Friday, November 28, 2008

At the Mall

I didn't know what came over me today. I left the house early and went to SM City Iloilo. I do not usually go to the malls as early as 3pm on a weekday, and alone at that, without any specific need, but today, I did. I do not know what came over me. Anyhoot, I strolled and I discovered that there was a 3 day sale there. I was amused to find some department store employees grove on the grocery fore area. It looks like they were having the time of their lives and having fun while shaking their booties. I liked looking at em'.

Strike a pose!

Shake that booty!

Shorty get low, low low low!

When the dance performance by the employees were done, I proceeded to the lower ground floor activity area in front of the food court. There was an on going trade exhibit of the Bamboo Trade Festival. I wanted to check out some Hablon scarves that I so wanted to have a couple of, for the longest time, but as I proceeded, I heard lilting notes of violins and the vampire in me got hypnotized. I was sidetracked as I started asking around where the music was coming from. If it was from a PA system, I would like to know if the CD being played is also for sale. I would want one. The song being played was "Close to You" from the legendary Carpenters. I saw Chris and his gf. Chris is the brother of my best gal Charmita. They informed me that the music came from the entrance area at the upper ground floor. I don't remember saying goodbye to Chris as my feet/ears/heart took me to where the music was coming from and saw this.

There was a live string trio playing. I got rooted to the spot as I normally do when I hear the violins. They were playing classic love songs and standard ballads. My soul wanted to escape through my eyes and the music filled more than just my ears.

I don't understand why violins can do this to me. I get all mushy, muddled up and I see color bursts in front of my eyes. Is this what they call being mesmerized?

I grabbed my phone, took pictures, and texted people who knew my weakness with the violin. I looked at the divine violinist, and yes, it was indeed love at first notes. Is this what they call fascination? Was it really him, or just the violins working its magic on my Vampiric Toreador blood? Anne Rice's Vampires, especially Lestat has a thing with violins and in Vampire the Masquerade, Toreadors are a clan of Vampires who are fascinated with music and the arts, and it is their weakness. They would stand stone still and get lost when confronted by a beautiful thing of art or music. Yes! I am indeed a vampire, and a Toreador at that!

Now I'm straying off topic...

Of course the divine violinist... My one true mortal desire! Him!


More about him in the next post.


biatch said...

i collect scarves, i've been meaning to ask my cousins in Banate and Pototan to send me Hablon scarves.How much do they cost? And what are the scarves made of? and yeah about the dance routine every after the 3:00 pm prayer is also done in most of the big malls here in Davao. I asked the salespersons what if they don't dance, they said "ma-memo kami maam". I think it's entertaining on the part of the customers and it's also like a wake-up thingy for bored sales persons.

Luis Batchoy said...

i collect scarves too... Hablon is an indigenous fabric from Panay Island. The fair is selling them for 300 (the shiny shimmering splendid ones) or 250 (the dull ones) apiece.

Lyka Bergen said...

I believe now that Talent can make oneself beautiful!

biatch said...

mucho thanks! i happen to like collecting shiny shimmering splendid ones hehehe...hey goodluck w/ the violinist.he's a cutie as well as talented.Yoyo Ma is dat chu?

Luis Batchoy said...

lyka: oaded ka lagi mag comments noh?

biatch: I will see if I have enough to get me a scarf for myself hehehehhe... goodluck indeed!