Saturday, August 21, 2010

A note on an old Blog post Re: Iloilo Youth Orchestra

I am writing this entry to clarify things and set records straight. At the outset, I humbly apologize for any inconveniences that might have been caused by that entry or any person/persons that might have been undermined in the process.

Since I am in a place where electricity is not a luxury and internet connections are erratic at its best, I deemed it faster and more timely to write a fresh entry instead of browsing through and going back to entries that may date at least two years back.

Two years ago, I owned and operated an Arts Cafe, 'Kafe Binalaybay'. I envisioned it to be a venue for the arts, independent exhibitions and performances - a sort of hub for the arts in Iloilo City. One of the many friends who were supportive of such an endeavor was Miss Rhea Penaflor, who was a colleague during my college press days, and a staunch advocate and supporter of the arts and local Iloilo talents and culture as well. She mentioned at that time that she is supportive of the Iloilo Youth Orchestra, which she featured and wrote about in one of the local papers in the city, and she mentioned that I might want to invite them to perform in Kafe Binalaybay. She also invited me to come watch them in a benefit dinner concert sometime February. I was enthusiastic for both because I was aware that the IYO was a cause oriented group.

Tonight, she texted me that a certain entry in this blog needs to be rectified as it appears that she 'promised' me a performance of IYO in my cafe. She points out that she does not have any hand or any say at all to IYO's schedules and commitments. At best, what I remember was some sort of teaser that I might be inviting IYO to perform in my cafe, I was thinking that this would serve as an advertising for the group as well. My blog is personal and has no commercial value, and I usually feature groups, persons and organizations which I believe in at no cost in this blog. I too believe in local talents, and those with a cause at that. I tried to search for that entry but since the internet service here is very erratic, it would be a Herculean task as of the moment. Hence this entry.

Foremost, I apologize to whomsoever might have been hurt, offended or undermined by the entry. Rhea's 'promise' was no more than a referral of sorts if and when I should decide to contact IYO and invite them for a performance in my cafe, no more, no less. Though the feature in the blog might be premature, there was no solid promise at all from Miss Rhea for a performance. She, in no way, misrepresented herself as a direct representative of IYO, and nothing definitive came out of that conversation. Perhaps, in my excitement to promote the group as well, I might have overlooked some details as to the management and protocol for contracting the group and again I sincerely apologize if I may have also placed Rhea's number as a contact person in that blog entry. I will also look for that entry and rectify whatever misinformation I might have written in that entry at the soonest time possible, under more privileged circumstances. It never was my intention to undermine any procedure or management protocol this group has, nor was it made to appear that Miss Rhea Penaflor had any say whatsoever with this group's schedules and engagements.

The 'promised' performance never came to pass, as the cafe was inundated by flood waters during typhoon Frank, and inevitably closed down due to the lamentable effects of the typhoon. I reminisce with sadness how my dreams for the cafe have been washed away by the flood waters. If ever this did not happen, for sure, I would have loved to have invited for IYO for a performance in my cafe. I too am a supporter of IYO's cause, and for sure, Miss Rhea would have directed me through the proper channels if this had materialized.

Again, I apologize for any slight, hurt, damage or confusion that that entry might have caused, and I am still hoping that in the near future, I would be able to open and operate another cafe such as Kafe Binalaybay, which the city needs, and should that happen, I would be more than happy to invite and engage IYO for a performance under the proper circumstances. Again, my apologies and Mabuhay to all of us!

From the Land of Safe Harbors
San Vicente, Port Barton, Palawan


Luis Batchoy

P.S: I have located the entry "It's A Date" posted February 14, 2009, and have made corresponding notes to the entry as well.