Friday, November 7, 2008

Thoughts on Blogging

Why blog?

This is exactly the question I have been asking myself years back. Most importantly, months back before I made the decision to put up this blog. Why indeed? Looking around and even snooping around, I might have found a handful of reasons for blogging. I'm sure this is not a sweeping or catch all list but these are what I can think of so far.

1. The Fortune

There are paid blogs, paid ads etc etc that allows a blog to earn revenue while posting articles or adverts in a blog. However, reading Reyna Elena's latest post here seem to discredited the whole idea. Really, now. I could care less. The ads in my sidebar are just for 'what the heck' purposes, and I really don't mind if I get nothing. Money IS money, but, well, maybe it's not it for me.

2. The Fame

Reyna also discusses this in passing in his/her latest post. People blog for fame. Well as they say, fame and fortune go hand in hand, and in that vein, let me do an Evita and say "And as for fortune, and as for fame, I never invited them in, though it seems to the world they were all I desired..." Errr... scrap that. I don't need to blog to be famous. I already am.

3. The Sex

True true, blogs sometimes do facilitate links ups and 'copulations' amongst the blogging world. Come on! Some do use their blogs to up their marketability. Step in to my parlor said the spider to the fly. I really have nothing against people who do this.After all, sex has already been reclassified as a basic Physiological/Biological need in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but really now, it's not what I had in mind. I believe I can still get my fix elsewhere, and it is not the driving point of this blog. If the fortunate event happens though, allelu! I'm not the one to make 'inarte,' ya know!

4. The Mud Fling

Hate blogs proliferate in the net. I hate this, I hate that. A very popular blog, which I will not name started with the purpose of letting the public know of a certain lover's carting away some substantial amount of money, and warning the public against the 'bitter'-half's ways, which slowly turned into a vicious mud flinging site for some celebrity this and celebrity that. Again, I have no quarrel about the blog author's purpose. It is, after all an exercise of free speech and expression as a Universal right. I may have already posted one or two 'hate' posts, although the target may be anonymous, still, viscous, rabid and venomous spits have been spewed too.

5. The Advocacy

I have been to many advocacy driven blogs that discuss about convictions or interests, from politics to religion to fashion, photography, cinema, sexuality and what nots. Well partially, I was thinking of my own advocacies myself when I started this blog. Posts on favorite poets are one of my advocacy activity in this blog. I would like to contribute, in my own little way, to the advancement of Hiligaynon Literature by posting shining examples of Hiligaynon writing. Writers and written works in the Hiligaynon language are still in a way, marginalized, but this is not what this blog is all about. It is just one facet of it.

6. The Advertising

Some blogs work as catalogues or order point for services, products and what nots. People post their works and offer them online and stuff like that. It's a good thing, since it is the consumers who will ultimately benefit from this open and free market in a wider spectrum and reaching wider targets, so I really don't mind, but no, this blog ain't for sale. Neither are any of my written works, nor the author itself. Ehem! Further discussion would lead to reason #1 and #3 so lets keep it at that.

7. The Social Network

Bloggers band together when they share interests, and it feels good when your readership grows and that they aren't shy on dropping you a comment or two in praise or otherwise, so this is more like reason #2 and #3 somehow. It feels good to know that you 'belong.' I too am guilty of that to a certain degree. We are social beings and to belong is a need second to Physiological/Biological Needs says Maslow in his hierarchy of needs. I interpose no objection.

8. The Journal

This is closest to what I had in mind. A place or medium where I can write down entries Ala memoirs. I am not exactly your most organized person and I lose written manuscripts very easily. Hard disks or flash drives are not that reliable in keeping all my manuscripts tucked and safe. This reason is the biggest compelling force that made me decide to blog. Now I have unlimited space to post my works. Poems, essays, prose and what nots. Although my 'publicist' told me that if my manuscripts are available online, who else would be interested to buy my future published works if they can just find it online anyway? I say, how can I publish a compilation or an anthology if I keep losing my works? Hehehehe... well, let tomorrow take care of itself. If I later publish a collection of my poems or prose, will you still buy a copy? I hope so... My publicist also said that it would expose my works to plagiarism. Well, plagiarism is the highest form of compliment, they say. To the plagiarists, I say, "DIE VERMIN!"

9. The Outlet

This is also one of my top reasons for blogging. An ex-significant other once told me, that blogging has always been a form of release, as it is more on writing your thoughts that matters. I agree. Putting down into words what we think is a form of release indeed. Best of all, you get a sounding board. That's what comments do. That is why, you, yes you, shouldn't be modest with your comments on my posts. Tell me! What do you think? Talk to me! Holler back! Bring it! Yes! Now! Hehehehe

10. The Sundry

As I have said, I may not be able to list down all the possible reasons why people blog. They might be doing it as a sort of news bulletin for their friends who are no longer in close contact or proximity with them, or to those who have multiple friends/fans who would like to know what one is up to, and to make things convenient so one need not tell the tale again and again. When friends ask how you are and what have you been up to lately, it would be very sosi to just tell them "Check my blog, and I will get back to you!" Tarayfullness! Some people blog for the ever important reason -"wala lang." Some blog to humor, cajole, proselytize, emote, stimulate, 'jugilate', liberate, exaggerate, imitate, ruminate, titillate, simulate, ovulate, ejaculate, chocolate! Some blog out of boredom. Some blog out of curiosity. Some even maintain multiple blogs. Some maintain multiple personalities. Some blog for the novelty of it.
Some blog because _________________________.
Fill in the blanks.

Why do I blog, then? Because I do! So sue me... Sarapan mo lang! Suck harder...

How about you? Why do you blog?

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reyna elena said...

Hahaha! *bow* you made it a thesis! hahaha! agree with you on all counts! to each his/her/it own, i did not mean to put anyone down, i just noticed that the fortune (ugh!) i am getting from blogging is no longer enough to even pay for my website hahaha!

but hey! just like what i said, if you love to write, kiver all the money that you can earn, what matters is that you enjoy writing and you get to meet somebody for number 3! HAK HAK HAK!

Luis Batchoy said...

hahahaha...ok lang po reynz... no harm done, no offense taken po. Napaisip nga po ako eh... Thesis ba talaga?
Saka ok lang po yan... anjan naman po kayo for #3 eh... ehehehehe

Aris said...

why do i blog? makuwento ako eh. pero madalas nakakapagod dumaldal kaya isinusulat ko na lang! :)

the spool artist said...

well, as what al pacino said in the devil's advocate... "vanity is my favorite sin"... we all blog para maghamot ang aton nga kaugalingon sa publiko di bala? hahaha.

well, truth be told, i blog for world peace. yun lang po! lol...

Luis Batchoy said...

@Aris: hahahaha... yun na nga eh, lalo na kapag paulit ulit mo idadaldal kais di naman sabay sabay nagkikita ang mga magkakaibigan di ba?

@loven ay amo na gali? Ti mahamot naman ko ya nga daan. hehehehe.... hmmmmm kahamot kay loven ah! Lols