Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My Best Bud and Writing Dynamic Duo Bryan Mari Argos had fun with his column for a local paper. The article came out yesterday. Monday, April 27, 2009. He was asking me to 'write-in' for him as he usually does every so often. Instead of doing an article to stand-in for his column, we did an experimental, AdVERSUSarial article on the things we love/hate about summer. Let me share the article. Here goes...

Advers(us)sarial Summer 10

By: Bryan Mari Argos and Luis Batchoy

For a change this week, this column’s format will be in a form of an adver(su)sarial. Since summer is here and almost over, some of your brain cells get crisp fried by the blazing sun, so I pulled up an extra brain. This week’s column is co-written by my ka dynamic duo Luis Batchoy. Here are ten things we love/hate about summer.

We’re trying out this format for the first time, and if it works, we might have more of this. Fun! Here goes.

10. The Summer Sun!

Luis: I just love the summer sun. Hot fierce, and blazing! It kicks the blues away. I love how the world becomes one big burst of energy. You simply have to pick your beat up, since the mighty ruler of the skies is in his finest. Emo mood just melts in the smoldering blaze, and it’s not hard to beam in and say, ‘Hey! I’m a burst of sunshine.’

Bryan: I don’t know about you Luis, but I just hate the summer sun; foremost, because I will have to wear more cologne not only for myself but also for other people who don’t bother to do so themselves; and well, I guess you would agree with me if I said that I love the rain better. I hate the summer sun because I hate wearing greasy sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats (not that, hindi bagay sa akin, but just imagine me with a wide-brimmed hat – hmmm, Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Rose Dawson? Calendar Girls? Duh?).

9. Summer Fruits

Bryan: Disagree now and you will be committing a crime; I love watermelon! I love all kinds of watermelons because they cool me down and they taste really wonderful; plus, they are also wonderful as a cologne scent! Watermelons are also rich in potassium – think aphrodisiac, on a warm summer’s day, hmmmmm.

Luis: I hate how the term summer or tropical drink necessarily includes pineapples! I hate pineapples! The taste is so-so. Even fresh pineapples, I can live without. I hate how everything you drink turns bitter after eating pineapples, and you poop a lot because of pineapples’ fibers and laxative effect. As to watermelons, well I engorge the first time it becomes available as early as December.

8. Lazy Stretch

Luis: I love how summer days stretch lazily extending to forever, and languid summer nights seem to never end. I love the way no one could rush you for anything. It’s the summer and usually, its vacation time for most of the population. Hard work and summers just don’t go together, unless you work for a resort or a summer business place.

Bryan: Save it to say that summer or not, I am always busy, so what’s the difference? Of course there are languid and lazy summer days and nights, but I hate how these summer days and nights tend to make me hate all those who enjoy them, simply because I can’t! I hate how most people can make time for themselves during the summer when I am stuck in my office, typing away, and entertaining clients, who, by the way, are also in my office because it’s summer! Drat!

7. Summer Flowers

Bryan: First of all, we have a paso for Holy Week and I really love how the flower arrangements turn out every year. There is always something new to see, year in and year out, and the species of flowers you find during the summer are the ones that are free of bugs because this isn’t ‘flower mating’ season. The colors of flowers also seem brighter during the summer, maybe because of the effect of the sun’s white light on them.

Luis: I hate summer blooms! The cheery sunny blah blah is just so… so… sickeningly sugary-sweet, dripping blah! I do not fancy being given a flower garland or lei with matching swaying of the hips and customary ‘Aloha’ upon hitting a summer spot. Flowers are best enjoyed during the gloomy rains where they color the dark dreary days. With the skyrocketing prices for flowers nowadays, and the way the sun zaps these flowers dry quicker, making them wilt faster is a no-brainer reason for hating summer.

6. Culture Galore

Luis: Summertime in the Philippines is also Fiesta Season. Oh the revelry, the food, the gaiety and the culture! How I love to go out of my city ways to visit a province or a municipal town fiesta. This is the best time to sample the place’s bests; home cooked specialties, warm congenial people, and interesting local culture; what could go wrong? Invite me to your fiesta, pleeeezzzz!

Bryan: I hate fiestas simply because this is a time when the ‘not so queenly’ becomes a fiesta queen! My goodness! Enough of those cheap headdresses and kilo-worth foundations and face powders slathered all over faces that are actually ridden with pimple scars without the paint, plus; what’s to like in fiesta food? You get the same orange or yellow stuff everywhere you go, either caldereta or valenciana, or buko salad with the fake gulaman buko strips. I also hate road trips where you have to compete with other fiesta-going folks for paid seats in buses or jeepneys!

5. Summer Markets

Bryan: I love going to the markets especially during the summertime when sea and pond produce are most abundant. You can marvel at the diverse choices of seafood in the markets during the summer, and you also get to see more than you bargained for. You have exceptionally fat crabs and juicy prawns, as well as the occasional lobster during the summertime. On the side, you also get to savor the very very green summer veggies.

Luis: I hate the smelter in markets during the summer; for me, the mall is the place to be at this time, especially with their round the clock air conditioning. Unlike in the markets, you don’t get scalped with prices and measurements at the malls, plus, you get the same kind of produce anyway, sometimes even better. I do not want to strike an argument with a ‘sanduko’ wielding market vendor if and when I discover I am being cheated by a ‘loaded’ kilohan. I’d rather say, “I’d like a word with your manager!”

4. Summer Fling

Luis: Parties are legendary during summer. All that pent-up heat gets released on the dance floor, whether it be at the beach on a hot sultry night, or in an air-conditioned dance club. Romance is afoot, and a summer fling is inevitable, sweet, hot and short, just like the song “One night only!” If, however, like me, this is not your scene, then walks on the beach with that special someone, hand in hand, and admiring the expanse of the beach is the thing to do! There is never any other time to best fall in love than on a hot summer night. In the unfortunate event that, again, like me, you are loveless on a summer, then it is best to sweat away the loneliness on the dance floor, and just swing it! Hey DJ, groove me!

Bryan: I hate summer flings, I don’t dance, I never dance, I have two left feet, and I am happy that I was born with them; at least I would not have to contend with smelly arm pits or sweaty ‘hita’ that some would misconstrue as love born on the dance floor. You gotta be sick to think that getting in bed with someone who has alcohol breath and caked up sweat on his sleeves is love, gross! There are better ‘things’ out there, better than getting my feet stamped because I just can’t dance, and it’s not my fault, and I love it that I can’t dance.

3. Summer Bonus!

Bryan: I love the summer months because May is mid-year bonus month! I get some extra cash for things I have been saving up for. You can’t deny the fact that some extra cash is always a welcome change. Well, we employees get some extra in May.

Luis: I hate summer expenses. All the partying and travelling tends to burn a hole in your pocket and that’s just drats! There is just so much things to do on a summer and so many places to go to that there is never enough cash! I hate how summer sees diminishing figures in my bank account. Sheesh!

2. Fasyon!

Luis: I love summer dress ups! Loose, airy and casual. It’s the perfect time to whip up that “I’m a beach bum” look. It’s the best time to wear loose casual clothing, laid-back shorts, and comfy tsinelas. Less is more in summertime. I am just talking about the state of dress. Do not make me begin to talk about the state of ‘un-dress’ people have during summer. No matter what body types you like ogling at, there is really something to ogle at come summertime. It’s not really the flesh or show of skin… it’s the… well… okay! Skin! Hehehehe! Gi’mme my sweet, sweaty, chubby, bouncing along in summer dress ups! Sizzling!

Bryan: Talk about fashion – neon colors, I just hate. The sun is already glaring and you get someone walking in front of you in neon green and you just want to throw a whole chunk of pineapple at the person. Oh, and the skin part – well, Luis, you forgot to mention the powdery, snakelike peel-offs of sunburns, icky; plus, people sweat it out at the gym prior to the summer to have bodies-to-die-for and are beach legal, and your chubby guy will probably be in one of the beach huts, playing mahjong, cursing the heat and the long, tiring, beach strolls.

1. BEACH, BEACH, BEACH!!!!!!!!

Bryan: I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE BEACH!!! Need I say more?

Luis: I HATE IT! I HATE IT THAT YOU SAID THAT BEFORE I DID! Ano pa nahulat mo? Dali na! WATER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! Splash me!

Well it was so much fun to write the whole article... maybe we will be doing more of this soon in his future columns

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Deadly Sin

Took a quiz and I am this deadly Sin:

Which Deadly Sin Are You?


Lust. Obsessive thoughts of a sexual nature. Fornication, perversion.

I do not know how true this is... hmmm... take the quiz here

Friday, April 24, 2009


I was checking my notebooks and I stumbled upon some poems I wrote in it. Here's one pakyut poem. Enjoy

By Luis Batchoy

You check
Me out
And I check
You out
Checking me out.
You Check
Your Phone
I check
My pulse
And we both checked
Our watches.
Shall we just
Get our checks
And check
If you and I
Could check in.
Will this be
A double check
Or just another
Stale mate?


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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Why is the world so cruel?

Nagkakape kami ng isang close friend kanina. Sa kabilang table may grupo ng mga pamhin. Buff-buff-an ang moda ng mga sisters nyo at shemperz dahil summah, naka flimsy shirt and shorts lang sila. Pansinin ang pasimpleng pag fi-flex flex habang inaabot ang kanilang drinks.

Bigla, may napansin akong isang kyutipie na naglakad papalapit sa grupo. Now that's more like it! Kyut naman ni kuya.Bilugan. Sarap sarap yakapin! Biglang blazing hot summer na talaga. Binati sya ng mga kasama sa table.

"Hey Dude! Why are you late?"

"Dude! Tang'na, antaba taba mo na ah! Hit the gym pare! Yuck!"

"Pare kasi, stop eating to much!"

"Dude, Oink oink ka na! Chinese ka ba? Naniniwala kang swerte kasi Year of the Pig?"

"Pawis ba yan pare o mantika?"

Mega super duper kutya ang inabot ni chubby sa kanyng grupo. Ewan ko lang kung narinig nila ang mahinang sagot ni kyuti chubby sa kanilang mga tira...

"Pare Chef ako eh, no one trusts a thin chef..."


Magsitigil kayong lahat! Anchachaka nyo kayang lahat noh! Si kuyang chubby chef kaya ang pinaka kyut sa inyong lahat! Atchaka, narinig nyo yun? Chef si kuya! Trabaho nya ang gumawa ng masarap na pagkain. Passion nya yun! ansakit nyo magsalita ha! Kuya Chubby lika, dito ka na lang sa tabi ko... hayaan mo sila! Tell me, what's your specialty dish. Kelan mo ko ipagluluto?

Oh well...

Cruel ng world noh?

I have nothing against gym rats and health buffs. Katawan nila yan. Karapatan nilang gawin ang gusto nilang gawin sa mga katawan nila.

Para ring sagot ko sa dating etchoserang madreng teacher sa Theo subject nung College ako.

Sister: Mr. Batchoy, what's with all the piercings in your body? Why? They look so dirty. Remove that tongue ring at once!

Me: Sister, with all due respects, I have learned in my basic Cathechesis classes in Elementary that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Sister: Exactly! So keep it clean and holy! What are you trying to do?

Me: Sister, that is exactly my point! I am decorating it! Now if you wish that yours will be a mere chapel with nothing in it but a small statuette, thats your choice. As for me and my body, I want it to be a Cathedral, or a Basillica! I even want it to be not just a pilgrimage site, but a tourist attraction that would attract not only the faithfulls, but even those who are from different faiths as well. I rest my case!

Kaya I respect every one's decision on what to do with their bodies. Kanya kanyang kemverlou yan! Ang kinakairita ko lang, kailang ba talaga lahat na lang ng tao ay buff? Kailangan ba mag feel bad ang mga taong nadadagdagan ang timbang o lumalapad ang waistline? Stop! This is personal! This is deprivation! Pano na kaming market ang mga chubby! Kawawa naman kami! Hindi ito makatarungan! Kung ang lahat na lang ng tao ay magpapayat at mag gygym, ano na lang ang kakainin ng mga tulad namin? Let me say that again. This is deprivation! Hehehehe...

Pero seriously, it is a cruel world. Especially so, kapag nakikit mong ang market ng mismong mga chubby na to, na market mo, ay ang mga buff na nauuso ngayon. AMBISHOSA! Hoy lumebel ka! Pangarapin bang magkajowa ng may washboard abs! Oh well, baka naman labandera sya!

AS for me... I like 'em bouncy, fluffy and all cuddly!

It's a cruel world out there! Kaya kung mataba ka, at ayaw nila sa yo, lika dito. Akin ka na lang. Letche nilang lahat! Hehehehe.

Oh and by the way, I would like to greet a very very important gal pal. It's her special day!





Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Me, You and the Dance Floor

As If
By Luis Batchoy

Just for tonight.
Let me pretend
I am in love.
Let me just dance
The blues
And the summer heat
As if
I have found
What I have waited for
All my life.
So as not to be blinded
By the lights
Let me close my eyes.
So take me
And dance
Real close
As if
There is
Only you
And me
And the dance floor.
Come on now
Just for tonight
As if
This is

Si Chris Brown kasi eh!

(Chris Brown)

1, 2, 3, 4..
Hey (eh)
Hey (eh)

Verse 1:
Its you, and me
Movin at the speed of light into eternity (yeah)
Tonight, is the night
To join me in the middle of ecstasy
Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music around you (around you)

Ima take you there, Ima take you there
So don't be scared, I'm right here, ya ready?
We can go anywhere
Go anywhere
But first, its your chance
Take my hand
Come with me

Its like I waited my whole life
For this one night
Its gonna be me you and the dance floor
Cuz we only got one night
Double your pleasure
Double you fun
And dance forever ever ever
Forever ever ever
Forever ever ever
Forever (forever)
Ever ever ever
Forever ever ever
Forever ever ever
Forever on the dance floor

Ah basta. Tonight lang, kunyari, in lab ako. Walang kokontra! don't ask me 'with whom', coz I don't know either. And like I really mean it, jst for tonight, let me say this.

I love you!

As if...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Poem and a Quiz

Masaya ako. Feeling ko kasi, napaka productive ko ngayong mga araw. Paano naman kasi, isa ako sa mga taong nag ta-thrive sa 'pressure.' Pressured sumulat para ihabol ang mga loose poetry studies to be a coherent collection for the Palanca. Malapit na kasi ang deadline. Mabuti na lang at may nag aasikaso na ng mga notary and certificate of originality na yan. Kagabi was a burst of pure inspiration. Malandi ang muse at nakabuo kami ng folio na balak ko isali sa bagong kategorya na kabubukas pa lang sa Palanca: Tulang isinulat para sa mga bata. Heto ang carrier single. Chez! Enjoy!


Ni Luis Batchoy

Ako ang bida.

Ako ang pinakamaganda.

Bago lagi ang damit ko at sapatos.

Sa akin ay wala nang nakakaungos.

Ako ang bida.

Ako ang laging nangunguna.

Mga gamit ko ay mamahalin.

Wala nang tatalo sa akin.

Ako ang bida.

Kinaiinggitan ng iba,

Sikat at pinaguusapan,

Sa buong paaralan.

Liban na lang pag may miting ang PTA

O di kaya ay tuwing Family Day.

Dahil si Nanay, nasa ibang bansa

Hayun, ang namamayagpag ay si Yaya.

Siguro mahuhulaan nyo kung ano ang tema ng buong koleksyon. Mamya, susuyuin ko ulit ang musa para makipagtalik sa aking hiraya, para naman maayos ko na yung isang kwentong hindi matapos tapos, at sana, maisulat ko na din ang matagal nang makulit na Creative Non Fiction sa utak ko. Wish me luck Batchoy Denizens. Pag nanalo naman kasi ulit, luluwas ako dyan sa Le Manille. Gusto nyo din yun di ba? Hehehehe.

Speaking of Muses, I found a quiz online... Ito ang resulta ko

You Scored as Terpischore

You are Terpischore, the muse of dance.

You love to be in the middle of everything

and have all eyes focused on you.

In all of your childhood videos

and pictures you are always

hamming it up.



















Ahmmm... labas ba talaga dapat ang suso?
Kung feeling muse ka rin, click mo ang quiz dito.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ten little haynaku's

Sampung mga bagay bagay na nangyari simula sabado hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Sampung mga tao, sampung mga balita, sampung mga realizations. Wala lang. Ten!

Magulong barkada... nasa likod si ulam litol brother

1. Pumunta ang barkada sa kabubukas lang na bar ni W. Hindi pala alam ni R na kasakasama sa barkada namin nila Rex na ang kuya nya, naging ex ko. Ewan nga ba, pero akala ko naman kasi alam nya. After all, nung nagyakapan blues kami dun sa Bacolod last MassKara, andun din naman si R at nakita naman nya kung gano ka tagal at kahigpit ang naging yakapan namin. So, technically, litol brother ko si R, ulam, extra rice please.... hehehehe... oh, at uuwi daw si kuya this coming May 18, at boto si R na maging kami ulit ni kuya. Oh well...haynaku... ulam na ulam kasi si R eh... litol brother na nga lang...

Kailangan pa ba ng Caption?

2. Cousins pala si ex at si W, at naikwento nya ang 'masaklap' na nakaraan naming dalawa. Errrr... In defense naman, sinabi ko na we parted ways ammicably. Ayaw nya nun, pero kasi, I felt we were gouing nowhere, and I felt that I was a confussion for him. That time andami nyang inaatupag. Trabaho, pamilya, pagaaral. Ayokong maging kasiraan at maging kahati sa mga prayoridad nya. Chos! Truth of the matter is, ayoko lang sa jowa na ni hindi makatext kahit minsan sa isang araw. Bago pa ma uwi sa malalang problema, mabuti pang maghiwalay na habang civil pa. Na mention ulit ni W ang pag uwi ni ex sa May 18. Boto si cousin na maging kami ulit ni ex. May trabaho na nga ngayon si ex, pero sumasakay naman sa barko. I don't like! Oh well ulit. haynaku, anong petsa na ba? hehehehe

Mauulit ba muli?

3. May 'past' pala kami ni Hey! Kalokah! Dobleng awa tuloy ako kay Hey. Ang rason kung bakit muntikan na kami ni Hey, ay dahil noon, kaibigan ko din ang karelasyon ni Hey, at alam ko na niloloko lang ng friend ko si Hey. History repeats itself ba ito? Matatagpuan ko ba ulit ang sarili ko na inaalo si Hey habang nag iiyak sya sa sasakyan nya, at bigla ba nya ulit akong hahalikan at sasabihan nang "Sana ikaw na lang si friend mo. Sana ikaw na lang ang nagmamahal sa akin. Sana next time na magkita tayo, liligawan na kita." Sasagutin ko ba sya ulit ng "Sana last na nating pgkikita to, kasi ayoko ng transference. At sana, pag nagkita na ulit tayo, saka ka manligaw ulit, dahil gusto mo talaga ako, at hindi dahil ako ang nandidito ngayon." Hahalikan ba nya ulit ako sa sasakyan at may mangyayari sa loob mismo? Sasabihin ba nya ulit na "Ikaw ang unang na ch_p@ ko sa car na to. Ikaw din ang unang kuman*** sa akin, not only in this car, but ever"? Kinuha nya number ko. Haynaku! I dont like!

4. Sabi ni Rex, hindi ko lang daw kasi alam kung ano ang ginagawa ni Hey kay W. Nahuli daw nilang dalawa ni W si Hey na nagloloko. Nakikipag orgy daw si Hey. Pinapaikot daw ni Hey si W. Pinapaalis daw at pinapalayas ni Hey si W sa bahay nya. Etc etc etc. Kung nakikita daw ni Rex na masaya si W kay Hey, hindi naman daw sya eentra pa. Ayoko na sumagot. Mali pa rin. HAYNAKU!

5. Nandun ang markanong liasion officer dati nung BPO where I ramped up. Umamin si markanong bosing na sya talaga ang rason kumbakit nagkandaleche leche ang lahat. Nagsinungaling daw sya. Tama daw ako. Mali daw sya at mali ang ginawa nya. Mali ang pinagkatiwalaan nya dahil in the end, pinagkanulo din sya ng mga kinunsider nyang kaibigan, at ako ang nagsasabi ng tutoo. Ayoko na isipin. Forgotten na yun. I know I'm right. He wans to put everything behind us and asked me if we could be friends again. I agreed. I have already placed everything behind me, including him and his friendship. haynaku, please lang!

Gwapong bata. di ko alam anong nangyari pag laki. Hehehehe
Happy Birthday Mootch! Labyu pre!

6. Binabasa pala ni Ex crush ang blog na to. Letche! May post pa naman ako tungkol sa pagiging special guest ko dun sa opening ng Photo exhibit! Pakshet. Birthday nya at sinabi nyang wala pa syang nababasa sa blog na to tungkol sa kanya. Ayan oh, meron na... ulit... Happy birthday Mootch! Haynaku! Ayan may moktyur pa yan ha

May Sequel. Abangan!

7. Nanganak na pala si Kitchie, ang asawa ng Iranian photographer friend ko na si Babak. Meron pala syang bagong project na nude photography at syempre pa daw, meron akong set. Outdoor daw ito. Letche! Ibibilad na naman ng batchoy boi ang kahindik hindik na mga bilbil. Excited ako. Sa bagong baby nila at sa bagong proyekto. Sacrilegeous daw ang spots ko for the project. Haynaku! Simulan na yan!

8. Antagal ko na din palang single. Nagkita kami ng aking kindred spirit na si Mykus. Mag sicelbrate daw kami ng Beltane, and he wants me to be there for the rituals. Mag aalay na daw kami talaga kay Demeter dahil hihingi na talaga daw kami ng jowa. Letche naman kasi eh. Haynaku, kailangan pa ba talagang sumayaw sayaw paikot sa May Pole?

9. Gaga talaga si YJ! Nag ym kami at sinabi nyang magpapakamatay daw sya dahil sa sakit na nararamdaman nya. Na alarm ako dahil seryoso ang gaga. Buti na lang me numero pa ako ni Maine. Tinect ko at binagabag ang lahat ng pwede kong mabagabag para lang matignan sya kung ok lang sya at siguruhing walang masamang mangyayari sa kanya. Napapanic pa din naman pala ako, at pinaiyak pa ako ng gaga! Haynaku! Sa susunod na gawin mo yan talaga, ipagdadasal na lang talaga kita, gaga ka!

In fairness, nag shave na ako kanina!

10. Akala ko pa naman my youngest sister has taken an interest in poetry. Excited pa naman ako mag turo at mag bigay ng libreng daily workshop para sa kanya. Yun pala, mag aaniversary sila ng jowa nya this May, at may ginagawa syang scrapbook para iregalo kay jowa kung kaya't nagpapatingin ng mga tulang sinulat nya. Haynaku, kasi yang letcheng pag ibig na yan eh! Hehehehehe...


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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Few Things on My Mind

First of all

Maraming maraming salamat sa lahat ng bumoto at sumuporta sa blog na ito. Nanalo po ang Batchoy Boi bilang Rainbow Bloggers Philippines' Blog of the Week for Week 7. Kalokah! I'm the Rainbow blog for the holy Week! Its my first evah online blog award! Happiness! Sana merong bumper sticker or logo na pwedeng ikabit at ipagmalaki sa blog na to. Hehehehe. Salamat sa lahat, lalo na kay Kiel na mahal ako at handang mandaya for me. I lourve you all!

Nakapagpyansa na ako. I look good in my mug shots. Hehehehehe
Naiinis pa rin ako sa fact na pwedeng manyari na mahulugan ka ng warrant of arrest na hindi ka man lang nakatanggap ng subpoena, summonses or nakapag file man lang ng counter affidavits mo. Caught din ako between filing counter charges, such as perjury sa hinayupak na ta(x)i driver na yon. Arraignment was set on May 27, but the other part of me says, Motion to dismiss na, para wag na humaba. Oh well...


Halos lahat ng mga iba ibang grupo ko ay exciting ang mga developments sa buhay.

Rex at W : Magbubukas ang bagong bar sa sabado, at pinipilit si Rex na pumunta. Nagsabi kay Rex kung pwedeng maging "bespren" sila. KALOKAH! Si Rex nasa Roxas, uuwi ng Sabado at lunes, lilipad papuntang Pagadian. Jet Setter!

Si Dawn ay na diagnose na merong health concrn pero buti na lang maagang na diskubre kaya ayos lang din. Nakipagharutan sa isa pang friendship na younger brother ng isang Ex ko dati, nag iinarte na ayaw na daw sa games at may bagong blog post after forever.

Si Bing ng Thursday group ay missing in action. Na demote sa trabaho dahil sa isang unfortunate kapalpakan, pero masaya poa din dahil bumalik na si Tina dun sa parlor na yun at sya nang manager pumalit kay Bing. Happiness pa din. Hindi na nagpapakita sa Thursdates si Bing dahil 'nahihiya' ang lola. Artichoke ah.

Si Pet at Zelle ay nagkatuluyan na dahil na din sa walang awang pambabara ko kung bakit sila nag iinarteng dalawa pa. Turns out ako ang not so fairy godfather nilang dalawa. Haynax! Matchmakers never find their own match nga ba?

Iiwanan na ako ni Panyero dahil tutulak na ng Manila para mag review sa Bar. Sushalan ang lolo dahil sa Ateneo nag enroll. Mamimiss ko ang letche, pero nagyayayang puntahan ko sa Manila sa May... Why not! Le Manille Denizens, wait lang, babalik ang batchoy boi jan.

Si Perlas naka T.R.O. Sa loob ng dalawang bwan , hindi sya pwedeng uminom. Under "Friends Arrest" ang lolang lasenggera.

Si Geloy ay nasali sa listahan ng Provincial Finalists for the Metrobank Most Outstanding Teachers Award! Taray ng lola mo! I am so proud of you and I am praying na manalo ka neng! Aylabyah!

Iiwanan na din ako ni Mother John. Tumanggap na ng teaching load ang nanay ko at babalik na sa La Salle jan sa Manila. Mamimiss ko ang nanay ko, at sure na bibisitahan ko rin jan sa Manila kaya baka mapapadalas na ang pagluwas ko jan. I love you Mother.


Naloloka ako. Andami kong dapat isulat. Madaming dapat tignan, i-edit at iayos. Magsusubmit pa ako at aayusin ang entries ko for the Palanca. Pagkatapos ko magpyansa ay sumaglit ako sa Museo kahapon. Nalaman ko kay lola Zafiro na namatay na sa katandaan ang Agila sa bahay nila. Nakalulungkot. Ngayon, buntis ako sa storyang makulit. Gusto ko syang isualt. Working Title: "Patay na Ang Agila." Metaphorical ang 'pagkamatay' at ang 'agila'. hindi pa buo ang storya kaya natuturete ang utak ko sa ngayon. For now, I know that the Agila sa Bahay ng Agila nila Zaffy ang magiging cultural springboard ng storyang to, and it will have a dark gay character.

Sa mga writing jobs ko naman, kinailangan ko basahin ulit ang Dracula ni Bram Stoker. Classic talaga ang librong to! Nalulula ako sa writing style ni Bram. Epistolary ang style. Hinahaplos naman ako ng kalungkutan sa napaka lungkot na linya ni Count Dracula sa libro. Eto yun:

"I am no longer young, and my heart, through weary years of mourning over the dead, is not attuned to mirth. Moreover, the walls of my castle are broken. The shadows are many, and the wind breathes cold through the broken battlements and casements. I love the shade and the shadow, and would be alone with my thoughts when I may." - Count Dracula, Bram Stoker's Dracula

Sad no?


Sometimes I think we tend to over intellectualize things. Madami sa mga sinusundan kong blog ang nag iintellectualize ng mga kung ano anong mga bagay, from Top and Bottom, to Sex as politics at kung anu ano pa. I enjoy the intellectual discourse, kaso mdami din naman ang sweeping generalizations, at sa lagi kong kino quote na sabi ni Dr. Margarita Go-Singco Holmes na "Let us do away with labellings because it hurts." Kaya hindi na lang din ako nag co-comment dahil dinudugo ako ng masyadong matalinong pagkaka discuss nila ng mga punto nila. Ang tatalino nila, shet, nakakahiya. Hehehehehe. Meanwhile, I found this video, kaya ito na ang sagot ko. Medyo simplistic sya kung iisp-isipin at medyo shallow na din ang sagot pero tingin ko tama sya. Ganun lang ka simple yun. Kasi nga, napaka diverse natin. To start with, iba iba tayo kasi. Ito sya, makinig kayo.

Ang paborito ko sa sinabi nya
"And yes, you can be Gay, and find other gay men obnoxious!" Taray!

Meanwhile. maliligo na muna ako and prepare for the night. Coffee beckons, and I heed the call!

Bitteresa Magbanua Part 2 of 2

And so the night wore on. Around 7 PM, I found myself still finishing the last few pages of something I was doing for some client. I texted Rex.

"Bear with me. Is everyone around? Will be there As soon as I can."

"Ikaw na lang kulang."

I know etchos lang to. I'm sure kung ako na lang kulang, nakapagsimula na sila. What should my presence be for them to really wait.

"Shet! I swear! Ipa auction ko na gid ni ya ang Versace ko nga gown. Naghalug na naman ang hawak gina pa adjust pa. Sorry! ara na!

*** Shet I swear. I will really auction off this Versace gown. The hips got very loose again and needs to be adjusted. Sorry! I'm on my way!

Almost everyone was there. More importantly, Perlas was OK and she was already off the IV and walking around already. She even got permitted to go downstairs with a nurse in tow. She can't go out though. She stayyed at the lobby area and needed to come back up to her room. Rex decided to talk outside, somewhere nearby, since we can't all fit in Perlas' room, and since it was semi-private, only two visitors were allowed at a time.

There was a bridge somewhere near, and after Perlas had her own talk with W, she went back to her room. W finally got to tak to us. He apologized for the blahblah of the chuva yadda yadda yadda. Before he was even finished, somebody from the group countered, and I just had to take it upon myself to 'moderate' the 'forum.'

"Wait, let him say everything that he has to say. Each one will be given time to say his/her piece, ask his/her question, and when everyone is done, W will answer, and then Rex will say what he has to say." I was tempted to add, this is modified Oxford Oregon, after which, there will be a rebuttal. Hehehehe... gawin bang debate?

It felt really off and weird for me. Everyone said their piece, and most, especially the girls were furious in varying degrees. How, W was so callous and remorseless, not dignifying Rex with even a decent reply to his texts, sometimes, for days on end, and after a week of nothing, he suddenly texts "Hi Mine, are you still Mine?" They call each other mine. The cruel word smith in me says: Mine? As in Gold mine? How appropriate! Kulang na lang sabihin na ginamit lang ni W si Rex. Pag nag aaway sila ni Hey, run to Rex. Pag Ok na sila ulit, relegate Rex. I can remember clearly Nia's question. It sounded rhetorical but it hit a resounding bell in one of the forgotten recesses of my heart.

"I just want to know W. How does it feel that while Rex is texting you and you are texting back, you are with Hey? How does it feel that when we had that dinner at your bar, because Rex did this for you, you rush out to bring Hey to the hospital? How does it feel that when Rex knew, he even volunteered to drive you there in his car?"

Rhetorics rhetorics and dripping, sickeningly pathetic really, and ugh! Puhleeezzzzz! But really, deep down inside, I saw myself asking these same rhetorical questions to some long forgotten significant other/s, but something to this effect.

"How does it make you feel, that while I was becoming half crazy and trying to figure out to know what was going wrong with us, and after trying to turn the world over and working my soul off to make things work between us and try to save what we had, you were giving updates to your new one, how pathetic I was and loony in my attempts, because all the while, you were just finding faults to justify your breaking up with me so you and your new one could start your orchestrated new romance?"

AW GAWD! I was overwhelmed too, by the full force of the friends who each gave their bitter biles and slappy words to W. GAWD! When I dealt with my own heart aches, I never allowed my friends any word to the erring partner. I faced them all, on my own. No support group.

And then, it was my turn. So I started saying my piece.

"Let me try to be as objective as I can be. This may hurt a bit, but since you are asking me, here goes. First of all, let me say that I admire you W for saying sorry, but personally, I feel you have nothing to apologize to me. It is between you and Rex, and I have no stake in that. I am a mere innocent bystander. In the same token, whatever I may say of, and to Rex, being his friend, does not concern you in any way. However, since andito na to, very well then... Rex, this does not exonerate you at all. Never were you right, and never will you be, emotions, hurt and pain notwithstanding. Harsh as it may seem, you had it coming. You knew what you were entering into, and you took the choice with full knowledge of the consequences. Nothing changes the fact that this is wrong from the very start. You knew he was partnered. He never kept that from you. However, the way I see it, I am sorry but I think it is you W, above any one else, who is much much at fault here. See, you were the one with the partner, the one with an obligation, the one with a relationship to protect. It may not be right for Rex to have pursued you, but see, it was you who should have ran faster away. You who should have put distance, kept him at bay. Which brings me to a supposition that, Rex might have not been as crazy as he is about you and crazier still, and deeper still, if there was no return stimulus, prodding, or 'come-on' fro you. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I see it, you led Rex on, too, especially with a promise of leaving Hey eventually." At this point, Rex answered in W's defense. It crushed my heart! Potah!

"Well, as I see it, this is the deal. If you were to ask me, your sorry for Rex is not enough. Contrition should be coupled with reparation and restitution. (Father ikaw ba yan?) You have to do something. How and what to do, that, I do not know. Then again, it's just me. Or maybe, you should just walk away and not bother Rex anymore." At this point nag hysterical na si Rex.

Kesyong na hurt sya pero di nya alam talaga what needs to be done. Ayaw na nya pero ayaw din nya isarado ang possibility na pwede pa maging sila in the future. Na di nya kayang biglaan, yadda yadda yadda. At this point ang saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap sarap sabunutan ni Rex at iuntog untog sa rough road with matching facial! Naman kai eh! Salit salitan na ang diskusyon. When I got the chance to speak again I said.

"Wait! Stop! Taympers! Paikot ikot lang tayo eh. Sandali lang. The most important question is, what now? Ano na? Aabutin tayo ng next week nito eh! Ikaw Rex, what do you want ba? Gusto mo makaganti? Gusto mo dedmahin an namin si W forever, para amanos? Gusto mo iwanan na ni W si Hey for you? What? What do you want?"

"Hindi ko alam for now... kais kung ganyan, baka matakot na sya in teh future kasi ganito pala ang nangyayari pag nagkakagulo. Kalaban nya buong barkada... blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, I still believe in the chance blah blah blah!... simply becasue, I love him... yadda yadda yadda!" Sarap sarap kastiguhin ng lola mo that tym and t the same time awang awa ako sa kanya. However he does not need sympathy.

"Rex, please, that's a far supposition. Kung ano man mangyari, kung magkabalikan man kayo, kahit ayaw namin, may magagawa ba kami? Ikaw yan eh. Kayo yan. It will be between the both of you."

"Eh ikaw W? What? What now?"

Speech ang W. Point is, he cannot leave Hey. He loves Hey, but he also loves Rex. Spell SWAPANG!

And with a tone of finality sabi ni Judge este Luis.

"That settles it! Hindi na pwede. Kahit hindi alam ni Rex ang nararamdaman nya dahil nasasaktan sya at nagmamahal pa din at the same time, buo ang pasya ni W. Wala na. Cannot be. Di nya maiiwanan si Hey. End of discussion. W, panindigan mo yan. Be firm. Ok na ba tayo?" Shet! Kalorkey!

Matapos ang makabugbog damdaming labu-labo, nagkape ako sa kapehan. Napabuntong hininga, ninamnam ang matampait na kape. Buti na lang, ang kape, may asukal pampatamis. Siguro naman, lahat ng kabitteran sa mundo, merong pampatamis no? Nasaan na kaya si Baboy at ang mga naunang mga Baboy at mga Ba-babes (babaeng baboy shempre) na minahal ko before him? Sana miserable sila sa mga buhay buhay nila mga tanginampakincheff nilang lahat! Bitter Ocanmpo koh! I swear! Bitteressa Magbanua ever! Order ng kape ulit, lagok, hithit sa yosi, buga, and smile!

JOKE! Sana mabuhay silang lahat ng pagkatagal tagal. Mahabang mahabang buhay at sobrang tandang tanda... na nag iisa! Nyehehehehe!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bitteresa Magbanua Part 1 of 2

I always tell my friends when they start falling for someone that when you give a person the right to love you, you also give them the right to hurt you more than anyone else.

Ganun yun. The nearer that person is to your heart, the more pain he can inflict and the more damage he can wreak upon your poor poor heart.

I am not just referring to what happened to my friend Rex, but to all and sundry too.
After all the continuing shiszmics he has gone through, the affair ended with one noisy clattering break point.

"Guys can we please all be at WGHJXVB Hospital at 7PM later? Perlas' IV has already been removed and her endoscopy results are OK. W will be there. He wants to talk to all of you. Pls. don't text him what he's going to talk about, just trust me please, and be there. C yah"

Group text yan ni Rex sa aming lahat. I decided to go. I wanted to see Perlas and I think I have an idea what this is all about. If at all, I just want to be there to show Rex some lovin and support. A little backgrounder would be proper I guess. This is the crux of the story.

Rex saw W three years ago, and at that point, he already pined for him. Years later, they had the (mis)fortune of getting acquainted. Iloilo is such a small place and we know how rainbow denizens move about in a very limited dating/gimmick pool, don't we. And so Rex pursued W. Eventually, W's wall of resistance crumbled in sweet surrender to Rex's urgings. I do not know how many kilos of Mangoes it took, or how many baskets of fruits, bowls of pasta, boxes of cake it took to do the job. I heard of one incident where Rex filled the whole car with ballons and what nots to woo W. You'd say its a classic boy meets boy, hunter pursues prey and ends up victorous, story, but wait, there's more, says the TV Shopping Network.

W has a long time partner. W and Hey have been together for the longest time, with both families accepting their union. In fact, W and Hey are partners in a bar biz. In other words, Rex became the third wheel. I kept telling Rex how wrong it is, and how, the end, will really justify the means. What do you expect from such a complicated relationship such as this one? Unofrtunately, Rex's heart had a mind of its own and wouldn't listen to logic. We respected na lang what they were having. Sino ba naman ako para mag pumilit sa kung ano ang tingin ko ay tama? After all, I had my own string of married men during my heydays.

In the process, it was unavoidable that in the blind surge of love and passion, the barkada got kaladkad. There were times when Rex would call and organize a 'dinner' in W's bar to support the biz and bring clients to the place. Halos araw araw nandun sya, at halos araw araw din nyang nakakaladkad ang pwedeng makaladkad para pumunta sa bar ni W (at ni Hey).

Now, what exactly went wrong, as if it could go any more wrong as it already was? Rex began to feel neglected. He began to feel his efforts to be never enough for W. I do not know exactly how, but W seem to have assured Rex that all he needs is to stick it with him, and when time is right, he'd leave Hey. Up to the point of planning an orchestrated exit, while Rex temporarily disappears from the picture when W breaks it up with Hey.

To be very honest, Rex may be my friend but my heart goes out to Hey. Kawawa naman sya. Wala syang kamalay malay pag nagkataon. I know how it feels and I can not stand the fact that I, in one way or another, will become party to this betrayal. I put my foot down, and registered my continued objection to the ploy. I will not stand for that. Bahala na a alienate sa barkada. Ayoko maging part ng isang kataksilan at pagkakasakit sa isang taong walang kamuwang muwang.

Choo bee kantinyood

Monday, April 13, 2009

Interview with the Batchoy

Nag email sa akin ang current EIC ng schoolm pub na dati ko pinamumunuan. Nasa email ang draft ng interview nya sa akin na ilalabas nya sa susunod na isyu ng magazine sa school.

Two things.

1. Nakakatuwa dahil light ad spunky ang dating ng interbyu

2. Medyo tamad sya. He did not write 'around' the interview. Talagang kin-cut and paste nya lang ang usapan namin over YM. Hehehehe.

Oh well...

Here's the transcript, for that 'Happy thought'. Just in case merong pixie dust...


The former EIC who stood up as a Palanca awardee An Interview with Luis Batchoy***

By Ricky D. Apelado

Palanggaun ta kag ipabugal ang atun lengwahe.---Luis Batchoy

(Let us love and take pride in our own language)

The Purisimian interviewed Mr. Luis Batchoy ***the former Editor-in-Chief of The Purisimian publication and a graduate of BS Commerce Major in Management in the year 2004. His short story in Hiligaynon entitled “Bitay” was chosen last September 1, 2008 as 3rd Place in Palanca Awards under the Short Story in Hiligaynon category. Palanca Awards is a yearly event where interested writers all over the Philippines could pass their most well-kept pieces worthy of honor. Likewise, in the Global Meritage Press Holiday Poetry Contest last January 2008, he won as an international grand winner.

Ricky: How’s life after winning Palanca

Luis: Hahaha. Life has been the same although its busier now. With recognition comes tight schedules. When i won the palanca, more people started seeing me as a serious writer

people started expecting bigger things.

Ricky: How did you feel when you knew you're one of the Palanca awardees?

Luis: GOD! I was screaming my lungs out the whole morning

when I got the invitation in the mail. I screamed hysterics. Hehehehhehe. And when I knew who the other winners were, I was bowled over to be included with Dr. Leoncio Deriada and Prof. Alice Tan Gonzales.

Ricky: What inspired you to write Bitay?

Luis: Have you read the story?

Ricky: Yes, precisely. And I'm amazed that you even introduced Tapaz, Capiz.

Luis: Bitay is a 'cultural' story. The springboard is a cultural event during holy weeks. I have always been fascinated by the pageantry of the holy week. As a Capiznon writer I’m proud of Capiz. This is a cultural assertion. If other writers can write about stories set in manila, or even Paris why not Capiz?

Ricky: I'm amazed with the story. Is it really true?

Luis: What about it do you want to know? Well, i was sakristan mayor when i was younger that church Santa Teresita was where I served. I was reciting the resplandor for almost five years until I was too big for the role. So the story and the plot are etched in my heart. It’s partly true, partly fiction. The plot is factual. The bitay happens every year during Easter but the rest is fictionalized.

Ricky: What is really about Palanca Awards?

Luis: Palanca is the most prestigious writing award in the Philippines. It is sometimes reffered to as the Philippine equivalent of the Pulitzer prize. It is some sort of a rite of passage for Filipino writers. You don’t seem to be considered a "serious" writer until you win a Palanca.

Ricky: So what do you want to say to those who want to become Palanca awardees?

Luis: I say do not write for the awards. Do not write to win anything. Write because it's what your heart tells you to do. Write because if you can't write you will die. Write because there is nothing else that matters in the world.

Ricky: Can you tell some things about yourself?

Luis: I’m such a big kid. Hehhehehe

Ricky: Can you tell something more about you? What are your hobbies?

Luis: Hahahaha. Well. I’m a crazy guy. Hobbies? Tambay kag mangape. In my spare time I also do theater. Kung may spare time pa eh.

Ricky: With your success are there some things you would like to share about your failures and struggles? As a student before? As a writer? Now? Thanks.

Luis: As a student and even now, there is just not enough time. Writing sometimes is considered a waste of time. People think we need "REAL" jobs. Writing can not bring food to the table. It is not a profitable thing to do. With my love for the publication my academics always suffered.

Ricky: How did you manage your academic life and curricular activities before?

Luis: By being friends with my teacher and making palu-oy lu-oy.hehehehehehehhehe. I’m glad that most teachers understand how it is to be with the publication and somehow, when the magazine comes out all my efforts and hard work always get paid off. I had a wonderful staff. Harold Buenvenida was a work horse. Thea Acielo was a great Managing Editor. My staff were good to work with…plus, Ma'am Calvez, and later, Ma'am Glenn Tercero were very supportive… same with Fr. Conrado Palete.

Ricky: For you, what are d secrets to success?

Luis: GOD’s Grace, HARD WORK, Dedication to your Passion, and good people who support you. Finding a cause bigger than you and dedicating your life to it. That's the secret I guess.

Ricky: What are your plans in the future? May we know them?

Luis: Plans? Well I plan to be a good lawyer to help the poor and marginalized especially the children. Well... serve also the rich who may need help. Hhehehhehe. Write more poems, more stories and perhaps publish books in time maybe write a legitimate novel, win in the MAN ASIAN? The National Book Award? And find my one true love.gegege

Ricky: What can you say about journalist killings, and freedom of the press?

Luis: This is a dangerous world that we are living in today. People die for what they believe in. People die for their convictions. And there is no other way. Journalists should keep the fire burning. They should stick to the fight no matter how hard the odds. However, I believe in developmental journalism. The power of the press is a force to reckon with. Let us not taint this, and let us keep in mind that with the powers they wield, come great responsibility and social responsiveness. It is deplorable but true, how the powers of the press are abused and used to achieve personal ends, time and again..

Ricky: What would your advice be to future job applicants especially we're suffering global recession and inflation?

Luis: One thing. Unemployed is different from unemployable. While we can not avoid sometimes being unemployed let us do everything within our means to avoid or to refuse being unemployable.

Ricky: What's your message to the whole Purisimian community?

Luis: Baw message gid ya. Daw world peace.hehehhehehe God gave us talents. In the end, we will be accountable for them. So let your light shine. Follow your heart. You can’t go wrong.

Ricky: Any concerns?

Luis: Well, I wish that there were more writers who would start writing and embracing local languages. More writers in Hiligaynon. After all, our national language is in the process of being written. I hope there would be more who would contribute to writing Hiligaynon in the niche of our national language. There is no such thing as a superior language. In more ways than one, Hiligaynon can be a language superior to English. Palanggaun ta kag ipabugal ang atun lengwahe.

*** Luis Batchoy replces my real name, in keeping with the 'secrecy' of my real identity... etcgos lang. di bala Dawn?

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Sunday, April 12, 2009


El Descanso

Every year, pag good friday, hindi ako mayayang mag beach, mag out of town or whatever.

May responsibilidad kasi ako. Saan man ako naroroon, pwera na lang kung out of the country, kailangan ko talaga umuwi at pumunta ng Roxas City, Capiz, dahil sa obligasyon at panata ko.

It all started during my first holy week in Capiz years back. Long story kung pano ako napadpad sa Capiz, pero the first time I set foot in Capiz, I feel in love, at first sight, truly, madly deeply, with the place.

Sabi ko nga, tutoong may mga aswang sa Capiz dahil na 'yanggaw' agad ako ng lugar. Yanggaw ang term sa Hiligaynon nung process kung papanong nagiging aswang din ang isang tao. Either dahil nasalinan ng laway, pinakain ng pagkain ng aswang or what nots. Pag na yanggaw ka, nagiging aswang ka na rin. Yun ang nangyari sa akin.

Going back to the panata, yung ka dynamic duo ko sa panulatan na si Bryan ang malaking rason kumbakit ako napadpad ng Roxas. Nagmamay-ari sila ng isang paso - centuries old na santo na nilalagay sa carro at pinuprusisyon pag Good Friday. Nung Holy Thursday, nilabas na sa taguan ang senyor. Ang paso nila ay ang "El Descanso" o ang pagpapahinga. Matapos na ma scourge sa pillar si Hesus, yun bali ang pagpapahinga nya. Yun yung part na mina mock sya ng mga sundalo, binihisang parang hari, binigyan ng scepter na weeds at nilagyan ng crown of thorns. Na mention ng grand aunt ni Bryan na di na maganda ang wig na buhok ng santo at nagpaplano na silang mag pagawa ng bago kasi gulagulanit na ang wig.

Bigla namang entra ang batang kapatid na babae ni Bryan. Wala syang kaalam alam sa pinaguusapan namin sa sala pero bigla siyang nagsabi na

"Noy Luis, parehos kamo buhok ni Jesus no?"

Tinamaan naman ako. Parang pahiwatig na hinihingi Nya ang buhok ko. Promptly, for the next Holy Week, pinaputol ko ang aking long curly fab hair at pinagawang wig ng santo. Currently, yun ang ginagamit na buhok ng santo. That year din ang simula ng panata ko. Ako ang nangasiwa sa pag dedecorate ng carro ng paso. Wala naman akong hinihingi sa senyor pero halos bawat taon, walang sablay na merong malakingh biyaya at pagpapala ako na natatanggp galing sa senyor, at minsan, patong patong pa. Simula noon, walang sablay na ako na ang nangangasiwa, simula sa pag order ng mga bulaklak hanggang sa pag dedecorate sa paso. Yun ang taon taong kong panata. Nakakapagod pero nakaka kalma ang taunang sakripisyo ko. Lagi akong nakakatulog sa pagod pero may dalalng kapayapaan sa aking puso't kaluluwa.

Kahit hindi ako pamilya, at kahit wala na kami ni Bryan. ( Oo na nga, naging kami. Mahigit walong taon at yun ang pinakarason na nag Capiz ako.) ay kasali ako sa pag aasikaso sa paso. Ang pamilya ni Bryan ay naging pangalawang pamilya ko na rin at lagi ay kasama ako sa pag aasikaso sa paso. Sige na nga, exception na sya sa rule ko na I do not make friends with my exes, pero kais naman ang relasyon namin ay nag elevate na sa ibang lebel at dimension.

Taon taon, hangga't pwede at hangga't kaya ko, mamamanata pa din ako sa senyor, at lagi lagi ay nagiging makabuluhan ang aking Biyernes Santo dahil dun.