Friday, November 7, 2008

Gone to the Congo

The best selling novelist author of pot boilers Jurassic Park and its sequel The Lost World is dead. According to this official site, he died after a private and courageous battle against cancer. Aside from the novels, he is also the creator of the medical drama ER. He also published under the pseudonym John Lange and Jeffrey Hudson during his early years. I am one in sympathy for this great author's passing as I immensely enjoyed his books. Some of my favorite Crichton books are:

Of course, he also gave me great times in the movies.

Fare thee well MC. You will be remembered, and greatly missed. Sniff!

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The Zen Bitch said...

masarap basahin ang mga libro ni michael crichton nang paulit-ulit... paulit-ulit kasi after ko siya mabasa, wala na akong maalala about it... hindi siya tumitimo sa aking utak... ganito rin epekto sa akin ng mga harry potter books... pero very entertaining naman talaga ang mga akda ni nmichael crichton... often they read like movie screenplays... kaya siguro happy ang mga pelikulang base dito...

Luis Batchoy said...

halos lahat na yata ng MC novels naisasapelikula na eh... thanks for the comment... nga pala...loss tayong pareho sa Titi Awards... ehehehehe