Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today, I woke up with a strong craving for you.
That soft, warm fluffy feel.
The smell that assaults my senses sending me into a wild olfactory tumble
That taste of you that I will always remember.
The memory lingers in my mind and never fails to bring salivation to my mouth.
And what is most important to me
Is what is inside you.
That to me, is the best part of you.
I want you.
Always had,
Always will...
And if I can not have you
Where can I find another you?
I crave for...

GAWD! I love the Langka and the Macapuno filled ones... Oh and the yema filled too... Hell I love everything...Uhmm except for the guava filled. Gimme gimme gimme!!!

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mrs.j said...

ako din gusto ko nyan.. pashare pag meron kan... 1s ko lang siyang natikman kurot pa,, un pastillas de leche na flavor ata un

goddess said...

oh my gosh!!
i so so so so love PASTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luis Batchoy said...

mrs j I was hoping na meron jan nagbabasa na mag magandang loob na magpadala... babayaran ko naman eh... gegegege

Luis Batchoy said...

goddess... same here dear, same here

the donG said...

i love those pastels too! sarap nga talaga yan. not sure kung meron na ring binebenta dito sa manila.

Luis Batchoy said...

kung meron ka makita pabilhanan naman at padala mo dito sa iloilo, puhleeezeee hehehehehe...
Masarap ang bread, masarap ang filling... masarap isawsaw sa kape!