Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ze' Violin

As promised... ang biyolinistang nagtublag sa malungkot nang kasingkasing ko.

I first saw and heard him during the National Heritage Month Celebration in Iloilo. I witnessed a spectacular closing performance at the Jaro Auditorium at the Jaro Plaza last May 23, 2008. The musical play "Tarangban" by Isidoro Cruz, and directed by Edward Divinagracia of the University of San Agustin's Little Theater was staged that night. I had to watch the latest incarnation of this play. Tarangban is based on the Panayanon Epic Hinilawod about the adventures of Buyong Humadapnon and his wife Nagmalitong Yawa, how she, rescued Humadapnon when he was entrapped by a thousand binukot in the caves of the enchanted island called Tarangban. The play is dear to me, as I have watched how it progressed from a simple one act free-staged thing, to a full blown dance drama complete with a wonderful backdrop and astounding music plus mind blowing choreography by pure Ilonggo talents.

The show started with a prayer/poem rendition of Mother John Iremil Teodoro's Kinaray-a poem "Makaatubang Lang ako sa Imo kung Hublas Ako." (I can only come before you when I am naked) from his wonderful book of love poems "Mga Binalaybay Kang Paghigugma" (Poems of Love). The actress gave an astounding and compelling reading of the prayer/poem, and what ripped my heart into shreds was the haunting cry of the violin accompanying the reading. It was sensory overload for me! Excellent poetry, mind-blowing performance reading/acting and heart wrenching violin playing! I died and went to heaven. I felt like bursting, and with the violin's cry, I cried along. I strained my neck to see who caused my audio heart break and the sensory overload quadrupled. It was him playing.

I of course asked around and looked for him after the show, but he was no where to be found. He left early. I asked Gino. He said he knows my violin player. I asked for his number but he joked that he wouldn't want to give the number to me. When I asked Gino why, he said, because he didn't want to endanger violin player; it was obvious that I was in love with the violin player! Gino was kidding of course, because he doesn't have the number. I wasn't. I think I was in love. Months passed and the incident was all but forgoten. Not until yesterday at SM City Iloilo. Check my old post on that, here.

At first, it didn't occur to me that he was that same violin player at Jaro Plaza. I blamed the violin for my fascination and for my being rooted to where I was standing, applauding each and every piece the trio played; but above all, applauding my divine violinist. Not until he looked at me, smiled, and played the song IKAW. I couldn't take the assault anymore. My knees buckled and my already liquefying insides turned to mush and I weakly crumpled to the floor, sitting cross-legged like a Margi, mesmerized by the beautiful violin and the smiling divine player, all the time, looking at me. I felt cold clammy sweat on my brows, and the memory came flooding back! My violin player! HIM! The same one! I made a vow that I won't let him slip away this time. Even if it takes forever for them to finish, I will wait! Right here! Right now!

They played on and on, and never for a moment did I get tired of listening to each one of them. Him, more than his companions. I would close my eyes and imagine him playing his violin for me, and only for me! I didn't care that I was slumped on the floor, in a mall lobby, listening to the violin competing with the beat of my heart and the silent scream of my soul.

The pictures I took were blurry because I was trembling all over. It does feel a lot like love. Later, I learned that he also plays the recorder.

As well as the King flute (Bamboo Flute)

All in the same brilliant musical proficiency! But not half as good and with lesser effect than what the violin has over me. With such display of musical talent, I surmised he was one from a conservatory or a regular music guy. I waited and waited and waited, and when I finally got the chance to talk to him, I couldn't remember anything I said or how I chatted with him. All I know is that I got home with two of his cards. His "music" card and his "day job" card! I was surprised! He was no regular music guy at all. He was a full-pledged Architect! I clearly remember, though, the Herculean effort to control myself from instinctively wiping the sweat from his brows! Putanginampakincheff! The conversation in my mind went like this.

Me: Hi! Amazing Violin playing! Do you play professionaly?
Him: Thank you, you are amazing too... yes I do!
Me: You do? Can I ask you to play at my wedding?
Him: Wow! Why not! I'd be honored! When would your wedding be?
Me: Ahmmm as soon as you answer my next question... Will you marry me?


I never got the strength to text him at all, not until tonight!

I went to one of my regular karaoke joint and I saw a friend VM whom I know works for SM City. I told him about my SM City experience. Maybe I was all bubbly over violinist guy because VM said "Love mo? Wala kang picture habang tumutugtog sya?" Of course I have! When I showed him, he said. "I think I know him, he's a year older than me; a batch ahead of ours in High School." Then I answered "Really,?" are you sure its him? I showed VM the cards and he said..."Yup! Him alright! Tsk tsk tsk, malakas yata ang tama mo sa kanya! Hmmmmm...." Then he smiled mischievously! "Why? Did I do anything wrong? Is it bad to like him? Is he married, or what? Crush lang naman eh!" VM said "Nah! I don't think it sounds like 'just a crush to me!" I countered "Well, maybe its just the violin!" VM said, "Maybe... see his hands?" I strained to see what VM was pointing out, but I couldn't see anything in the blurry pictures. "Well, I think he's gay!" VM then smiled, and that was the end of our conversation, since it was his turn to sing on stage and never got to talk again for the rest of the evening,

When I came home, I immediately uploaded the pictures to my laptop and zoomed all of them to his fingers. I kept thinking about what VM said about him being gay... well it takes one to know one so they say, and they went to the same high school, and just a year apart. What are the odds. I strained to see his hands in the blurry pictures and I do not want to be so quickly certain about seeing what is there to see; or is it, not seeing what is not there - NO WEDDING RING or ring marks if he took it off.

Sheeesh... I am smitten by a violinist who plunges me to the depths with haunting music, an architect who erects me (errr) and a flutist to toot my flute? Toink! His very name is pure poetry... His name is, in itself, my crazed and fervent plea... SAVE me from this loneliness!



What is this that you've done to me?
Is it really you, or is it just your violin?
Or both?
Tell me...
I beg of you...
And if you can...
Save me!

It's official!



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yeah... them musicians are heart stealers..... and your musician is really cute!!! your post just made me giggle....

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