Friday, March 27, 2009

One Helluva Long Day PLUS

Dawn Breaks Over "Balaan Bukid" Guimaras... The SacredMountain

It was a loooong Thursday and I had fun!

Very very early in the morning, everyone started getting ready to go to the pristine islands of Guimaras for some sun, sand and sea. Naturally, I was one of them excited for brine. There is this sliver of sand in my heart that longs for the licks and laps of the sea every so often. As one commenter has suggested, I took tons of photos with my 'new' cam.

It's a family thing!

Wait Uncle Whatever, let me put on my shades first, said Eric cutie!

Moi, Lil sis Sarah, Cutie Kyle, and Brother in Law "Daddy" at the back with Mommy Diane partially hidden.

Moi with Lil Sis Shane and Ze Boyfriend utol Karl. Letche! Sa Pamilyang to, ako na lang ang single!

Yuck! Double Chin! Gorgeous Big Sis jinky, kyuti Eric, Mudrah and niece Jean Jovi

Sa bangka pa lang pikchuran na. It took us 10 minutes sea travel to reach Guimaras. Upon reaching Jordan, we had breakfast at a Family Friend's house. We were treated to a sumptuous seafoods meal, and of course, the sweetest mangos in the world shouldn't be amiss. The people from the US of A obviously wolfed down the fruits! Then we took a multicab to Alubihod.

The Le Famille decided to stay over night. I can't since I had a scheduled final coaching with the thesis group I was critiquing and advising. Kawawa naman sila, graduating pa naman. I took the pump boat ride back to Iloilo, sailing towards the sunset.

When the consultancy group meet was over, I rushed over to meet up with the Thursday group.

Mishuga, the Thursday Band!

Jamming with the band

The Thursday group. Tina, Moi, Bing and Jen

Just as the band winded up, I rushed over for dinner with another set of friends at a pals new bar. God! So hirap to be in demand. Nag set kasi ng dinner date with the group itong si Rex, and I said yes, so I had to rush over.

Just as the party was winding up, again, Rex asked if I wanted to go to MO2 Ice. I was thinking of refusing, but I saw the look in his eyes. May problema ata sya. I wearily said yes. We didn't talk because the loft/terrace area was booked exclusively for a graduation party that night, so he/we just danced our worries away. Paalis na ako nung nagsipagdatingan naman sila Perlas and some of the guys from the dinner date. Sheeshh. Pagod na pagod na ako. Pearl and I finalized the tattoo session. We're getting our tats on Sunday! Weee... Can't wait. I literally crawled home at around 4AM. And to think na maaga akong nagising that day, which I usually do not do. Whew! As soon as my back hit the bed I was knocked out.

Rex grinding his troubles away.

I woke up to the insistent kulitings of my nephews.

"Bear, bear... yuhooo mister bear... wake up msiter bear!"

God! The whole bunch of them were there

Eric, Kyle, Jumbok, Excelsa and Jade! I forgot to lock my doors!

They said I was mister bear because I hibernate inside my room/cave and would only come out once every forever. Hehehehe. So cute all of them!

They pestered me and literarlly dragged me to the shower. Buti na lang I did not sleep naked last night, as I usually do. They literally served me lunch. I was wondering what the catch was.

They needed an adult to accompany them to the mall. They wanna hit Toy Kingdom and some Arcade, and they're bribing me with sweetness. I tried to object, saying I did not have money, and they each emptied their pockets. Mga letcheng to! Mas madami pa pera kesa sa akin!

The leader of the pack, Jumbok, stepped forward and said.

"Come on uncle whatever, we will buy you coffee. You do not need to watch us. You can just take us there and come back for us after an hour or so... please?"

And there was a chorus of sweet little pleases that could knock heaven down... Well... what can I do?

So I go...

They all danced around and said... The bear has woken up and is taking us to the mall! Hail Uncle whatever!

Hehehehehe... sweet kids!

Now Spell YAYA!


fuchsiaboy said...

cute. sushyalayt!

mel beckham said...

May nightlife sa Guimaras?! Char!

I wanna go there! I miss home...

MkSurf8 said...

ang hectic!

real tattoo? wow!

Dawn said...


That is soooooooooo sweet!!!

Tie up all your pending engagements because the bitch is comin' home


Reesie said...

ang ganda ng guimaras..i've been to iloilo but i've never been to me este guimaras..

at wowoweee, kumakanta ka pala? galing! sample namn dyan..hehehe

Herbs D. said...

aw. glad you had some fun :)

Luis Batchoy said...

fuschia: di mushalow hehehehe

mel: meron naman siguro. pero di ako nag overnight dun eh

mksurf8: yes po... real tats... showing it soon

dawn: yessum... wala ako magawa kundi ang mag pa loko sa kanila hehehehe

ressie: hehehehe sige, pag umuwi ka dito srenade kita

herbs: I did

Aris said...

ang saya naman ng family mo. na-miss ko tuloy bigla ang family ko at mga pamangkins. :)

Yj said...

ur such a WINNER YAYA hehehehe

at least may mga mukha na ang thursday group hehehehe

artistang artista ka teng... laging hectic ang sked....

kiel said...

luisssss! you're a singer divah rin?! sobrang multi-talented ka ka! tirhan mo naman kami!

reyna elena said...

murag kay shock man ako nga meron nightlife in guimaras?! hahaha! leche! uber na ang pinas ha? enjoyfulness!!!

thank you nga pla sa latest update sa lolo kong nawawala hahaha! i really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

wow naman artistang artista ang dating mo ateng. hehehe! hectic kung hectic..


bongga palang talaga jan ha!
at oo nga diva ka bang talaga ateng???

Luis Batchoy said...

aris: there is fun in dysfunctional sabi ng movie na little miss sunshine. hehehehe

yj: eh may digicam na eh.. nyehehehe

kiel: it's a one way love affair, singing does not love me back. trying hard lang heheheh

reyns: ur welcome. Hope I could have helped more

kara: di mushalow. ganun talaga. in demand