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Interview with the Batchoy

Nag email sa akin ang current EIC ng schoolm pub na dati ko pinamumunuan. Nasa email ang draft ng interview nya sa akin na ilalabas nya sa susunod na isyu ng magazine sa school.

Two things.

1. Nakakatuwa dahil light ad spunky ang dating ng interbyu

2. Medyo tamad sya. He did not write 'around' the interview. Talagang kin-cut and paste nya lang ang usapan namin over YM. Hehehehe.

Oh well...

Here's the transcript, for that 'Happy thought'. Just in case merong pixie dust...


The former EIC who stood up as a Palanca awardee An Interview with Luis Batchoy***

By Ricky D. Apelado

Palanggaun ta kag ipabugal ang atun lengwahe.---Luis Batchoy

(Let us love and take pride in our own language)

The Purisimian interviewed Mr. Luis Batchoy ***the former Editor-in-Chief of The Purisimian publication and a graduate of BS Commerce Major in Management in the year 2004. His short story in Hiligaynon entitled “Bitay” was chosen last September 1, 2008 as 3rd Place in Palanca Awards under the Short Story in Hiligaynon category. Palanca Awards is a yearly event where interested writers all over the Philippines could pass their most well-kept pieces worthy of honor. Likewise, in the Global Meritage Press Holiday Poetry Contest last January 2008, he won as an international grand winner.

Ricky: How’s life after winning Palanca

Luis: Hahaha. Life has been the same although its busier now. With recognition comes tight schedules. When i won the palanca, more people started seeing me as a serious writer

people started expecting bigger things.

Ricky: How did you feel when you knew you're one of the Palanca awardees?

Luis: GOD! I was screaming my lungs out the whole morning

when I got the invitation in the mail. I screamed hysterics. Hehehehhehe. And when I knew who the other winners were, I was bowled over to be included with Dr. Leoncio Deriada and Prof. Alice Tan Gonzales.

Ricky: What inspired you to write Bitay?

Luis: Have you read the story?

Ricky: Yes, precisely. And I'm amazed that you even introduced Tapaz, Capiz.

Luis: Bitay is a 'cultural' story. The springboard is a cultural event during holy weeks. I have always been fascinated by the pageantry of the holy week. As a Capiznon writer I’m proud of Capiz. This is a cultural assertion. If other writers can write about stories set in manila, or even Paris why not Capiz?

Ricky: I'm amazed with the story. Is it really true?

Luis: What about it do you want to know? Well, i was sakristan mayor when i was younger that church Santa Teresita was where I served. I was reciting the resplandor for almost five years until I was too big for the role. So the story and the plot are etched in my heart. It’s partly true, partly fiction. The plot is factual. The bitay happens every year during Easter but the rest is fictionalized.

Ricky: What is really about Palanca Awards?

Luis: Palanca is the most prestigious writing award in the Philippines. It is sometimes reffered to as the Philippine equivalent of the Pulitzer prize. It is some sort of a rite of passage for Filipino writers. You don’t seem to be considered a "serious" writer until you win a Palanca.

Ricky: So what do you want to say to those who want to become Palanca awardees?

Luis: I say do not write for the awards. Do not write to win anything. Write because it's what your heart tells you to do. Write because if you can't write you will die. Write because there is nothing else that matters in the world.

Ricky: Can you tell some things about yourself?

Luis: I’m such a big kid. Hehhehehe

Ricky: Can you tell something more about you? What are your hobbies?

Luis: Hahahaha. Well. I’m a crazy guy. Hobbies? Tambay kag mangape. In my spare time I also do theater. Kung may spare time pa eh.

Ricky: With your success are there some things you would like to share about your failures and struggles? As a student before? As a writer? Now? Thanks.

Luis: As a student and even now, there is just not enough time. Writing sometimes is considered a waste of time. People think we need "REAL" jobs. Writing can not bring food to the table. It is not a profitable thing to do. With my love for the publication my academics always suffered.

Ricky: How did you manage your academic life and curricular activities before?

Luis: By being friends with my teacher and making palu-oy lu-oy.hehehehehehehhehe. I’m glad that most teachers understand how it is to be with the publication and somehow, when the magazine comes out all my efforts and hard work always get paid off. I had a wonderful staff. Harold Buenvenida was a work horse. Thea Acielo was a great Managing Editor. My staff were good to work with…plus, Ma'am Calvez, and later, Ma'am Glenn Tercero were very supportive… same with Fr. Conrado Palete.

Ricky: For you, what are d secrets to success?

Luis: GOD’s Grace, HARD WORK, Dedication to your Passion, and good people who support you. Finding a cause bigger than you and dedicating your life to it. That's the secret I guess.

Ricky: What are your plans in the future? May we know them?

Luis: Plans? Well I plan to be a good lawyer to help the poor and marginalized especially the children. Well... serve also the rich who may need help. Hhehehhehe. Write more poems, more stories and perhaps publish books in time maybe write a legitimate novel, win in the MAN ASIAN? The National Book Award? And find my one true love.gegege

Ricky: What can you say about journalist killings, and freedom of the press?

Luis: This is a dangerous world that we are living in today. People die for what they believe in. People die for their convictions. And there is no other way. Journalists should keep the fire burning. They should stick to the fight no matter how hard the odds. However, I believe in developmental journalism. The power of the press is a force to reckon with. Let us not taint this, and let us keep in mind that with the powers they wield, come great responsibility and social responsiveness. It is deplorable but true, how the powers of the press are abused and used to achieve personal ends, time and again..

Ricky: What would your advice be to future job applicants especially we're suffering global recession and inflation?

Luis: One thing. Unemployed is different from unemployable. While we can not avoid sometimes being unemployed let us do everything within our means to avoid or to refuse being unemployable.

Ricky: What's your message to the whole Purisimian community?

Luis: Baw message gid ya. Daw world peace.hehehhehehe God gave us talents. In the end, we will be accountable for them. So let your light shine. Follow your heart. You can’t go wrong.

Ricky: Any concerns?

Luis: Well, I wish that there were more writers who would start writing and embracing local languages. More writers in Hiligaynon. After all, our national language is in the process of being written. I hope there would be more who would contribute to writing Hiligaynon in the niche of our national language. There is no such thing as a superior language. In more ways than one, Hiligaynon can be a language superior to English. Palanggaun ta kag ipabugal ang atun lengwahe.

*** Luis Batchoy replces my real name, in keeping with the 'secrecy' of my real identity... etcgos lang. di bala Dawn?

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Reesie said...

wow.. galing.. palanca awardee ka pala luis? wowowee.. ang galing.. congrats!!

Dawn said...


Such a foregone conclusion that I be the first to comment..

First up, congratulations for the recognition ( ambot ah!!! san-o ka pa ya indi marecognize man?!!! hahahahaha) I never tire of saying that you deserve it..

Second, Okay okay.. for the etchos of it- Fine. Cge. Secret kung secret.. (pati ka na, wala lang ko mcomment.. how you remain a "secret" escapes me really.. "mysterious" is more of the word we're looking for here)..

Lastly, "sud-an" hasnt texted yet.. Hmp!!!

Again and again, cant wait to go home and "process" everything


Yj said...

ay taryful ng interview....

pero bakit yun lang ba ang hobbies mo?.... bakit witchikels mo gibswara ang CHASING BOYS... hehehehe


Luis Batchoy said...

@rees: matagal mo na kayang alam yan noh! Kaw talaga! Memory gap?

@dawn: you will always find me where you last left me. I will be always here when you come HOME

@YJ: eh gaga ka pala eh, hindi lang po catholic school ang skewlahang yon, archdiocesan school pa. Well, ayaw ng mga pari ng kaagawy sa hobby na yan sister. hehehehe