Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stories From On High... A call for submissions and an entry.

Part of my Baguio sojourn is meeting up with the wonderful and talented young writers from the Cordillera's; the Ubbog writers group. I was lucky enough to be invited to one of their meet ups, which was mainly the reason for my stay-over after the pride march. They are coming up with a call for entries to commemorate the 20th year of the Baguio earthquake.

You do not need to be a creative writer to submit. A powerful line or two would be enough to show solidarity and a collective remembering. Here is the call for submissions.

Existence throws us in the middle of paradoxes. Life is renewed at the same instance that death is confirmed, concretely as with the 1990 July 16 Luzon earthquake that hit Baguio hardest. We come together during its anniversary to observe solemnity for losses … but at the same time express jubilation for the triumph of the human spirit over adversities.

As years go by, the commemoration of this tragedy becomes more and more personal. The city now might show no sign of the destruction that crushed almost everything to the ground twenty years ago. But apart from physical restoration and reconstruction, the consciousness and the psyche, too, copes with this shattering experience. It is in these arenas invisible to the eye that imprints of destruction are almost always permanent. This day is most remembered by individuals who survived and lived to tell the story – those whose lives have been forever changed by what happened.

Piecing together written personal accounts of that historical day, we are aiming at collecting strength, celebrating survival, and creating/recreating solidarities. We share painful memories in the thought that things shared become more bearable. We remember losses, create meanings and make sense of human existence. We recount devastating experiences to discover what we have gained and how far we have moved on. We recall images of destruction to see the heroism and humanity manifest within us and the people around us. We revisit moments of ruin and weakness to keep our humility at the same time show how high and enduring our restored and reconstructed inner posts are.

Commemorating the 20th year of July 16 1990 earthquake in the form of an exhibit of stories may not leave a permanent marker in this city like a monument for the lives lost would. We hope that perhaps in this form, we add emphasis on remembering and healing, moving on and letting go.

Those who survive go on living. In this instance we veer away from paradoxes: stories of life reaffirmed and renewed likewise reaffirm and renew other lives.

contact us*email us your stories*
*any language*300 words maximum*
*deadline July 10**

And in support, here is my submission.

Para sa mga magkahagugma nga ginlamon sang paglinog sa Baguio
Ni Luis Batchoy

Indi na lang ta magdalagan,
Pagwa diri sa atun nahamtangan.
Dunganan ta na lang ang pagtay-og
Agud mas madasig matapos ang linog.

Indi ta na gid lang ka pag buy-an,
Mas hugot ta pa gid ka nga uyatan.
Halukan agud mapunggan ang pagkawas,
Sing kakugmat sa atun mga lawas.

Akun ka na lang nga dapi-ugan,
Bag-o kita rus-agan sang balibung-an.
Palig-unon agud mapanas ang hadlok nga nabatyagan,
Sa atun pag hirup, nyan masalapuan ang kaluwasan.

Agud sa tion nga ila na makalkal kag ma ukay,
Isugid sang atun nga mga bangkay,
Ang sugilanon sang gugma nga wala'y sarang makatay-og
Bisan pa sang pinakamakusog nga linog.

Para sa mga magsing-irog na nilamon ng paglindol sa Baguio
Salin ng may-akda
Ni Luis Batchoy

'Wag na lang tayong tumakbo
Palabas sa kwartong ito.
Ang pagyanig ay atin na lang sabayan
Para matapos ng mas mabilisan.

Hinding hindi na lang kita pakakawalan
Mas mahigpit pa kitang hahawakan.
Hahalikan kita upang mapigilan,
Ang pag apaw ng hindik sa ating mga katawan.

Ikaw ay akin na lang dadaganan,
Bago tayo guhuan ng bubungan.
Palalakasin upang mapawi ang takot na nararamdaman,
Sa ating pagsinta, sakali'y matagpuan ang kaligtasan.

Upang sa oras na kanila nang mahalukay,
Ikukwento ng ating malalamig na mga bangkay,
Ang ating pag-ibig na 'di kayang yanigin,
Pinakamalakas man na lindol, di kayang daigin.

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