Thursday, April 14, 2011

Labor of Love

Jarrah, Eden Von, Apol, Sheena, Freenie:

Before I start, a few preliminaries is in order.
First, I write this as a labor of love. I have prayed and asked for guidance if this is
the right thing to do.

Second, this is the one time and the only way I know to intervene for you.
Should you take these against me, that is your choice. I shall only do this once
and if this too, fails, then I do not know what else to do.

Third, I have no personal interests whatsoever to the issue. I just can't take it in my heart
to see you degenerate and not get your acts together. I am in no way perfect. I too have my own faults, but if you could only see things the way I see them, perhaps you would understand why I'm trying to save what needs to be saved.

With that dispensed, let me proceed.

How did you guys meet? You met because of one common tie. The craft. I know your practices vary. Some may be even directly contradictory with each other, but that did not stop you from being a cohesive group. I know I am not even your original mentor. I do not even delude myself with the thought that you consider me as one. I am not even an elder. Some of you may have surpassed my practice and some of you I even trust and depend on for high expertise on certain areas. I am not necessarily wiser or better. I am happy with being your 'older brother,' of sorts.

I saw how you bonded together. How you cheered for each others success. How you pained for each others failures. I have seen how you guys grew together, how you stuck it out for each other. How you allowed each other elbow room. Yes there were disagreements, but you always, always found a way to harmonize. You concentrated on your similarities instead of your differences and have always treated each other with love and respect. That is why, for the past ten years, you have been together, still together. Every now and then, someone drops off and out, but you always looked after each others backs. You were there for each other. I do not think that such a friendship naturally occurs. You worked for it. You sacrificed a lot for it. Great friendships don't just happen. You make it happen.

Now it's essential to touch base on the issue at hand. I have heard, overheard and 're-heard' the issue again and again, from all possible perspectives and all the tails that accompanied it, until it became pregnant, giving birth to more and more issues. Naturally, at first I thought it was something you could 'weather off.' I was confident about the bond you guys had. I still hope I am right. I honestly do not care who is right, who is wrong, because honestly, each one of you has a valid point and each one has the right to react the way you did, oh, and yes, each one of you has contributed to the worsening of the situation.

Now, what exactly am I trying to get at or achieve with this? Simple. I want you to simmer down. Please think beyond the box. Think beyond your own petty issues and selfish emotions. I know that is a high and mighty thing to do and a tall order, but if you can just please give it a shot. Okay, fine, what I really want you to do is to just drop it. Drop the issue or with an 's' if you please. It is a deadly train that keeps getting longer and longer. Now if you can just drop it. Just like that.

Of course you can't just do that, can you?

That is why, I want you to take the chance for this Holy Week. If you could remember what lesson 101 is, please try to think back. Meditation. Give it time. Meditate. Purposeful silence and awareness. I know it is easy to say, 'so what, I don't need this friendship'. Yes, you don't need it. I agree. That exactly is your pride speaking. And that is what I call on silence is for. With so much anger, pride and hurt, love is forgotten. Love, after all, speaks in whispers and in soft voices that you have to strain your ears to hear it.

What's in it for me? Nothing. I can continue to be friends with you all in a personal level, devoid of the group or the bond, but it will never be the same. Ten years is an awfully long time invested to waste just like that. I know why you are so angry and hurt. That is because you have loved. You loved each and everyone that this hurt is borne out of a misunderstood love between all of you.

And so I ask you to meditate. Clear your thoughts and your hearts. Only when you have been wiped free of prejudices and burdens that you will be able to successfully come together to thresh out your differences. In fact, when you have achieved illumination and clarity, you would do exactly what I was hoping you would do. Drop everything.

As I have said, this is the one first and last time that I will be intervening for you. If this does not work, then I do not know what else would. I am hoping that you all find it in your heart to feel that bond that all of you have. That strong link. That power of friendship. That brotherhood/sisterhood. Order of the inner circle. Circle. No sides. Equal. Eternal.

As I have said, I may not be the most qualified person to say all these, but I feel that being older, at least age wise, I have to do something before this all end up in rubble and ruins. Exactly because I see the friendship and love that you guys worked so hard to achieve.

With these, I bless thee, all under the moon, the god and the goddess, by the four corners and the realms beyond. Merry we meet, merry, we shall part. Blessed be!

Love and Light,
Uriel Pyreaus Dominus

PS: If you do not see what I see with the words I said, then maybe, just maybe, a picture would say what remains unsaid.

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