Monday, May 2, 2011

The PhotoTag Incident

I am taken a bit aback by a recent photo tagging. Someone from my friends list tagged some photos of mine to some of his own friends. I know that Facebook, being a public content and social networking website, it is possible for virtually everyone to view and share content. However, I believe that somehow, I am still entitled to what little privacy the site provides, and that according to my option and election. It may not be a big deal since whatever I post here, I own up to and am not ashamed of. For one, I would not post them if I wasn't. It's just that, sometimes, there are boundaries that need to be drawn. I believe I still exercise caution and selection in the posts I put out and I respect other people's boundaries too so I felt compelled to let that friend know of my concern. Here is the message I sent.


I noticed you tagged a few people in one of my albums. While its ok to tag people who might be in a photo in my albums, I can see that you tagged people in one of the photos that has only me in it. Also,I saw that you tagged some other people that I am not even friends with or do not even know. I just like you to know that no matter how public these photos may be, I do not appreciate it that you indiscriminately tag people without my consent. This is a form of invasion of my privacy and a form of disrespect. For now, I have kept the album private to prevent from being tagged. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from doing the same, and if possible, kindly ask me before tagging anyone, especially those who may not have any business seeing those photos, or otherwise, those whom I may not even know. I just want you to know that I am not very happy with that. Thank you very much.



I edited the privacy of the album so no one else but me will be able to see it for the now. Since the friend was also online at that moment, the friend also promptly replied and apologized explaining that it was mere happiness in seeing the pictures and wanting to share perhaps the confidence and exuberance I exhibited in those photos. I just felt violated that the friend felt entitled to tag and share my photos even with people who I do not even know, nor are in my own friends list. In fairness, the apology was sincere and there was remorse. I said that it was not really a problem but I just felt violated so I had to let the friend know how I felt. Like civilized and educated people that we were, we settled the matter swiftly, humbly and amicably. This led me to a resolution. Maybe it's about time I create a second account for those who are close friends, family relatives and compatriots while maintaining an account for casual acquaintances, friends and the like. While I never before subscribed to such duality, the incident triggered me to rethink this option. After all, I am me, loud and proud. I just felt an unnecessary intrusion and violation of privacy, whatever little boundaries there may be left of it drawn in here. Anyhow, I m glad that the friend took to heart my message and responded in a respectful, apologetic and sincere manner. Now I am really thinking about revamping or creating a second account. Or maybe, just maybe, I was over reacting.

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