Thursday, October 16, 2008

1 Annoying Message Received

The cellular phone is perhaps the most important invention in this generation. Short Messaging Service or SMS or simply 'texting' has pushed communications and connectivity the most further, by far. While this is convenience to the utmost, it has also brought about a lot of annoyances and some 'backward' users just get on my nerves. Here is my top ten list of the most obnoxious things about texting.

10. N VWLS

I know that text messaging is abbreviated and all, but there are some people who really push it to the limits. I hate it when a text message looks like a cryptic code and I need to find the Rosetta Stone to decode the message. There are vowels you know, and that can be used. This is not Wheel of Fortune where you need to buy a vowel! Gimme an EEEEEEE!

P.S: Here's are examples I found in the blog Proudly Philippine Made

- “Nxa n if knuha me ung # u s pwenz me.”

- ,.ndE scEnd poh Un,xE ilA2gAy qO xA fr!EndztEr un s0ng nA wAnnA bE,,n0od xE mhE ng myx…..nUh ul!t Un Ask m0h.?
9. K

I really hate it when I get a reply with nothing but K. Such a waste of load and time. If you have nothing more to say, don't reply anymore! It's annoying!

8. Say my name

I hate it when people start a text session by sending just my name and a question mark in a message. It annoys me when I receive a text saying: Luis? Come on duffus! You only use that when you are texting some one for the very first time when you are not sure if you got the number right. Its so annoying. If you need to ask something, ask it! I hate it when I need to reply "What?" to get to the heart of the matter. I have repeatedly told those who do this that they should get to what they want to ask and not bother me with a 'blank text!' Often times, when I get this, I ignore the message. What do you know? Sender barrages me with more Luis? Luis? Luis? God! It grates my nerves! Later, they would ask why am I not replying! WTF do you want!

7. H!

Some people have the penchant for using the letter H in every possible way. Example: kmstah poh keoh? Noh nah poh gwah nyoh jhanh?I was texting someone whom I was beginning to like way back then. I must admit I was so into this person. I would actually be giddy every time I get a text. Not until I got the term of endearment 'gah' (shortened form of the Hiligaynon term 'palangga.' Geez...gah? Ughk! If you are thinking that it's cute, you are mistaken. I read somewhere that a persons Jologs Factor is proportionate to the number of 'H' he/she would use in his/her nickname... same goes with texts. 'Nuff said!

P.S: another example from Proudly Philippine Made

-“Its tym 2 eat lnch n p0h mglnch n poh ikw msama p0h mgpLpAz ng gt0m. Tc oWiz!”

6. Chain Texts

When people send me these things, I always reply, at least courteously and nicely, that I wish to be opted out from their sending lists for such things. I am such a chain breaker! If I believed in these things, either I have already died eons ago, or have become richer than Bill Gates! For crying out loud! Stop believing these bullshit things already!

5. Text mates for life

I must admit I'm suplado when it comes to texting. I am not a heavy user of text messaging. When I give out my number to someone for the first time, I would always tell them not to forget to identify themselves when they text me so I would know. I'm not one for text-matings. While I am aware that it starts from somewhere, I don't like the idea of not meeting up over extended periods of time. Maybe it's just me, but I rather meet up and have a cup of coffee. After all, text messages don't come with emotion indicators and it is so hard to decipher what exactly the persons tone is when texting. It is open to so many mixed signals and cues. Nothing beats seing the person you are exchanging conversations with!

4. Alibis for #5

I hate it when I ask how an unknown number got my digits and get lotsa bull alibis. Business card, random, and most of all, secret. I believe that I am still entitled to my privacy, and my cellular number is one of them privacies I'd like to keep to myself and decide whom to give to. I caution my friends not to give out my number, and to please ask me first whether I want my number given out or not. Even when a friend asks for a common friend's number, I always say that I'd ask the person first if he would want his number given out. I am a busy person, and I do not even get to text most of my friends regularly, so I hate it when someone texts me and asks 'can we be friends?' Gawsh! I have so many friends already... I could use a financier though... joke!

3. Changers

While there are valid reasons for people to change mobile numbers, I find it irritating to keep track of someone who keeps changing numbers like a woman changing sanitary pads on a particularly heavy day! Come on! Changing numbers 5 times in a month is just too much, it borders on hysteria! I wouldn't want to keep track of your number if you keep changing it!

2. Multiple Sending

I think the culprit here is Unlimited Texting Service. It annoys me when I receive 5 copies of the same message. While I understand that people do this sometimes to make sure you recieve the message, since networks suck and some messages sent never get received, but texting 5 times is simply atrocious!

1. Text abuse

I hate it when people use text messaging service to stalk, harass, bash, abuse or hurt people. For me, people who hide behind the anonymity of an unknown number are cowards, cheapskates, and invertebrates! By the way, text abuses can be reported to the NTC and the number will be permanently blocked, and text messages are now admissible as evidence in Philippine courts under the E-evidence ( or electronic evidence) rule in the rules on evidence, of the rules of court! The worst kind of text abuse happened to me months ago. I got broken up with thru text! I have heard it happen to people but I can't believe it actually does happen! What a loser! Can you please dignify what you had together with a proper break up? If a face to face meet up is impossible, can you not at least call? By the way, the stupid invertebrate GR (good riddance) ex who did this was from the same area as I was, and actualy sent the message thrice; just to make sure I got it! Geez! What a pussy!

How about you? What's your texting peeve?

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the spool artist said...

so true! sometimes, i just wanna throw my phone on a bowl of batchoy because of those annoying messages! but of course, kanugon sang sabaw!

i linked you up already on my blogroll!

Pinoyrocks! said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning my site. You agve me a reason to update my blog! hehehe.thanks. I'll link you up.

Luis Batchoy said...

@lav: ang sabaw gid ya ang kanugon? Mwahahaha! Pwede man ka pangayo extra sabaw di ba?

@pinoyrocks: No problemo, linking you ok?

The Zen Bitch said...

hmn... guilty ako sa offense number 9... thanks for the warning... at least, in case maging text-mates tayo, i won't reply to you in that manner... k?



Luis Batchoy said...

@ zen k...
panong textmates tayo eh u dont have my number and remember #5? Heehhehehehe