Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hot And Cold

There is this song that I like right now. It keeps playing in my head and I find myself humming or even belting it out whenever and wherever.

It's a danceable track from Katy Perry. Since I'm the Lit Guy, as usual, I fall for songs with great lyrics. That is why I'm such a fan of 80's music because of their solid lyrics. Basia, S.O.S, Wilson Phillips, Bananarama, Etc etc etc.

Actually the song doesn't show much on originality of message. I feel somehow that somewhere, what the song says has already been said before.

Ito yung song na tinutukoy ko. Love the danceable tune! Groove me!

I racked my brains for comparable songs and I remember Vina Morales singing "Sala sa Init, Sala sa Lamig."

Vina "The Hunk" Morales

How about the Sexbomb Dancer's "Laban O Bawi?"

Get Get AWWW!!!

But of course, sinong hindi nakakaalam neto?

Oh yes, I plead gulity as charged your honor. The Batchoy Boi is JOLOGS. Hehehehehe...
Move over Katy Perry... The Filipino's have been there been that!

Actually, I'm just trying to humor meself... Don't ask why... Sheesh!

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Dawn said...


am suffering from Katy Perry Fever as well...

The culprit: Thinking Of You..

Yes, ang bitch ay isang emotera!!!


Reesie said...

haha..oo nga.. naka-LSS talaga ang katy perry songs..

natawa ako sa In and Out ni Sandara.. Hahaha.. napakashallow nong kanta na yan..Haha

Luis Batchoy said...

dawn: tagal ko mag catch up sa trends and fads sa music no? Hehehehe

Reesie: oo nga eh... Sandara iw iw iw hehehehe