Friday, October 31, 2008

Dressistance is Futile

Tonight will be the Celebration of the Great Feast and Sabat of Samhain for the Wiccan Practitioners, and to be one with the Cosmic Celebration, the Paranormal Society of Iloilo (PSI) and the Ordo Intra Circulares (Order of the Inner Circle) will hold its annual Gypsie Nyte. Believers and supporters are to congregate at a specified venue (contact me for details) and to toast the diversity of spirituality.

This year, the theme is "The Bacchanal, a congregation in Olympus," where attendees are to come as their favorite god or goddess, whether it be their chosen god or goddess of dedication, or just a whim. There is no religious distinction as to which god or goddess to choose to dress as. As the Rectus Exterius and Magus Adeptus of the PSI and a revered elder of the Ordo, I of course will be there to personaly welcome you to the folds, where one is free to practice whatever calling or craft one has personally identified himself with. For the past few years, I have been writing down "Catholic Wiccan Baha'i" as my religion in official documents asking for the same.

There would be chants, spell casting, divination such as rune readings, oracle cards, I-ching, aura readings, palmistry, psychomancy and psychometry, taromancy and cartology, dream interpretation, crystal scrying, and other forms of divination techniques. There will also be lectures and a possible forums consultations, as well as mentorship program sign-up and general membership sign up for both the PSI and the OIC during the event. Of course, there would be feasting and merriment, for sure!. Now, the question is, which divine being am I coming as? There are no definitive description or visual representation of the divinity I choose to come as since this one is said to change appearance, substance and form on a whim, but I will try my best to come up with a close representation. Here are some visual representations... this, this, this, this, and this...

Why did I want to dress up as this particular divinity? Well obviously, in the past Gypsie Nytes, I have always been the run-away winner of all them costume awards, and this year should not be any different. After all, they are all conspiring to 'retire' me to the hall of fame in the pantheon by upstaging me this year. Well, this crazy guy still has a few more tricks in his sleeve! Hehehehe!

Speaking of dressing up for the Halloween madness, I have also been invited to a couple more parties where I dare not dress up as the one above. One of them is at Pirates Bar at Smallville, way later in the evening. And another one is at Club Flow, where there would be costume parties too. I can resist dressing up and passing up the chance to be wild and crazy, but it kinda racks the pocket, so I think I'm recycling The Phantom, and modifying it a bit to come up with new characters. For Pirates Bar I intend to come as him. A different mask, a little foil lance and a different hat and still using the same black shirt, pants and cape will do the trick. As for the Club Flow party, I can come as either him or him. Oh well... Obviously, I like dressing up and by golly, this is my season! Sheeeshh I miss theater!

If you are wondering why Samhain is such an important celebration for me, I would be posting a full post about Samhain later, if and when I can take time for a full discussion. For now, let me just say that the two most important Sabats for me are Samhain on October 31 and Imbolc on February 2. Surprisingly, while these have contrasting themes, as Samhain is the Feast of the Final Harvest, while Imbolc is the Feast is the Feast of Birth or First Breath, these two Sabats have Fire as their Element of Festivities; the spark of birth and the fire of death.

Well, I'm off to prepare my self for the celebration, by a cleansing ritual, and of course, getting a good rest for the night's merriment. Merry part kindred, and Blessed Be!

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