Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heaven in a Mug

No matter how shitty or difficult my days have become, there is always one thing that can tide me over.

During the extra tiresome and super convoluted affairs or problematic developments day by day, there is always my cup of peace and tranquility to give me breathing space.

When happiness and victory comes my way, there is always that caffeine buzz to celebrate too.

No matter how the day went, I always look forward to those little minutes where I hold a mug in hand and sip my worries away.

When my heart beats extra fast and pines for someone, there is always solace and hushing down with a steamy one.

When the breaking and crying moments come, there is always comfort and soothing of the tears away.

When the hours fly at break neck speed and a crash is imminent, there is always that hot steamy mug to slow me down, or for pit stops.

When the little seconds seem to take forever to pass me by and I am left wondering why this all seem like a freaky film gone slow mo, there is always my java to just let it all go.

When I am with good company whether reminiscing good times or making new ones, there is always the non-intoxicating substance to imbibe.

When I am by myself, whether lonely or otherwise, there is always that bitter-sweet mug of delight to keep me company.

My cup of brewed coffee.

My friends would always ask me why I "waste" time every single day, sitting down and letting my thoughts percolate with a mug or two of my brewed coffee. As much as I can, every night when classes end, I could be found in my favored shop/lair/sanctuary having a mug of caffeine.

See, its not a waste of time. I don't know about the preppy yuppie urbanites who are known to sling along and be seen nursing a cup of their favored signature coffee, but I know for a fact that I need and require my daily/nightly mug. The best hours of my life are those spent sitting down and sipping my coffee. In fact, these are the time when my brains go on percolate mode and the most wonderful prose and poetry ideas are born.

My Meritage Global Holiday Poetry Contest winning piece was born out of a java sip after a hot but sad after hours tryst. My Palanca winning piece was conceived, gestated, and finally took flesh and blood over mugs of steamy brewed coffee. Most of the pieces in my corpus took form and got delivered on the coffee table. The twin rainbow post in this blog is one example of a coffee induced and born manuscript.

When I go out for first dates, I usually agree to meet in a coffee shop. For one, this is where I am most comfortable at, and where I can be myself. I'd like that in a first meet. Also, aside from coffee, this is where I can have the thing I want most out of another person... sensible talk! See what they have between their ears, foremost. I'll let you in on a secret. Why I take dates to coffee is simple. I subject them to the coffee test. If I can have two or more mugs of coffee with someone, then he or she is a sure second date material. If I could barely finish a mug and I start hinting at going elsewhere, it means the date is a failure, unless he or she can save face or grace with the next activity. Love is sweet when it sugars my brew, I say.

I do not know about you, but I think I have discovered the fountain of youth, the holy grail and the drink of the gods. After all has been said and done, my mug of brewed coffee still remains as my heaven in a mug.

If you ask me whats my brew, it's simple. Basic brew, drip or Americano, no cream, lotsa brown sugar. The basic. Nothing fancy.

Oh and of course! Cigarettes!
By the way, I do not like my coffee in a disposable paper cup. I like it in a mug. I don't know, but when I drink my coffee in those paper cups, I can taste the paper and I don't like. Besides, it's more environmentally friendly that way.

SO. What do you say? Lets have us a sip, shall we? As the ad line goes, lets sit, lets talk, one moment, one______________.

Fill in the blanks with your brew of choice.

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reyna elena said...

SAKTIMO DONG! hahaha holy grail man tinuod sya hahaha especially after a bout of a dozen tanduay red horse tuba shoktong lambanog halo forever, umay ka in a few seconds hahaha

biatch said...

kindred spirits. amo man ko ya, i'd rather drink cofee while smoking than eat. i also do a lot of my thinking when drinking coffee, yes, also from a mug bec. a cup of coffee is never enough.i also treasure those few minutes of solitude in the morning when everbody is still sleeping and i can drink my coffee in silence or taking a break in the wee hours of the morning if i'm on graveyard shift, alone w/ just me and my coffee and a stick of marlboro.

Reesie said...

Lets have us a sip, shall we? As the ad line goes, lets sit, lets talk, one moment, one____________.

gallon of coffee beans?

Luis Batchoy said...

reyna: Mao ba? Lami jud mag kapi kapi oi...

biatch: Indeed! The quiet little moments of solitude where there's only you and coffee plus yosi!

ressie: gallon of coffee beans talaga? Iinuman natin beans na talaga? Hehehehe