Saturday, March 7, 2009

Right Now Na Na

Yes Batchoyan Denizen... The Batchoy Boi has landed in Manila

Right Now Na Na... I'm at Starbucks Malate, riding on the Wi-Fi Netwrok to compose this entry

Right Now Na Na... I'm with the Supercalifragilistic Bonggang bongga at fabulosang si YJ ng blog na "In Your Arms Manila"

Right Now Na Na, We're processing his buhay pag ibig and then some... Mega bonding na to!

Right Now Na Na... wish ko may bluetooth tong lap top para ma message ko yung kyuting Chubby Chinito na nag wa w-fi din sa kabilang mesa.

Right Now Na Na... Tatapusin ko na tong entry na to para maka gala gala na...

Right Now Na Na... naghihintay na ako sa mga tekitext text nyo Le' Manile Populi...

Right Now Na NA! Text text text! 09189248460... Don't forget to identify yourself... DALI!

Make my pre birthday bash Funtabulous!


Herbs D. said...

right now na i'm commenting about your first day in Manila! weee :D

welcome back luis! *hugs*

maine said...

ei! lovely to finally meet u..tani next time makaupod na ako pangape with my dear yj :P

hope u had a blast here...let's pray for eheads final final set together hehe!

tc! rock on. aw ah. (=

Diosa said...

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Luis Batchoy said...

herbs: and u could have texted the number

maine: andaman mo lang! te tani naka chika ta forever... diin ka imo ya be

diosa : i voted na for you