Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mixed Media

Tonight I have mixed emotions and back again:


To all and sundry, the Moleskine that is mine, not!

I was eager to come home to a win for that Moleskine Contest. I was so wanting to win so I could give my writing pardner "THE" journal for Christmas! Oh well... Bummer... Then again, there is another contest coming up... The trouper in me says go get 'em this time. Then again, I still win: Ten nice one sentence stories written are still ten nice one sentence stories. I am not complaining.


Labor, labor, toil and trouble!

My body says I am exhausted but my mind says I am not. I so want to sleep early, but I know I have to pull another all-nighter for my Labor Law Review Finals tomorrow. Geeez! I think I'm coming down with the colds, or maybe a mild flu. I hope not, but on second thoughts, I hope I do, because I usually catch the waves early on, and when people start getting sick all around me, I am usually all healed up and bouncy already.


Christmas is Silver and Blue. You are Silver, I am Christmas =)

Earlier, I went to a mall to pick up a few things, such as new pens for tomorrow's finals. Now that the in the way festivity that Halloween/All Soul's/All Saint's day is out of the way, there is really no stopping Christmas. The early 'ber' months found me avoiding the malls because of the blue note that Christmas Carols bring to me, but I was surprised that I was already 30 minutes in the mall before I noticed the carols and I just shrugged my shoulders. It's as if the glitzy glittery shining shimmering splendidness of all the Christmas Decors and evrathing weren't enough reminders of the inevitable coming of the holidays. Even when a store employee informed me that taking pictures of their store display is now prohibited, I just did a Melanie... I couldn't care a damn! At the same time, I felt concerned that I am no longer as affected as I was by the impending ABCD (Another Blue Christmas Darling) this year. Does this mean that I am already unconcerned with finding my very own 'Christmas Cheer' to Jingle My Bells, or has the wind come out of the cloud tonight, chilling and killing my Kemvernikel Lee?


Chicks, Pare?

A few things have caused excitement for me. One of these is the nomination I got from Lyka Bergen. This has been the nth time I got nominated for this award, and even got the Julienne Moore award last season for being the most nominated but never winning poster. Sheeshh... I do not know why, but I sure would like to win this thing. Call it 'kababawan,' but what the heck! I am 'jologs,' sorry! Hehehehe. Vote for me, puhleeeezzzz! Another thing is the almost torturous wait for the announcement of the winners for a certain National Competition, of which, I have sent 'competent' and 'competitive' entries to. I sure would like to win in this so it could complete the 'lucky three' strikes of awards this year. So far, I won two, and three's a charm they say. It would be a nice year-ender for a great year for my writings. Needless to say, it would also prompt me to go back to Manila for the Awards Night, and I sure would like to go back there! However, part of the competition is the worry that comes with it. My gut feel is rarely wrong, and I have a strong feeling that I would clinch it, but then again, don't count your chicks so they say... Fondle them eggs I say!


Save me from the monster that is my bed!

The past few days have been filled with very fulfilling and productive activities, and I feel that it is as it should be. I am expecting a nice booming cap-off for the year with very good things achieved and in the proper time as well. Two NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts) grants are underway for "Yanggaw: The Capiz Writer's Circle," under my Chairmanship and things will be getting very very hectic for the last quarter, but I intend them to be a blaze of glory! (Ching!) Again, the fondling must be preffered for now. I am on a roll and every exhausting day is a day well lived. Well well well... bubon bubon bubon. OH? The empty part, you ask... Every tiring day is capped with me coming home to this soft, warm, cozy and EMPTY bed! Let's stop at that shall we?

It's all a whirl and I'm spinning around... Move out of my way... errr...Spin a wheel!!! GIMMEE A QQQQ!!

As in Cucumber!

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