Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first Sony experience is with my Sony Microcassette Recorder

No. Scrap that! It's not my first Sony experience actually. I grew up with quality Sony products, from Television sets, to audio equipment, the Betamax, the hugely popular Walkman, the upgraded version DiscMan, Sony Playstation and later on, to Sony Ericsson Mobile phone. Aside from electronics, there's the Sony label for music and film that released unforgettable music and film classics spanning generations. Clearly, my Sony Micro cassette recorder could not have been my First Sony Experience at all, but then again, it has been the one that had the greatest impact in my life. Akin to that 'one true love', my micro cassette recorder has been my Sony experience that is "Like no other!"

I acquired it from a prize money I won in College for a journalistic piece I wrote for an On the Spot writing contest. Since then, my life has never been the same, and has never been better if not for it. I was an editor in our school publication and my microcassette came in handy when I go out and do interviews for feature stories or news pieces. Its sleek and slim design made for great portability and convenience. Its playback function, with excellent audio, is a reporter's/journalists boon. I can really get into an interview without bothering with scribbling or notes-taking. With a touch of a button, my interviews took me notches higher and really get the most out of interview time by concentrating on really getting the issues out without worrying about not being able to capture my subject's responses. It didn't stop there.

My course was Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Lectures were long drawn, very technical, and well, at times, a bore fest! Not to mention that in College, everything was going on as well. Toxic was the word. Time was of essence and multi-tasking was a valuable and life/time saving skill. Thanks to my micro cassette recorder, I was able to squeeze in writing my journalistic pieces or other curricular or extra curricular tasks during lecture hours. I simply push the record button and the lecture is in the bag. All I need is to play the tape back when I get home, and listen to the lectures again, while taking notes and reviewing my books with what was recorded on tape! Nifty, I say! My impressive lecture tapes were a hit during group study or review sessions for upcoming major examinations! It was perfect for the harried and multi-tasking student that I was.

It was not all work that my Sony Micro cassette was for and all about. A guy has got to have some fun too! With it's excellent recording ability, I was able to record my favorite tracks with my micro cassette recorder and play them back too. Now, now... I know its a form of piracy, but hey, a student has to stretch his wallet you know! Hekhekhekhek.

Now, now... what's College without the stirrings of the heart? It still makes me smile when I remember this one! I had a big crush way back then. Romantic/poet guy that I was, instead of writing a love letter, I recorded a poetry reading of a poem that I wrote, and sent the micro cassette tape with a bunch of flowers to the object of my affection. The gift was unsigned, of course. The next day, I was surprised to see my crush come to my office! I can not possibly escape the scenario! I was afraid that my crush came to confront me about the gifts! I tried to play it cool and coy. I learned later that my crush came to the office knowing that I own a micro cassette recorder and intrigued, wanted to borrow it for a while to listen to the micro cassette that came with the flowers, still not knowing it was from me! My crush played the tape and listened to it in front of me! It was sweet, embarrassing and mind blowing all at the same time! When the poetry reading playback was over, I was all sweaty and clammy; my plan seemed to have backfired! My crush then touched my hand, leaned over and gave my a kiss on the cheeks, and said "That was beautiful poetry. No one has ever asked me out like that before. You're such a romantic schmuck!" I nervously laughed and my crush added. "I'm free Friday Night." Wahooooweeeeee!

More high tech devices might have replaced my Sony Micro cassette recorder but it remains to be that one Sony experience that had great impacts in my life. I tried rummaging through mu stuff to look for it, because I know I still keep it somewhere, so I can take a picture and post it in this entry, but to no avail! All is not lost though! Look at what I found!

One little straggler!

And this!

OH! Happy Days!

I still brag that I own the "Original" Playstation portable, but that's another story for another day! Hmmm... I think I'm gonna play some after this post! Arkanoid, anyone?

Up until now, I still do journalism pieces, side by side my artistic literary pieces of poetry and fiction. My Sony Micro cassette recorder may have been replaced by more advanced gadgets. As I have said, my Sony Micro cassette recorder is akin to that "one true love." It may be over and done with, and there may be others that would come to replace it, but like a one true love, it would always bring you back to "that one," and with a Sony, that would be something "like no other! My Sony Micro Cassette Recorder definitely gave significance to my life, just like the Sony's World's First Slimmest Camera, with Optical Image Stabilizer: Cyber Shot T77!

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