Monday, November 10, 2008


It was a Sunday. I had final exams for Criminal Law Review the next day and I was sick and tired of reading. I wanted to go have a breather. Maybe, go to mass or something, or maybe have a cup of coffee. so I showered and I decided there and then. Yes! I'm going out for a date, and so I did. It was so much fun, although the date was nothing fancy. When I got back home, I was so tired that I wasn't able to go back to hitting the books, but it felt so good and rewarding so I tucked in early and went soundly to sleep. It was one fine Sundate, and I think I should do this more often.

Oh? Details, you say? And with whom, you ask? Well, okay, but I should tell you. It's a guy thing you know! Don't tell me I didn't warn you. It really IS, just a guy thing.

I had a date with Cappuccino, my dear darling Kia Sportage car...

Details you say? Details it is!

I brought it t0 a Service Station in Diversion Road for a much needed maintenance check. Top of the list of course is for it to get a much needed car wash.

Cappuccino was spanking sparkling clean after the wash. Next up was to give it an engine wash.

After that, I had Cappuccino car vacuumed to remove all the dirt and what not's on hard to reach areas including those in between the seats.

Then I had the wheel alignment checked. And to cap off everything, a nice tire black!

Now Cappuccino is clean inside out but the maintenance is not yet over. The efficient mechanic told me to bring back Cappuccino next Sunday for an oil change, a front cover gasket change, and also to change the front break pads which were already very thin.

After the Sundate, Cappuccino was rolling down the road with marked improvement! My pocket however was definitely lighter too! But I think I should do this regularly from now on. A Sundate with Cappuccino at least every other week.

Though it may not be the best performing car, I love my Cappuccino. It goes bonkers on me every now and then, and it may have some problem or two, but it only reflects its owner. It may be a little nutty and all, but it's perfectly road legal; just like me.

I think its ready for that road trip. All I need now is a road partner. Anyone?

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Aris said...

maswerteng kotse. may nagmamahal. choz! :)

Luis Batchoy said...

lol@ aris... lika, mahalin din kita... ipapa carwash din kita you want?