Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tired but happy

I'm super tired! Today I did so many things. First, there was the trouble with the car I had to attend to. Just when the one sentence stories started to let go of its grip on me, my phone rang and my good friend Fabiedootzkie asked me if I can guest on a radio interview for DYSI Super Radyo. Since most of my close friends do not get rejections from me as far as favors are concerned, I agreed. The interview had me answer phone in questions, and even had me spread my Tarot Deck and read them on-air. I had three readees and it quite exhausted me. After an hour and a half, I had to rush to SM City Iloilo to meet up with my good guy pals, Alvi, Gutchie and Van. I mentioned to Gutchie the night before that my car has problems. After that, I had to quickly pack and head off to the Congregation for the Annual Gypsie Nyte. I figured, I'd just change at the venue, which I was able to do naman. After that, we continued the party at Smallville sa may Pirates Bar.

I wasn't even able to change from my Bacchanal costume to the one I was planning to wear at Pirates, but what the heck! After a few hours, my best gal oinkiter Eleanor texted and was reminding me of our 'lunch date.' She works for a BPO Company, so irregardless of the time of the day, or night for that matter, they call their long breaks 'lunch break.' Since I am nocturnal myself and she would usually do graveyard shifts, and their office is near where I live, I would usually drive to pick her up and have lunch dates. Her relationship with her baby was kinda on the rocks lately and I was anxious to hear developments. Only after that was I able to come home to my sweet soft and warm bed, but, before tucking in, a blog entry, of course.

All in all, the day was mega productive for me, and everything was just great. I was in celebratory moods the whole time, and all concerns turned out for the good.

Now, on to the meat of the matter, really...
Pictures of me dressed as, no less than the goddess of Chaos and Discord... ERIS!
Sorry for the poor quality. My new digicam is still in my wish list...

Contemplating chaos

Familiar stairs?

Tayo naman this time

Wish ko lang di maapakan ang damit ko no?

I opted to throw in a cloak later

Face design details using cheap face crayons and glitter powder

I opted out the Channel brooch. Too commercial!

Kakakain kasi ng golden apple kaya gold ang lips. Di nga lang makita

Some peacock tail feathers to add a touch of color.

Eris steals the Gypsie Nyte again!

Whew! Ang hirap pala mag drag/cross dress. In fairness! To think na ang unang unang kinonsider ko na i-embody sana ay si Iris, goddess of the rainbow. Pakinchef, sa kakulayan pa lang ng damit nya, magmumukhang hindi Halloween Party kundi Pride March! At least, one letter difference lang naman. I had so much fun, and the evening was a blast. Eris was such a wondeful goddess to embody. I had so much fun that I'm considering 'recycling' her na lang for tomorrow's Halloween party at a different Club. Bahala na bukas! And oh by the way, baka andun si FuschiaBoy sa isang yan bukas. Pramis! Last na to!

Kumbakit ayaw ko isama ibang pictures ng mga kasama ko ay dahil blog ko to. Madamot ako eh! Pagbigyan nyo na ako or else, my golden apples might start another Trojan War!

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biatch said...

vongga! anyway, I don't have a blogspot.I read your links thru my brother mel beckham-atienza.I do have blogs in my friendster account, pa-cute no? i don't have the courage pa kasi of having a blogspot e.more power!

Lyka Bergen said...

Ang ganda! May effort talagh! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Luis Batchoy said...

biatch: ah ganun ba? well... glad you enjoy my blog... pabasa ng friendster blog mo... heheheh

lyka: tenkyah! Hehehehe

biatch said...

add mo ko ha?pls? my friendster account is

the spool artist said...

baka hakutin mo na naman ang best costume trophies nito! hehehe.

Luis Batchoy said...

@biatch oki po hanapin ko po mamya

Luis Batchoy said...

@spool kaya nga di na ako pumunta sa flow nung saturday eh... enough dressing up... hehehehe