Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Entry

With this entry, I put a close to the one sentence story madness brought about by Mia in her Moleskine Notebook contest, sponsored by It was fun and it got my gears running. I'm looking forward to the next contests. Enjoy, and join in the fun, guys!

She wields inconceivable powers bringing sagely prowess in balancing the family notebooks, capturing midsummer's spell in her stew, banishing the cold winter snow in her hugs, wiping away the cuts and bruises with a smile, confining to dark escritoires the feared monsters under the bed, keeping the flames alive with dad, and above all, presenting an insurmountable model for a future partner; all conveniently spelled in three letters - MOM.

With this, I keep my fingers crossed and hope I win me that Moleskine Reporter's Notebook. Wish me luck!

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Lyka Bergen said...

And I hope you'll win the TiTi for this month also. The best of lucky Manzano!

Luis Batchoy said...

lyka it would be an honor to win that award... sana nga... mwah!