Thursday, October 30, 2008

Click happy

There is a thing called "trigger-happy." In my case, I am "click-happy." My computer technician friend even told me that this is the reason why my desktop and laptop get exposed to a host of malawares and viruses because I like clicking away on the net. My blog hopping takes me places far and wide, and tonight, I stumbled upon this contest. Well, the contest is fun, and the prize is very very very nice. So expect to see a barrage of posts in my blog as entries to this fun fun fun contest. Karir mode itey!. For starters, this is my first entry.

I find it inconceivable to write a story with snow and midsummer to land me that notebook in my escritoire; I write best in Hiligaynon.
I wanna win, because I wanna give the prize as a Christmas gift to a very special person.

To know what contest I am talking about, go click that link. Come on! Give in to that 'clicker' in you!

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