Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Selective Amnesia Thing

I know, I know, I know! I forgot again, and I have no excuses! Maybe I just got lost in the thick of it all, or maybe I haven't been thinking of it as much as I used to. Nevertheless, a milestone is a milestone, so, late as it may seem, let me greet us!

HAPPY 3RD Year Anniversary to us Batchoy Denizens!

The Batchoyan turns three!!!

Three friggin' years! So much has happened! So many things have changed and yet, so many things remain the same. Some people have come and gone and we have taken all the good with the bad. When I back read sometimes, I sigh. How much of me have I revealed to you? Too much, and yet, it feels like none at all. Some entries make me smile as they used to, and some could even make me smile wider than it used to. It has been a wonderful journey so far and I thank all of you for journeying with me - ups, downs, sides and every which way.

I admit it gets harder and harder to churn out entries lately. Maybe it's going back to law school. Maybe it's the other things that occupy my mind. Or maybe, just maybe, its because it feels like there's no one there anymore. The batchoy turns cold without a word from you guys. Show me some lovin and hit that comment button. I know you are still out there because Feedjit says so, but you know, it gives me more reasons to fight the 'tamad' modes!

So now, since its our third year, instead of you giving me a gift, let me give you a gift. It comes in threes, so I need you to click on that comment button and tell me three things you'd like me to write about. I will choose three commentors and will write all three things you ask of me. You know what it's like. 3 wishes. Genie thinggie! Sounds like fun right? SO go! Make the Batchoy Boi happy! Fire away with the comments!

Happy Third everyone! You know what they say. Third time's the Charm!


RoNRoNTuRoN said...

happy 3rd anniv!!!! :D

Aris said...

happy 3rd blogniversary, my friend! isa lang ang wish ko: dalasan mo lang ang iyong pagsusulat. :)

Kane said...

Batchoi naman, in your first year, you wrote 104 entries. In the second, it was 134. Last year, it slumped to 41.

And now, you have a grand total of ... 22.

You really have been slacking in your craft! I've always said writing is both an art as well as a discipline. I hope, well, that you find the desire to write again.

As for the topics: it would be nice to see you write

1) a political / social / philosophical commentary on a current issue
2) a poem
3) a story where you can tell us your deepest secret, the one nobody knows

And oh, happy anniversary. Look, I'm still here. =)