Thursday, March 12, 2009

Charmita, my "Sanity"

Palayain ang sumpa kay Zenki! Draguna!!!

Ours was an instant friendship, just add yosi, bond.

I met her at the Dean's Office of the College of Law four years ago. A look at each other and a shared 'taray' slap back for the enlisting faculty was all it took, and we were bonded like stamp to a letter and birds of a feather.

"Birds of the same feathers fly together in V formation." -Charmita

"Birds of the same flock feathers together." -Luis

To enumerate the things we share in common will easily become a long winding list. To enumerate the differences we have will produce the same effect. We are each others sanity in the madness that is law school, and life, per se! To fall in love with each other is to commit a sacrilege to a higher level soul bond we share. When she got pregnant with Cherish Naysha, we calmly and caffeinatedly discussed about how the kid will bear my surname. Upon careful discussion however, we realized that it we won't be the kid or Charm's reputation that would be saved, but would actually let the effin' sperm donor be scot-free. That should not happen. Besides, no reputation was besmirched to date.

Ayoko ng masikip!

When she dropped out of law school to work in Manila, a part of me died. My sanity fled from me for a moment, but we knew we had to weather this one. This, too, shall pass. So every chance we can get to catch up on each other's madness, we grab.

Our conversations range from topics as mundane as the ten thousand uses of a chewing gum to the highly technical discussion of how airline companies, being a public conveyance, should be put under governmental regulations, or how exactly should child support be computed as to be responsive and yet guarded against scheming and unscrupulous 'serial mothers.' With just a look, we are able to convey to each other messages such as, "I NEED MY F@CKING KOFI NOW NA!!!

We play good cop, bad cop most of the time. When she flares at others I act as regulator and vice versa. Most fun of them all is when she and I flare together simultaneously, and when that happens, boy, do make sure to give us what we want, and fast, plus a hot towel and a back rub! =)

Hindi ka pa ba nagliliyab jan?

Last time I was in Manila to grab me my Palanca, she was my host and my plus one for the night. By then we discussed how I should give working in Manila a try. I never considered working there as an option. I always said that if made to choose between a job in Manila that would pay Php25,000 and one in Iloilo that would only pay me Php8,000, I'd grab the Iloilo offer without any hesitation whatsoever. Not until Charm and I talked about living, working, and yes, even dating/loving in the City of Man. 72 hours later, and being with her all those hours, my logic did not seem water or air tight as it was before. I now actually look forward to giving it a try. As long as we live together and stay stuck with each other, I feel I can brave the Metro. It's not that I am crowd shy or Metrophobic. It's just that I do not want to sweat it when I can have it easier. It's my provincial sensibilities. I long for my slow walks, lazy afternoons and random musings. To which she answered-that's exactly why you should try it out here; it would be fun to fill our provincial sensibilities together and find quick get aways together. Sound logic I should say! When I told this reason to Mike, another friend from Manila, he also countered by saying "No, you do not live in the province, nor a Promdi; it is the province that lives in you."

Buksan nyo toh!

This visit to Manila further bolstered the plans. There would be a chance for a go-see when I review for the Bar Exams next year. We made plans. She'd look for a place, she'd move in with me while I'm drowning in Legal Stew, she'd find me a side job, and when the exam is over, I will find a semi permanent employment to tide me over and keep me sane from the dementing wait for the results. Sounds good to me! We have it down pat, with some minor details like shared dsl connectivity, housekeeping schedules, and periodic hie aways. I could not even register a proper objection when she started discussing which review center I'd enroll at.

Laging mayroong umagang kay ganda! Now, who needs a wife?

One fine morning, after her shift, I picked her up in Ortigas. We were walking in search of our morning brew, and she pointed out to a condo building being constructed, saying "Luis, mabakal ta ni soon ho!" (Luis, let's get one of these very soon.) Without skipping a beat I answered "Huo ah!" (Surely!) And we both guffawed at how, we make buying a condo as casual as buying Hot Americano, Venti in Starbucks!

If there is one thing that softens the harshness and tames the savagery of Manila, it would be Charm and being with her. Hours after being back in the Batchoy Republic, I already miss her terribly. There are times when I would think how she fares in the jungles of Manila. Then again, two words... till then!

Legally Bond! Friendship Bond!

DO not forget that the next time I'm around, we hit Ongpin to pig out and hunt for my ever elusive Chubby Chinito!



Herbs D. said...

aw. thats so sweet heheh :P

blagadag said...

friends forever!

Yj said...

tell me who your friends are, flocks together!!!----yj

hahahahaha laban?

Luis Batchoy said...

hebrs: you aint seen nothing yet

blag: yes naman! Friendship neve rends

YJ: sira! Hehehehehe