Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog Marathon Part 4 of 4

Now, what better way to cap off a four part blog marathon than with a piece of poetry. Merry Christmas Batchoy Denizen and Happy New Year too. Enjoy this dessert. Tah tah!

The Bar
By Luis Batchoy

The music is loud
Enough to drown out
Whatever it is that we
Have to say. The beat
Is the thing
The reason, the say.
Palpable enough
To cut through
Our loneliness.
The lights glimmer bright
So we can get blinded
By something other than
Our own fears;
To keep us lost,
Not to find our way.
Now the spirits flow
To drown out and intoxicate
What little spirits
We have left.
Tonight, it is overcrowded
With everyone’s
And we rule against
Each other rubbing off
The cynicisms.
No one’s a stranger here
And no one has to know
Anyone. Companionable
Anonymity. With the music
The beat, the lights, the spirits
And sorrow, checked
At the doors, to be picked
And taken back home
Like a coat
Only when the night ends.

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