Sunday, October 25, 2009

When it can

I'm lucky that with the rate my job and life is going here in Manila, inspiration still hits me, and some poem proliferates my brains... Thank the muses! Here's another one I wrote while braving the rush hour traffic! ENJOY!

By Luis Batchoy

Amazing how words and phrases
Taking alternate meanings
And perhaps,
When enslaved by four
Squiggly little punctuations
Called quotation marks.
How they become
Emphatic, and even,
Scary, and at times,
Hilarious or even
Drawing attention to themselves.
More so, when spoken,
With that little twitchy gesture
Of index and middle fingers
Of both hands.
So much like you and me,
When that squiggly word
Was introduced to the scenario.
Above mentioned word
In quotations,
For emphasis and hysterics,
Poetic device cited as a reason.

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