Sunday, December 25, 2011


The Batchoyan does it's yearly tradition. Ladies and gentle batchoys, here is this year's christmas Cantata! Merry Christmas everyone!

And this one from my future 'bana' chos lang! pabay-i lang bala ko. hehehehe

and of course, something from Las Islas Filipinas!

Merry Merry Christmas Batchoy Denizens! Love and light!

Luis Batchoy

Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Selective Amnesia Thing

I know, I know, I know! I forgot again, and I have no excuses! Maybe I just got lost in the thick of it all, or maybe I haven't been thinking of it as much as I used to. Nevertheless, a milestone is a milestone, so, late as it may seem, let me greet us!

HAPPY 3RD Year Anniversary to us Batchoy Denizens!

The Batchoyan turns three!!!

Three friggin' years! So much has happened! So many things have changed and yet, so many things remain the same. Some people have come and gone and we have taken all the good with the bad. When I back read sometimes, I sigh. How much of me have I revealed to you? Too much, and yet, it feels like none at all. Some entries make me smile as they used to, and some could even make me smile wider than it used to. It has been a wonderful journey so far and I thank all of you for journeying with me - ups, downs, sides and every which way.

I admit it gets harder and harder to churn out entries lately. Maybe it's going back to law school. Maybe it's the other things that occupy my mind. Or maybe, just maybe, its because it feels like there's no one there anymore. The batchoy turns cold without a word from you guys. Show me some lovin and hit that comment button. I know you are still out there because Feedjit says so, but you know, it gives me more reasons to fight the 'tamad' modes!

So now, since its our third year, instead of you giving me a gift, let me give you a gift. It comes in threes, so I need you to click on that comment button and tell me three things you'd like me to write about. I will choose three commentors and will write all three things you ask of me. You know what it's like. 3 wishes. Genie thinggie! Sounds like fun right? SO go! Make the Batchoy Boi happy! Fire away with the comments!

Happy Third everyone! You know what they say. Third time's the Charm!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ten Sperm Things

In an article I recently read from shared links on my News Feed in Facebook, this stood out.

Read here

Let us, for a moment set aside the thought that the good Senator's words are full of crap, stupid, and bull. Let us then for a moment, put on our thinking caps and perhaps, see it the same way the Senator does. What if indeed, masturbation is interfering with the natural process of fertilization. What if indeed, it is tantamount to abortion.

Senator Enrile expressed his concern as such:

“And the question that bothers me is… Is the sperm alive? Is the ovum of the woman alive? I have consulted doctors and the answer is yes.

The sperm of a man cannot fertilize any egg, not the egg of a whale, or a lizard, or a bird, or a fish, but only the egg of a woman. And neither can the egg of a woman be fertilized by any other sperm except the sperm of a man, so that these two elements must be together to create life. But each one of them has life. There is no question about that because they have mobility: They move; they develop.”

Very noble then, is the good Senator's intention to protect the 'dignity' of this 'living' organism. As such, here are some conjectures that can normally be arrived at, granting that the sperm, indeed, is a living sentient being.

1. The sperm has feelings and emotions, thus, it is a must for it to be protected and nurtured.

Yes, dear Batchoy denizens, naturally, if the sperm is alive, it is then capable of emotions. Much like we protect plants and animals, we must also protect the sperm, as a living entity. We must make sure it is nurtured and protected.

2. The sperm then, being alive and being a 'future person,' it must be afforded legal personality.

- Never mind that the Civil Code has a different definition of legal personality and when it should be considered in existence. After all, it could easily be revised and replaced with legislative intent for the same purposes. Being a living organism, it must be given full rights. Voting rights, Civil Rights. It must be allowed to be registered and vote, it must be allowed to acquire properties, to be subject of testamentary capacity, to be able to go to school, to be able to earn a decent living, to be secure in its house, papers and personal effects. It may also be elected into office then, or appointed to government service!

3. It must be a subject of a Senate or House Inquiry in aid of legislation.

- Now that the sad state of the Sperm has come into light, it is imperative that our Senate bring an inquiry to improve the status of the Sperm, which has remained in the dark for so long a time. We must conduct extensive study and research and inquire into the sad state of the sperm before the brilliant Senator has discovered it's 'existence.' After all we should be committed to the development and welfare of the least of our brothers and sisters, and every living being! We must invite a 'spokesperm' or a 'represpermative' to shed light to this condition!

4. Associations and NGO's must be formed for the welfare of the Sperm.

- We then must come together and fight for the welfare of the sperm. It should be considered marginalized and hence, we should do our part in protecting the sperm from abuses. We must form associations and People's Organizations for the welfare of the sperm!

5. It should organize, together with other sperm, under one banner, and run for office as a marginalized group under the party list system.

- It is provided for under the party list system, that representation is afforded to the marginalized sector of society, and as such, the sperm and their kind should also be afforded with the same privilege! VOTE FOR SPERM in the next elections!

6. It must have its own religion.
- If it is alive and is to be a future person in itself, then it must care for its soul, and as such, it must have a faith of it's own. Preferably, Catholic!

Further in the debate for the RH Bill, the good Senator also said:

“Well, if the man wants to satisfy himself by manipulating himself alone, if it is only for pleasure, then it interferes with the production of life. That is my belief. That is a matter of faith to me.”

Therefore -

7. Everything that is a matter of faith for a member of the Senate should be given high credence.
- Never mind the doctrine of separation of Church and State! If the Senator feels like legalizing cannibalism, then it should be, because it is a matter of faith! Speaking of cannibalism;

8. Since the sperm is a living entity, the swallowing of it in any form, sexual or otherwise, is considered cannibalism.

-So too is the 'interfering' with the production of life when a woman ovulates every month and has her discharges. It interfered with the meeting of the sperm and the egg and the ovulating woman should be charged accordingly for preventing or failing to cause the production of life. Hence, it should be a law that every egg should be fertilized to produce life, and the ovulating woman should do everything to cause such a union!

9. Therefore, the sperm should be a subject of a UN Convention!
- Knowing now that the sperm is a living organism, it should not only be protected locally, but should be a subject of International importance, hence a summit should be called, and a protocol or a UN Convention on the protection of the same should be pushed. NOW!

And lastly!

10. For purposes of gender equality, the same matters should be undertaken for the egg cells!
- Of course, the feminine counterpart must be equally protected!

Ain't that brilliant? Now, please, give the good Senator an Honoris Causa Degree in Medicine and Theology!
Here is the brilliant Senator! Champion of the Sperm's cause!

Images Courtesy of Google Images

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Plus One

Although I am still in the heavens, there are some earthly matters to take care of, and so I need to somehow come down from my clouds of bliss. To start with, there are the schedules to fix. The midterms exams are coming up and I need to calendar my trip to Manila to make the most of my time there. There are the plane tickets to book, and of course, the attire for the Ceremony. Well, the attire is being taken care of, as tomorrow, my good friend will join me in scouring the city for a suitable ensemble. One more question remains unanswered: who then should be my Palanca 'plus one?'

In laymen's term, the Palanca plus one is the special guest that would accompany an awardee to the ceremonies. Each awardee is given the privilege of bringing along only one guest for the awards night. My first Palanca experience was actually as a 'plus one' of a then significant other, who won an award a year or so ahead of me. When it was my turn to win, we were no longer exactly us. In the years that I have been joining the competition, I might have promised some 'then-significant' others to have the singular distinction of joining me in one of the most splendid night in the life of a writer like me. Too bad however, that the liaisons with these 'then-significant others' did not last us long enough to see me achieve this distinction.

My first 'plus one' was very very special in another way. As loyal denizens would know, I went with my 'almost-wife-sans-the-sex-and-marriage' super girl Charmita. We had a blast then and it was a most wonderful evening. I am not complaining but at a time like this, it is but natural for a sentimental poet to feel the pangs of longing for that special 'plus one' for the night. You know what I'm saying.

This year finds me un-partnered and very much single too, so there is no automatic 'plus one' to share this big triumph with. It would be a very very tricky thing to do to be asking someone from my writer's group to join me that night. Aside from the obvious expenses involved, I do not want to be accused of having 'favorites.' Besides, its not like we can just pick anyone just like that. Every Palanca Award Winner's circle of friends would understand the gravity of being asked to be an awardee's plus one. It's as if you have been shared that distinction of the win too. So now the dilemma. Who to ask to be my plus one?


Well you see, it might be plain fantasy or day dreaming, but you know, I also merely day dreamed and fantasized about my Palanca moment, but I must have done something right and someone up there must like me a lot to make it come true. So, you see? You can never can tell says Ara Mina. So let's see the viability. Here goes:

I was thinking, ever since the moment I first saw the raw talents of this person I wanted to ask him to be my plus one. Being a disciple of the arts himself, I know he would understand the immensity of the situation and would perhaps be honored to be my plus one. More so, when I saw him in one of the movies, I was convinced he had to be my next plus one. I have to take him to the Awards Night with me, and wearing this... exactly this!

Then again, maybe he won't be admitted to the Rigodon Ballroom because of strict implementation of the dress code, and I am afraid of the rumors that he is given to a little violence. So, ahmmm... maybe not. Maybe I need someone gentler.

So I thought maybe he should be my plus one. I do not watch much TV so I didn't know him from Adam. Not until recently when I saw him in a Cinemalaya entry. Well, probably, if I was in Eugene Domingo's place and I was asked for a role in a movie with him as producer, I would in fact say the same things:

"Full frontal nudity, check!"

"Death-defying stunts, check!"

"Sex scene with actual penetration, check na check!"

Maybe even if he asks me to swim in a septic tank, I would have been convinced by his sweet smile! And maybe, I would have even said this while floating in shit: "I'm just a boy, floating in front of another boy, asking him to loourve him in return!"

Well, I know he looks the part and the clothes would not be a problem, but you know, the Barong Tagalog is kinda dated. Something more 'cultural'. Maybe, he should be my guest. Yes, him!

Fine that's a long shot I know, and my little crush with him was not even enough to make me vote for him during the last elections. Not to mention the many envious baklitas in the Awards Night that might mob me should I be seen with the guys above. Well, I need some one to defend me. Alam mo na! Baka kalmutin ako ng mga lola nyo sa Palanca. They might bitch-slap me and scratch my delicate Ilonggo skin! I need a hero! So, ok fine! That settles it! He should be my Palanca plus one!

Pramis, wala na talaga akong choice! Baka sya na lang talaga! Napipilitan na talaga ako eh. Hehehe. Hayaan nyo na akong mangarap ano ba!

My my my! Who should it be then? Help me out guys!


All Photos grabbed from Google images

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

By popular demand

The batchoy boi is ecstatic! Once again, a parcel came in August!

Oh yes, indeed! I will be at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Peninsula Hotel, Manila on September 1, 2011!

Yes, dear denizens. The Board of Judges for this year's Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards have found my entry meritorious enough to win the First Prize in the Filipino Poetry for Children category!

Oh yes, and I will be getting one of those ginormous 'plate-like' medals too! It's kinda ironic how, months before, even years before this happy day, I have always dreamed and fantasized of how it would feel to receive that Palanca 'pinggan' but when the letter finally came and I now actually stand to get one for myself, I seem to not believe I actually won one! I would jokingly tell my friends that my lone certificate from the Palanca Awards 2008 for my 3rd Prize win in the Hiligaynon Short Story category is already lonely on my wall and could use some company. Now, here it is - with a pinggan at that!

Much as I could not describe the incredible feeling the first time I won the Palanca, same goes with this one. It's true what they say that each award brings a thrill of its own. Perhaps I will never ever get used to this feeling - this exhilaration! Now before I get away with myself, let me get to the point of this blogpost. When I shared the news on my Facebook account, my ever supportive friends flooded me with congratulations and well wishes. This added to the sweetness of the triumph, even more than the award itself. One recurring request is for a copy of the winning piece. The entry is a collection of 10 poems for children. I am sure that it will appear on the Palanca website shortly, and since they have publishing consent, I'm afraid there will be 'technicalities' if I jump the gun and publish them online. So, to satisfy my loyal reading public and hordes of fans (Chos lang!) I'd like to give you the title poem of the collection. I believe it has already appeared in its unedited form somewhere in this blog, so let me repost it. Here goes:


Ako ang bida.

Ako ang pinakamaganda.

Bago lagi ang damit ko at sapatos.

Sa akin ay wala nang nakakaungos.

Ako ang bida.

Ako ang laging nangunguna.

Mga gamit ko ay mamahalin.

Wala nang tatalo sa akin.

Ako ang bida.

Kinaiinggitan ng iba,

Sikat at pinaguusapan,

Sa buong paaralan.

Liban na lang pag may miting ang PTA

O di kaya ay tuwing Family Day.

Dahil si Nanay, sa ibang bansa nagtatrabaho

Hayun, si Yaya, sinasapawan ang byuti ko.

Thank you so much to all my friends, family and supporters who believed, prayed, wished and hoped with me. This victory is as much yours as it is mine! I love you guys! Oh, and yes, see you in Manila and let he coffee flow! The Batchoy boils over!

Monday, July 18, 2011

To the fragile heart of yours

Dear Brokenhearted friend,

I know this is a VERY difficult time. I know your pain. I have been there myself a couple of times, and not so very long ago. To be very honest with you, I do not know what to do. Not any better than the time it was my own heart that got broken. Well, actually, my heart is being broken too - by your tears. You see, that is the one thing I can not bear to see - the sight of someone in tears over some stupid uncertainty of loving and the loss it brought when the dreaming ends. What do I say? That there is hope? That somehow, soon enough, the person who broke your heart would come to terms and to proper senses? Really? You wanna hear that? Or do I tell you that you are strong and you can weather this one out? Come on! Haven't you heard that from me enough times already? Will it really make you feel better? Will it really ease the pain? Oh, right! The pain! The excruciating, boundless, incomparable pain! That! Trust me, I know the feeling so well. In fact, when I see your pain escape through your eyes, I feel my own broken heart. I still feel the scars there. Healed up, yes, but then again, the scars still hurt every now and then, especially on long lonely and cold moonlit nights, and when it rains. The scars in fact sometimes do open up with the slightest provocation! Remember that pain, dear. Relish. These are the moments that make you realize how alive you are! The greater the pain, they say, the greater the affirmation of your capacity to love. Blah blah blah, right? All you want right now is for everything to be fine again. To be once more back in those arms you longed to hold you. Really? So, have you thought of other arms out there? Other embraces? Oh, yeah, right, coming from me, that should be hearsay. I know, right! I haven't found those arms myself. Oh, but the journey - the wonderful journey. :)

And so you pick up the pieces. The problem with picking up the pieces, aside from obviously not knowing where and how to start, is the tears that come unbidden. It clouds your vision so you don't see really well, and some pieces are just too sharp. They prick and cut you, and then you bleed all over again. Yes, the pain! Well, you can leave the pieces for a little while, but not too long. Left alone, the pieces might not adhere all too well. We don't want that much gap when piecing them together do we? Oh, and some pieces are too small, they get blown away, so the sooner you get to them, the better chances of piecing them together without so much missing. Well, okay, fine, there will be missing pieces no matter how diligently you scour for them. Yes, you will never be the same. These things change you.

So, what now? After what? Six, seven years? Honestly, I don't have any idea. When my heart got blasted too, after ten years with that shmuck, I got lost too. Does it matter how long really? Well maybe, the longer it took, the harder it will be to be over. I cannot vouch for that. See, I'm a sucker for these things. Even my brief stints hurt as much as the longer ones. That's just me. So let me tell you a secret. You might not need the information now, but trust me, you will find it fun when you get to look back. It was nice being lost. :)

Maybe next time, I will be able to tell you about the wonderful art of falling out of love. You see, it completes the process sometimes. We never can say how we loved well if we do not see how well we fall out of love. After all, we only get one shot at that love which would last us a lifetime. Only one love that would never end. Well, sometimes we don't get a shot at it at all, but that's not my point. Maybe, next time, we can talk of how it is to rediscover yourself after the break up, but not now. You need time to linger - to indulge. Maybe, there will be no next time. See, I can only do so much and sooner or later, I really have to be not there. Friendship is a combination of being there, so that our friends would feel our support, and not being there, so that our friends would know that we are confident enough with their own strengths. Sometimes we need to be left alone, and I believe it is during these times that we are left alone that we grow much.

This is getting to be a long boring drone, and to end it, I can only let you borrow my own mantra for heartbreaks like these. "This, too, shall pass!" Not much of an incantation or a mantra right, but it has worked, tested and proven. This, too, shall pass, my friend. I am quite confident you will be okay in the end. As long as I can, meanwhile, you have my ears. You have my shoulders to cry on, and you have my hugs to at least tide you through. Just a spoonful of sugar, says Mary Poppins, helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way. Oh, and yes, Kahlil Gibran was sooo right! So love shall crown you, so shall it crucify you. I love you friend. Please be okay soon.

Hugs and Kisses

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Refuse Medical Attention

Today was quite a day!

It started out with the happy occasion of my parent's 44th wedding anniversary. Most of the family got together in good spirits for a celebratory lunch. The (grand)kids were also there. When lunch winded down, it was too late and I was too lazy already to go to my next class at 1:00PM, so I decided to stay with my sister at the grill. She had some drinks with some of the boys and I had coffee from nearby Starbucks. Around 6PM, my friend texted me. He was offering me his month old Nokia C6 for only 7,500. I was reluctant for two reasons. One, I just recently upgraded to a Nokia 5800, which I got for 5,000, and secondly, I was waiting in the wings for a cheaper (almost free) deal with another friend for an N7. He said he was kinda pressed to sell his unit because he will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, and funds were low. I haggled with him, and offered a trade in, which is the usual case. He said he'd get my 5800 for 2,500. I asked him to lower the price to 7,000 and to increase the swao value of my phone to 3,500. Which brings it evens. I'd just add 3,500 for the upgrade. He said, we had a deal at 4,000. Since he was a trusted friend and had good deals previously, plus it was his birthday, I agreed. I asked my older sister if she had cash with her and she agreed to give me the 4,000 I was asking. Perfect. And so we decided to meet at our usual coffee haunt and the exchange took place. So now I have a spanking upgraded unit.

As expected, most of the usual retinue of friends were there at the coffee shop. One of them was a good friend Jarrah, with whom I had a little strain with, days back. No big deal really, just a bit of a crease and I was ready to smooth it over with today. She was asking if we could go grab dinner at Parajan, a local Tapsilog joint. The closest one was along Iznart street, near the YMCA Building. Since Mike, another friend, had a car, we three drove there after my mug of coffee.

I was in the car tinkering with my new phone and as we neared the place, we saw a clump of people gathered at our side of the road. Then we saw two people lying sprawled on the pavements! There was a vehicular accident, and a motorcycle lay some inches away. Instinctively, I scanned for rescue team, Emergency Crew or Red Cross Volunteers but none were in sight. Instinctively, my Medic training kicked in. I got out of the car and assessed the situation to determine what sort of help I could extend. I saw that both men were conscious, though one peed in his pants, and the other was clutching his chest. There was a little blood but I saw there was no need for CPR or any of that emergency care stuff. There were no Emergency Crew in sight, and someone flagged a vacant jeep so both of them could be brought to the nearest public hospital, which was in La Paz district.

I did what little I could to help by making sure they were properly lifted and carried to avoid aggravating any injury that they might have sustained. Since both were conscious, we were able to carefully lift them and got them on the jeep. Since I was mainly the one lifting/carrying both of them, one at a time, I also got into the jeep together with one tanod official to get them to the hospital. The owner of the karaoke joint nearby also followed in his motorbike as he was the one facilitating earlier.

As we arrived, one other ambulance was in the process of unloading a patient. We immediately asked for a stretcher, but it was the waiting time that was stretched instead. We told them we were concerned citizens bringing the victims for medical attention. N0 stretcher were being brought out. After almost an hour, somebody in a red shirt said the ER was fully packed and there were no beds. If we insist, the only place for them would be on the floor. He then suggested we take the two guys elsewhere. It not being our call since after all, upon bringing them in for medical attention, our job is done, and since both victims were conscious, we left it to them to decide. A few minutes later, another ambulance from a nearby town came and the patient was tended to. At first there were reporters doing bit in the hospital who tried making heads or tails of the whole thing, reporting live for the radio.Some half an hour more, a TV Camera and a reporter came and took footages, trying their best to interview the victims. A colleague from the same station I used to work at managed to get a few words from me, which wasn't that much because I really did not know what happened. My only concern was to bring them to the hospital for emergency care. Just like magic, a few more minutes later after the camera started rolling, a stretcher appeared, with a lone orderly. Finally the guy clutching his chest complaining of pain there and hardness of breathing was brought in. The other guy who was ambulatory by then got down the jeep on his own and walked in too.

I am just amazed at how almost blatantly the other hospital employee told us we could not be accommodated, suggesting we take these victims to a different hospital, lying through his teeth about being full and there being no stretchers available. I hated the fact that had these guys been in a more critical condition, the long wait could have been fatal. I hate the fact too, that the hospital, being a public hospital could refuse to admit these guys who were obviously in need of emergency medical attention, just because no folks (read: paying parties) were with them. I also hate it that the News Camera was still needed as some sort of scare-factor before they took out the friggin stretcher and admit these two guys, who most likely are still in the state of shock! Whatever happened to public service, the good samaritan law, and even the oaths that these hospital people swore by?

Finally, when they already got in, I saw a text message from Mike saying they followed me and was there at the parking lot waiting for me. We ended up buying pork barbecue and isaw in front of the hospital in lieu of the supposed Parajan dinner. We ended up taking our dinner and drove to the San Rafael access road and ate our dinner by the side street gutters.

It was one hell of a day, and if you have still not guessed which hospital it was with all the clues then ok, let me tell you. It was at the WVSU-Don Benito Hospital. Whew!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The PhotoTag Incident

I am taken a bit aback by a recent photo tagging. Someone from my friends list tagged some photos of mine to some of his own friends. I know that Facebook, being a public content and social networking website, it is possible for virtually everyone to view and share content. However, I believe that somehow, I am still entitled to what little privacy the site provides, and that according to my option and election. It may not be a big deal since whatever I post here, I own up to and am not ashamed of. For one, I would not post them if I wasn't. It's just that, sometimes, there are boundaries that need to be drawn. I believe I still exercise caution and selection in the posts I put out and I respect other people's boundaries too so I felt compelled to let that friend know of my concern. Here is the message I sent.


I noticed you tagged a few people in one of my albums. While its ok to tag people who might be in a photo in my albums, I can see that you tagged people in one of the photos that has only me in it. Also,I saw that you tagged some other people that I am not even friends with or do not even know. I just like you to know that no matter how public these photos may be, I do not appreciate it that you indiscriminately tag people without my consent. This is a form of invasion of my privacy and a form of disrespect. For now, I have kept the album private to prevent from being tagged. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from doing the same, and if possible, kindly ask me before tagging anyone, especially those who may not have any business seeing those photos, or otherwise, those whom I may not even know. I just want you to know that I am not very happy with that. Thank you very much.



I edited the privacy of the album so no one else but me will be able to see it for the now. Since the friend was also online at that moment, the friend also promptly replied and apologized explaining that it was mere happiness in seeing the pictures and wanting to share perhaps the confidence and exuberance I exhibited in those photos. I just felt violated that the friend felt entitled to tag and share my photos even with people who I do not even know, nor are in my own friends list. In fairness, the apology was sincere and there was remorse. I said that it was not really a problem but I just felt violated so I had to let the friend know how I felt. Like civilized and educated people that we were, we settled the matter swiftly, humbly and amicably. This led me to a resolution. Maybe it's about time I create a second account for those who are close friends, family relatives and compatriots while maintaining an account for casual acquaintances, friends and the like. While I never before subscribed to such duality, the incident triggered me to rethink this option. After all, I am me, loud and proud. I just felt an unnecessary intrusion and violation of privacy, whatever little boundaries there may be left of it drawn in here. Anyhow, I m glad that the friend took to heart my message and responded in a respectful, apologetic and sincere manner. Now I am really thinking about revamping or creating a second account. Or maybe, just maybe, I was over reacting.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Labor of Love

Jarrah, Eden Von, Apol, Sheena, Freenie:

Before I start, a few preliminaries is in order.
First, I write this as a labor of love. I have prayed and asked for guidance if this is
the right thing to do.

Second, this is the one time and the only way I know to intervene for you.
Should you take these against me, that is your choice. I shall only do this once
and if this too, fails, then I do not know what else to do.

Third, I have no personal interests whatsoever to the issue. I just can't take it in my heart
to see you degenerate and not get your acts together. I am in no way perfect. I too have my own faults, but if you could only see things the way I see them, perhaps you would understand why I'm trying to save what needs to be saved.

With that dispensed, let me proceed.

How did you guys meet? You met because of one common tie. The craft. I know your practices vary. Some may be even directly contradictory with each other, but that did not stop you from being a cohesive group. I know I am not even your original mentor. I do not even delude myself with the thought that you consider me as one. I am not even an elder. Some of you may have surpassed my practice and some of you I even trust and depend on for high expertise on certain areas. I am not necessarily wiser or better. I am happy with being your 'older brother,' of sorts.

I saw how you bonded together. How you cheered for each others success. How you pained for each others failures. I have seen how you guys grew together, how you stuck it out for each other. How you allowed each other elbow room. Yes there were disagreements, but you always, always found a way to harmonize. You concentrated on your similarities instead of your differences and have always treated each other with love and respect. That is why, for the past ten years, you have been together, still together. Every now and then, someone drops off and out, but you always looked after each others backs. You were there for each other. I do not think that such a friendship naturally occurs. You worked for it. You sacrificed a lot for it. Great friendships don't just happen. You make it happen.

Now it's essential to touch base on the issue at hand. I have heard, overheard and 're-heard' the issue again and again, from all possible perspectives and all the tails that accompanied it, until it became pregnant, giving birth to more and more issues. Naturally, at first I thought it was something you could 'weather off.' I was confident about the bond you guys had. I still hope I am right. I honestly do not care who is right, who is wrong, because honestly, each one of you has a valid point and each one has the right to react the way you did, oh, and yes, each one of you has contributed to the worsening of the situation.

Now, what exactly am I trying to get at or achieve with this? Simple. I want you to simmer down. Please think beyond the box. Think beyond your own petty issues and selfish emotions. I know that is a high and mighty thing to do and a tall order, but if you can just please give it a shot. Okay, fine, what I really want you to do is to just drop it. Drop the issue or with an 's' if you please. It is a deadly train that keeps getting longer and longer. Now if you can just drop it. Just like that.

Of course you can't just do that, can you?

That is why, I want you to take the chance for this Holy Week. If you could remember what lesson 101 is, please try to think back. Meditation. Give it time. Meditate. Purposeful silence and awareness. I know it is easy to say, 'so what, I don't need this friendship'. Yes, you don't need it. I agree. That exactly is your pride speaking. And that is what I call on silence is for. With so much anger, pride and hurt, love is forgotten. Love, after all, speaks in whispers and in soft voices that you have to strain your ears to hear it.

What's in it for me? Nothing. I can continue to be friends with you all in a personal level, devoid of the group or the bond, but it will never be the same. Ten years is an awfully long time invested to waste just like that. I know why you are so angry and hurt. That is because you have loved. You loved each and everyone that this hurt is borne out of a misunderstood love between all of you.

And so I ask you to meditate. Clear your thoughts and your hearts. Only when you have been wiped free of prejudices and burdens that you will be able to successfully come together to thresh out your differences. In fact, when you have achieved illumination and clarity, you would do exactly what I was hoping you would do. Drop everything.

As I have said, this is the one first and last time that I will be intervening for you. If this does not work, then I do not know what else would. I am hoping that you all find it in your heart to feel that bond that all of you have. That strong link. That power of friendship. That brotherhood/sisterhood. Order of the inner circle. Circle. No sides. Equal. Eternal.

As I have said, I may not be the most qualified person to say all these, but I feel that being older, at least age wise, I have to do something before this all end up in rubble and ruins. Exactly because I see the friendship and love that you guys worked so hard to achieve.

With these, I bless thee, all under the moon, the god and the goddess, by the four corners and the realms beyond. Merry we meet, merry, we shall part. Blessed be!

Love and Light,
Uriel Pyreaus Dominus

PS: If you do not see what I see with the words I said, then maybe, just maybe, a picture would say what remains unsaid.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

The Batchoy Boi turns a year older! Happy Birthday to me!

The party’s over. I had it days before my actual birthday. The few remaining celebration for the day were also over and done with – coffee, dinner and then some. The deluge of text messages trickled about three hours before and those posted on my facebook wall have all been replied to. So I am left to myself. I wanted it this way – for me to be with myself for the remaining hours of my birthday. I wanted to celebrate the last trickles with the most important person in my life – my own self. So there I was at a bar. The band was still playing. I bought a bottle of shandy. I don’t drink really, and I just wanted to take it slow and easy and just be with myself. I stood by the counters sipping my drink. I saw you look at me. You were with your friends. There were six of you. Let’s just say, you were my type; Chubby flubby, fair, chinkiy eyes, cute lips and ahmmm… dimpled cheeks. Just perfect. Except for one thing – your girl's arms were wrapped all over your arms. Oh well. continue listening to the band. You continue staring. I tried catching your stares but you would casually look away when I try to. Your girl clings obliviously.

Inevitably, the band called out my name. They greeted me. How could they not. I’m a band boy. They called me over to jam a song or two. I feel you look at me as I approach the stage. I sang a couple of songs. I’m used to this. As I said, I’m a band boy. I know you were staring at me while I was performing. I could tell. I was looking your way. After my songs, I got back to my spot. You were scribbling something. Then, you handed it to the waiter. Two songs later, I was called back by my band friends. Somebody requested a song, and I was requested to sing it. I was in good moods, so I gladly obliged my friends. I am so sure it was from you. I saw you smiling as I was singing the two songs you requested. Luckily, I knew the songs. When I finished, I was surprised to see a fresh bottle of shandy and a plate of food on the counter. There was also a slice of cake. The waiter informed me it was for me. I said I didn’t order these. He said it’s on the house. I doubt it. This must have come from you. I saw you smile. Your girl still held your hand. I smiled deep inside. Well…Happy Birthday to me.

A few minutes later, your group left. Oh well… about half an hour later, I went to the comfort room. I went inside one of the cubicles. When I finished peeing, you were there inside the room too. No one else was inside. I smiled at you. You smiled back and said ‘Happy Birthday singer boy. Great performance.’ I said ‘thank you, did the food and drink and cake come from you?’ You just smiled. ‘Why are you alone on your birthday?’ you asked. I said I just want to be and asked ‘where’s your friends, I thought you left earlier?’ You looked into my eyes and gave me a warm smile and said ‘Isn’t it obvious why I came back? You looked lonely. No one should be lonely on his birthday night.’ I thought, goodness, I feel thrilled and this is a badly written screenplay of some cheap Pinoy romantic flick. Where the hell were the people who were supposed to come in and use the toilets? This is so contrived! But your chinito eyes, they stir a longing in me. I responded, ‘but your girlfriend…’ I wasn’t able to finish my question because somebody came in. We tried to act casually.

The guy went straight to one cubicle and as soon as the door latched, you grabbed me, hugged me tight and pushed me back into the nearest cubicle. Your eyes danced with mischief as your tongue probed mine. I got instantly stiff. We kissed and kissed and kissed and we heard the door to the cubicle unlock and the main door open and latch close. You grabbed me. We exited the comfort room. I was blinded by the rush and you led me to your parked car. I knew it was crazy but your hands alternated between the shift stick and my crotch. We ended up in a motel and when finally you were about to suck my stiff member, you paused, looked at me with a silly grin and said, ‘happy birthday band boy,’ and you took it all in.

It was wild, it was passionate and you sapped me dry. We did it all over the room - on the bed, in the toilet, in the showers, by the table, and I came all over too - in your mouth, in your palms, on your chest, inside you. Exhaustion got the better of us and we fell asleep. I could remember hearing the telephone ring. It must be the front desk informing us that our time is over. You picked it up. I was waiting for a nudge from you to get up and get dressed but when you put the phone down it was your warm hug enveloping me that I felt. I slipped into blessed exhausted sleep.

I woke up to the warmth in my crotch, and I saw you already mounted and impaled, pumping up and down. Time didn’t matter. There is the urgency of this lust, perhaps the last one, before we finally get dressed and go. When we came, I asked you what time it was. You said it doesn’t matter. You had us booked for the rest of the day. You smiled as you lay down beside me. I grabbed a smoke. Then you nibbled my ears and whispered ‘happy birthday’ I smiled and said, ‘not anymore. My birthday expired last night.’ You smiled and kissed me saying, ‘no, not you. Me. Happy Birthday to me. Today is my birthday.’ I smiled and allowed you to hug me. In a few minutes you fell asleep on my chest. I watched your cute face deep in slumber and I thought to myself. Darn, what’s your name again? I don’t think we ever asked each other that. Oh well, happy birthday. In an hour, I will wake you up by pumping into you! One good turn deserves another.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lethal Injection

I am currently listening to the live stream of the on-going coverage of the promulgation of the sentence of the three Filipino OFW's in China. After everything has been said and done, it seems that only a miracle can stop the impending execution by Lethal Injection under the Chinese Laws. Even as early as two weeks back, the Chinese Ambassador has already expressed his regret saying that the Chinese Supreme Court have already a final decision and asked that the Philippine Government respect their laws and procedures. I just can't help but give my two cents worth on the issue as well. Here are my thoughts.

1. It is disappointing how China, and other countries still uses the death penalty by Lethal Injection as capital punishment for crimes. What makes it more disappointing is the fact that China has been a signatory to the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. China signed the International Instrument on December 12, 1986 and ratified October 4, 1988. Debatable as it is, to my mind, Death by Lethal Injection is a Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading form of punishment.

2. It is also disappointing that there are still Filipinos who are being victimized and used as drug mules by big time syndicates. Whatever happened to the supposed job of governmental agencies to protect OFW's orient them of the dangers they face and other such follow-ups for them to protect them from these dangers.

3. I just wish that the media would give space to the families and allow them to grieve privately. All this media attention seem like a feeding frenzy to me. Media people seemed to have flocked to the family's houses in the hope of getting a 'scoop' or an 'exclusive.' To my mind, this adds to the stress to the families of the said OFW's. The hope of them relenting and not adding burden to the already frayed nerves of the families seem as dark as the chances of the stay of execution for these poor OFW's.

4. Finally, let us move forward from this experience. Let us reexamine the reasons why many Filipinos still brave the dangers, knowing wide awake the risks that they put their own selves through. Let us try to look for solutions to prevent this from happening again and again. Let us then be vigilant and be very cautious with our work abroad. Let us remember and honor the brave men and women of the Philippines who face thousand and one risks and dangers for the sake of their family's betterment. In closing, let us take a minute of silence to offer a prayer for the three OFW's in China and other migrant workers the world over.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Protect our Children

Before I slept earlier, I reposted a video in my facebook account condemning the beleaguered TV host Willie Revillame of the show Willing Willie on TV5. The said video features a child contestant, six year old jan-jan who was made to dance ala macho dancer gyrating suggestively.

When I woke up, the news has gone viral, with the DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman writing a letter to the TV5 management to refrain from using children this way saying it was clearly a violation of the R.A 7610

I laud the feisty Secretary for acting swiftly on the issue. The MTRCB has also recommended that a panel study the said incident. Meanwhile, TV5 and Willie Revillame have issued apologies and even guested the kid on their latest show with the kids parents saying that they did not feel that the boy was traumatized or abused in any way.

I can not help but express my thoughts on the issue, being a trained Child Rights advocate and paralegal intern at that, trained and immersed on Developmental Legal Issues from the Alternative Law Groups and having completed internship programs from the Children's Legal Bureau.

Here is my piece on the issue:

First and foremost, I have long decried the blatant disregard for good manners and a lack of tact and tasteless tirades of Revillame on National TV. Again and again, he has presented himself as bastos, walang modo and continually put to shame the contestants, the audience and even his own staff in his shows, even before when he was still in ABS CBN. I have stopped watching these shows too.

Secondly, I have long found it abhorrent and loathsome how these shows portray children in very inappropriate roles or portrayals. I have long been indignant and have long held the opinion that making children cry on National TV, for the sake of ratings, getting sympathy for cash or for fame/notoriety is clearly violative of the rights of children to be duly protected and thus constitute a clear violation on the laws pertaining to these protection of the child. I remember an episode where Willie repeatedly asked a child to 'say something' to his father who, allegedly has abandoned them. The child repeatedly said that everything was okay and he had nothing else to say to the absent father, but Revillame kept goading and prodding, which resulted to a tearful message of the child to his absent parent. In my mind, the relieving or the opening of such sensitive issues for a child who has long been trying to forget and get on with life is clearly a form of emotional and psychological abuse at that. In fact, the ridicule he gives are well seen,poking fun at their appearances, and to highlight, sexualities. To subject a child to ridicule because of his apparent effeminacy is clearly a form of abuse and exploitation.

Thirdly, the statement of the parents that no such abuse or trauma was brought about by the incident should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, they were the ones who stand to be benefited with what Jan-jan earned in exchange of his public humiliation, and they too are the ones who will be portrayed evil if found to be amiss and remiss in their rearing and protection of his rights. But of course they will protect themselves and deny such allegations. They too, should be made respondents and party to the exploitation of this kid. Remember that on these issues, the paramount concern should be on 'what is for the best interest of the child,' not what these parents would stand to benefit or lose. Remember too, that matters of these nature are a 'social crime,' hence, people have the obligation to see fit that the rights of the child be protected and to stand up when they see it being violated. Let us also remember that, sad as it may seem, in many cases and even those decided by the courts, it has been proven that sometimes, the parents themselves may not be the most qualified people to protect these rights, and in fact, are the number one violators and exploiters of their very own children.

Fourthly, Willie says that there was no exploitation and they merely wanted to provide entertainment. Further, when he asked the child at a later part why he cried, the kid said that he was merely afraid of basketball star Bonel Balingit, whom Willie called in to stand beside the child. The very act of calling Bonel is already clear abuse. Surely, the intent of such an act is to intimidate the kid. Furthermore, when they saw the child crying, they should have stopped making him do what he was doing and asked the child why he was crying. The belated asking prompts one to think that the child might have been 'coached' already, and his hesitance to say the reason at first must be because he knows that if he, in any way, displease the host, he might not be able to 'win' something in the program. I also agree with Sec. Soliman in an interview aired on Radyo Singko that the mere 'repeated' performance of the child constitutes an abuse or exploitation. To ask the child to do the dance five or six times in the name of entertainment is just too much. He was even placed on an elevated floor that rose up while he was doing his tearful dance.

Finally, I also agree that with this issue, not only Willie or TV5 should be put spot on, but it would also be high time to examine other instances of children being abused on National TV. I agree that little female children should not be asked to dance and gyrate in a suggestive manner seemingly following more mature female sexy stars, or dressed in such manner as well. I agree that when children are being put on the set, the female dancers should also modify their dance steps to make them child-appropriate. In fact, even the courts are modified as per rules when placing a child under the witness stand so as not to create trauma to these poor children whose minds and psychological make-up are fragile and must be protected. I am one with the indignation and condemnation. Let us protect our children and let us not find amusement to the detriment and at the expense of our young ones. Let us be vigilant in protecting those who are not able to protect themselves from the harshness of the world. If we find humor and entertainment in these things, then maybe we should reexamine our entertainment values. Shame on us!

This issue is an indication that we do have a problem in our society. This is bigger than Revillame, or the dancing Jan-jan incident. Let us then take closer looks and be vigilant in reporting analogous cases and please, stop clapping or cheering on children being embarrassed and put in exploitative positions such as these. Let us be discerning and let us remember that these are real, living children, with rights to be protected, and not dolls or toys that exist to provide us with entertainment, pique our curiosities or afford us a laugh or two.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Duh! Kumusta naman ang Department of Tourism ng bansa? After launching, or rather attempting to launch the controversial new slogan "Pilipinas Kay Ganda!" which earned a lot of flak from the public and was highly criticized, they pull it off saying it was just on 'test-run.' Well it seems they are gonna bomb out once more. Here is the alleged new 'concept' for the new slogan.

Sabi ng Secretary of Tourism eh sa local tourists daw naka target ang bagong slogan. Nakikita daw nila na dapat palakasin ang domestic tourism at hikayatin pa sila na maglagalag sa buong bansa.


How elementary could you get? How frustrating!

Una: Why do they insist, in the first place to replace the existing and very successful WOW Philippines campaign? Bakit kailangan palitan samantalang napaka successful nitey at malakas ang dating at recall value?

Pangalawa: Why do they insist on adopting a Tagalog/Filipino slogan? Rasunan pa na domestic ang target teh? Well, kung ganon nga, eh di ba mas epektib ata kung ang kampanya instead of Tara Na! Gawin na lang "WER NA U, HIR NA ME!" di ba? Mas simple, naiintindihan, masa direkta at mas epektibo? WER NA U, HIR NA ME sa DINAGYANG FESTIVAL ILOILO oh dava!

Pangatlo: Kumusta naman ang poster teh? Mas magaling pa yata ang pamangkin ko gumawa ng poster noh! At ang tatlong bata, I'm sure tatawagin nilang sina Luz, Vie, at Min. Wanabet?

Hay naku, kaloka lang. Sa panahon ng digital technological advancements, ito na yun? Ito na talaga teh? Kalurkeibelles! Yun nah!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Asians in the Library

Kaloka lang ang Alexandra Wallace. Napanood ko sa youtube ang bilat. Nilait lait nya lang naman ang kultura ng mga Asyang. Kesyo daw tiga UCLA sha at nag aaral ng political science. Naiimbey daw sha kumvakit pag weekends eh more ang gorabelles ng mga jumag aneyk ng mga asyang sa apartment at maglalaba ipagsa-shopping, lulutuan at kung anek anek pa ng mga kamag-aneyk ang mga studyanteng Asyang. Eh gaga ka fala, ganun talaga kami teh! Servitude kami teh sa mga familyey gagah!

Tafos, nasa library nga daw sha nag aaral at nung malapit na daw sha magka Epifany eh bigla mag riring ang isang nyelpown at mag kukuda ang isang Asyang. Sabi pa ng bilat. Wooooohhhh!!! Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong! Gagang toh! Laitin ba ang lengwahe ng Asyang na mas matanda pa kesa sa markanong lengwahe na hiram hiram lang sa kung sa anek anek na lengwalalur?

Ang pinakanakakaloka, aba, di pa na kuntento ang hitad, at doon na talaga ako na jiniz de belen sa kanyey~ Aba'y pakialaman ba naman ang tsunami! Kesyo na iintindihan daw nya na nagka tsunami kayah lang nakaka disturbances daw sa Epiphany nya! Gaga! Sino ka ba sa kala mo si Chaka Khan na magkaka epiphany ka? Kalokah! Kailangan daw mag ka American manners ang mga Asyang. Gagang toh! Di ko ipupromote ang video nya kasi shinonggal na nya at kinlose ang channel nya pero kalat na sa youtube ang panlalait ng gaga. Instead, in my own way, itrak ang masasabi ko lang. Kung itrak ang mga Asyang na magchi-Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong sa library, gagah, magpapatayo ako ng sariling Library ko. Well, Music Library at least. Gagang bilat na toh! Honey you need to get laid. Nandun ang Epiphany na hinahanap mo.

Oh well... itrak na ang mga Asyang na felt ko maka Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong sa Library ko. Enjoy Batchoy Denizens. Pakisabuyan ng mainit init na batchoy ang hitad na bilat pag nakita nyo. Please lang!

Nung 2008 ko pa na feature ang Asyang na to kaya nangunguna sha

Love ko ang Song. Love ko na rin sha! Anuver!

Yummy lang sha! Ganda ng song. Atchaka, love nya daw ako. Kaya sha na talaga for now. Hehehehe. Gruff Chubby lang! Woof!

Kaya kay Alexandra Wallace, because I am a nice decent Filipino and Asian that my Mom raised well, with free laundry over the weekends, grocery shopping and all that shit, and growing up talking to my friends without any Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong thing, hindi ka pwede sa Library ko letche kah! Peace on the Batchoyan Library. Chos!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I feel very very sad. I dunno why I only blog here when I'm sad and I certainly would not want this to be a habit but here I am updating this blog because I'm sad.

Tonight, my photo artist friend Babak Niaraki and I drove around the city to look for subjects to photograph for the pictures for my poetry book. We were looking for doors. Good doors. Solid doors, bamboo doors, battered doors, shattered doors. Basta, doors. We passed by my favorite ruins. This is the Laguda Mansion at Gen. Hughes St., near Colegio del Sagrado Corazon De Jesus. He told me that a new hotel was being constructed, and I didn't realize what he was telling me until I saw that the ruins were gone. Nothing left! Everything was cleared out and the hotel he was telling me about will rise in the same exact spot where the ruins were.

It broke my heart! Gone! Nada! Nothing.

I have always been proud of those ruins. I have always found deep mystery and beauty in those ruins. Remember an old post I wrote about Fort San Pedro, calling the place my secret sanctuary? These ruins are actually somewhere near, and every time I'd go to Fort San Pedro, I would pass by these ruins all the time.

Those ruins have always meant so much for me. I find beauty in the structure. It represented so much for me and it has always been poetic for me. I always told myself that if I had the money, I would buy the property, secure the ruins by checking its structural integrity and augmenting it if needed be or restoring it, then having an open air cafe on it. Now its gone. Razed and bulldozed to the ground. I dunno what else to say. My heart simply bleeds. I feel at a loss.

Here are photos taken from the net of how the ruins looked like.

Credit: Photo above by Marcos Chymera
Suceeding Photos from

I scanned my old friendster account remembering I once posted pictures I took with my cellphone camera. I found two. Only two of them.

Tonight I mourn yet another personal and artistic loss. No more grand photo shoot by the ruins. No more performance poetry sessions to be held there. No more book launch. Goodbye my favorite ruins.