Saturday, August 15, 2009


"It's Official, I just received my court order for the dismissal of the case filed against me. I am now free from the suspicion of being a criminal. Now I can really go there."

Text ko yan kay Charmita.

"Finally! When na? Bukas?"

Reply nya... I snickered... si Charm talaga!

"Gaga! Shempre mag iimpake pa ko ng mga gamit ko... alangan naman mag gagagla ako on one set of clothes... unless ipag sho-shopping mo ko ng isang buong aparador ng mga damit at gamit. Pick a date on the third week of August. I want you to chose so that it would be convenient for you para masundo mo ko."

"22, Saturday. I am off by 4am and will not be back in the office till Sunday 4pm." Mabilis nyang sagot.

"22 it is!"

So there... With the one final obstacle out of the way, this is it! I am finally relocating.. for good!

The next few days were spent on endless 'despedida's' with countless circles that I would be leaving behind. I decided to forgo the big 'despedida' in favor of quiet final meets with small circles for intimate farewells. Besides, I must carefully guard what little is left of my finances to anticipate the tide over period with which I am yet to receive a pay check when I am in the Metro already. At least. job hunting would not be a problem since Charm's company would readily employ me, as if its a shoo-in.

The endless get-togethers and small coffee meet ups continued day in and day out... and nights too. Until one time, we were strolling in a mall and I noticed a sign.

"Luggage Sale, up to 50% Off!"

Then it hit me. Wala pa nga pala akong maleta! The last time I traveled with big packed baggages was when I went to New York i n 2001. This time, since I am moving out for good, I need big luggage. Then, a certain cold feeling swept over me. Melancholia, perhaps.

I looked around, and the assistants were very helpful. When I finally settled on a specific luggage that I liked, the loneliness got mixed with drops and spots of excitement! So this is it!
I ended up postponing buying the luggage as we were still going elsewhere. Alanagan naman bilhin ko na agad at bitbitin ang pagkalaki laking maletang yon, now na!

Yesterday, I finally bought it. It's big, combination of hard and soft case, and dark orange/saffrom. Almost brown. It's sitting right beside my bed.

Now... how do I pack my dreams, longings, laughter, friends, memories and reveries to bring with me to where I am going? I hope my happy thoughts could fit in between the folds and crevices when my clothes are all packed., just in case I need one in the dark, dingy and dangerous streets of the metro. August 22, 2009 and Manila. SO near, yet so far away!

Meanwhile, my mobile is sounding off the batteries and I am late for yet another group farewell. Coffee beckons , and I heed the call. There is much time left to pack. I just hope there is someone out there tonight to make me forget my worries. I know that there is always my ever reliable mug of coffee, but then again, a tight hug from some hot chubby chinito would be nice to buoy me and save me from drowning in my thoughts.

Now where's my lucky "I'm gonna get laid tonight" shirt?

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Puto Maya

The Latest Craze to hit the blogging world...

Of those blogs I follow at least.

So click click

And the site says that I am...

Now bring in those initiates, neophytes and peons PRONTO!

ME? Deeply depraved and perverted? Ahmmm...



Friday, August 7, 2009


Ayaw ako dalawin ng antok today.

di ako beaucon fanatic pero dahil sa isang blog na binabasa ko, nag ikot ikot ako sa web tingin tingin ng mga piktyurs ng mga kandidata sa Miss Universe 2009...

After seeing this picture, I think, di na talaga ako makakatulog....

Last chance mo na to....

Pramis matutusta wisyo mo...


I warned you....

National costume daw yan ng Pinas sa Miss Universe this year! UGHK! Watdafaxmachine is that monstrosity???

Buti na lang ginanahan pa akong mag breakfast sa nakita ko pang piktyur na baka daw isusuot na long gown ng isang contestant....

Miss Netherlands Avalon-Chanel Weyzig might wear this long gown...

Baka naman pinangangatawanan lang nya ang pagigign AVALON nya! Or maybe.... naligaw sya kasi dapat sa Miss Dagupan Bangus Festival sya sasali!

Heaven Forbid!

O sige para mas sosyal

Miss Silver Arowana!


PS: Meron palang maigpit na kalaban para sa titulong Miss Dagupan Bangus Festival... Ito sya!


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Thursday, August 6, 2009

YAYP (Yet Another Yellow Post)

Sanlibutan na ang nagpaalam sa yo, pero para yatang hindi ko pa rin nagawang mag paalam ng maayos sa yo.

Paano naman kasi, pinakamagandang pamamaalam para sa akin ay ang gawin ang pinaka alam kong gawin... yun ay ang sumulat at tumula.

Dahil parang hungkag at tuyo/tuyot ang batis ng aking panulatan dahil na nga sa luhang umagos sa aking mga mata, hayaan nyo na munang manghiram ako sa higit na mas magaling sa akin sa panulaan.

Narito ang dalawang tula mula sa isa sa mga paborito kong makata.


by: Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

      HEN I am dead, my dearest,
      Sing no sad songs for me;
      Plant thou no roses at my head,
      Nor shady cypress tree:
      Be the green grass above me
      With showers and dewdrops wet;
      And if thou wilt, remember,
      And if thou wilt, forget.
      I shall not see the shadows,
      I shall not feel the rain;
      I shall not hear the nightingale
      Sing on, as if in pain;
      And dreaming through the twilight
      That doth not rise nor set,
      Haply I may remember,
      And haply may forget.


by: Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

      EMEMBER me when I am gone away,
      Gone far away into the silent land;
      When you can no more hold me by the hand,
      Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.
      Remember me when no more day by day
      You tell me of our future that you plann'd:
      Only remember me; you understand
      It will be late to counsel then or pray.
      Yet if you should forget me for a while
      And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
      For if the darkness and corruption leave
      A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,
      Better by far you should forget and smile
      Than that you should remember and be sad.

Paalam Mahal na pangulo... Paalam Tita Cory...

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FunnyAds and one

Nagpapataanggal lang ako ng inis kaya....

In fairness... successful!


And this one is just so.... AWwwwww......

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Somber at maluha luha ang mood ko today dahil nga sa libing ng pandaigdigang simbolo ng demokrasya.

Nag iikot ako sa web sa mga ulat, litrato at kung anong meron sa mga kaganapan sa Manila..

Then I came across this...

Hindi ko talaga alam kung ano ang gusto nyang mangyari...

Gusto ko sanang isipin na may punto naman sya kahit papano, pero naman!

Nag iisip ba tong taong to? Sa mga katulad neto, dapat bang isip ang pinapairal?

any way you put it, lumalabas pa ring hambog sya!

Can you spell BASTOS?


Bwakanang Inang Self Absorbed Shmuck, Walang Modo!

Alam ko na common knowledge na to, pero naman!

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Mommy I feel HOT!

First of all, a fair warning: What you are about to read is sick!

Tatlong Linggo din syang nagpumilit to get a hold of me... pero dahil matibay tibay ang wankata ng Batchoy boi, hindi sya agad agad makapasok.

Pag medyo nararamdaman kong bibigay na, inuunahan ko... Pill pop ang drama. Add to that the effect of negating things... Hindi! Hindi ako magkakasakit! Sipon sipon lang to...

Nahamugan? Eh haller.. nocturnal kaya ako!

Naulanan? Eh haller ulit, kumekendeng kendeng pa ako sa ulan at super rain bath!

Then again... Nung Agusto a-uno... nag celebrate ako mag isa ng Wiccan Sabbat na Lughnasadh or Lammas... The first harvest or the first fires of August. Most interestingly, it is also the time for 'hand fastings' to be held. For a religion that takes its roots and traces way back to the old world, it is amazing how it has a greater understanding of the human condition. For one, these hand fastings are for a 'trial period' of one year and one day, and yes, if things do not work out, there is always 'hand partings' or absolute divorce. Whats more, 'hand fastings' do not discriminate against sexes. Both males or both females can fast hands. The only requirement is consent to be wed, age, and readiness.

Fires of Lughnasadh! Burn Baby Burn!

Click here to read more about this Sabbat.

We were initially set to celebrate this with my long time kindred Mykus, with a few 'postulants' or 'neophytes' to be initiated into the study of formal magick, and the final dedication to the goddess by an old acolyte. It was supposed to be a joyous festive event, with bonfires, sickles, bread, grains, grapes and corn husks, but then, things turned out badly since no confirmations were received by Mykus from the others.

As usual, I am not to be found lacking of a back up plan. I can very well celebrate on my own, as I have often done so in the past. After all, the Sabbat is also the perfect time to gather the 'tools of the trade' to consecrate them.

Sky clad... In Total Surrender to the Supreme Being

It turned out to be a most cold and wet, rainswept night, but the bonfire blazed well and good, and sky cladding was de rigeur for me. After all, my greatest and most important tool is my whole body. After finishing the feast with and by myself, that was the only time I felt the cold would hit me good and there is no stopping it. I felt feverish and shivering, albeit recharged and refreshed.


I was not sick as in sick sick bed ridden sick I was running a temperature, congested nose and all, plus a little body malaise, but nothing alarming. I decided to take complete bed rest. For a whole day.

While sick, I had a few 'sick' thoughts too.

Since I virtually live like a shadow in this house, no one really knows whats wrong (or right ) with me, no one bothers to check on me. If I should die in the night (heaven forbid) I swear they'd only start noticing when my body starts decomposing and give off the rotting stench of corpses. Trust me, this is not an understatement or an emo-ladden fact. Its a given truth. The last time I was sick, they only noticed it on the third day when I was delirious and making moaning sounds that came unbidden and uncontrolled from my fever fried brains. To die and be discovered dead would be pure Victorian Romantic stuff... Let's at least be more post-modern, shall we? Then again, do I hear someone say... "Sorry Mister President?"

Drop DEAD Gorgeous... Found Dead in Bed!

As I have said, sick things came unbidden while I was down with the flu...

What sort you may ask?

Aside from the morbid dying thoughts, the next question was, who'd be first to notice my absence and start worrying?

Who'd make a check before the stench... God! Though I know that for sure, this person, whoever he/she may be is one of those I love dearly, I do not want to burden her/him by the singular distinction of being the first to discover me dead. So I hope the discovery must be accidental! Perhaps, by that same 'person' here in the house who 'robbed' me last. God! I'd love to scar him/her all his/her life with the thought of stealing from a dead me!

Now aside from that, in the feverish night, I also thought, who among my past significant others cared best for me while I was sick? I can not give a comprehensive answer since only a few has had that privilege. so that would be unfair...

You give me FEVAH!

More like... who gave the best.. 'get well F*ck? Hehehehe. Trust me on this one, due to an increased body temperature, things get more 'heated-up' and the sweat breaking does wonders most of the time. Sensations for the 'feverish' one gets heightened, and heat for the 'healer' gets to a higher level. I could clearly remember how volcanic hot a sick lover's mouth felt, and that's just the upper orifice mind you. On the other side of the spectrum, I know too, how wonderfully aware one is, when he is sick, of the cool, wet velvety feel of another's mouth to delirious heights. However, a very 'poor' and 'limited' performance from me would be a given. You'd have to sit .on it. Hehehehe

How sick? Right? Hehehehe...

Wanna take care of lil' ole sick me? Buhuhuhuhu

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marlboro Black Final Part

I really tried my best to finish this thing. Dami nga palusot na kunyari dapat isingit before finishing it eh.

Pero wala talaga. Di ko talaga alam kung paanong tapusin. Basta, the bottomline is, hindi nga talaga kami pwede ni MB.

Sabi ng friend ko, hindi naman talaga straight si MB. Malamang me karanasan na yun, kaya nya kayang makipaglandian with me. Siguro nga...

Sabi pa nung isa ko pang friend, confused lang siguro si MB. If not, gusto lang makipaglaro... siguro nga

Sabi pa nung isa, takot daw si MB. Kaya sya ganun... siguro nga.

At tatlo sila nag aagree na akala daw ni MB nung una, mapaglalaruan nya ako. Tapos, kakatambay nya kasama ako, di nya inaasahanag iba pala mangyayari. Na hindi pala ako dapat pinaglalaruan... Na gusto na pala talaga nya ako...

Siguro nga...

Hay... From the start naman kasi wala naman talaga akong kung ano anong iniisip o binabalak with him eh. Face value lang ako... until he got 'sweet' and all... Oh well...

Labo no?

Nasaktan ako, that much I am willing to admit. Ewan ko nga ba kumbakit. And to end this sordid, sad and pathetic affair, ano pa nga ba? A writer like me has only words, and poetry...
Goodbye MB... and by way of a Eulogy, here is a poem I wrote for you.

Bangud Indi Pwede Mangin Kita
Para kay JG
Ni: Luis Batchoy

Sa kalangitan
Ang kahidlaw ko
Sa mga hakus mo.

Higupon ko na lang
Sa kinaha nga sigarilyo
Ang mga panganod
Nga nagalimbong sa atun.

Linawod lawod
Sa kadagatan
Anag nagaupang
Sa atun paghigugma

Salumon ko na lang
Sa binalde nga kape
Ang mga balod
Sang akun pagisahanon.


OO JG ang tutoong initials ni Marlboro Black...

Monday, August 3, 2009



Taimtim na dasal... sandaling katahimikan

Buong pusong pasasalamat...

Tagumpay ang pagdadasal namin...

Ito ang pinakamainam...

Sapagkat ang mundong ito ay puno ng pasakit!

Mabuhay ka!

Goodbye to the Global Icon of Democracy...

Even the word itself contains the letters of her nickname...

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