Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dawn Breaks

Sunday March 29

Dapat sana, magkikita kami ni Dawn nung Saturday kasi umuwi sya sa Iloilo. Kaso, dahil sa wedding/renewal ng kapatid ko, nag drag on till forever ang reception. Alas onse na nung natapos. Binitawan ko na din ang return judging engagement ko sa Male Bar. Nakatulog si Dawn kakahintay ng text ko.

The next day, birthday nga ng Little Baby Boy Kiane ko. Tinetext ko na si Dawn. Nasa Kevin's daw sya kasama si Damon, ang kyutipie nyang anak. I told her to just bring him to the party, because it was a children's party. We plotted on how to get rid of Damon, and go have coffee. Heheheheh Get rid talaga eh no?

It was such a fun fun night. The conversations I have with Dawn are at best, cerebral, yet effin' "mababaw" at times. We got to talk about her issues, her failed friendships, on burning bridges, and what nots. We transferred to a favored Videoke Bar, and sa sobrang saya ni Dawn, she bought the whole house a round of drinks! TARAYFUL!

We went back to the coffe shop, to perhaps spend some moments with my blog goddess, Lyka Bergen of the blog LYKA BERGEN AND HER STEP SISTERS. We learned that pabalik na sya ng estateyts the next day. So parang despedida na din. We got to process and chat about friendships, cyclic, living, and all that jazz. Later on, some fab frienbds of the Bergen joined us. I adored the New York Bitch, Joseph, or whateverhisnameis! Hehehe

Pamorningan session yun since Dawn has to grab the first boat trip back to Bacolod, for the first work dayof the week. She undergoes training that day, for moving up for a new post. In other words, promoted ang lola mo. I am so proud and happy for her. Hinatid ko na sya sa pier, at parang ayaw pa naman talaga maghiwalay.

Just as she was about to board the boat, the skies wrote a magical cap to that wonderful night of friendship. I love you Dawn! It's written in the skies. See you back here this week end. Mwah!

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1 comment:

Dawn said...

I love You!!!!

As I said, there is no one I'd rather spend that magical, pivotal night with than with you... The day/night cldnt have gone more perfect really... It was greatness, as reflected in the sky!!!!

love yah!!!!

p.s. oist!!! what's up for holy week??? beach??