Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Poet Extraordinaire

To start the month of November I am featuring another poet/writer.

His works are close to my heart, but not as much as the poet is because I have the rare and enviable position as this poet's 'first reader' and his staunchest critic. He is Bryan Mari Argos. His achievements include being named as the Prof. Jimmy Balacuit Awardee for Poetry during the 12th Iligan National Writer's Workshop of the Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology. Aside from Iligan, he has also been awarded fellowships in various writing workshops such as The 1st Fray Luis De Leon Creative Writing Workshop by the University of San Agustin, Iloilo, The 2nd Panagsugat Creative Writing Workshop by UP vismin, and the 8th Iyas National Writers Workshop by the University of Saint La Salle Bacolod. He is the Chairman of The Capiz Arts Council, Founding Co-chair of the "Yanggaw: Capiz Writer's Circle" and a member of the Dagyang Pulong Writers Group. His works have seen publication in various literary folios both local and national including Patubas and Busay by the University of the Philippines, SanAg by the University of San Agustin and Ani by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. He holds the distinction of being the 1st Capiznon Palanca Awardee, having to date, only two (ehem!) awardees, when he won in the 56th Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature in the Maikling Kwento Hiligaynon category. He is currently the Museum Curator of the Panublion Museum of Roxas City.

The author Bryan Mari Argos, picture taken by Luis Batchoy

More importantly, he is my best bud, soul pen buddy, first reader, cheer-leader leader, staunchest critic, most avid fan, publicist, literary agent, and the other member of the dynamic duo of aswang writers as Dr. Leoncio Deriada puts it. His works are haunting and flavored with that distinct Capiznon bewitching flair, and always, a joy to read. Here are samples of his works.

A Ballad to Loneliness
by Bryan Mari Argos

Loneliness is
a child
spinning a top
on an abandoned sidewalk.

Loneliness is
a rose petal
that fell on a rock.

Loneliness is
the sun...
don't you think it's lonely?

Or the moon maybe?
Don't you think
it's lonely too?

But spare me the epitomes
of loneliness,
for if I were the sun
or the child,
the dog,
or the rose petal
Loneliness would be
a top spinning by the hand,
the sun shining for the world,
the moon glowing for the night,
and a rose petal falling for
the ground...

Now, is this loneliness?

By far, this is my favorite from the author.

By Bryan Mari Argos

This pen
Is a razor
That cuts
The paper
Of my heart
When I write
Of you
and I

He also writes in Hiligaynon. Next time, I will feature a poem in Hiligaynon, and perhaps, one quick story. The poem blade never fails to amaze me how a brilliant poem can squeeze a world of emotions in a single sentence. It always takes my breath away.

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ZJ said...

Hi LuisBatchoy!
It warms my heart to know of this - I didn't know that we have two Palanca awardees from Capiz.

Luis Batchoy said...

yes dear zj, we have two from capiz, the dynamic duo has managed to both win a palanca each. One for Bryan during the 56th Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award, and one for yours truly during the recently concluded 58th. =)