Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog Marathon Part 4 of 4

Now, what better way to cap off a four part blog marathon than with a piece of poetry. Merry Christmas Batchoy Denizen and Happy New Year too. Enjoy this dessert. Tah tah!

The Bar
By Luis Batchoy

The music is loud
Enough to drown out
Whatever it is that we
Have to say. The beat
Is the thing
The reason, the say.
Palpable enough
To cut through
Our loneliness.
The lights glimmer bright
So we can get blinded
By something other than
Our own fears;
To keep us lost,
Not to find our way.
Now the spirits flow
To drown out and intoxicate
What little spirits
We have left.
Tonight, it is overcrowded
With everyone’s
And we rule against
Each other rubbing off
The cynicisms.
No one’s a stranger here
And no one has to know
Anyone. Companionable
Anonymity. With the music
The beat, the lights, the spirits
And sorrow, checked
At the doors, to be picked
And taken back home
Like a coat
Only when the night ends.

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Blog Marathon Part 3 of 4


I have been dating in the Metro. Well, yes I do. I still manage to snag a few glances, a few gawks and a few smiles from across the bar. Charm tells me to quit it. She thinks I should stop seeing people I meet at a bar, online, or from the gym –the last one not being applicable even, because I do not even know what a gym is. Is it even edible, or does it go well with Worcestershire sauce or Kikoman? Now where am I supposed to meet them? Power books? At a tiangge in St. Francis Square? At an ukay ukay in Cubao? She said that there can not possibly be a serious guy/girl that I’d be meeting from these places, and if I do, I should not be expecting anything serious from these people, which was what I was gunning for. I know! Classic rules right? I understand that the point is not to go to a bar looking for a serious relationship. Well I do not! In fact I do not go anywhere looking for a serious relationship. I do not go to O bar to find someone to marry.

I have only one question about that rule though. If we are not to be able to meet someone serious from a bar, then what do you call me? I am decent. I am nice. I do want a serious relationship, and yes, I go to bars. Does that mean, then, that if you happen to meet me in a bar, struck a conversation with me, found me cute and hot, got interested in the possibilities with me; should it be taken against me and destroy both our chances just because we happened to have met in a bar? See my point? There must be someone decent out there, and I wouldn’t really mind meeting him or her in a bar as long as I do meet him or her, and soon too, please. Maybe that’s why we are conditioned to play around with people we meet in bars, thus becoming the undesirables ourselves, in our dealings with them as much as we put them down to be. We become the jerks and jerkettes to people whom we have met in a bar, just because, we are covered with the ready clause of ‘Well what did you expect? You met at a bar!’ I think that is convoluted. And just to remind you, Romeo met Juliet in a party; well some medieval equivalent of a bar, I guess. Anthony, I’m sure, met Cleopatra in one of those Roman Bacchanalian festivities, which sound like a party to me. I know! They are both tragic love pairs that ended in despair but they are great examples of that great one true love, met at not exactly your typical Sunday brunch. Then again, Cinderella met Charming in a royal shindig, too.

As for the me dating part, I have a question. Which lie would be more terrible? Someone saying ‘I have a boyfriend’ even when that is not true just because he/she is really not that into you, or someone saying ‘I do not have a boyfriend’ when in fact he does just because he/she really likes you despite the fact? Charm says, it’s the first lie, simply because he does not like you. I don’t get it, really. Why lie? As to the first one, we met through common friends of a friend’s friend. Keep in mind that I do have a very few friends here in Manila. He was nice, he was, well, OK looking, looks decent, good job, intelligent, good sense of humor, and, well, nice - except for the fact that he lied. He said he had a boyfriend. While I appreciate the fact that he did not want to hurt me with the truth that he is more interested in having a relationship with himself and making time to enjoy his own self and ‘me’ time, I do not understand the reason why he had to lie. As if I’m going to break down and mourn and lament the fact of his rejection. Like duh! I could just have said, well if that’s the case, then go buy yourself a journal for your own private relationship, a full length mirror, lots of lube and a dildo. I could have even given him tips on how to plan the perfect date with himself, without him knowing about the plans he made for himself. Sounds convoluted, right? But hey, any relationship is hard work. Even the one you have with yourself.

The second one is another classic. We met at a party. YJ was able to cajole me out of my hole and in his generosity, invited me to tag along and crash with his friends while they were having a party in a bar near where I live. Since the bar was near and I did not really have any plans for the night, I agreed. To make the long story short, I liked someone in his company, and to make it even shorter, we kissed in the men’s room. I was with Charmita that night, and what bothers me is that he kept on asking Charmita if I was single. If this was supposed to be just a random kissing spree with a stranger, well, cute stranger at least, then why all the ‘are you single’ questions? God, this one was a bit confused and confusing, I should say. He said he did not want people to see us kissing, so he pulled me into the elevator and went up and down the three floors almost twenty times. When the elevator doors opened and we got out to get back to the party inside, he grabbed me and kissed me passionately, while people were coming out of the bar, some of them, his fiends. WTF! He said something like ‘Please don’t fall in love with me.’ HUH? So I asked. Why? You have someone? I will keep that in mind. Then he lied. He said, ‘No. I’m single!’ I really did not plan to fall in love with him. Well, at least, not yet. I did want to see where this will lead us, though. How I found out the lie was when YJ texted me asking me to pretend that I did not know he has a boyfriend. He said the guy made him promise in the cab not to tell me that he has a boyfriend. Why? I did not have to pretend I did not know! I really did not know! Again I just do not get it. If he likes me and my kisses set him on fire, why lie? I could make a one time exception and give him a night of debauchery, you know. Just sex!

That is what I hate about the whole deal with both situations. If they really do not want to go serious, why lie? I am a man with an eye for a good deal. If they just wanna play around, I can be a better playmate if I am made aware of the rules, you know! Its not as if I am gonna throw myself on their feet and ask them to reconsider. Yes, I may be someone who wears his heart out on his sleeves but I am not the one to throw it down on the floor and ask them to please kindly step on it! One thing is for sure, I love myself. I may be someone who believes in love and that on true thing, but I am not stupid!

Now, Mr. Having a relationship with myself starts to ask me to go out for coffee dates and I’m wondering if that would not make himself jealous of him taking me out on a date. Mr. Elevator Action on the other hand, keeps giving me dropped calls, and when talking with me, does it ever so carefully as if making sure no one would hear him call me, and still texts my best friend with pathetic reasons why he can’t see me and continue the hot action that I am sure, left him with blue balls that night. I did ask him to come home with me, but they had drinking plans at their condo and it was too much for Charmita and I to tag along, you know. And as for me I went to Malate last Sunday, got picked up by a hot chubs who looks like a fattened up Akihiro Sato, slept over at his condo and while he was asleep, I got up for a pee, and got surprised by his house mate who was also a chub who looked a bit like Bong Revilla when he smiles and his eyes disappear. But at that moment, his eyes were nowhere from disappearing while he was checking out my pecker. I’m sure, it was the Sapphire hoop he was fascinated with, but when he pulled me to his bedroom, I knew that was not the case. It was dark in there. At breakfast, they kept beaming at each other with knowing smiles, and I did not want to wait out for an invitation for a threesome over desserts. As I was taking the cab home, I thought to myself: this is exactly why I do not like myself when I am single. I have officially become a harlot, and as another dropped call from Mr. Elevator Action and a text from Mr. Having a relationship with myself came, I prayed really hard for the one true thing, to please, come and find me, or be found by me real fast - even if it has to be in a bar where that would happen!

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Blog Marathon 2 of 4


There it was, December 24, 2009, Christmas eve. My shift starts at 11AM and ends at 8PM. My housemate Charmita has work for the night and I am looking at a lonely Christmas Eve alone in the house, and had work the next day. At work, people were happily talking about what they would be doing, where they would be doing it, and well…with whom they would be doing it. I listened. Maybe it’s the SAD or Seasonal Afflictive Disorder, maybe it was the chill in the air, or maybe, it was just the plain sad truth… I was alone, and there is no one there. No friends, no family, no special someone to wish me a merry Christmas, not in any particular order.

When I got off work, I walked to nearby Robinson’s Galleria. I was picking out the gift I intended to give Charmita. It was the new Madonna album. Her and me, we are big Madonna fans, well, the 80’s Madonna to be exact. In fact, ‘our’ song is a Madonna song… Borderline… ‘Just try to understand, I’m giving it all I can, but you got the best of me...’ Even her daughter was named after a Madonna song. I might not be the father but I had naming rights. If it would be a boy, we would name him Uriel, in honor of my favorite archangel, the Fire of God. We were looking for a girl’s name if she would be a girl. We were lying down in my bed sharing earphones on Bryan’s Ipod and the song came on, and there it was… the name… Cherish!

So I went to Odyssey, and please people, trust me; avoid this store like the plague. I picked up the DVD’s for Charmita, and was about to pay. I asked the girl manning the counter if she can put it in a gift bag. You know how stores have gift bags instead of the usual plastic especially during gift giving season? The girl rudely said ‘Sir wala po eh, wala nang libre sa mundo ngayon’ (Sir there are none, and nothing is free in this world anymore). That was so insulting and rude! I have money, I was not asking for a freebie! I was just asking if they had gift bags to put the DVD’s in, just like every store! The comment was so uncalled for. I fought the urge to tell her, Eh kung sampalin kaya kita, libre yun! I calmly told her she was being rude and insulting and that is not exactly good customer service! Oh! Talk to me about customer service! I do it 8 hours daily for some of the most impossible people in the world, and fuck it was Christmas eve!

I asked for a manger, so I can log a complaint and what do you know, she was the store supervisor! I could not stand for this shabby service. I felt so bad I told her to apologize. She did in a very snickering way and it did not feel very sincere. She added, oh ayan, nagsorry na ako ha! WTF! ‘tangna! Paskong-pasko eh! I checked my wallet, purchased a lot more of stuff that my money would allow, paid for them, asked for an official receipt and let her bag my purchases. When all was done, I calmly pushed the bag back and said, ‘Now cancel everything! I am not buying anything from such a store with such a rude supervisor, and I am telling my friends, and if I had the time, the mall management too.’ I calmly walked out the store but I was very irritated. I went up to AstroVision, where I was treated better, and the staff heard out my story, and asked which girl I was referring to. Turns out, she does have quite a reputation for being such a bitch! Honestly, that is exactly why I support the local manong devede! Boss, ex? Scandal? If anyone from Odyssey or knows anyone from there is reading this, do yourselves a favor and fire that bitch! She is not good for the business, and she is a supervisor at that? What has the world come to? I am not asking to be treated like royalty, just respectfully. Even the manong devede or the ate’s in divisoria or baclaran have better customer service attitudes than her. Now I wasn’t only lonely, I was upset, too.

I came home, brewed coffee and prepared for a long lonely Christmas Eve. I changed, went to midnight mass, and felt lonelier by the minute. I thought of what I had back home. Can I say I miss my family and Christmases with them? If I were back home, there’d be a small feast with great food. In my apartment, there are only canned goods and a take out of two piece burger steak with extra gravy and extra rice. In Iloilo, there’d be a warm queen sized bed, some aromatherapy candles, an HDTV, a big Whirlpool ref stocked with goodies and that nice tub for a warm bubble bath. In my apartment, there’s only the TV I bought surplus from the pier, the surplus ref I also bought from the pier and the pirated DVD player I bought from there, not even totaling to eight thousand pesos. I had my thin foam, lying Tatami style on my cold floors, no closets, no shelves, and the small bathroom with a leaking shower cord. I’d be having my Christmas dinner in my loaned monobloc round table with four monobloc chairs which the last occupant left and did not intend to get, with Christmas place mats bought on sale from Megamall, and a bamboo plant centerpiece 50 pesos from Quiapo, placed on an empty cheezwiz bottle immersed in growing gelatinous beads thinggie bought from Baclaran at five pesos a pack.

In Iloilo I’d be driving my battered up car Cappuccino, for an after-family Christmas round up of brewed coffee or what not’s with friends, whoemever would be available, at wherever that remains open that night, while here in Manila, I had only season four DVD of sex and the city waiting to serve as my after dinner entertainment pleasure. I plopped down in front of my TV with a pillow I bought for a hundred a piece in Baclaran, pillow cases, 3 for a hundred, and started watching sex and the city, with my dinner on my lap, on crystal plates bought at Eunilane Kalayaan on sale 3 for a hundred. As I settled down for a long cold lonely night I sighed, and I realized one thing. I looked around the apartment. All of the things in here, I bought myself -.my own money, my own hard work; mine. And it made the big difference. Yes, I was lonely, but in Iloilo, I was lonely too. The difference is that, here in Manila, everything I have is mine; even my loneliness. I made my choice. I wanted this. This is my very own personal loneliness. Unlike in Iloilo, I was lonely there because of what other people did. They caused my loneliness. I am lonely because of them. Here in Manila, I find myself lonely, yes, on a Christmas Eve, but hey, I am lonely because of me. It was my own loneliness; MINE! I spooned off the burger steak, cutlery from Baclaran, 50 pesos for a dozen, smiled despite myself, and had me my very own personal lonely Christmas eve.

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Blog Marathon 1 of 3

I’m back. I know it has been a while and I have not posted anything, but that doesn’t mean I have not written anything. It would be the last thing I would do; not write. I could forget to eat, forget to take a bath, forget to smile, forget to go out on a date, and even forget my name, but to forget to write? Long shot buddy. The only reason I have not been able to post something is simply because I do not have ready access to the net and have not published any posts, but write I did, and the growing essays have made their homes in my flash drive, and due to very pressing matters of disk space, have now needed to be evicted and moved into their new permanent home in the web. Now if you could just excuse the absence and welcome my thoughts in their new home, we can spare the pathetic ‘I have been very busy’ excuse and give way to the ‘blog marathon’ as my good friend YJ puts it. Click on the new links and have fun! The batchoy now serves multi-coursed meals! Bon Apetit!

Blew Job!

I have quit my job. No, not the main job, of course, but my other side-job. The main job just got so demanding and tiring that the other just had to go. My tutorial jobs had to take a backseat as I ease into my main job and adjust accordingly. I knew from the start that my main job would take a toll on, well, almost everything. It is very challenging, very time-bound and enslaving, but yes, I love it. So to speak, to the rest of the outside world, we are call center agents, yes, or so to be very specific, contact center agents, but to my mind; we are not just that, we are problem solvers – bankers, in fact. Someone people would call to discuss their APR’s with, people who would clarify their concerns regarding their credit card options, someone who will save them from embarrassment when their cards are being denied in a merchant’s store, someone who would explain the fraud alerts on their accounts, someone they’d inform about their upcoming trips to the lovely islands of the Bahamas, and well, someone who would listen to their stories why their checks were returned, or why they made late payments, and hopefully, waive their fees for them.

Yes, and we are the people whom they could discuss their financial conspiracy theories with, how the government sucks and how the financial situation could be improved, how upset they were with the banks move to increase their percentage rates, and how their husband or wives just got a whim to go to Nevada, rack up purchases causing their credit card to go over the credit limit and or how they’d either be happy, sad, relieved or simply numbed by the idea of ordering new cards with their new names after the final court order of their divorces get finalized. We are the people who listen to their mom’s hospitalizations and their daughters sneaking the car out for a spin, or how evil Starbucks is, enticing them with daily purchases of a grande double shot cream held caramel macchiato. We listen and say, I apologize for the inconvenience, not a problem, let me see what I can do for you. We inform them of how their requests for a reduction of their APR’s or an increase in their credit lines are denied as of the moment, due to the reason that they have high balances, low payments, or problematic credit performance within and without the bank, which, translation, is because they’re racking up too much debt without paying them off. In no circumstance, no matter how shabbily we are treated or how verbally we are abused, could we talk back and say, ‘look sir, I am not the one who made that purchase in a non-secure porn site causing security issues to your account,’ nor can we say ‘look lady, I know you are upset about you credit standing and your high APRs but please, do not shoot the messenger, calling me stupid, and raise hell about your residual fiancé charges as if there is nothing more important in the world like global warming, illiteracy, food shortage and financial meltdowns. Oh, did you just authorize this $200 charge for a Persian rug from Turks ‘R Us and Beyond? Because even if they are located in the East Coast, they do have a foreign currency conversion code and that is where your Foreign Currency Adjustment Charge came from. Do not ask me why they do that, but I am telling you, they do. Call them and shoot them if you must, not me. Oh and while you are at it, do please shoot yourself in the process for being a nincompoop.’ No we are not allowed to do that.

We are not even allowed to say anything but ‘I apologize sir, but I can assure you that I am as qualified and equally trained to take care of your concern’ to people who think they should be speaking with an american representative, not someone from India, or where the hell is Philippines and feel we are ‘stealing’ american jobs. And when they say ‘Fuck you, you stupid fucking idiot’ we can only say ‘Sir I apologize that you are upset, please keep this conversation within the bounds of business courtesy or I would be forced to disconnect your call.’ When they say ‘You have to takeoff this late fee I have never paid late, this is the first time because my mom was hospitalized last week and I will close this account and sue the bank if you won’t’, we could not say ‘You liar, I can see here you have been late the past four months and you reported your mom died two months ago,’ but rather say, ‘I apologize for the inconvenience this might be causing you. Ma’am, let me take a look in your account and see what I can do for you.’

Well, yes, there are things in this job, but then again, really, I LOVE MY JOB. So, end of conversation. So I had to quit my side job. It’s not really about the schedule or putting out longer hours. I love teaching and I love children, ergo, I loved that job. My concern was basic. I was not paid in time, and had to grovel for my pay, in effect, making me spend more than what I was actually earning there, and there were management problems in the company that got in the way of my being an effective tutor. The Labor Code considers a job as a property right. You own your job, and therefore, could not be unjustly stripped of it without legal cause and due process Wages and salaries, by the way, are basic proprietary rights of a worker. It is as close as it goes as a human right in the labor set up. Therefore, wages delayed are wages denied, just like justice. So there, I quit. Meanwhile, it’s the ‘Welcome to customer service, my name is Luis, I’d be very happy to assist you’ all the way for me. Until some side jobs worth calling property rights for me comes up, for that matter. Any offers?

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rumors Have It

I just heard news from the home front in the Batchoy Republic, and rumors have it...

Surprisingly irritating, but amusing.

They say that you should never peek or listen from the keyhole unless you wanna hear about yourself...

But I wanna!

The news from the gossip tree ran the gamut of very creative stories...

From the speculations that I upped and went eloping (WISH!), to the ridiculous statements that I am running away from something/someone (Why would I do that?), to the equally amusing story that I am miserably lonely, hungry and cold, begging on the streets of the Metro ( So very Austen I should say) or the most unimaginative I am dead (Read Gaiman, people!)!

Well, I am sorry to ruin your fantasies people, but I am in fact, alive, well and very much breathing, sorry. You may just have to cut the champagne from flowing, and slowly fold up the party, guys. The Batchoy Boi is hale and healthy, thank you very much!

Thing is, to see is to believe they say, so see for yourselves; and the proof of the pudding is in the eating, too, they say, so here, eat your hearts out suckers!

Alive and Well...
(Insert Evil Laugh Here)

In Full Color!

Does this look Miserable and cold to you?
The last time I checked, it looks rather Hot, I should say!

Well... The truth is out there....

Batchoy is Served!

Well, okay, fine... you can all have one little itty bitty sip of that champagne... Fine! It's true... I'm a bit lonely, but then again... Mwahahahaha!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009




I almost forgot one special thing! Oh and by the way, yes, I can not possibly make it a habit to just post one entry every month... oh no! That's a promise I made last time, and I am making good of that promise!

Oh yes! Almost!

I almost fell in love... but no, that's not what I wanna talk about, and that is not what prompted me to make this post, really...

I almost forgot to greet myself, and you Batchoyan Denizens!

The Batchoyan turns one year!!!

One year, 12 months, One big life changing move, 232 posts and counting. Feels like forever guys!

Happy Happy Anniversary to us guys!


And as some sort of a gift to you guys, let me offer you with a short fiction I have been turning over in my head while I was on the bus on my way home. I know I'm not good with love stories with happy endings, but this will have to do for a celebration. We can't have soggy and torn hearts for an anniversary story can we? Now, let me tell you, guys that, while this one is fiction, it is actually based on something factual.

Yes, I do have amassed a growing collection of 'one earing' from, well, exes, and it actually gets me a bit down at times, because it shows me some sort of an 'inventory' of how many failed relationships I have been through actually. It does depresses me at times, but, well, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do right? The story was actually based on the very glum thoughts I was having and the hopeful wish of finally finding 'THE ONE!' Well, before we get immersed into the 'not-so-pleasant' recollection of past failures, lets get on with the story, shall we?

By Luis Batchoy

I know! Technically, it should be always plural, right? It should always be earrings, as they are always a pair; just like pants, scissors, glasses, etcetera... but then again, I am still technically correct, because they are exactly those... earring... one single earring... one stud of a pair. Call it an exception to the exception. I have this growing collection of one earring accumulating in my little box. They were usually my piece of a set that I either buy or was given to me by a long ago 'significant' other. Well, I know it's cheesy but hey, there are those 'broken hearts' key chain that splits up and turns into a complete heart when matched with the other half, right? And I think they are cheesier. Plus, I would rather have these single earrings than have a collection of plain band rings you know! Why keep them when they remind me of such painful things you ask? Well, it is not my practice to return everything when a relationship ends, you see. I find that very immature. What you gave me is mine, and I what I gave you stays yours. That's it! Besides, I have better things to think about, than keeping an inventory of things we gave out to each other, really.

It depresses me at times to see the growing collection. This only means that I have already gone through this much failed relationships already! Plus, their being 'alone' and 'single' thus, incomplete, shouts one very obvious fact: they're like me. Unpaired... and well, practically missing something. I wouldn't say useless, though. I still wear most of them. After all, I am a guy, and I have only my left earlobe pierced. They are still usable. Not entirely useless, I should say. Single, yes, alone, yes, but completely serviceable and very very useful still. As a matter of fact, they can be used, not only as an earring, but pins, button fillers, brooch piece, or tie pins as well. I know I was committing a mistake; a violation of sound dating 'rules' when I wore that aquamarine stud earing as a pin for that date but, really, it looked good with my shirt.
Brendan agreed, really, and he said that it made my smiles brighter, and the sparkle matched the twinkle in my eyes!

Oh, and yes, that was not the only violation I made that night. I stupidly blurted out that the pin/earring was actually an anniversary gift from my ex. He was intently listening and I wasn't able to stop myself from blurting out the lurid details of how that particular earring was a second anniversary gift from him; that the aquamarine was actually my birthstone, and that they were really just synthetic Swarovzki crystals, same with the diamonds surrounding the mounted gem - 24 of them, for each month that we have been together. I also told him that Jonathan and I were together for almost four years, and that, when her Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and somehow, miraculously survived, she had promised God to 'offer' him as thanksgiving. So, he entered priesthood, and that was it for us.

I realized that for a first date, it was very very bad to talk about an ex, with such longing and a sigh capping off the story, but the way Brendan squeezed my hand made me feel that everything was alright now. That is exactly how I felt with Brendan from then on. I know there were a lot of other 'violations' I committed, but really, it did not matter anymore. No more rule-keeping for this one. In fact, he would even make it a habit to take me on a date to the places that had special meaning to me, by virtue of a past relationship. He would always take my hand when I feel unsure and sometimes washed off by nostalgia when approaching a specific place. He would tell me how we would erase all those painful memories and replace them with nice, shiny happy new ones. Oh, and yes, I broke that rule too! You know: the 'do not have sex on a first date' rule? Now when you ask me how a perfect date should go, Brendan is my answer - that one date where everything really goes wrong, but the person you are dating makes everything just right! Perhaps, it was that for the both of us: the rule is to break rules. Just like the recent rule we broke together. He started it with breaking the 'do not say I love you while having sex' rule, and me following suit with breaking the ' do not believe the I love you's you hear while having sex' rule by saying I love you too.

Now, I'm wearing the same exact shirt I wore the first time we met. It would already be our fourth year anniversary and he has reserved the penthouse for a dinner for two. Year after year, he keeps topping off the past anniversary dinner with something grander. Balloon-filled car, serenade with a violin piece that he painstakingly practiced for months on end, the sunset beach table for two... the works! I absent-mindedly fiddled with the aquamarine earring and finally used it to secure the cute silk tie he got me for my birthday this year. I checked myself in the mirror, and went out the door to meet him.

The evening was enchanting, and the stars were a magical ceiling for our outdoor table. It was perfect. Brendan was there, wearing exactly the same shirt he wore when I first met him. I laughed when I noticed how he bulged off in places. Four wonderful years! He eyed my pin, and gave me a sweet smile. I swear, I light up every time I see his face. I think, we try to outshine each other every time we do this. The meal was perfect. Everything was just romantic. At the end of the meal, I took out a box I meant to give to him as an anniversary gift. Okay! No more crappy earrings this time. I bought sterling silver rings this time. He was beside himself with joy when he saw my gift. He knows I never bought rings for any of my past relationships. Well, he knows a lot about my past relationships, really, including my earring collection. He then got on his knees, offered a box, and as I opened it, he said "Will you marry me?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

I opened the box and was amazed to find a single earring. The exact copy of the pin/earring I was wearing. I looked at him, while trying to hold back the deluge in my eyes. "Please, say yes, so you will never have to be alone anymore." I could not quell the happiness that welled inside me. "Yes, of course, I will marry you!" Never again! Never alone!


We just came from the hospital. Little baby Selene was peacefully sleeping in Brendan's arms. She was a perfect bundle of joy, and Brendan really had that soothing effect with her. Not adopting her was completely impossible when he called me 'dada' the moment I held her for the first time. She was completely at peace and no longer bother by the pain she went through a little while back. Well, she must be a young diva, as she craned her neck, as if almost showing the world her newly pierced ears and the fabulous pair of Aquamarine earrings she was wearing!


There you go, guys... I hope you'd forgive the 'rough draft' quality of the story, but hey, I already told you I am not good with 'happy-endings' in fiction. Again, happy Anniversary to us. Next time I am online, I promise to read back on all your blogposts. Meanwhile, for a real time celebration over coffee.. contact me.... hehehehe... 09189248460! Tah tah!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Like a Kinsella


Now I do not want this to be a habit...

Yes! I know! It's been another month, or close to it, since I last posted, but you see, there are so many things to take care of when you have just moved from a lackadaisically, laid back, semi-charmed and positively scrunching life in the Batchoy Republic, to the mad rush and rumble of the big Metro like Manila. I know it shouldn't be a requisite excuse, and I am making it up for you, by posting three new ones all at once. If you kindly click back, you will find two new poems written fresh from the brush with rush in Manila.

The first one is a Hiligaynon poem with a Filipino translation, which may come in time for Halloween. Not that it's scary but, well, come to think of it, scary, yes! Hehehehe. The second one is another one of my attempts at a love poem. I know its not the 'Hallmark' gushy love poem type, but hey, all my decent love poems come out this way. I can not write a love poem unless they are about love, well, technically, still love all right; love unrequitted and lost love that is.... SO much for Shakespearean where art thou's!

Now there should be prose, shouldn't there be? Man does not live on poerty alone, do they? Then there'd be no need for fictionist, essayist, and novelist, will there be? Oh and yes, indeed dear Batchoy Denizens, on the pains of sounding a bit 'girlish,' why, yes, I think, my life right now, sounds like some 'cameo' subplot, subcharacter, from a Sophie Kinsella novel! Dirty details, you say? Hang in there, sunshine! This is gonna be one long post, and yes, but of course, let me try and make it worth your while! Just like an interrupted foreplay, let's start with where we left off, shall we?


I could remember a promise I made last time, to tell you of my house hunt adventure didn't I? Well here goes. The plan was to look for a charming little place where Charm and I could do the split ups for rent and everything. Something nice and cozy, but none too flashy. Something within affordable but not cheap. I really am not good with 'building living.' I do know that it is the 'in' and bachelor-y way to go, but no, I'd rather not go home to a building, floor and unit number.
Charm is a bit stuck with her current bedspace place. She had been staying there forever. She stayed here when she was still in college, so the most natural thing to do, was go back to it when she came back to work in Manila. I could not possibly steal in a night or two there since it was an 'all-girl' thing, and they had strict visitor rules, although the owner has become 'friends' with Charm, by virtue of her having stayed there forever. Thing is, she cannot just up and leave. She was looking for a 'timing' to break the news. However, I got in the way and I wa as pissed as the owner probably was! I slipped and told him (yes its a him technically... a gay HIM!) that I was so sorry to be taking away a good boarder of his. I know, it shouldn't have come from me, but hey, did he expect Charm to stay there with him forever? And besides, Charm told me that from the get go, he knew that soon, Charm would have to move elsewhere baby friendly, because, for the longest time, she was planning to take baby Cherish here for a vacay! Then the landlord went DIVA on me. I was banned from Charm's place! What the...!!! What did I have to do with anything?

Anyhoot... at first I found a room for rent that allowed for weekly transient arrangements. And so the house hunt began while I had temporary lodgings. God was really really really good to us! We were close to have selected a charming little unit in Pasig. It was near my office (Groan... yes! I work in Ortigas, for my official job at least!) but the thing is, it took three rides. A bus, a jeep and finally a trike. This would hike up the monthly fare budget! There was this other place, somewhere near the area, but thing is, it was recommended by Charm's officemate, and just like me, Charm is not so keen on living with co-workers. We have the same lines... "Araw araw na nga kayo magkasama sa trabaho, pati ba naman sa bahay magkakasama pa din kayo?" And so, the nicely priced unit was chucked. Of course there were cheaper areas... but then again... as I have said, we wanted something affordable, not cheap!

And by miracles, it was just actually behind my current temporary boarding house. I saw a poster about a corner away from my place, one day when I went out, and did not bother giving it a try until at least a month! Finally, we went to a go see... and we instantly fell in love with the place. Such a cozy little hovel, with a nicely sized sala, two bedrooms, oh and this was a big big love: A nicely sized bathroom! YES! I DO! While all the other houses had bathroom deficiency problems in terms of space and size for the room that should be most comfortable, as it is called the Comfort Room, and the most Restfull as the term Restroom connotes, this once just had it at a decent size. Not too big to hold a bathtub, or a jaccuzzi, but not to small as to make your knees hit the walls when you do your 'royal duties!' It was a steal, really. Not a one whom I have invited over ever found it costly. They all think that its either a steal, or reasonably priced! It is still a work in progress but sooner or later, Our little "Den of Evil" will be in full opertation in no time at all. Yes, that's what Charm and I call it for now... I suggested Command Center, but she's no sci-fi freak... and neither am I.

Now the God is Good part, you ask? All the three wondeful prospects aside from the current house we have all went down under during the flood that hit the metro. And I stop at that! I do not wanna talk about the flood!

Oh well... Where exactly, you would wonder? Here's a clue... actually, I was frantically looking for a street name, and fancied living or renting out in that particular street name, should I see or locate it, and should there be any vacancies... Charm agrees... but to no avail... Unfortunately, there are no street name in this area that goes something like... Makapugtonghininga Street, Malibog Street, not even a safe Masarap Street, or even just a Makatas Street. The closest was Maalindog Street, which was quite archaic... not even a Magaling (SA KAMA) Street! Hehehehe... Now you know where I live. Oh and yes, this city is the center of all 'centers'. I was just wondering if they have something like a PHILIPPINE ISLE OF LANGERHANS CENTER here, or a PHILIPPINE DUODENUM CENTER.


Its not a typo or a repition. Yes I do have three jobs. The first one is Corporate, the second Quasi-Academic and the third one Classified. Hehehehehe. Now that explains why I have a luxury of time to blog... hehehehe... aside from the fact that dear old lappie has not yet been attended to. I am enjoying the account. It is very challenging, and, unfortunately, no, there won't be sneaking computer time on the job as the net is very cloistered in this financial account. Thing is, it feels a bit weird to be applying my College degree on this one. Yes, I took out my Mathematics of Investment books and rehashed a bit, and yes, the attrition rate in this account is sky high. All the more exciting, aint it?Oh, and yes, by the way, I do not work for a call center... I work for a bank!

The job interview felt like Survivor. There were so many 'steps' and I watch awed as one by one, applicants get sent off and on their way home, advised to apply atleast after a month! So I got into the competitive vibe, and readied myself knwing well that my "WORLD PEACE" answer just wouldn't work. Here is actually what I answered that I think snagged me the job!
"Well, I think the paradigms have changed, and to be very exact and specific, let us take the sales world as an example. Long time ago, the selling point and psyche was "You need this, and can not possibly live without this," but as I have said, the paradigm has shifted. From the NEED perspective, it has shifted to the WANT perspective, and the tagline goes something like, "Oh yeah, you do not need this to live, but hey, look around you, you are possibly the last one without it." It's more of a "Yeah, you dont have to own this, but if you don't, you won't possibly be in the loop... Now it's up to you..."

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen!

The second job is Quasi academic and I feel like I have said that in the last post already... I tutor part time. I know I shouldnt get too attached and all, but the kids are such sweeties. In fact, my plan to turn my facebook into some steamy cruising account just flew out the window. My Freshman kid just added me up! Sheesh! That is why I resist opening my blog in his laptop... It is for his own good! Besides, the cache dearies, the cache!

The third job is classified... well yes, I still hold that job from my past life... that of part time writer, part time poet, part time dreamer, and yes... hard core, soaked to the bones and full time hopeless romantic... its a job, and a difficult one at that mind you...! As my motto has always said...

"If others can do it, SO WHAT!"


What's a Kinsella novel with out the love and dating part, right? Right! So, yes, I feel my life is just like a Kinsella novel. I know its not a very male-ish thing to say, since Kinsella's are all chic lit, bubblegum pop, but they're riots. The Undomesticated Goddess is just so so so fun! YES, its what I am reading now... The latest Amy Tan did not as much as thrill me like her past titles... Saving Fish from Drowning was not that great. Well, yeah... Mostly, Kinsella's are Crash and Burn stories, but then again, do not get me wrong, I have went past the CRASH and the BURN part, and now I'm starting the magnificent 'Transformation' part... with a little crash and burn on the sides, so to speak. So, we here we are... the juicy part... LOVE and DATING. Is the BatchoyBoi, getting some? How is it with him in the Romance Department so you ask? Well... As I have said... this is a Kinsella... mind you... Not a Candice Bushnell, a Harold Robbins, or a... well... Barbara Cartland? Ewwww....

And just like a Kinsella, let me answer your question... Yes, I do get some, but there are nights when it gets cold... and just like a Kinsella... go turn the page... for now!!

Tah tah!!!


When it can

I'm lucky that with the rate my job and life is going here in Manila, inspiration still hits me, and some poem proliferates my brains... Thank the muses! Here's another one I wrote while braving the rush hour traffic! ENJOY!

By Luis Batchoy

Amazing how words and phrases
Taking alternate meanings
And perhaps,
When enslaved by four
Squiggly little punctuations
Called quotation marks.
How they become
Emphatic, and even,
Scary, and at times,
Hilarious or even
Drawing attention to themselves.
More so, when spoken,
With that little twitchy gesture
Of index and middle fingers
Of both hands.
So much like you and me,
When that squiggly word
Was introduced to the scenario.
Above mentioned word
In quotations,
For emphasis and hysterics,
Poetic device cited as a reason.

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Poetry in Manile, Halloween edition

This is the first poem I wrote when I came to Manila... Oh and its just in time for the Halloween! Enjoy!

Ni Luis Batchoy

Ayaw na paghanduma, higala,
Nga magpasimpalad diri sa Manila.
Kagab-i pag ugsad kang bulan,
Nagsupog gid akun pagkagabunan.
Gani, sa duro tawo, ako nagpangpanglatas.
Tuya sa Malate naglupad paspas.
Apang ang tuyo sa pagpangyanggaw
Gilayon gid nga naalimunaw
Sa kadulom sang kagab-ihon
Sila ya ang nagakinan-anay sa tunga sang dalanon.
Abaw nasal-an pa takun, patron nga dalangpan,
Kay ginduludamulas kag dayun gin ludhan.
Gani dya na lang kaw sa atun pambiktima,
Hinali ako makauli, binli lang ko, ayaw pag ubusa.
Kay sa matyag ko mas masupog sila diri,
Ako ang nayanggaw, kag daw wala na gani ako atay!

Ni Luis Batchoy

Huwag mo nang pangarapin, kaibigan,
Na makipagsapalaran dito sa Manila.
Kagabi, pag bilog ng buwan,
Nagsupog talaga ang aking pagka gabunan.
Kaya't sa maraming tao, alo nanglatas.
Dun sa Malate, lumipad ng mabilis
Upag ang layuning mangyanggaw
Agad namang nagunaw.
Sa dilim ng gabi
Sila sila ang nagkakainan sa gitna ng daan.
Aba't napagkamalan pa akong patron na takbuhan,
Kasi hinapulas ako't dagling niluhuran.
Kaya, dyan ka na lang sa atin mamiktima,
Kung sakaling makauwi ako, tirhan mo na lang ako't wag mong ubusin.
Kasi pakiramdam ko, mas masupog sila dito,
Ako ang nayanggaw, at parang wala na akong atay.

PS: Bakit kaya pag sinabing Aswang, ang automatic na pumapasok sa mga utak ng mga tao ay manananggal? Andami kayang Aswang na iba!

P.S sa P.S: Ang iba sa kanila, nakaupo sa pwesto!

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Monday, September 21, 2009


Thes es et!

The batchoyan has now opened its very first branch outside Iloilo. The batchoyan now serves Le Manile!

Yes, batchoy denizens, and sorry for the long absence... the batchoy boi is now living, walking, breathing, and taking in the sights and sounds of Le Manile and having all that and more in the city of Man! Will there be loving, making love and all that jazz or just swinging it out? Will the hopeless romantic convert to being a commitment phobic cum jaded 'sexophile', or will he be meeting 'Jai Ho' in the big city? It remains to be seen, but definitely, there would be writing, poetry, coffee, smoking, and a whole kaserola loads of stew! So go ahead and ladle up! We're back in biznez!

This would be a longish post as the batchoy boi celebrates moi first monthsary in the big city. As an opener, let me share some updates of life in Manile... so far!


The one true thing that remains strong and reliable for the batchoy boi is the gift of friendship that the Master Scribe has graciously given him. If not for the very good friends that God has skillfully planted for me in 'strategic' locations, the move would have been a very difficult and arduous process.

Thanks to Senyorita Charmita, life has been a breeze by far. Honestly, during those times that I was contemplating on moving over, I did not know how to make heads and tails of things. the only thing I knew is that I wanna move it. I was so lost and depressed. Then a light shone for me. I texted Charm about my situation; I was expecting a good 'processing', but all she replied was... "When are you coming over?" And that was it... Everything is taken care of and no worries... for the moment. I know I can close my eyes in the jungles of the metro and I have someone to trust my life with.

Thanks to Blogger buddies Aris and YJ, Malate has never been the same way for me. The jungles of gay Manile eats up and snares the unwary. Good thing I have Aris the Malate Jungle Amazon Queen and her raucous gang of princesses and princessettes to welcome me to the court of Miracles... sans the jingling tambourines, swishy skirts, golden hoop earrings, scarves, pet goat and Gypsy smoke magic trick! She graciously welcomed me to her Royal Audience on the very night that I landed in Manila, with no less than a night of bumping, grinding and lusting in BED... the bumping grinding part was from me, and the lustuing part from Aris.... Nyehehehehe! On the other hand, YJ the Manila Bitch, raises the ante up as she entertains me with talks of boys, coffee, boys, yosi, boys, good conversation, boys, fashion, boys, pure friendship, boys.... oh and did I say boys?

My Manila based Ilonggo friends have been very welcoming too...

Lit Mistresses and Palanca Awardees Mother John Iremil Teodoro and Mama Felino Garcia have been great bulwarks of strength, encouragement and support. Muchas gracias from the bottom of my bowl... este, heart.

The batchoy boi has more room for new friendships, so there's one slut... I mean slot, for you... yes you!


God has been so good! The second morning of my Manila Soujourn, Charmita got a call from the Tutorial Center she's part of as a part time racket! Of course, I tagged along, and to make the long story short, I was hired on the spot, courtesy of a good 'talk' with the owner's husband's very makulit Mom. We were in the car, on the way to a client that Charm was supposed to be attending to, and the Mom spurts out whatever's here and there, from the presidential race, to the National Artist Awards, to billboards and large format printing. Everyone seemed to have been 'immunized' to the Mom's antics, and I was the only one who gamely converses with her. As a result, the owner of the center eventually gave me a call the next day, for a tutorial with a client. A week after, I was offered a lecturer job for IELTS, with twice the pay, and conveniently, after 'office hours'! The batchoy boi got instant employment, for sidelines and raket purposes.

The main job of the batchoy boi also when smoothly. The job interview was a breeze and at the end of the day, I was signing my contract for a BPO in Ortigas. Training starts September 25, and yes, the batchoy boi has now two gainful employments... Duncan Sheik sings "I'm on a High" in the background!

So far, so good...

When Charm asks me if I have any regrets with my decision I tell her YES...

Every morning, when I wake up I regret my decision...

I regret that...

I decided to do this just now...

I should have done this a very long time ago...

Now that I am back in the blogosphere, I can not promise to post as regularly as I did before but I will try my very best to update regularly... meanwhile, leave comments, emails, and sex proposals in this blog and I will get to you as soon as I can... Chos with the sex proposals hehehehe! Ay labiah all, oh and befor I forget... where is my welcome back hugs and kisses from you guys....?

Kam on! Show me some lovin... you know you wanna!

Saka na ako mag backtrack sa mga entries nyo... whew... andaming back reading netoh~

UP NEXT... House hunt... The Manila Saga continues...

Meanwhile... here's lolo Duncan!

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Nyah! Na close ko lahat ng tabs na pinagkunan ko ng pics... next time na meron netoh... hehehehe

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"It's Official, I just received my court order for the dismissal of the case filed against me. I am now free from the suspicion of being a criminal. Now I can really go there."

Text ko yan kay Charmita.

"Finally! When na? Bukas?"

Reply nya... I snickered... si Charm talaga!

"Gaga! Shempre mag iimpake pa ko ng mga gamit ko... alangan naman mag gagagla ako on one set of clothes... unless ipag sho-shopping mo ko ng isang buong aparador ng mga damit at gamit. Pick a date on the third week of August. I want you to chose so that it would be convenient for you para masundo mo ko."

"22, Saturday. I am off by 4am and will not be back in the office till Sunday 4pm." Mabilis nyang sagot.

"22 it is!"

So there... With the one final obstacle out of the way, this is it! I am finally relocating.. for good!

The next few days were spent on endless 'despedida's' with countless circles that I would be leaving behind. I decided to forgo the big 'despedida' in favor of quiet final meets with small circles for intimate farewells. Besides, I must carefully guard what little is left of my finances to anticipate the tide over period with which I am yet to receive a pay check when I am in the Metro already. At least. job hunting would not be a problem since Charm's company would readily employ me, as if its a shoo-in.

The endless get-togethers and small coffee meet ups continued day in and day out... and nights too. Until one time, we were strolling in a mall and I noticed a sign.

"Luggage Sale, up to 50% Off!"

Then it hit me. Wala pa nga pala akong maleta! The last time I traveled with big packed baggages was when I went to New York i n 2001. This time, since I am moving out for good, I need big luggage. Then, a certain cold feeling swept over me. Melancholia, perhaps.

I looked around, and the assistants were very helpful. When I finally settled on a specific luggage that I liked, the loneliness got mixed with drops and spots of excitement! So this is it!
I ended up postponing buying the luggage as we were still going elsewhere. Alanagan naman bilhin ko na agad at bitbitin ang pagkalaki laking maletang yon, now na!

Yesterday, I finally bought it. It's big, combination of hard and soft case, and dark orange/saffrom. Almost brown. It's sitting right beside my bed.

Now... how do I pack my dreams, longings, laughter, friends, memories and reveries to bring with me to where I am going? I hope my happy thoughts could fit in between the folds and crevices when my clothes are all packed., just in case I need one in the dark, dingy and dangerous streets of the metro. August 22, 2009 and Manila. SO near, yet so far away!

Meanwhile, my mobile is sounding off the batteries and I am late for yet another group farewell. Coffee beckons , and I heed the call. There is much time left to pack. I just hope there is someone out there tonight to make me forget my worries. I know that there is always my ever reliable mug of coffee, but then again, a tight hug from some hot chubby chinito would be nice to buoy me and save me from drowning in my thoughts.

Now where's my lucky "I'm gonna get laid tonight" shirt?

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Puto Maya

The Latest Craze to hit the blogging world...

Of those blogs I follow at least.

So click click

And the site says that I am...

Now bring in those initiates, neophytes and peons PRONTO!

ME? Deeply depraved and perverted? Ahmmm...



Friday, August 7, 2009


Ayaw ako dalawin ng antok today.

di ako beaucon fanatic pero dahil sa isang blog na binabasa ko, nag ikot ikot ako sa web tingin tingin ng mga piktyurs ng mga kandidata sa Miss Universe 2009...

After seeing this picture, I think, di na talaga ako makakatulog....

Last chance mo na to....

Pramis matutusta wisyo mo...


I warned you....

National costume daw yan ng Pinas sa Miss Universe this year! UGHK! Watdafaxmachine is that monstrosity???

Buti na lang ginanahan pa akong mag breakfast sa nakita ko pang piktyur na baka daw isusuot na long gown ng isang contestant....

Miss Netherlands Avalon-Chanel Weyzig might wear this long gown...

Baka naman pinangangatawanan lang nya ang pagigign AVALON nya! Or maybe.... naligaw sya kasi dapat sa Miss Dagupan Bangus Festival sya sasali!

Heaven Forbid!

O sige para mas sosyal

Miss Silver Arowana!


PS: Meron palang maigpit na kalaban para sa titulong Miss Dagupan Bangus Festival... Ito sya!


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Thursday, August 6, 2009

YAYP (Yet Another Yellow Post)

Sanlibutan na ang nagpaalam sa yo, pero para yatang hindi ko pa rin nagawang mag paalam ng maayos sa yo.

Paano naman kasi, pinakamagandang pamamaalam para sa akin ay ang gawin ang pinaka alam kong gawin... yun ay ang sumulat at tumula.

Dahil parang hungkag at tuyo/tuyot ang batis ng aking panulatan dahil na nga sa luhang umagos sa aking mga mata, hayaan nyo na munang manghiram ako sa higit na mas magaling sa akin sa panulaan.

Narito ang dalawang tula mula sa isa sa mga paborito kong makata.


by: Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

      HEN I am dead, my dearest,
      Sing no sad songs for me;
      Plant thou no roses at my head,
      Nor shady cypress tree:
      Be the green grass above me
      With showers and dewdrops wet;
      And if thou wilt, remember,
      And if thou wilt, forget.
      I shall not see the shadows,
      I shall not feel the rain;
      I shall not hear the nightingale
      Sing on, as if in pain;
      And dreaming through the twilight
      That doth not rise nor set,
      Haply I may remember,
      And haply may forget.


by: Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

      EMEMBER me when I am gone away,
      Gone far away into the silent land;
      When you can no more hold me by the hand,
      Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.
      Remember me when no more day by day
      You tell me of our future that you plann'd:
      Only remember me; you understand
      It will be late to counsel then or pray.
      Yet if you should forget me for a while
      And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
      For if the darkness and corruption leave
      A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,
      Better by far you should forget and smile
      Than that you should remember and be sad.

Paalam Mahal na pangulo... Paalam Tita Cory...

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FunnyAds and one

Nagpapataanggal lang ako ng inis kaya....

In fairness... successful!


And this one is just so.... AWwwwww......

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Somber at maluha luha ang mood ko today dahil nga sa libing ng pandaigdigang simbolo ng demokrasya.

Nag iikot ako sa web sa mga ulat, litrato at kung anong meron sa mga kaganapan sa Manila..

Then I came across this...

Hindi ko talaga alam kung ano ang gusto nyang mangyari...

Gusto ko sanang isipin na may punto naman sya kahit papano, pero naman!

Nag iisip ba tong taong to? Sa mga katulad neto, dapat bang isip ang pinapairal?

any way you put it, lumalabas pa ring hambog sya!

Can you spell BASTOS?


Bwakanang Inang Self Absorbed Shmuck, Walang Modo!

Alam ko na common knowledge na to, pero naman!

Video Credit:

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNTy6sM42iw


Mommy I feel HOT!

First of all, a fair warning: What you are about to read is sick!

Tatlong Linggo din syang nagpumilit to get a hold of me... pero dahil matibay tibay ang wankata ng Batchoy boi, hindi sya agad agad makapasok.

Pag medyo nararamdaman kong bibigay na, inuunahan ko... Pill pop ang drama. Add to that the effect of negating things... Hindi! Hindi ako magkakasakit! Sipon sipon lang to...

Nahamugan? Eh haller.. nocturnal kaya ako!

Naulanan? Eh haller ulit, kumekendeng kendeng pa ako sa ulan at super rain bath!

Then again... Nung Agusto a-uno... nag celebrate ako mag isa ng Wiccan Sabbat na Lughnasadh or Lammas... The first harvest or the first fires of August. Most interestingly, it is also the time for 'hand fastings' to be held. For a religion that takes its roots and traces way back to the old world, it is amazing how it has a greater understanding of the human condition. For one, these hand fastings are for a 'trial period' of one year and one day, and yes, if things do not work out, there is always 'hand partings' or absolute divorce. Whats more, 'hand fastings' do not discriminate against sexes. Both males or both females can fast hands. The only requirement is consent to be wed, age, and readiness.

Fires of Lughnasadh! Burn Baby Burn!

Click here to read more about this Sabbat.

We were initially set to celebrate this with my long time kindred Mykus, with a few 'postulants' or 'neophytes' to be initiated into the study of formal magick, and the final dedication to the goddess by an old acolyte. It was supposed to be a joyous festive event, with bonfires, sickles, bread, grains, grapes and corn husks, but then, things turned out badly since no confirmations were received by Mykus from the others.

As usual, I am not to be found lacking of a back up plan. I can very well celebrate on my own, as I have often done so in the past. After all, the Sabbat is also the perfect time to gather the 'tools of the trade' to consecrate them.

Sky clad... In Total Surrender to the Supreme Being

It turned out to be a most cold and wet, rainswept night, but the bonfire blazed well and good, and sky cladding was de rigeur for me. After all, my greatest and most important tool is my whole body. After finishing the feast with and by myself, that was the only time I felt the cold would hit me good and there is no stopping it. I felt feverish and shivering, albeit recharged and refreshed.


I was not sick as in sick sick bed ridden sick I was running a temperature, congested nose and all, plus a little body malaise, but nothing alarming. I decided to take complete bed rest. For a whole day.

While sick, I had a few 'sick' thoughts too.

Since I virtually live like a shadow in this house, no one really knows whats wrong (or right ) with me, no one bothers to check on me. If I should die in the night (heaven forbid) I swear they'd only start noticing when my body starts decomposing and give off the rotting stench of corpses. Trust me, this is not an understatement or an emo-ladden fact. Its a given truth. The last time I was sick, they only noticed it on the third day when I was delirious and making moaning sounds that came unbidden and uncontrolled from my fever fried brains. To die and be discovered dead would be pure Victorian Romantic stuff... Let's at least be more post-modern, shall we? Then again, do I hear someone say... "Sorry Mister President?"

Drop DEAD Gorgeous... Found Dead in Bed!

As I have said, sick things came unbidden while I was down with the flu...

What sort you may ask?

Aside from the morbid dying thoughts, the next question was, who'd be first to notice my absence and start worrying?

Who'd make a check before the stench... God! Though I know that for sure, this person, whoever he/she may be is one of those I love dearly, I do not want to burden her/him by the singular distinction of being the first to discover me dead. So I hope the discovery must be accidental! Perhaps, by that same 'person' here in the house who 'robbed' me last. God! I'd love to scar him/her all his/her life with the thought of stealing from a dead me!

Now aside from that, in the feverish night, I also thought, who among my past significant others cared best for me while I was sick? I can not give a comprehensive answer since only a few has had that privilege. so that would be unfair...

You give me FEVAH!

More like... who gave the best.. 'get well F*ck? Hehehehe. Trust me on this one, due to an increased body temperature, things get more 'heated-up' and the sweat breaking does wonders most of the time. Sensations for the 'feverish' one gets heightened, and heat for the 'healer' gets to a higher level. I could clearly remember how volcanic hot a sick lover's mouth felt, and that's just the upper orifice mind you. On the other side of the spectrum, I know too, how wonderfully aware one is, when he is sick, of the cool, wet velvety feel of another's mouth to delirious heights. However, a very 'poor' and 'limited' performance from me would be a given. You'd have to sit .on it. Hehehehe

How sick? Right? Hehehehe...

Wanna take care of lil' ole sick me? Buhuhuhuhu

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marlboro Black Final Part

I really tried my best to finish this thing. Dami nga palusot na kunyari dapat isingit before finishing it eh.

Pero wala talaga. Di ko talaga alam kung paanong tapusin. Basta, the bottomline is, hindi nga talaga kami pwede ni MB.

Sabi ng friend ko, hindi naman talaga straight si MB. Malamang me karanasan na yun, kaya nya kayang makipaglandian with me. Siguro nga...

Sabi pa nung isa ko pang friend, confused lang siguro si MB. If not, gusto lang makipaglaro... siguro nga

Sabi pa nung isa, takot daw si MB. Kaya sya ganun... siguro nga.

At tatlo sila nag aagree na akala daw ni MB nung una, mapaglalaruan nya ako. Tapos, kakatambay nya kasama ako, di nya inaasahanag iba pala mangyayari. Na hindi pala ako dapat pinaglalaruan... Na gusto na pala talaga nya ako...

Siguro nga...

Hay... From the start naman kasi wala naman talaga akong kung ano anong iniisip o binabalak with him eh. Face value lang ako... until he got 'sweet' and all... Oh well...

Labo no?

Nasaktan ako, that much I am willing to admit. Ewan ko nga ba kumbakit. And to end this sordid, sad and pathetic affair, ano pa nga ba? A writer like me has only words, and poetry...
Goodbye MB... and by way of a Eulogy, here is a poem I wrote for you.

Bangud Indi Pwede Mangin Kita
Para kay JG
Ni: Luis Batchoy

Sa kalangitan
Ang kahidlaw ko
Sa mga hakus mo.

Higupon ko na lang
Sa kinaha nga sigarilyo
Ang mga panganod
Nga nagalimbong sa atun.

Linawod lawod
Sa kadagatan
Anag nagaupang
Sa atun paghigugma

Salumon ko na lang
Sa binalde nga kape
Ang mga balod
Sang akun pagisahanon.


OO JG ang tutoong initials ni Marlboro Black...

Monday, August 3, 2009



Taimtim na dasal... sandaling katahimikan

Buong pusong pasasalamat...

Tagumpay ang pagdadasal namin...

Ito ang pinakamainam...

Sapagkat ang mundong ito ay puno ng pasakit!

Mabuhay ka!

Goodbye to the Global Icon of Democracy...

Even the word itself contains the letters of her nickname...

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Friday, July 31, 2009

In My Eyes...

Rason na kung rason pero kailangang maisingit ko muna to bago ko tapusin ang Marlboro black Series... Hehehehe

Aktawli, super late na to. Tapos na ang birthday nya, pero huli man daw at magaling...

Ay Late pa rin! Nyekhekhek!

Neberdalez! Kasi nga naman hindi naman sya regular na nagbabasa ng blog kong to, pero meron jan sa Cbox nag comment na kaopisina nya raw , so sa yo, pakisabi na lang sa kanya...

Kasi... berdey ng isang espesyal na tao eh. Aktwali, tapos na nga, kaya....


Blow na your keyk!

This song's for you!

Miss you na sobra! Eto para mas feel na feel ang kanta! With matching side comments pa yan ha!


(Joshua Kadison)

You're my peace of mind, in this crazy world

* Sanity nga eh, di ba?

You're every thing I've tried to find

*Nawawala ka kasi... Sa Sarili mo..

Your love is a pearl

*Chaka! Cheapangga... Perlas lang... kasi shempre... basta alam mo na yun!

You're my Mona Lisa

*Mwahahaha! Matandang panot ka daw!

You're my rainbow skies

*Bakla ka kasi... mas bakla ka pa kesa sakin!

And my only prayer is that you realize

*Kasi hindi naman talaga ako madasalin no!

You'll always be beautiful in my eyes...

*True... wiz charot!

Ibalik si Dyezebel sa kanal DALI!!!

The world will turn

*Di natin kayang pigilan talaga yun...

And the seasons will change

*Dalawa lang naman meron sa 'Pinas kaya minimal change lang

And all the lessons we will learn

*Yun eh kung present tayo pareho at wala sa kapehan at nagyoyosi!

Will be beautiful and strange

*Naman! Beautiful ako, strange ka! Mwahahaha!

We'll have our fill of tears

*Iiyak sa katatawa, tatawa sa kaiiyak... sounds like us, indeed!

Our share of sighs


My only prayer is that you realize

*Nakakadalawa na ang 'only' na yan ha!

You'll always be beautiful in my eyes...

*jokes are half meant, kaya pangalawang joke na to, so ibig sabihin, fully meant na sha!

You will always be beautiful in my eyes

*Pangatlo na! It's a crowd na!

And the passing years will show

*Ilang taon pa lang naman di ba?

That you will always grow

*Asa ka pa na magu-'grow' ka pa!

Ever more beautiful in my eyes

*Ikaw nga 'to! Baklang bakla kasi may 'Ever pang nalalaman! Ever!

Kiber sa mga tao... Pikchuran sa MRT!

And there are lines upon my face

*Meron ka din kala mo! Botox na ba?

From a life time of smiles

*Hindi halata sa mga pictures na gawain natin to no?

When the time comes to embrace

* Eh di hug! Oist! Suso mo oh! Nyehehehe! Mag Bra ka nga!

For one long last while

*AY! Alin ang long? Hehehehe! Hug hug ka kasi eh, yan tuloy, nag long! Mwahahaha!

We can laugh about how time really flies

*Kung panong mga langaw daw ang oras! Mwahahaha! Nakakatawa talaga naman

We won't say goodbye

*No goodbyes indeed!

'Cause true love never dies

*Oo, vampire kasi yun... immortal! Moomooo!

You'll always be beautiful in my eyes...

*Apat na! Therefore, double jeopardy na sya!

Happiness is...

You will always be beautiful in my eyes

*Lima! Spice Girls na to!

And the passing years will show

*Mag 'show' ka na daw sa cam bago ka pa malipasan ng taon!

That you will always grow

*Bakla ka nga talaga, kasi me nagugrow sa yoh! Nyahahaha!

Ever more beautiful in my eyes

*Confirmed! Ayan na naman ang Ever ever... Everbilena!

The passing years will show

*Nagiging ulyanin ka na daw!

That you will always grow

*Kaya redundancy ang drama!

Ever more beautiful in my eyes...

*Soon! Lalabo na din ang mata ko! Mwahahaha!

Goes without saying... I Love You! Happy Birthday Charm!!!