative din ako for Bowling Men, at Bowling Doubles; kasama nung rep for Bowling Women. Nagbabalak din kaming dalawa magpatahi ng sarili naming jerseys... Magastos at nagkakagastos ng bonggang bongga ang lahat sa Law Week. This year, mag tuturn over ako ng title as MR. LAW sa susunod na lulurking mapipili/pilit/blackmail ng kanyang klase at mananalo sa Law Night Search. Paparada kami ni Ms. Law sa iisang float. Gastos ni Ms. Law at subsidized konti ng council. Suotin ko na lang ulit ang sinuot ko sa Palanca Awards Night. Walang gastos. Sabay na pa muk-ap sa mag mumuk-ap kay Ms. Law... klasmeyts naman kaming dalawa eh. Madaming namumrublema sa gastos this next few weeks.

Ako lang ang hindi...
kasi ako kuripowtness

Excited ang mga close friendships sa pasko. May mag fi-first Christmas as mag jowa, as mag asawa, as parents, as lawyers, ad infinitum... Lahat na yata excited. May endless strings of reunion at lahat gustong pumunta as new professionals, as new couples, as new lawyers (ulit), as new magjowa's, as new parents, ad infinitum.

Ako lang ang hindi... kasi ako... As... ASANESS!

Bakit kaya?

Tawagan ko kaya si Tatay Leo at tanungin kung meron syang alam mapag bilhanan nung sinasuggest nya sa aking bilhin na?

Magkano-ness? Hehehehe... Cheapanganess ko naman nun!

Hingin ko na lang kaya sya kay Santa Claus... kaso...
Hindi ako nice eh... pero
Hindi rin naughty.

Halos lahat hindi na naniniwalang may Santa Claus... pero ako naniniwala pa rin. Kahit hindi pa nabibigyan ng anything galing sa kanya. Ang mga naniniwala naman kasi kay Santa Claus nakatanggap na ng regalo from him daw...

Ako lang ang hindi...

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Archangel of Light daw

Hopping around online quizes, these are a few things I took and found results to.

Which ArchAngel are you most like?

Lucifer. The most misunderstood of all the ArchAngels, you're most like the ArchAngel of Light. You've seen the darkside and have opted for something better. You need better press, though chances are no one will really understand your motives.

Archangel of Light ba talaga? Ganun ba ako ka extreme? Hmmm...

Translation as per request

Dahil malakas ka sa akin... eto na ang rekwes mo na translation ng tula...pati na rin sa ibang di nakakaintindi ng Hiligaynon


Lagutok Lalamunan, Himig Panlunok
Ni: Luis Batchoy

“Uso pa ba ang harana?”
Parokya ni Edgar

Pagkingan, hinigugma
Itong aking usal.
Dinaramang gugma,

Ibubuhos sa pagkanta.

Sana mapagpasensyahan,
Kung sintunado pakinggan.
Kasi naman ang lalamunan,
Sa gutom, lumalagutok.

Itong aking pagkauhaw,
Ngiti mo ang makakatighaw.
Sa namimitak na damdamin.
Tubigna maipapanulak.

T’yan ko'ng rumaragu-ok,
Makakalam sa iyon tingin.
Wala mang laman ang bulsa,
Nag uumapaw ang gugma.

Kanina pagkagising,
Tutong lang ang almusal.
Dahil mahal na ang bigas,
Gutom pilit na lang matiis.

Pangarap kong sa yo'y maialay
Mga bituin at ang buwan.
Ngunit ang makakayanan,
Ay tanging gumamela.

Mamamasyal sana tayo,
Dun sa lugar na maganda.
Pero maha na ang pamasahe,
Panaginip na lang ang libre.

Pero wag mag alala,
Palangga, may ililinaw pa.
Manghahanap ako trabaho,
Upang ibuhay sa yo.

Sa ‘call center’ malaki sweldo,
Tiisin lang ang antok.
‘Marunong naman ako mag inglis,
Kahit medyo kinamatis.

Pwede rin, mag trabaho sa labas.
Ang aking kaba amang,
Na sa aking pagkawala,
May iba kang makita.

‘Di baleng, mahirap ang trabaho,
May pero lang mapadala.
Bisan iyo lamang isugal,
Wag lang pumatol kay ‘pre Val.

Titiisin ko ang kamingaw,
‘Di ka lang maalimunaw.
Gahasain man ng Arabo,
Wag ka lang mangangamo.

Maramin naman kasing problema,
Dito sa ating bayan.
Anhin naman ang pag salama,
Ng ‘powers’ ni Tiya’y Glorya.

Kung malalim ating bulsa,
Mas malalim pa ang sa kanya.
Malaki talagang problema,
Kung pumayat kanyang asawa.

Basta maligaya sila,
Kahit pa tumaas ang gasolina.
Ganyan talaga ang gugma.
Pareho din sa’ting dalwa.

Pakinggan mo kaya ang SONA,
Dahi umaasenso na tayo.
Nag iinarti lang ang mahirap,
Puro lang sila reklamo.

Dami na ngang tulay eh
Dapat dun tumulay.
Pag baha, umakyat dun,
Sana walang nalunod no?

Wag mo nang intindihin,
Ang kuno, nagnakaw ng pera
Syempre pa, pagkatapos eleksyon,
Gastos, kanila talagang babawiin.

Natural, kung nag nenegosyo,
Palakihin talaga ang benta mo.
Bigyan lang ng pera ang tao,
At ikaw pa rin ang iboboto.

Gusto mong maharanahan?
Baka naman ika'y ma baduyan.
Di na kasi uso ngayon,
Bigla na lang mabubuntis.

Baduy ang pagkukumposo
‘Text-text’ na lang na tig piso.
‘Di na bulaklak ang ireregalo,
Pasa-load na ang mas gusto.

‘Di na kailangang mag sulat,
Pwede na rin lang naman mag ‘chat.’
At makakapag pakita na
‘Cam to cam’ lang sa kakwentuhan..

Pwede na ngang hiwaayan,
Bigla ka na lang ite-text.
“Sori tlga d na me sa u.”
‘Replyan’ ka lang nya “Hu u”?

Gugma, hindi tulad nyan,
Ang aking pag palangga.
Hirap, di babaihin
Lamang, gugma mo ma angkin.

Bisitahan, liligawan,
Akin kang tutulaan.
Kahoy, aking sasalukin,
Tubig, aking sisibakin.

Gagawan kita ng komposo,
Harana, kahit ‘di na uso.
Wala na rin namang arinola,
Na sa aki'y pwedeng isaboy.

Kaya itong awitin,
Pagpasensyahan kung sintunado.
Naubusan kasi ng lilimang piso,
Pang praktis sa bidyokehan.

Parang tilaok ng manok,
Lumalagutok na lalamunan.
Mapapatigil mo lang ako
Kung sasagutin ng 'yong 'OO'

Ang gabi, lumalalim na
Paguwi, lalakarin ko pa.
Gusto ko lang marinig,

Na ako'y palangga mo rin.

Pagkingan, hinigugma
Itong aking usal.
Dinaramang gugma,

Ibubuhos sa pagkanta.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

By special Request

Dahil nirekwest ni Zen Bitch... here's the winning poem in Gawad Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino.

Pasensya na at mahaba haba kasi ang nirerequire sa rules ay at least 100 lines daw. At pasensya na dahil walang translations pa ito. Kung sino me gana mag translate, welcome na welcome.

The poem is done in traditional Hiligaynon Komposo (song) for a Harana with four lines per stanza and eight syllables per line, meant to be accompanied by acoustic guitar.

Enjoy and thank you for the warm congratuations.

Lagtok Tilaok,Lanton Panagitlon
Ni: Luis Batchoy

“Uso pa ba ang harana?”
Parokya ni Edgar

Pamatii hinigugma,
Ining akon pangalaba.
Ginabatyag ko nga gugma,
Ipabutyag sa pag amba.

Kuntani, mapasayluhan,
Kun libagun pamati-an.
Ano abi kay ang tilaok,
Sa kagutmon, nagalagtok.

Ining akon nga kauhaw,
Yuhum mo makapaumpaw.
Sa bagtik nga balatyagon.
Tubig nga mapadalundon.

T’yan ko nga nagaragu-ok,
Makanay sa imong tulok.
Wa’ay man sulod ang bulsa,
Tigalumapaw ang gugma.

Kaina sang pagkabugtaw,
Kapog lang ang ginpamahaw.
Kay mahal na gid ang bugas,
Gutom pilit lang mabatas.

Handum ko ikaw halaran,
Mga bitu-on kag bulan.
Apang, kutob ikasarang,
Tapulanga na gid lamang.

Mamasyar kita kuntani,
Didto sa lugar nga nami.
Pai, mahal dun ang pam’lete,
Damgo na gid lang ang libre.

Apang ayaw kabalaka,
Palangga, may kahaygan pa.
Mangita ako trabaho,
Agud isagud sa imo.

Sa ‘call center’ daku sweldo,
‘Gwantahun lang ang katuyo.
‘Balo man ko mag ininglis,
Bisan medyo kinamatis.

Pwede man, mag ubra sa ‘gwa.
Ang akun lang gid nga kulba,
Nga sa akun pagkadula,
May iban ka nga makita.

‘Di bale, budlay ang ubra,
May kwarta lang mapadala.
Bisan imo lang isugal,
‘Di lang magpatol kay ‘pre Val.

‘Gwantahun ko ang kamingaw,
‘Di ka lang maalimunaw.
Luguson man ka Arabo,
Indi ka lang mag pangamo.

Kay damo man ‘bi problema,
Diri sa aton nga banwa.
Anhon man lang pag salama,
Sang ‘powers’ ni Tiya’y Glorya.

Kung madalum atun bulsa,
Mas dalum pa gid ang iya.
Dako gid ‘na nga problema,
Kung mag niwang iya bana.

Basta malipayun sila,
‘Ber mag taas gasolina.
Amo gid ‘na ‘ya ang gugma.
Par’yas lang sa’ton nga duha.

Pamati bala sang SONA,
Kay naga uswag na kita.
Ga arti lang ang pigado,
Puro lang sila reklamo.

Damo na gani ang taytay,
Dapat didto ta ma latay.
Pag baha, ma saka didto,
Tani wa’y may na lunod no?

Indi na lang pag sapaka,
Ang kuno, nangawat kwarta.
Kay syempre, tapos eleksyon,
Gastos, ila gid bawi-on.

Natural, kung ‘ga negosyo,
Padaku-on gid benta mo.
Taw-i lang kwarta ang tawo,
Kay ikaw g’yapun iboto.

Luyag mo maharanahan?
‘Nali ikaw, ma buki-an.
Kay indi na uso subong,
Gulpi na lang ‘ya mabusong.

Buki ang kulukumposo
‘Text-text’ na lang nga tag piso.
‘Di na bulak iregalo,
Pasa-load na ang mas gusto.

‘Di na kina’nglan mag sulat,
Pwede na man lang maka ‘chat.’
Kag ma ka kit-anay na ‘ya,
‘Cam to cam’ lang sa ka’sturya.

Pwede na gani bulagan,
Gulpi ka na lang ‘ya ‘textan.’
“Sori gd d na me sa u.”
‘Replyan’ n’ya lang ka “Hu u”?

Gugma, indi subong sina,
Ang akun pag palangga.
Kabudlay, dili balihon,
Lamang, gugma mo ma angkun.

Bisitahan, pangaluy’gan,
Akun ka binalaybayan.
Kahoy, akun agwadahun,
Tubig, akun nga bis-akun.

Buhatan ‘ta ‘kaw komposo,
Harana, ‘ber ‘di na uso.
Wala na man arinola,
Nga sa ‘kun pwede ma basya.

Gani ining lalantunon,
Pasayluhi kung libagon.
Kay sing limahun, nahubsan,
Pang praktis sa bidyokehan.

Daw tukturu-ok ka manok,
Nagalagtok nga tila-ok.
Mapauntat mo lang ako,
Kung sabton sang imo huo.

Ang hanagub, madalom na,
Pagpuli, gutuson ko pa.
Luyag ko lang mabatian,
Nga ako palangga mo man.

Pamatii hinigugma,
Ining akon pangalaba.
Ginabatyag ko nga gugma,
Ipabutyag sa pag amba.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ang tatay talaga!

Celebratory mood pa rin ako kahit medyo ngarag sa preparations for Friday's Event sa Museo Iloilo.

Breather muna ako at pahigop higop ng kape. Biglang nag ring ang aking cell phone. Si Tatay Leoncio Deriada ang tumatawag. Kinabahan ako. Heaven forbid na tumatawag sya to say he can't make it or something more important or more pressing came up! Wag naman sana! Napa kurus tuloy ako bago sagutin ang tawag.

Nagtatanong lang naman sya kung anong oras ko daw gusto na andun sya? Whew! Relief! Sa hapon pa kasi naka schedule sya sa panel pero syempre mas masaya kung buong araw andun si Tatay Leo. Syempre pa, sya ang Ama ng Kontemporaryong Literaturang Hiligaynon no!

Narining daw nya na marami sa original na panel ay di nag confirm dahil nga may conflict sa mga skeds nila kaya nahirapan akong maghanap ng kapalit nila. Inamin ko na tutoo nga. Napagalitan ako. Bakit ba daw di ako nag tanong sa kanya kasi madami syang kontak sa mga mas matatanda at mas bigating mga manunuat sa Hiligaynon tulad nina Agustin Misola at Prof. Pamonag. Bakit nga ba? Juwardikels ako sa tatay ko. Sabi ko, charge to experience. First time kasi madaming nagagawang kapalpakan sa sobrang kalituhan. Sabi nya, "kaya nga andito ako eh!" Toink! Hindi lumusot! Sabi ko na ang "mea culpa, tay... sori, di na po mauulit!" Umokey naman si Tatay.

Nagbabasa daw sya ng Entertainment Section ng Philippine Star. Nabasa daw nya dun na si Joel Torre ay gaganap sa isang pelikula na isang Cinema One Original na ang title ay "Yanggaw". Naiinis sya dahil ang pag ka translate daw sa term na yun ay "to infect." Dapat nag iingat sila kasi sa pag gagamit ng mga salita kung di nila alam kung ano talaga ang tamang kahulugan nun. Parang sinabi nila na pag na hawa ako sa sipon, na yanggaw na ako. Specific kasi ang term na yun sa pagiging aswang eh. Ang yanggaw ay proseso kung saan, ang isang aswang ay nililipat sa isang biktima ang pagiging aswang nito. Mali nga naman ang "to infect". Walang direktang translation ang salitang yun sa ibang lengwahe; tulad ng salitang "Aswang" na tinatranslate din sa wikang ingles na "witch". Mali din ang translation na yun.

Syempre pa, kinongratulate ako ng tatay. Wag daw lalaki ang ulo ko sa sunod sunod na parangal na natatanggap ko. Wag daw tumulad sa iba dyan. Kilala ko ang mga pinapasaringan ng tatay. Sabi ko, tay, pipilitin ko na wag mangyari yun. Sa akin naman kasi, puso ko ang laging lumalaki. Hindi ulo. Sabi ko din sa kanya na sana, pag nakikita nyang lumalaki na ulo ko, pakitapyas na lang po. Tawanan kami. Sinabi nya na sumali din daw sya dun, at ang galing na daw namin ni Bryan. Masaya sya na natatalo na namin sya. Sabi ko, di naman po sa ganun. Chamba lang po siguro. Sabi naman nya, pag di ka naka chamba sa susunod, malulungkot ako. Hehehehe... ang tatay talaga...

Tinanong nya din kung magkano ang premyo, at nawindang na ako sa sumunod na banat ng tatay ko sa panunulat. Bumuls-eye na naman kasi si tatay. Pagkasabi ko ng premyo, biglang hirit si tatay ng: "O ayan! Mabuti at marami ka nang pera. Makakabili ka na ng jowa! Parang yung sa tula ni John Iremil." Ang tinutukoy ni Tatay Leo ay ang tula ni Mother John na may title na "Kung ang tula ay pwedeng pambili ng lalaki. " Bumili ka na... Malamig ang panahon at magpapasko!" Toink! Sapul na naman ako! Strike two!

Nakaka dalawang sapul na si tatay sa ganitong usapan ah! Una nung Sundate namin. Ngayon naman, ito!

Bakit ba? Mukha na ba talaga akong nag iisa at masyadong nilalamig? Mukhang malungkot na ba talaga ako sa pagiging single?

Naiisip ko tuloy... mag manila kaya ako? Mag pride march kaya ako? Andun kaya sya?

Kaya lang... Mas lalo lang yata akong magmumukhang nag iisa dun. Kung may kasama naman, paano naman ako lalandi dun? Haynaku... Asan ka na ba kasi...Hinahanap ka na ng tatay!

Ang tatay talaga!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ang saya saya!

Kanina mas lalong tumingkad ang kulay ng buong mundo. Pagod ako nung nakaraang gabi kasi magmamadaling araw na natapos ang client interview sa inaply applyan kong ramp-up job sa isang BPO company. Pagkadating sa bahay ay pagod na pagod at antok na antok na ako kaya nakatulog agad ako.

Nagising ako kanina sa napakagandang SMS o text. Sabi ng text.

"Pagbati! Ang iyong binalaybay na pinamamagatang "Lagtok Tilaok, Lanton Panagitlon, na inilahok sa Gawad Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino ay nanalo ng karangalan sa patimpalak. Antabayanan ang iba pang anunsyo hinggil sa pagpaparangal. Congratulations!"

Biglang napawi ang antok ko at lumiwanag ang buong mundo! Happiness! Kaagad agad kong tinawagan ang aking ka-dynamic duo at writing partner na si Bryan Argos upang ipamalita ang pagkapanalo ko pero naunahan nya ako. Sinagot ko ang tawag at nalaman kong nanalo din sya! Dobleng saya! Sa susunod na mga post, baka ilagay ko yung nanalong akda.

Sumagot at nagpasalamat ako sa nagpadala ng SMS at itinanong ko ang resulta sa kategoryang malip-ot nga sugilanon, o maikling kwento sa Hiligaynon dahil meron din akong isinumite dun. Sumagot naman agad na hinihintay pa daw ang resulta nun. Sinabi din nya na pag lumabas na ang resulta ay magkakaroon ng isang Parangal para sa mga nanalo at para maibigay ang kaukulang premyo sa mga nagsipag wagi sa patimpalak/gawad na yon.

Bitin naman eh, kala ko pa naman me resulta na rin sa maikling kwento. Pero di na masyado akong umaasa dun sa kategoryang yun kasi nga, kasali dun ang mga pagkagaling galing na mga manunulat sa Hiligaynon na sila tatay Dr. Leoncio P. Deriada (na sinabi nya sa akin nung nag Sundate kami kamakailan) si Prof. Alice Tan Gonzales (hula ko lang naman) at si Prof. Genevieve Asenjo (na siyang nanalo ng unang gantimpala sa binalaybay na kategorya sa Gawad Komisyon ng Wika sa taong ito). Weytaminit kapeng mainit ang resulta nun sa ngayon.

Samantala, maganda naman ang naging resulta ng Client Interview. Pinaghihintay na lang ako ng tawag galing sa HR kung kelan magsisimula ang training na malamang ay sa susunod na linggo, kaya weytaminit kapeng mainit din ang moda sa ngayon.

Sa biyernes na nga pala ang pulong binalaybay. Basahin ang detalye dito. Sana kung nasa iloilo kayo ay dumalo kayo dun sa Museo Iloilo. Alam nyo na siguro kung nasaan yun. Magkakaroon ng masusing pagtatalakay tungkol sa peotika ng mga nangungunang makata saHiligaynon (kabilang na ketch dun) at mga Ilonggong manunulat. Magkakaroon din ng pagbasa ng mga tula at mga poetry performances, kaya kitakits.

Wala muna ako sa mood mag emo dahil masayang masaya ang mga balitang natatanggap ko at ayos na ayos ang sanlibutan. Magdiriwang muna ako sa piling ng aking pinakamamahal na tasa ng kape. Sama ka? Tara! Celebrate with me!

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Monday, November 17, 2008


Because I am entertaining the illusion that I have "enough time" to spare...

Because I think I am not yet "loaded" enough...

Because I dread the unproductive nights when I am just up and not doing anything...

Because I think I can juggle another commitment...

Because I want to be doing what everyone else is doing...

Because I wanna earn money and save faster for my Christmas "wanna-haves"...


Because I dread the long lonely nights when I am alone and all by myself...

I applied in a BPO company for a ramp up hiring.

Tonight is the interview with the client.

Wish me luck so I can crash and burn on the floor.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008



Nagliliwaliw lang ako dahil Linggo at wala na akong gagawin o pupuntahan. Nagbabalak ako magsulat o magbasa ng mga libro na naka istak sa aking shelf o di kaya ay mag advanced readings sa 2nd Sem subjects ko tulad ng Commercial Law Review.

Meanwhile, surf muna ako sa net. Check ng emails, check ng friendster at check ng mga pinupuntahan kong mga blog at websites.

Napadpad ako sa at nabasa ko ang break-up story ni Ruffa Mae Quinto at ng kanyang boypren na Mexican American na si Bobby Lopez at feeling ko level ta-artits na din ako.

Bakit kamo?

Si Ruffa Mae, binreyk ng boypren over email! Ako naman, na breyk na din over SMS naman! Taray! Napaka post modern na talaga ng pag-ibig at ang pakinestic ways of breaking up ay sumasabay na din sa teknolohiya!

Teknolohiya my A**!

Mga letcheng to! Wala man lang ka respe-respeto sa damdamin ng tao at sa mahiwagang pangalan ng Pag-ibig! CHE! Mga invertebrates! Hayuf! Etchos!

P.S: Ay honga pala, years back, na breyk na rin ako over e-mail ng isang pakincheff na karelasyon ko na taga Las Pinas. Wala daw kami "friendship" pa na naeestablish. Ibig nya palang sabihin eh malayo ako, at meron mas malapit na kumakalantari sa kanya kaya dun sya go! TAE! Hehehehehe...

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Sundates with the Literary Parents

This is a moment worth celebrating!

Today at our Sundate together with Palanca Hall of Fame and Father of Contemporary Hiligaynon Literature Dr. Leoncio P. Deriada, Mother John Iremil E. Teodoro told me the happy news.

His book of essays "Pagtatalak at Pagmumuni ng Sirenang nagpapanggap na Prinsesa" (Reflections and Rants of a Mermaid Pretending to be a Princess) won the National Book Award for Essays in the recently concluded National Book Awards by the Manila Critic's Circle! Read a few excerpts I quoted from the Sirena book in my past blog entry here.

If you dont know who Mother John is, hayambot na lang! Read here. Congratulations and Happy happy Birthday Iloy! You have one very proud 'daughson' here!

With us at Breakthrough Villa was Tatay Leo. It sounds very very very wrong when I call John as my Literary Mom and Dr. Leo as my Literary Tatay! The image is just so so so wrong! I know I should be calling Doc Leo as Lolo, but I don't see him that geriatric yet, so leave it be! They're my Mom and Tatay but nowhere near co-procreators producing moi.

As usual, Tatay Leo was his effervescent self. Aside from spewings about some so-so has-been writers or rather never-been writers who think themselves the deities of the literary community, Tatay Leo was as always, a treasure trove bearer of quips and funny annecdotes. I too was chastised for holding a Capiznon spear-headed event not in Roxas City, but in Iloilo. Good thing I got away with a budgetary constraints explanation. Since almost all of the invited panelists where from Iloilo, it was wiser, cheaper and more practical to hold the event in Iloilo instead.

The hours stretched and the conversations flowed from here to eternity. What else would be a topic most sure to surface but Hiligaynon Literary pride. Tatay Leo informed us that the latest Man Asia Literary Price Winner Miguel "Chuck" Syjuco is actually the son of then Congressman Agusto "Buboy" Syjuco and Congresswoman Judy Syjuco! Therefore, he too, is Ilonggo! Such are happy times for Hiligaynon Literature and Ilonggo Writers!

It was a most pleasant Sundate that left my stomach, my brain and my soul satiated! But of course! Thats what happens when you go to lunch with Literary Greats. When Mother John went to the restroom, Tatay Leo asked me "So, how are you? Is the "aswang" still in search for his mortal muse?" To which I replied. "Hay nako, Tatay, I think I will just marry my poems and my stories!" He then said, "No, they can't love you back. They have lives of their own, and they are for the public, not for you. While being alone is good for writers, no one should be left alone for a very long time. It is great to have someone who'd bring out the poetry of your soul." I took a long drag on my cigarette, puffed and sighed. Mercifully, Mother John came back to the table with a bitchy comment on how, in this restaurant, the restrooms are located in the next barrio.

Am I alone for a long time already? Weeeell... and as if to answer my question, my phone sounded off a text alarm.

The message sender was asking where I was and what was I doing on a fine Sunny Sunday.

It was from Vertical Horizon.

Pamimilosopo Tasyo

Wala lang.

Kung hindi mo kilala kung sino si Pilosopo Tasyo o si Bob Ong, Ayambot na gid lang ya sa imo pa man ho!

Tripster baga. Madami na ako nababasang "quotes" galing sa astig na writer at author na si Bob Ong. Nakakatuwa. Kahit sa text nagsusulputan.

Meron pang iba na sinasabing hindi daw talaga kay Bob Ong ang ibang naka credit sa kanyang mga quotes.


Mamimilosopo Tasyo lang naman ako eh.

Eto ang ilan sa mga quotes ni Bob Ong na napili kong sagot sagutin. Wala lang. Gusto ko lang sumagot sagot sa kanya... Sa kanya yung kulay blue akin yung kulay red.

"Alam mo ba kung gaano kalayo ang pagitan ng dalawang tao pag nagtalikuran na sila? Kailangan mong libutin ang buong mundo para lang makaharap ulit ang taong tinalikuran mo."

-Hindi rin bosing Bob... Kung lilibot din sya, magkakaharap kami ulit halfway... dava?

"Hindi namn yung taong mahal mo ang mahirap kalimutan nung nawala sya sayo eh...kundi yung taong naging ikaw dahil sa kanya"

- Bosing hindi po ako transformers. Kung ano ako nung wala pa kami, yun pa rin ako nung kami na at yun pa din ako nung magkahiwalay kami. At kung nabago man ako, dahil sa kanya, ba't ko naman kakalimutan yun eh naging bahagi na ng pagkatao ko yun di ba?

“Hindi lungkot o takot ang mahirap sa pag-iisa kundi ang pagtanggap na sa bilyon-bilyong tao sa mundo, wala man lang nakipaglaban upang makasama ka.”

-HARSH! Hindi naman kailangan makipaglaban para makasama ako eh. Para naman akong immunity idol nun sa Survivors kung ganon. Madali naman akong kausap at mabilis naman maibu-book ang lahat ng me gustong makasama ako eh. Charing!

"Ang tenga kapag pinagdikit korteng puso... Extension ng puso ang tenga, kaya kapag marunog kang makinig, marunong kang magmahal.."

-Bosing, madami akong naging karelasyon na nakikinig, pero di naman nakakaintindi... marunong ba yun sa tingin mo? At saka po, tingin ko, hindi po tenga ang extension ng puso Bosing. Yung 'kwan' po yata eh. Kasi lagi pag nagagamit yung 'kwan' sa pag'kukwanan', madalas makapagsabi ng "Oh yeah! Sh!t I love you!" Di po ba?

"Bakit ba ayaw matulog ng mga bata sa tanghali, alam ba nilang pag natuto silang umibig e hindi na sila makakatulog kahit gusto nila?"

-Bosing Bob, baka naman kasi umiibig na ang mga batang yan. Saka ayos lang din po kasi me Unisom naman. Meron pang Diazeepam o di kaya Ribotril or Xanax. Wakekekekeke.

"Huwag mong bitawan ang bagay na hindi mo kayang makitang hawak ng iba."

- Bosing naman! Eh gustong gusto ka pa naman na hinahawakan to ng iba eh. Kung di ko to bibitawan pano silang makakahawak dito?At saka, alangan naman nila isubo pati kamay ko na nakahawak... Toinks!

“Kung hindi mo mahal and isang tao, wag ka nang magpakita ng motibo para mahalin ka nya..”

- Bosing, alam mo, yan ang problema eh. Kahit puro na ko motibo ayaw pa rin akong mahalin eh at minsan, kahit walang ka moti-motibo bigla na lang silang magmamahal sa akin eh! I am sooo komppyuuuussseeed! Hehehehe

"ayokong nasasanay sa mga bagay na pwede namang wala sa buhay ko "

-Akala mo lang wala, pero meron, meron meron!!!!

Ikaw, anong gusto mong linya ni Bob Ong na pagkakapilosopo Tasyohan?
Smayl naman jan and evratheng!

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