Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Calm

The past few weeks have been a flurry of activities. Non stop party one after the other. Lately, I have been sleeping for whole days on end. Now there is peace and quiet.

My older sister left for the states last Friday. They had to go back and vacationing is over for them. I will sorely miss her, Daddy Wills and cutie Excelsa. There was a promise for me to either go there as soon as the Bar Exams have been taken, or they come back for my graduation next March. I need to go for renewal of my Visa. One more travel perhaps, and as a promised graduation gift. An Asian tour of choice or C2C. Convert to Cash. Then again, let's not count the chicks until they're hatched.

In turn, Sister Jinky left the next day, early morning. Much as I would like to see her off, she left too early for my nocturnal self. She took Jean Jovi with her. although the rest of the broodlings might be doing school here eventually, and she will come back in a month's time, leaving is still leaving,

Big brother is off to Boracay with her wifey and friends. No body invited no one. Oh well. Not that anybody is thrilled to go with them anyways.

Now, we saw Mudrah and Fudrah off to the airport. They are going to Thailand for three days on a vacation cum biznez venture trip. No one invited no body. Shet! I would have been thrilled to go. Then again, let the couple be, I say.

Now there's peace and quiet in the house. No more flurry of activity and the rest room is just as it used to be. Hehehehe. I complain internally how infernal the rest room looks like with everybody using the three of them cr's in the house, and with the one closest to my room as the nastiest scene of all. Isa pa naman to sa mga pinakapaborito kong tambayan sa bahay na to. Oh well... I really have a problem with goodbye's. I can't get used to it. I hate it and try to avoid it when I can. I gives me a deep sinking feeling that I do not like.,

Lil Sis Shane is back to school with her summer load. Lil Sis Sarah and I did bonding time last night. Perhaps one of the last for a long time. I would be preoccupied with my own summer load next week. The hiatus has ended and I intend to make good time for summer with summer load.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Roxas City by Wednesday for my annual Holy Week panata. More on this in the next blog post. It is so quiet in the house now that it seems depressing to hear my keyboards click. Not until a text message came in from Perlas. The gang is at MO2 Ice.

Now where's my "OHMAHGAWD I hate me for being so Glam' shirt? Errr Palm Sunday na pala.

Emphasis on PALM.

Cheerios! Heheheheh

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