Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On with the Show

Blue Veins

If you were wondering, yes, I did see you, and yes, I did catch you staring at me, earlier. I have been with you for a considerable length of time, that I can safely say that I somehow know you a lot and it amazes me how I can still see through you.

Yes, I am basically my same old, if not better self, and yes, you still catch my eye the way you do, years back. I simply could not bring myself to smile at you like I used to. This may sound bitter and all, but I have forgiven you for screwing up my heart. but I can never forget. I am cursed with a good memory.

Do I miss you? I don't think so. Do I care what you think right now? Decidedly not. Don't tell me that I am gorgeous as ever; I know! I love butter on my bun, but not from you. Not from lying sneaking convoluted you. No more. Ever since I walked into the sunset, I never looked back.

GR Baby!

I noticed your companion. He your new guy? He looks as gullible as I probably looked like when we were together. I wouldn't really say "quite a catch,'' but hey, a catch nevertheless. I really could care less what you are telling him because he seems to be staring at me as intently as you are. Maybe, like you, he notices that I am as alone as Adam before Eve (or Steve), and comfortably so. You should know. I like my coffee moments with and by myself. I do not have to convince you that I can as easily text some one, two or three and they'd come scampering to join me. You should know that.

Coffee alone

Thank you for not coming over to say hi or something. You actually saved yourself from sure embarrassment. Thank you for staying the coward and spineless bastard that you are. Actually no. You are not a spineless coward bastard. You are just a bastard. After all, you had all the courage to actually break my heart into a gazillion pieces. It takes real courage to do that. Make that, real bastardness. But hey, it's all water under the bridge. Go flush!

Ripple me

And so, on with coffee! Hail the caffeine! Think what you wish. Think me lonely and not yet over you. We both know how far that is from the truth. How many relationships already after you? Oh, I don't count. You are leaving now, aren't you? Ever so slow and deliberate, and I might never see you again, soon. Wait. Should I go get your number? Or that of your little chubby guy? Hmmm... Pulse check... Nada! Besides, its really not my style. Not my scene. Not then, not now, not ever!

Call me bitter, if you please. You know better, ayt? You know how my kisses are sweetest, and how my... errr... lets keep it at that. Point is, you know better. You left early. Why? I am not bothered, why are you? After all, you ventured into my lair. You know so well that this place is my watering hole. Ah! You probably wanted me to see you with your new guy! How sweet. Thing is, he has been checking me out, you know. Don't worry though. Aside from that nice bulgy rumbly tumbly tummy he's got there, nothing interests me further.

Tranquility, Harmony, Serenity, Peace

Half an hour and two mugs later, your chubby guy comes back, and takes a closer seat all alone. Ugh! Puhlease... I am remotely interested. Do not waste your time. That is my vice not yours. Shirt looks hot though. Just the shirt. I think he should get back to you and learn some more pointers on how to sweep me off if that's what he's trying to do.

Oh, I forgot! It's the other way around. I swept you. Well... more coffee please. On with the show! Hail to poetry. Curtain call, curtsy!

On with the show
By Luis Batchoy

On with the show...
The curtain rises.
Lights flood the stage.
Places, every one, on cue!

On with the show...
Deliver your lines in precision.
As rehearsed, as choreographed,
Do not falter now, pick up the pace.

On with the show...
Just see the scene through.
Damn the way those eyes sparkled,
Or those champagne kisses.

On with the show...
Forget the warm tight hugs,
Or that swaying in a slow dance,
To the beating of your hearts.

On with the show...
Forget that walk in the rain.
No one needs to know the misery.
Get in shape and get into the act.

On with the show...
It was all but a mere fiasco.
Live for the audience's bravo,
Not for those nocturnal drives.

On with the show...
Tuck the tear, it smears,
It smudges, it gets in the way.
Just go walk into the sunshine.

On with the show...
The final act is coming.
Curtsy deeper than the pain.
Don't even dignify with a goodbye.

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Anonymous said...

superb writing.
kahilak gud kog popcorn bai!
bug atas akong gibati oi...
kinsa man na pre kay atong kulatahon. litsunon nato na iyang gipuli nimo. hehehe.

Luis Batchoy said...

dodong: awww... tenx for the kind words. Ok na po ako... hayaan na lang natin yun... =) thanks for visiting my site, link you ok?

ZJ said...

I agree with dodong! Kastiguhon dapat! Seriously, I love this - I wish I have the same talent as yours :)

Luis Batchoy said...

salamat kaayo zj. Kastiguhon gid ya dapat? I have been to your site and you write great too. Baw! Dayaway gid ya? Hehehe...