Friday, October 10, 2008

Straigthening Up, Religion, and What-Nots

I initially wanted to do a simple movie review, but while I was composing my thoughts while sipping coffee at my favored hang out, all of a sudden, issues began to crop up. Ganito yun!

  • Ze' Movie!
This is the movie that I intended to review. I am not really updated with movies and all, becasue (baw rason, rason, bubon!) my busy school/work/bum/biga schedules rarely afford me with free time. The movie has so many stereotypical and cliche elements, and the acting was kinda hysterical and a bit forgettable, but the impact it has left me with could be life changing that I have now decided to allow, when I can, missionaries of every sort to come and talk to me about their religion/s. Charing Kanding! Etchos Lucos! You could watch the entire movie in youtube so I will just post the part that provoked my thoughts. Here it is

You will find the scenes I'm talking about at around 02:46 but I recommend that you watch the movie from the very start. No spoilers.... hehehehehe
  • Ze' Relax, Rebond, Karla Hair Straightening Cream Technique
Yes, there is a product called Karla Hair Straightening Cream! First off, I have always asked myself. If heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality are lifestyle and sexual preferences, would it be possible to 'straighten' or 'curl' people in one way or another? In one of the many conversations I had with my literary mother, Princess of the Literary Seas, Prof. John Iremil E. Teodoro, I asked this same question. He told me that according to Dr. Margarita Holmes, a famous sex psychologist and author of several books on sexuality in the Philippines, sexual preference, being a 'choice' may change over the course of time, or even all of a sudden. Mother John also said that when people say that homosexuality is a 'choice', what they mean is that they have the 'choice' to act/exhibit/manifest that sexuality. I have always believed that we do not choose our sexuality. That, also according to Darren Hayes of Savage Garden in the song "Affirmation;" that we can not control or choose our sexuality. After all, I know a lot of gay persons who would readily choose to be a heterosexual woman if it were just up to them to really choose, or lesbians who would rather be men, and on the other end of the spectrum, those who would rather be straight. Mother John said that this 'choice' is merely, in choosing to be open, flamboyant or loud, or be closeted, or simply be like those who are 'wala lang,' necessitating a highly attuned gaydar to detect one's pinkness. Simply put, 'kailangan pa ng kabibe ni Bangenge at ipahaplos pakaliwa, pakaliwa, pakaliwa!

Now I am confused. If preference is a matter of choice, could we really be made to change our minds and prefer something else through our own volition or through the application of force, intimidation, stealth, threat, brainwash, indoctrination, duress or torture? I am glad that I did not have such 'lublob sa dram' scene while being asked if I was lalaki or bakla. After all, being bisexual, I brought girlfriends home, and that, perhaps, befuddled my father in a way. I just resent such force and duress to 'straighten' someone out. After all, if the wonders of science still can not permanently straighten curly hair without the need for regular touch ups and/or follow up treatments, then perhaps, we should leave nature be. YES! You read it right! NATURE! Ngaa haw? Ngaa nga indi abi natural? May agi gani nga alimango, kag ayaw ka! Kay ang agi nga alimango mas namit ang aligi no!

  • Ze' Relihiyon
Much have been said about religion and tolerance or acceptance with regards to people with 'alternative' sexuality. I shake in suppressed anger and resentment everytime my professors in law school make chauvinistic (chuva-nistic?) and sexist comments about homosexuals/homosexuality in our lectures. I fume and I am incensed but I try my best to quash the desire to just gather my books and do a walk-out in one of my classes, or better yet, punch the jack-ass in the face! As if I could do that without serious repercussions. I do not want to be expelled, or worse, face serious legal charges. After all, my teachers are not only lawyers, but prosecutors, judges, and what nots! So far, so good, though. In a few sem's time, I'd be done with law school and I am afraid of the scenario that awaits me, should I pass the bar soon. After all, these professors spawned not-so-enlightened homophobic students who are now practicing lawyers in the field out there! Speaking of enlightenment, this is my only compass in knowing whether a person, in his religious journey, is in the right path. I learned in Catechism classes during my Elementary years: that the devil (or any arch nemesis of good for that matter) can equally do supernatural or powerful things as what god (or any supreme divine being for that matter again) can do. In other words, the devil can also perform miracles, bring the dead back to life etcetera etcetera. However, there is only one thing that the devil can not do, and that is to LOVE another selflessly; this is the divine light and enlightenment ! After all, no light can come from darkness. Only light can create illumination and enlightenment. If this religion allows us to 'walk in the path of enlightenment, and allow us to seek the light, and love in the full brightness of day, then, we are walking in the right path! After all, God is love, and love knows no gender, age, sex, creed, race, religion or political conviction!

You may say, that it is easier said than done, and I plead guilty. If I were in the shoes of Christian, in the movie, I can not promise that I would be that strong to go through it all. I can not compete with a beloved's god, faith, or divinity. After all, I do not want to be a confusion in any one's life, in as much as I do not want a confusion in mine.

I only wish to love....
Be loved...
To enlighten...
And be enlightened
So help me __________!
(Fill in the blanks with your title of choice for the Supreme Being. If you are atheist, leave it blank. If you are a polytheist, you may use a separate sheet of paper. If you are agnostic, come back when you have made a choice)

Forgive me father for I have sinned. My flesh is weak, but it could be strong enough for my spirit to follow it.

And in conclusion... Haven't you asked this question that often crosses my mind?

What if, indeed?


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i choose life!

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