Thursday, March 26, 2009


Okay, fine, I plead guilty as charged! I am a speed devil and I have no patience for a long winding, complex, complicated and drawn out dating process. Maybe it's the Aries in me, or maybe I am just a dare devil. I am fast and thus, crash and burn! Some ever classic lines below just plain irks me. Before you judge me as someone 'ATAT', desperate or otherwise, let me say this in my defense... Ahmmm... What the f*ck! Judge me! I could care less... Hehehehe...

"Let's take it slow.."

Uhmm.. what's that? Hehehe... Believe you, me, if you get to that part where I'd want to be fast with you, it means you got my attention. Like you are a matador waving a red flag and boy, you make circles dance around my eyes with all that waving! Go for the Jugular! Hehehehe... Al Pacino, as Lt. Col. Slade from the movie "Scent of a Woman said "Some people live a lifetime in a minute." I agree, and yes, sometimes, we really do not have the luxury of time. Not a few months, not a few weeks, not even 'one night only': sometimes, we only have a minute. Carpe Diem! Life is a roller coaster. It can only get faster. Otherwise, I have other things to do, other people to meet, and other... wait, no, make that BETTER!

"Let's get to know each other better..."

Sound logic, but really, it takes a lifetime to really get to know someone... even beyond! As for me, I need only to know enough for me to decide to give it a shot with someone. Besides, the whole courtship thing is a sham... In this stage, people usually put their best foot forward. Sounds 'fake' to me. I'd rather we get it over and done with, and show each other the dirt muck and grime behind the rose colored panes... the ones we need to live by should we decide to get stuck and hitched. Besides, if you wanna get to know me better, you can ask. I don't lie about these things, you know.

"I need time to think..."

Well you should have done the thinking when we haven't even met. Hello! The dating scene is a battleground. We do not rush into it unprepared. Saying you need time to think is like going into the fray without your ammuntions. It's a jungle out there. Saying you need time to think is like saying you need to figure out which bullets go into which gun. Duh! Point, Click, Kill!

"Let's just enjoy the moment first.."

Do I hear commitment phobia? Sex Ala Carte with out the necessary attachments... I am not an Arcade game that if you want to enjoy more game time, all you need to do is drop more tokens. While I definitely know that the dating stage is fun and all, I do not want to be in a perpetual motion set up. One good line I heard from a once upon a time significant other comes to mind... "Why take time? It would lead to that anyway..." Welcome to the age of the information super highway, dear. Crawl out of your rock, and realize that there are cellular phones, instant messaging, internet, GPRS, and what have yous. I would love you writing me a snail mail, but puhlease, let us spare the poor Mister Postman from our snail mail pace courtship style, shall we?

"If we're meant to be, we'll find a way... or... Everything will just fall into place"

Yeah right! I do not believe in "meant to be's." Love is a conscious choice! It is a possitive effort. We choose whom we love. We decide to make the person right for us, no matter how wrong they seem. We will not find a way... We WILL make a way! The second line is even worse. With people clawing, crawling and elbowing their way out of the dating pool, this is such a braggadocious statement to make! Feeling special ka ning! Kinahanglan gid ya magka cosmic conspiracy para sa imo? Wake up sleeping beauty... The universe will not conspire for and in behalf of you while you sleep away and wait for your prince charming's kiss! That is so medieval! Even Cinderella had to go to the ball... Even Ariel had to flip her goddamn hair... errr... tail! Serendipity is just a bar in Manhattan!

"What's the rush?"

Errr... whats with the delay? Hehehehe

Actually, I'm just waiting for everyone to start waking up in a few hours. We're headed for the beach. Not Boracay though... Not just yet. It has to wait until after the wedding of my brother. For now, it's just the pristine Islands of the sweetest Mango in the world. Guimaras. Alubihod, here we come!

Actually, I'm just trying to beeyotch around, trying to entertain Dawn who feels like a corporate slave out there in Bacolod, until I can entertain her in the flesh, and yes, by going with her to watch some flesh! Hehehehe... If you feel slaved by what you have, then you must be the most ravishing of 'em slaves! Stop the bidding, I say! Hehehehe. Hang in there sweetheart!

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Herbs D. said...

i had fun reading this.

my favorite would be the "i need time to think" part.

so true. ohmahgawd. when will guys ever learn kasi. tsk tsk tsk

MkSurf8 said...

baka next time "bawal na huminga!"r

ako rin laging nagmamadali. r
u can ead my profile. says it all. but now i'm taking things easy. ;-)

Yj said...

"I do not believe in "meant to be's." Love is a conscious choice! It is a possitive effort. We choose whom we love. We decide to make the person right for us, no matter how wrong they seem. We will not find a way... We WILL make a way!"


i miss you dear... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! LOVE YOU.... MUAHZ

Dawn said...

Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!

I can't agree enough...

And I can't love you enough.. But I do. Thank you thank you thank you Thank you...

Weekend?!!! Here we Go!!!


Dawn said...

The most infuriating part of this whole dating scene is when players pretend that they're the real thing. Thus providing themselves with pathetic excuses like the ones listed in the entry.. Ang daming excuses ampootah!!! nagpakasarap naman?!!!

I believe people who don't know what they want but still plunge in the hopes of finding some sort of divine intervention to dictate the course of their lives are either stupid or pathetic.. if you don't know what you want, then go do some soul-searching. If you know what you want and don't know how to get it, then go grab some education for crying out loud. If you do know what you want, know how to get it and yet, still can't seem to get it--then go f**k your soul coz obviously there's no better use for it..


This is Dawn, beeeeyotching back from the island of boredom....

cant wait to get my gorgeous ass back home!!!!


Reesie said... moves in mysterious ba naman...

ka-nindot dinha sa guimaras uy! take tons of photos! :D

Luis Batchoy said...

herbs : indeed

YJ: naman! pilita corales ito hehehehe

dawn: check on that sweetheart! Check on that!

ressie: in my case it does not move... it crawls... lols