Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seventeen Part 2 of 2

Read part 1 in the previous entry before reading this.

Kagagaling ko lang sa kasal ng Ex Gf ko. Medyo pagod, pero ecstatic. Something happened kasi, but not in the wedding or the reception! Gawd! I feel my heart racing! Putcha! Kwento ko na lang later. Let me get this Seventeen series over and done with bago na naman mawala sa track... Where were we...

At around 5:40 I got to the appointed place. To while away the time, I kept myself occupied by stealing glances at this attractive guy sitting gorgeously alone some tables away from me. At exactly 6 by my watch, I texted him.

6:00 your 15 mins grace period starts now.

At least, that's technically 35 minutes ha! Hehehehe.

He promptly responded, and asked what I was wearing etc etc. To my surprise, gorgeous guy got up, fixed some of his things and started approaching my table.

Guy: Luis? Hi I'm PV! God! I'm glad I was right when I thought that it was you!
Me: Huh? What time did you exactly get here?
PV: 15 minutes before you did!

I kept my pulse in check! He was gorgeous! Really very attractive. Nice skin tone, very nice chinky eyes, waistline 34 (I think) preppy yuppie looking, with an air of intelligence, seriousness but with a dash of excitement. At this rate, I peg him to be between the age of 23-26.

Coffee was great. He has excellent conversational skills and a good working knowledge of creative writing, and a few 'research' on my works, which I very much doubt were 'Intrimitida fed.'

I was having so much fun with the conversation that I did not notice the time until it was too late. We missed the LFS @ Rob. At that, he apologized for not noticing the time himself. It was a relief that for the longest time, I have been able to talk to someone who does not keep checking his cellphone, and would ask to be excused if he had to reply to a message. We proceeded to a Thai restaurant for late dinner. I again doubt very much that this has to be an 'Intrimitida' fed info when he was able to correctly guess what I wanted to have in that restaurant. He was very very engaging and he had great sense of humor. The evening was wonderful., including the suck and fuck. He was not exactly what I'd call a 'power bottom,' but the guy had skills. When we were taking a shower afterwards, he asked me if I could give him a minute or two by himself in there. He said he was pee shy. No matter how he tries, he can't pee when someone is looking or is too close to him. Cute!

I towel dried myself, and left him in there. When I went back to bed, I noticed his wallet. The temptation was just too much to resist. I opened it and just as I suspected, he kept I.D's in there. He smiled when he saw me looking at his High School I.D.

Me: You still look a lot like your high school photo I.D
PV: Yeah, I lost my first one a month ago. I just had that taken and replaced last week.

WTF! He IS still in high school?

O to the M of the G!

3rd year, to be exact! Yes Ladies and Gents. As the song goes, "He was just seventeen, and you know what I mean!"

A few years back, I have been discussing the issue of age with some close friends. They know that I prefer my partners older than me. MEN not BOYS; that was my slogan.I always said that young age is such a liability, and if you are younger than me, I usually wouldn't even give you much time of the day. If I can recall, it was also Intrimitida who pointed this out to me. He reasoned that if I keep up with my penchant for older men, with the way I am adding years to my age as well, it won't be too long when I'd start hitting "Senior Citizen" aged people for potential partners. What he said was what actually made me reconsider my policy on age.

See, when you were much much younger, you have been chasing after older men. Now, do you realize that you could also be some young guy's 'older man?' Think about this, Luis. How would you have felt if your older men way back then didn't give you a batting chance just because you were younger? I'm sure you would have been devastated if Professor simply brushed you off just because you were just 14.

He was referring to my first ever same sex lover when I was in first year high school.Yes, po. I was an early bloomer. If there's a thing called 'corrupting minors,' I was the opposite of that. I was a corrupter-minor. Hehehehe. I started considering guys who were at the very least, 25 and above. Intrimitida, did have a point there, but Gawd, 17? After all, When I was 14, Prof was a fresh grad/fresh board passer, so he was just 21. Just a six or seven years gap.

What more, my youngest sister is 20. He was even younger than that! Oh and on the very tip of the pile, as a law student, I should know better. Hello Statutory Rape! Hello R.A 7610! Hello R.A 9344! Goodbye 17!

Not only that, I do not want to be blockade to his education etc etc etc. I chided myself for being so reckless. Good thing that nothing serious and permanent has been entered into by the both of us. It was simply a good Post Valentine Date.

To make matters worse, dear PV, henceforth, started exhibiting acts of Dominion and Ownership over me (see the New Civil Code of the Philippines Book II on Property) hehehe.

I would wake up to a barrage of texts from him in the morning, ten thousand miss calls, on the hour every hour, with varying styles and degrees of coercing a reply from me. Over the next few days, I had to change tambayans because he would show up unannounced whenever I am around hoping for a quiet mug of serenity.

Deep inside, I felt bad. I know that there was contributory negligence on my part. After all, I should have been more discerning. I also felt like shit for being something like a hit and run! Though in my heart, I never meant to lead him on, or to confuse or befuddle the poor kid. Even if I did enjoy the company and the great date we had, I did not say anything that would have led him to believe that I was committing myself to him. If it did end up in bed, I believe I did not plan for that to happen; it just did, and it was consensual.

I was in a rut. I know how it is to be chucked aside and brushed off like lint, but I know too that somehow, I must manage to put a stop to this. The attention is grating on my nerves and it's killing me to know that I am also inflicting a great deal of pain for the poor kid every time I rebuff his cavalier attempts. What to do? And then it hit me. I was once 17. I had a hunch, and played on it.

Since Intrimitida was technically the source of all this, I had to involve him. The plan was simple but it could backfire. Exactly a week ago, I consented to PV's insistence for a return engagement; a second date. This time, when we were having coffee, I purposely lead the discussion to the possibility of taking what we were having to the next level, meaning, exclusivity. I hinted that I only need a little time to gauge his sincerity. He was all ecstatic, that when I asked that we go to to a dance club next, he was just too happy to oblige. There, we 'accidentaly' bumped into Intrimitida, and as planned, boozed up. I do not drink, so naturally, Intrimitida was to be the drink buddy of PV for the night. Good thing that he could keep his own tab because Intrimitida was cajoling him into trying out the stronger, pricier stuff. After all, if he is to be my next partner, he has to build rapport with my best friend right? When he was all boozed up and comfy with Intrimitida, it was not very hard to plot a little episode at a lesser used and more distant men's room and with me, again, 'accidentaly' walking in on the both of them in a very 'compromising' situation.

A little show of my Teatro skill is required, a little 'Tension and Release,' an overly 'guilty' Intrimitida, a brief expression of disgust and regret, a walk to the taxi to send him off home, and a mug of coffee with Intrimitida much later for A Mission Accomplished and a Job Well Done; and hopefully, this would be the end of that sordid affair with seventeen.

I hate to be cruel and evil, but just because I do, does not mean I can't, if needed be. At the end of all these, I sigh a heavy sigh of relief.


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Gram Math said...

hahaha, i like boys who are 17 yrs old though, sweet, young, hot, wild and free.

Mugen said...

Ang galing ng strategy ah! If I'm in your situation, I'd rather fade quietly than create a scene to catch him red handed. Anyway, to each his own. Heheh.

Yj said...

OMG.... i literally died...LOL

lagot ka hahahaha

Mr. Scheez said...

Bad Luis! Bad boy!

Herbs D. said...


hahahahahahahaa. i was really shocked. shit hahahahahahaha

nice one though. weird he's still in high school and he's already 17?

I'm 1st year college and 16. ><

James said...

Poor kid. He's pretty witty though. I would have fallen for that myself.

Aris said...

talagang may theatrical confrontation scene hahaha!

kung ako yun, sasabihin ko sa kanya, wait kitang mag-18 tapos tingnan natin kung pwedeng maging tayo but for now, wala muna. yun kung talagang gusto ko siya.

like mo ba siya? o talagang ayaw mo sa bata?

pero, ang hirap nung may nanggugulo sa yo ha!

Luis Batchoy said...

Gram: madami akong kilalang ganyan... spell pedo? hehehe

Mugen: well... wala naman masyadong eksenang naganap

yj: haynax!

scheez: YES! I could be veeeeryy bad! Spank spank!

Herbs: good for you. Alo grade 1 kais at 8 year old eh. Grabe ka college at 16... gifted child!

James: I would have fallen for him myself

Aris: his age is not just the biggest blockade. Nasasakal din ako sa kanya at nakakatakot sya. gwardja jawo?