Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Baby's 1st

My Baby Kiane Charles

March 29, 2009. Birthday ng baby ko. 1 year old na sya!

Baby ko talaga si Kiane Charles kahit hindi ako ang biological dad nya. When Lil Sis Sarah got pregnant, I was the first person aside from her hubby of course, with whom she broke the happy, albeit sensitive news. To protect my sister, we plotted plans A, B, C, D, E and F.

Help! Stuck ako!

One among the top plans was to get her away from public (read: Fudrah's) view, have her deliver the baby, and go back home. Meanwhile, Charmita and I will call the baby ours, my surname and all. I drop out of school, work my ass off in Le Manille, and Charmita and me raising the baby together. Charmita agreed without a bat of an eyelash. This would be a fun 'continuance' of an earlier plan, when she got preggy with Naysha! However, plan A, the most prefered plan of all, was to break the news to the concerned authorities, take responsibility and face the music: own up.

Angel ni Papa Luis

I am very proud of my sister. Actually si Lil sis Sarah talaga ang original Baby ni Kuya Luis. Being the sibling directly after me, she got all my love and attention talaga while growing up. I admit I spoiled her much talaga, kaya she's Kuya's girl. Now she has a Baby of her own. Amidst the very stressful and scary situation she was plunged into, she never lost her head, nor her heart, above all. Never did she consider aborting the baby, which most of her peers and age bracket were wont to, and have done. I also admire her hubby. When Kiane's birth records were filed, he at first carried Lil Sis' surname since his parents were not married. Kiane's real daddy, rushed to the hospital records section, and demanded that the records be withdrawn. He did not just want to sign paternal acknowledgment, but demanded very gentlemanly and responsible that the baby carry his surname! All this at such a young age of 21. He is now working in Canada where their whole family migrated, and sends Lil Sis Sarah money when he can to support his kid.

Tulog na ang angel ni Papa Luis.

When my Lil sis texted me that she'd be giving birth, I was minding the Kafe that I was operating back then. I didn't know how I drove my battered car in less than 5 minutes to be there. I even told her later that she should have waited for my birthday before giving birth so baby Kiane and I would have the same birthday. Hehehehe.

Baby Kiane was delivered as a premature baby. He was under 6 months and so his condition was critical and he needed to be incubated. He constantly needed blood transfusions, platelets and all that jazz. We were of the same blood type, so I was more than willing, together with his real daddy to part with our blood. I think I donated more than thrice and they even had to immediately pick up my donation to ensure speedy transfer to the hospital. I can recall a time when I burst angry all over the Red Cross. Two weeks earlier, I donated blood for Kiane. He needed an emergency supply and I rushed over to donate. The nurse/tech refused to have me as donor because he said that a person can only donate blood once every three months at least. I was enraged. The blood was needed ASAP and we were running against time. I told her to take my fucking blood sample, have it analyzed for safety and fitness, and just goddammit draw my blood. I even threatened her that if something bad happens to my nephew, she will bear the brunt of it, and I will make sure that I will extract vengeance. She replied that it is a precaution against the dangers that I would be exposing myself due to over drawing of my own blood. I again irately responded that if I had to sign any waiver, I would do so, and it should be done as fast as we can. My Baby needs the fuck*in blood!

Pagkain sa hapag. Unang naubos ang Carbonara. Ayoko na magluto ulit no!

Last Sunday, my baby turned one year old. Lil Sis, who adores my cooking requested for me to cook my famous Carbonara, and cook I did. I was so exhausted by the wedding the day before, but I would do anything for my baby. So cook I did, and slave away over the hot fire!

Smells yummy na, saute pa lang yan!

Almost done! Sauce for Carbonara

Baby Kiane Blows Candle with Mommy Sarah

Grumpy ang baby kasi not feeling well.

Bisita si Nephew Baby MJ, anak ni Lil Bro Macoy

Magic show. Pinaka interesado si Baby Damulag Shane

Dawn's wonderful kid, Damon, with tired but gorgeous Tito Luis

Everyone had a fun day. I was tired from cooking but I had to host the party, be the games master, and hired a magician for Baby Kiane's gusts. Of course you guys know, this means, bawas ang budget ko for my own birthday bash. Hehehehe. One of my best gal pals Dawn was there and she brought baby Damon too. After my baby's party, Dawn and I did one pamorningan session. It was such a great day, and a funtabulous night. Kwento ko laters. Meanwhile, Happy Happy Birthday to my Baby Kiane Charles. Papa Luis loves you so much!


blagadag said...

happy birthday zambo.

Yj said...

oh d vah ang saya ng celebration ng birthday MO...

tarayful at may magic show pa talaga hahaaha... sana later that night, for adults naman.... biglang maghubad ang magician at siya pala yung winner sa creative bikini hehehehehe


Luis Batchoy said...

blag: andaya mo, alam mo palayaw ko hehehehe

yj: gaga, tutoong birthday ng baby ko yan.