Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To End a Semester with a Blast!

I so fakencheff need a break. It has been a looooong and tiring semester of review subjects and I feel that I am going to take a deep dip, lunge and plunge should this go on longer. Let me say that again: I NEED A BREAK! This week and next week are Final Exams Weeks. Some professors kasi rescheduled exams day, one of them as late as October 25, and one still wanting to do extra saturdays for three more weeks. Bilatchaamak ya! With that, wala na kami decent sembreak because we have to come back for Saturday classes under him, plus, his classes would even 'spill-over' to the next semester, and I so just wanna kill that eestoofeed prof. Kaya lang, judge sya eh, so what can we do? Grumble grumble mumble mumble! The reason why he can not hold classes any other day is because he has work the rest of the week and saturdays are his only free days. I know it sounds valid but I think that if you do not have time to hold classes, then why did you accept the teaching load you were given and end up as a perwisho to your students. One of my law school buddy told me to cool it and endure it, since, that is the way of the world, since you are still a student, and that's just the way the cookie crumbles, but I detest that, and I find it sooooo 1970's! Sometimes, when a teacher asks me why I am always absent in class, I am sooo tempted to answer..."Well maybe because if you arrest my interest and hold hostage my brains with a mind blowing lecture, then maybe I would compel myself to attend every session with you, and not think of your class as a waste of time and that I have better things to do with my life."

I remember a conversation I had with my literary Mother John Iremil E. Teodoro. He was telling me about his MFA classes way back then. Teachers were concerned about students using cellphones and texting in class. One professor said, well, if students are texting in your class, it means you are boring. His idea of compelling attention and attendance is through classroom management: make students do things to be so immersed in the session that they'd be so occupied they won't have time to do anything else but the class activity. I couldn't help but agree. I wish we had more of these types of professors. However, I do understand that the subject of law and codal provisions are a bit 'calcified' for an interactive class experience, but then again, innovations and creativity knows no boundaries.

Another thing I detest with most of my law professors is their "I am so good, I am already a lawyer, and you all suck, so I'm gonna sit on my tight ass and high chair, and I will be throwing nasty remarks and snide comments all I want to embarrass you on the guise of making you study harder!" I so hate these kinds of teachers. The best teachers I hold dear, and from whom I learned a lot were not the ones who would ridicule students and shame them, but those who were firm, but gentle, strict but humane. Those who were brilliant but admit and own up to errors they might have committed. Someone who encourages you to study a lot, yet do not expect you to know everything and encourages those who take jabs at the right answer, and those who give credit where credit is due.

Hell week is a nutcase and I'm almost at wits end, but I promise myself my just rewards after everything is over and done with. Here are the things I'm contemplating on rewarding myself with:

Nothing can make me feel better than a warm home cooked meal. Eating has always been a soul-filing thing for me. It is one of my cherished 'picker-upper' and 'reward motivation.' Most of my closest friends know that nothing can warm me up in a jiffy than a good meal. After finals, I'd go get me a no holds barred eating spree... I will go and get all the food I so wanted to eat and crave for! Who cares about the calories! Not me for sure. After all the mental stress and fatigue, I rightly deserve a treat! Now, the only thing that could beat this is someone equally yummy to cook me some, serve me some, and even eat me... I mean, eat with me...nyekhekhek.


Let me call it my 'disconnection' days. For a whole 48 hours, I just wanna turn off all the lights, lie on the cozy bed, and pretend that I am a bed spread. No thinking, no reading, no nothing. I will turn off my cell phone, and just stay disconnected for two to three days. Just me and my lazy sleep-deprived self. When I come back to the city, I will just check into a spa and pamper myself with the works! Steam/Sauna, full body deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, foot spa, manicure/pedicure... oh glorious sloth-ness! I say "knead me!"


I'm lucky to live in Iloilo, where coastline stretches from here to eternity. I am also lucky to be driving my own SUV. It may just be a rattler of a vehicle, still, better than none. My Kia Sportage may be a little used, bruised and battered but still very road legal and still serviceable; just like its owner. Hehehehe. There is always the sea, even from the city. There is also Guimaras to escape to. I just wanna pack up, food and all, gas up and take a long and leisurely drive to a very nice and not so crowded beach somewhere perhaps along the coastlines of Panay. Guimaras wouldn't be that bad either, except that there would be no road trip. Boracay would be great actually but it is too far for a road trip and too expensive. There is nothing like a long drive, taking in the scenery, and the call of the waves upon the shore to refresh and recharge me. The sea beckons, and so I heed its call...This will be an all 'ME' time, so no hitch hikers please! Unless...


Law school and all that jazz have taken it's toll on my social/love/lust life. For the longest time I haven't been paying attention to things that might be status-changing, or shall we say, civil status changing. For the past months, I have been turning down almost all of my well-meaning (read: pimp-ish) friends' attempts at trying to hook me up with a blind date or two. I always say I'm too tired for such a romp. Truth of the matter is, I'd rather sip a quiet night mug of coffee at my favored shop, than go on a silly blind date. Well, maybe it's about time I give a nod to one such hook-ups and go shoot the moon. After all, the holidays come a-rushing. It would be nice to jingle my bells in time for them cold nights... Oh well


I think it would be best to do all of that! Why not? After this week, there will be three exams left. One on Monday, the 20th, another on a Saturday the 25th and the yet unscheduled overdue and spill over Finals for Criminal Law Review. Something exciting is happening on the 19th somewhere near Iloilo. Actually, its just an hour and a half boat ride from here. Next Saturday, the 18th, my exams would end at 5:00 P.M. and I have at least an hour and a half allowance to get my ass over there via the last trip. A friend has agreed to let me crash in her place there, so I plan to spend Saturday night, the whole of Sunday, and come back to Iloilo Monday after lunch, in time for exams on Monday at 5:00P.M. Hopefully without hitch nor adverse, sleep deprived, over partying side effects that'd make me go mental block. In such a case, I am hoping that my great scores and good performance in this subject would save me from flunkers' doom. Which means I will have to double my efforts for the Monday finals for Civil Law Review I ... Hmmm.... sounds very very good and very very tempting.... what am I talking about? Well....?

The Bacolod Masskara Festival!




SO! What else is there left to say? See you in Bacolod City then?
Well, I have to end this blog and go hit the books! Now Na!
I can't wait!

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